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on Sun Oct 20, 2013 4:24 pm
Lastrada, the freshly branded Primera Espada had been relaxing in her room within the towers of Las Nochas, currently bored out of her mind. Lastrada hated being bored yet she was always quick to become bored when she had nothing to do or no goals to work towards and since she just achieved her last goal which was to become the Primera, she had nothing else to do for the moment. Lastrada would try everything she could think about to distract herself. She would read books, she would write poetry, Lastrada would even go out of Las Nochas and try to find some Adjuchas who weren't complete weaklings to fight but nothing would bear fruit for the girl. Lastrada would begin to pace around her room rapidly before finally a small idea popped into her head. It had been well over seven hundred years since she last stepped into the human world, so perhaps it would be fun to visit. Granted, a powerful entity such as Primera Espada just popping in was bound to cause some kind of trouble, she felt it was worth the risk.

Quickly, Lastrada would head out of her room and find the nearest Arrancar she could, some randomly numbered three digit low guy. "Hey, you there." Lastrada said, her voice being an odd if not enchanting mix of borderline monotone and high pitched. She would wave her right hand behind her, a black garganta opening up behind her which was an open portal into the mortal realm. "Tell the old man I'll be out for awhile. If he's got a problem with it, tell him to send something tougher than his last lap dogs. I'm bored." Lastrada would comment with a sly smile twisting to her lips before she stepped through the portal and began walking to the other side. The trip would take seemingly a couple of hours despite the reality being it was near instant. As the door behind Lastrada closed, the sky within the mortal world ripped open and from it out stepped Lastrada, gliding herself into the ground and landing with soft grace.

The first thing she did upon setting foot in the mortal world was taking a slow, deep inhale and enjoying the crisp smell of fresh air which was perfectly followed by a nice, natural breeze. Las Nochas did a good job copying earth's sun and sky but nothing they did would ever beat the original. "Now..what should I do first..I could get some new books..or I could go and get something to eat..." Lastrada asked herself as she began to walk around the streets. She didn't even try to hide her spiritual pressure so if any Shinigami happened to be wondering the area, chances are they would feel her presence near instantly, same goes for any spiritually aware humans. "Maybe a Shinigami will come say hi..I've not got to see one of there kind in a long time either..that could be fun." Lastrada commented to herself as she hopped over a car which was speeding towards her as she crossed the street. Granted she didn't need to, but she saw no reason to cause needless destruction. Based off how ill some of the humans who were close to here were getting, her mere presence was enough passive trouble as it was.

[OOC: feel free to fight but lets avoid death blows. There is no need to be killing each other this early on :). Also sorry if the post was confusing. I am terrible at first post. ]


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on Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:10 am
On top of the mausoleum is were he slept... sitting next to the angels were they wept. The Shinigami nodded off for a few winks, but was soon rested up for the nights nice blinks. Ryou sat there Zanpaktou in hand... watching over the grave stone covered land. The Shinigami sat there grumbling to himself. Ryou was fond of what he called 'The Graveyard Shift'. Yes... sitting around and watching over a human grave site was actually his ideal of a fun night, though hunting hollows seemed like a better use of his time. Or at least training. Sighing to himself he stared up at the full moon and cackled softly. This reason he had not been able to resist taking the job off one of his lower seats was that very reason the light of the full moon was nice. Plus the Captain seemed to have everything handled. Of course there was inkling recently that he had heard that some of the newer unseated had another name for him... 'Dark Toymaker'.

The thought of the sound of such a nickname for a moment. He most certainly enjoyed being called the 'Mad Puppeteer'. Such a name certainly described his darling In'ei, plus that was it's name after all. He himself... well he was the 'Mad' part of the equation. Though 'Dark Toymaker'... that was certainly interesting. He figured that it probably had something to do with his habit of making child like creatures out of his shadow, and they certainly were dark little ones. Well... 'If the shoe fits', as the old human saying went. Spending a little time in the human world allowed one to hear such things, especially here in this part of the world. He preferred though to be near were the action was. He wanted to be able to protect his Division, and also get back to protecting the kids. Sadly he would be done with this assignment by tomorrow and then could move on to the next. Sitting up for a moment he looked around the graveyard as he figured that it might be good to do another round. To see if any ghost were wondering by. He had found two last night, since they seemed to like to come and visit there old bodies.

