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on Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:55 am
Osada was hungry and he decided that he wanted to eat some hollows from the Comedor, he ordered 10 hollows to be put down there for him and started walking down the stairs towards the Comedor. He was in a really good mood, better then usual, even though his facial expression didnt change he was happier today then normal. he was walking down the steps, hearing the click of his feet at every step, he eventually reached the bottom of the steps and hearded the growl of hollows in the distance, this was exciting, although they would not be a challenge for him they would ive him something to do...and eat. He opened the door to the Big hallway and looked in and inside just as he had ordered were ten hollows, each one standing the same height as him, they stood around looking for a soul of some sort, Your soul has arrived hahahahaha

As he walked into the door al of the hollows turned and looked at himfor a moment and examined him, then a moment later they all lunged at him, just what he wanted, he quickly drew his sword with a laugh and jumped towards them to meet them in the middle. He smashed his hammer into the mask of the first hollow to meet him, and shattered it, exploding the mask all over the room, blood slpattering everywhere, he then dodged the few attacks from the others and ran behind them with surpioer speed and smahed the head of another one also, exploding its head, Now theres only eight hw thought to himself while laughing at the fun of the fight. The eight of them spunaround and pounced at him, he dodged multiple claw attacks, feinting to the left and right, then smashing one hollows mask with the spike of his hammer and sending it flying across the room.

The seven left came upon him and jumped on top of him he threw them of and scattered them around the room, and he went after the one in front of him by rushing it and kicking its mask in, also sending it flying into another hollow he quickly rushed that hollow and smashed its face in with his zanpoktou sending him flying across the room. What a joke hahaha, these hollows are so weak He thought funnily to himself hollows were so weak compared to him, this was ridiculous these hollows were nowhere close to his speed or strength, he loved it. The remaining 5 that were left screamed and rushed him wildly biting and clawing at him he jumped up into the air and came down hard on one of their heads hard, hard enough to smash through two hollows masks easily, the three others looked up. He did a 360 degree attack as he landed and smashed through 3 heads on his way around.

He looked around and looked at the piles of hollows, bloody heaps of mass and started to feed on their souls, so far it was a good day.

Word count 516 of 2000


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on Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:16 am
Osada finished the hollows that he just killed and waited for the Gillian he ordered to fight, he needed practice, and didnt mind the souls he enjoyed to eat, he sat down beside the pillars of the hallway and rested a moment, until he heard it, A piercing screech, Reminient of a T-rex as loud as he had heard in a while. His smile got wider then it was usually and he stood up to meet his supper. A giant 15m tall, black robed mask entered the room, The mask was stark white with a extrremly large nose on it, the moment the Gillian noticed him it started to charge his Cero and a few seconds after Shot it with all its might, Osada didnt want to destroy the building so, he charged his own Cero knowing that his would be stronger, and then he fired it at his max strengh. The two beams met in the middle of the room and created a huge flash of light but the Gillians was overtaken by his and his Beam smashed itselft into the Gillians Mask Exploding the Hollow all over the room, This would be alot more would then the Hollows from before.

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on Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:39 pm
ooc Hate to stop rp. But who approved this story?


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on Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:45 pm
OOc- Sorry i didnt kknow i had to app XD ill be doing this for fun then if i had to ask sorry

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