So with a quick little jump the Shinigami landed on the ground next to the stone building and began to walk between the rows of graves. He moved a bit into the 'Mad Dog' routine at this point. Walking with that hunch to his shoulders and his hair hanging down in front of his face. This was also a place were hollows came to hunt, and frankly that was the real reason he was here. He had not encountered any yet, but he hoped he would before the night was up. Plus the air didn't feel right. It was that sense one got when something wasn't exactly right. In fact the feeling frustrated him so much that he began to tap on his sword more and more as he drug his fingers gently along the grave tops. Little did he know or was thinking about was that the bad feeling he was getting, was the fact he wasn't doing to good of a job hiding himself.

The Shinigami continued to mumble softly to himself as walked along between the grave stones. The peace and silence of the outside world were so quite when compare to the sounds inside of his head. His Zanpakuto argued with each other in such an adorable and laughable fashion that the Shinigami almost didn't notice the face that he was indeed not alone among the gravestones of the dead. In fact it was In'ei who said, "I believe we are being watched..." About the same time that Ryou noticed it. He began to wonder and he began to ponder... who it was that it could possibly be. This person who was disturbing his thinking time that was spent under his mental Tumtum tree. Sighing to himself the Shinigami knew that no risk could be taken as he slowly took his Zanpaktou onto his hand. He wasn't sure if it was sure what the being was... that had wondering into the 'Dark Puppeteer's land. The creature seemed be quite weak or was very good at concealing itself so no way that he could possibly know. So turning around his eyes began to as the presence of another sound began to grow. Tears... Sadness... the feelings of a young girl hiding in darkness. The emotions made the one visible eye grow wide as he finally laid eyes on the sigh of a small human spirit.

The sound made the one visible eye grow wide as he recognized a sound so much like his defenseless sisters. In a way it started to bring out his protective side to much. "Calm down there silly boy" Was the silly voice of Ningy speaking into his mind. The more feminine part of the sword toyed with him saying, "Why don't we find our new friend. They might need some help." His only reply, "Prehapss." So he began to search around in the direction the noise came form. It was behind a couple of gravestones that the man found a child Plus who was sitting there and crying over two graves. "Playing your respects Kyoko-chan?" It was the first time that the emotion in his voice didn't seem as impish, but genuinely curious. The small child looked up at the Shinigami, and there was an obvious sense that they knew each other.

Ryou's fondness for protecting kids in a big brother manner was quite well know around Seireitei, as well as the districts of the Rukion were he took care of the poor kids. Especially in his former 40th district of the Rukion where he had lived, before moving to Seireitei to live as a Shinigami. The man was always treating a certain large group of the kids to better food from his personal salary. He also had a habit of trying to encourage them to become Shinigamis. It was for this reason that the 7th Division had at least 20 members who used to be kids back when Ryou first starting doing it. So that was why he extended that towards the Pluses, and made sure to watch out for the young ones. This also included giving them a little extra time and help to make sure they could pass over without any regrets. Tonight he remembered just so happen to the time him and this spirit had agreed would be the best time to go. Before the young Plus could reply Ryou gently laughed, before affectionately ruffling the spirits hair, "Ssso what do you think...."

It was about that moment that he could feel a overwhelming power hit the air. The spiritual pressure was quick to repress itself, but Ryou knew that something interesting had come to the human realm for a visit. Curiosity certainly was one of the Captain's strongest temptations. Taking off from the graveyard at a quick run the man bid farewell to the little spirit that he had been talking to. It didn't take him long to find the source of the disturbance... and the Captain found himself to be very amused. Taking up a position on a near by light post the Shinigami called out, "Well well... out for a midnight ssstroll are we?" There was a slight and ominous laugh that followed his words. But Ryou seemed to be a very unthreatening figure, and his style of dress certainly gave him an amusing appearance. Wearing a red suit jacket with a white frilled shirt under it, black pants covered his legs along with well shined black shoes. On his head was perched a black top hat, that had seen some wear over the years, as did the appearance of the rest of his clothes.


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on Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:14 am
Even though she had suppressed her spiritual pressure it seems someone had found her rather easily, which in the end was not a problem for Lastrada personally. She only really lowered it since the humans in the area seemed...bothered by it and she didn't want to kill them. She might love a fight but pointlessly killing weak, helpless toys like humans hardly counted as a fight. When the man near the light post appeared and further greeted Lastrada, a small smile twisted to her lips. She was surprised honestly, expecting a more kill now, talk later style from any Shinigami who had sensed her. "Well, not exactly. I was actually enjoying a nice stroll in the sun but you simply took forever to find me. I also was fetching me a book.." Lastrada explained as she held up her right hand which held a boxed set of "The hobbit" and all three "Lord of the ring" novels.  As it odd as it was, it was true. Lastrada had enjoyed her day among humans. She got her books, she enjoyed the real sun she even sat in a few trees throughout the day. It had put her in a rather good mood honestly, so much so she wasn't even thinking of attacking the man in front of her.

Unless he attacked her first, anyway. "So, Mr. Shinigami. Are you going to try and attack me right now? I mean it is your obligation to kill hollows on sight..but then again, I'm not exactly a simple hollow, am I? I've not hurt any humans today if you're wondering..though a few did get sick when I first arrived. It's why I suppressed myself.." Lastrada explained in her normal, calm and near monotone voice. The odd part of her voice though was the natural, child-like high pitch to it which sort of overruled the apathetic monotone she attempted to master. Truth was though, for once she didn't want to fight. But she did want to talk. Lastrada couldn't really explain why but, talking to this Shinigami might be fun. Letting her head lean softly over to the left as she talked it allowed for her long hair to fall back and reveal the "1" tattoo on her neck.

"As you can see, I'm afraid if we fight, you'd cause more harm to this world and the kind souls in it then if I just decided to try and hurt them, how does some relaxed talking sound for now, before I depart with my books?" Lastrada asked as she returned her head to the normal position with a smile perking at the sides of both her pale looking lips.


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on Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:02 pm
"Yup." Mercutio stated in a matter of fact type of voice as he sensed a very brief of reiatsu flare up, before it flickered back down. "That's her.". He hadn't really met her yet but he knew who's reiatsu it was, it was unmistakable. He reached over and grabbed a coffee from the barista stand that was sitting in the middle of the park he was strolling through.. "No one's gonna miss this." He smiled as he took it, "Not like they can see me take it anyways." Mercutio headed towards the source of the large force of spiritual power, hoping that she wouldn't cause any trouble while she was here; Mercutio liked visiting the human world but if to many shinigami were around it tends to make his visits a bit more complicated; shinigami tend to be a bit zealous, although the higher ranked ones tend to be a bit more stable when it comes to matters such as this. "I wonder" he thought to himself as he strolled calmly to his destination sipping the coffee he had taken from some schmuck "If they're going to react all official like on this and send out a high ranking dude..." Mercutio stopped and took a moment to reflect on the thought of having to fight a Captain rank shinigami along side the Prima Espada. "That would be pretty exciting," he said aloud, to no one in particular "Dangerous, but exciting."

Upon nearing an area near a local graveyard, which he believed to be the vauge location of his quarry, Mercutio noticed that that the Prima Espada was indeed there outside the graveyard its self, although she seemed to be preoccupied talking to someone else. He couldn't really tell whom it was, as the red haired Espada was standing in between Mercutio and this mystery person. She had her back facing him, so he decided to walk up beside her in a calm manner as not to interrupt the two and continued to sip at his drink. He had heard what they were saying just as he got there. "You really shouldn't poke fun at them Lastrada, you know that the Shinigami can be a bit..." he stopped, trying to think of the right word for the situation "fanatical to their cause." He said to the Espada whom he was standing next to. He studied the person standing infront of them for a second, before he smiled "That's not a very common style of clothing for a Shinigami," He smiled as he said this, then took a final sip of his drink and threw the empty styrofoam cup into a nearby public trash bin. Mercutio straightened his tie as he resumed talking to the man whom he assumed was a Shinigami. "Don't get me wrong, I like it; you've got a good sense of clothing, it's respectable. You don't often see those who are combat ready wearing anything stylish." He pointed to his Zanpakuto that was strapped to his back upside down, which despite being an espada's sealed form was in the form of a scimitar instead of the normal katana shape they usually took. The well dressed espada stopped for a second, as a surprised look crossed his face. "I guess a proper introduction is in order or something, huh? The name's Mercutio Arana." He pointed to himself with his thumb as he introduced himself "I'm an arrancar, just like this lady here." He pointed to the woman the shinigami was talking to before hand. "I haven't actually met her in person either, but I know who she is." He shrugged as he mentioned that. "What about you? I've just been assuming that you're a shinigami because of that Zanpakuto you've got there."

2nd Division Captain

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on Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:58 am
In a back alley of the city, the Senkaimon opened itself up once more, this time Art walking out and checking the area around him, actually smelling it. Whereas others might get the mere feeling of pressure, he always found smelling the reiatsu was a stronger and more certain way of knowing where people were. From his guess, they were around five blocks south and... he stopped as he smelled something more familiar than this. Seventh? Was that bastard here already?

Seventh was supposed to be the protector of the Rukongai, the city outside of the walls of the Seireitei. It was their duty to make sure that every non-shinigami soul was safe, or else purged when it came time to refresh the world's souls to make sure they didn't overload. It was not a pretty job, dealing with the public that you would inevitably have to betray never was, but it was a job nonetheless and the fact that he was here in the human world rather than dealing with the issues in his own district was a major problem for him. Artemis was someone who found it very important to stick to the rules, they were there for a reason and betraying them for either desire or convenience was just going against what would keep people safe. Without the captain in the Rukongai, would they be okay if something was to go wrong? Still, at least he had some back up, since the reiatsu coming off the main one was extremely potent. That was almost certainly not a good sign.

Walking out of the alleyway, having made sure to repress his spiritual pressure before entering into this world, he began to move towards the area. Trying to keep to the shadows in case of any scouts from the Espada, arrancar who would try and ambush people who came to give support, he continued his journey through the city until the time that he finally arrived at the square that the two... no, wait, three of them were talking. He was surprised how easy it was to get here without any trouble, there should have been people watching out or something, right? Well, that was what he had thought but looking back at it, he wondered whether this was an offensive visit at all. Really, the only reason he had expected that was that it was rare for Maskers to come to the world without unpleasant reasons, they had all they ever really wanted inside the citadel of night, right? Though, maybe they were bored. He knew that many of his subordinates often complained about being bored, though he was generally too busy to be bored.

The people in the square didn't look hostile however. Next to Seventh was a strange woman with red hair. There was something about her posture and the way she held herself that made him want to kick her in between the legs, and next to her was someone who looked a lot more reasonable. His face was covered in a steel visor with red highlights, but at least he seemed like a pretty normal guy. Though, when he claimed to be an arrancar something pricked up his suspicions. They had warned him about an espada, and if he was lying about his compatriot.. Moving in a flashstep, he arrived in front of Ryou, keeping him away from the espada as if shielding him with his body. They would have noticed the long flowing haori, the arms cut off at the shoulder and with a series of golden bangles down his arm, not yet adjusting to taking them off.

"Nice try, Silver, but at least one of you are an espada. Hello, Primadonna." he said, his voice somewhere between scornful and respectful. He had killed one of the espada before, he could do it again. this time,however, he'd have to fight two at once. At least he had Ryou on his side.
"You okay, Seventh? They didn't touch you, did they?" he asked, not bothering to look behind him in case of giving them an opening.


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on Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:42 am
Lastrada was only mildly surprised when yet another Arrancar had joined the fray. Like him, Lastrada knew full well who he was despite the fact they had never actually met, which made sense. Lastrada became Primera by basically invading Las Nochas and impressing the king personally, so rumors about her started flying around Hueco Mundo fairly rapidly, so that is how he would have known her. As for Lastrada knowing him, it's more of a matter of it was part of her job to know the Espada. While letting out the softest of sighs she would allow a bored gaze to drift from the Captain who stood before her to the Espada who had joined her.

"Hello, three. What brings you to this side of the city so quickly? I really hope you're not going to say for my protection..but nice to meet you either way." Lastrada's tone was an odd mix. She spoke like a teenager would when bored yet it was tempered with a touch of intrigue towards the man she was speaking to. Before she could continue however Lastrada noticed a faint presence behind them. It was small, clearly attempting to be suppressed but considering how close the man was to them, that was basically an impossible task. However, there was no need for Lastrada to call him out as it seemed he announced himself with a quick Shunpo in-between the two Espada and the captain who Lastrada was ATTEMPTING to have a conversation with.

The man who had just appeared in front of her not only insulted her but he seemed to doubt if she was an Espada. This made her angry, angry enough to allow her Reitsu flow unchecked for a few seconds creating an unquestionably powerful spiritual pressure so thick and heavy that even people on her level should feel disturbed by it, although she doubted the captains would suffer any ill-effects of it. She would be quick to suppress herself once more, if for no other reason so she doesn't accidentally kill a human and trigger a battle.

"First off..It's Primera Espada, not whatever you just said..Secondly, he is the Tres Espada." Lastrada said, nodding over to the man whom stood by her Mercutio. "And last but not least, I was just having a nice, controlled conversation here with the first Shinigami who arrived and was about ready to go back home with my new books." Lastrada said as she held up the Hobbit and all the books in the lord of the ring series. "When you two rude assholes decided to butt in. You being the rudest.." Lastrada stared at the newest member on scene, Artemis although she currently had no clue of his name herself. Her eyes were glared down to resemble a hawk and she was watching his every move. He seemed like a hot headed moron, so if anyone was to start a fight in this group, it looked to be him and Lastrada was ready to act if he did.

"So, as I'm not a fan of pointless blood shed, I'll ask simply....problem, Mr?" Lastrada's question being directed at the hot headed captain who had just shunpo'd between them and the other one.


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on Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:54 am
Rinshi was well aware of the spiritual pressures of the higher ranked Espada in the area as well as two other prescences, one that he had sensed all day but didn't think to much of as a threat. Rinshi entered the area attempting to get a better look on the situation and opted not to waste the effort of trying to surpress his spirit energy. Rinshi stepped right beside his fellow Arrancar's though one of the Arrancar's he wasn't to familiar with. This man with the steel visor that Rinshi wasn't to familiar with. "Rinshi I believe he is the newest Espada to join the ranks. If you listened more instead of your bruttish tactics you would have known that" Rinshi loathed the fact his Zanpakuto was and is the only Zanpakuto among the other Vasto Lorde and Espada's that had the ability to communicate with him. Rin tapped the hilt of the rapier on his right hip, nudging his Zanpakuto Nami to silence and be ready to attack; on the other hand Nami did have a point maybe they could settle things in a more civil matter.

Rinshi approached the other 4 figures in the square as he addressed the Primera, by her name, "Lastrada....its been awhile" Rin could admit he did have a slight sexual attraction to the woman and didn't show not an ounce of doubt in her abilities as an Espada. Rin took a look at the other man standing next to Lastrada, "Im sorry. I don't believe we have met sir, Im the seventh a lower ordeal to your power as you can see." Rinshi of course was being as discrete and respectful as ever he never was this kind nor in any shape form of fashion would he admit to being weaker than anyone.

Of the two who stood before the three Espada, only one caught his eye a man with wearing a red suit jacket with a white frilled shirt under it, black pants covered his legs along with well shined black shoes. Rinshi could see this man had a good taste in fashion like himself, sporting an opened white silk dress shirt with bare torso where one could see the hole in his left pectoral; a place that used to house his heart now just an empty hole. Along with his top he wore black tailored fitted pants with pure white Jordan Retro 9 High Tops. Rinshi took an inhale of the cool evening autumn breeze as he spoke frisking his jet black hair, revealing the black tattoo of the number 7 on his upper right forehead, "So my fine Shinigami, do your plans for the night include, a grueling agonizing death." Rinshi was very bleak with a hint of sarcasm to alot of things that came out of his mouth, Nami hated it, Rin loved it. Waiting for a response from the Shinigami, Rinshi could feel a spike in the man's (apparently shielding the Shinigami) spirit energy.

Rinshi and Nami both said to each other This Could Be Fun.


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on Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:45 pm
Ryou looked at the Espada with arched eyebrow, as he was starting to find her actions to be quite the curiosity. Despite the fact that he always preferred a civil conversation with the Arrancar, he found that usually this was not what they were after. So it was refreshing to find one who took a ‘ask question first’ approach to a situation, since it gave Kurosawa the prefect chance to learn more about the enemy. Laughing in a slightly ominous cackle Ryou covered his lips with the back of his hand, as he stared at the female Arrancar he couldn’t help but find her misconceptions amusing, “My dear I believe you are right on two thingsss there.” Holding up his fingers in a ‘V’ the Shinigami counted, “One I am supposssed to kill hollowsss on sssight, and two which isss the most important… you are not a sssimple hollow, but inssstead an Essspada or Arrancar… or whatever label sssuits you. Either way to me thisss little loophole isss enough that I will gladly give leeway for sssuch, oh how ssshall I put it… good behavior. Ssso yesss sssome relaxed talking isss perfectly fine with me.” Cackling playfully it became quickly obvious that Ryou probably wanted to talk to Lastrada more than she wanted to talk to him, and this why the Captain didn’t seem to be very alarmed at the appearance of another Espada. Instead he only tucked his long black hair back behind his ear to reveal a large toothy Cheshire like grin.

Oh well fancy that, it ssseems our little duet hasss become a crowd if what the humansss say about a gathering of three people isss true.” Hold his arm out next to him Ryou turned to look at the Tres Espada about the time a little hell butterfly landed on the back of his hand. Bringing it around the Captain whispered something softly and let it go. Making sure that it knew to deliver a message to the 12th Division that he was here and knew what was going on, and so far the situation with the two Espada seemed under control. Kurosawa felt like the appearance of any more Shinigami in an offensive fashion might create unneeded hostility, which was why he was a bit sharp with his comment to Mercutio, “You ssseem to know a lot about the ideological statusss of every Ssshinigami my friend. Do you have any ssspies that I don’t know about?” There was a heavy hint of playfulness and sarcasm to the man’s voice, but his message was clear, that he wasn’t the type to ‘shoot first, and ask questions later’ like some Shinigami he knew. Ryou usually only preferred a defensive posture… if he could get away with it. From what he could tell he was sure that this other one wasn’t a threat either, at least for the moment, “I will let that comment go though, becaussse at leassst we can agree that we are both men of tassste. Ssso I would hope that asss one sssuch that we can act ressspectful in front of the lady today?”

There was a slight tone of respect when referring to the female Espada in Ryou’s voice, and he was also quick to return the greeting, fingertips touching each other as he turned his greeting into more than a simple one, “Yesss indeed Mercutio…?” The Shinigami paused in mock thought for a moment, as he was curious on the rank of this newcomer, “Though may I alssso know which Essspada I am addresssing? Asss for myssself I am Seventh Division Captain Kurosawa Ryou… at your ssservice.” He put his hat over his heart and bowed slightly, but kept his eyes on the two Arrancar… he knew better than to let them out of his sight. He had been so focused on the two Arrancar that Ryou had not noticed the other approaching presence, until it flash stepped right in front him, scaring the Shinigami slightly and almost making him lose balance. Stumbling back slightly he very quickly recognized the symbol of the Second Division and muttered to himself, “Massster…” A slight blush spread over the males face as he realized who had come, and with intent to make sure he was safe if nothing else. Looking down at the ground shyly as the other Shinigami spoke to him Ryou nervously answered, “No, but Master you didn’t have to come and sssave me.” The older shinigami had always made him fluster, ever since the other had started mentoring him and he grown to find that he was quite interested in other Captain, but had always felt too scared to express it. Plus… he wasn’t good enough for Master anyway, though neither was anyone else for that matter.

What he noticed though, was the way that the others arrived seemed to set off the Primera Espada, though her anger was directed towards his dear Master… and for Ryou that was something that he didn’t plan on letting pass very easy, but he still hoped to defuse the situation at the same time. Walking up so that he was standing a little out in front of Artemis, Ryou extended his arm and rested his palm against the others chest to press back gently. “Now now everyone letsss jussst try to remain calm. There isss no need to create a problem were one did not exsissst. The Primera isss indeed right Massster that thisss wasss just a sssimple civil conversssation. I think it would be bessst if we keep it that way…. Becaussse….” Pausing for a moment there seemed to be a shift in Ryou’s attitude as he turned his eyes towards Lastrada with his cold black eyes that held what was now a very ominously emotionless stare. Kurosawa’s own reiatsu flared for a moment to match that of the Primera. It had a very cold and fear inducing feel to it, as though someone was following close behind you in the dark and breathing down your neck. His voice seemed playful in an almost psychotic way, which was only enhanced by its contrast to the words he said, “If you keep threating Massster, I will have to cut you up into piecesss ssso tiny, there will not be any blood left to ssshed… and I will do it quite ssslowly my dear Primera.”

“Ssso let’s jussst all relax and have fun ok?” The Seventh Division’s Captain’s entire demeanor changed back to its more pleasant one in a single instant. Every word he said was with the more friendly voice he had used with the Arrancar earlier. Ryou’s calmness did not last very long though, as his head instantly snapped to stare at Rinshi. Given that Ryou didn’t consider himself a ‘fine Shinigami’ in quite a few senses of the description especially at first impressions, the Captain assumed that the Arrancar must have been talking to Artimes. As his reiastu flared again, the hiss that was a part of Ryou’s normal speech became simply that, as he sounded like a cat who had been angered… Kurosawa rested his palm on the hilt of his blade when he noticed the number seven. His voicing taking on that more playful tone, which was made psychotic by the contrasting words he spoke, “I am guesssing you don’t hear very well sssilly boy. I will excussse your inability to do ssso since I sssee that your only the Seventh Essspada I will attrubite it asss another one of what isss probably a whole lissst of weakness. Master Artimes’s night will be ssspent doing whatever pleassses him. Now if you mean you would like the Master to arrange a ssslow and painful death, then by all meansss… though it would preferably have to be sssome other time. The Primera and the Tres Espada did not ssseem to come here with hosssitle intent, and I do hope you enjoy living enough to accommodate our original arrangement…” There was a long pause before Ryou said, “Ok…” Again his mood seemed to lightened to its earlier pleasant one.


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on Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:32 pm
Mercutio jumped a little when the other shinigami used a shunpo technique to appear right in the middle of the group, he tried to regain his composure quickly as to not seem startled. He stuck an index finger under the remnants of his hollow mask and scratched an itch next to his eye. "Another one, huh? Well I guess it's a party now." He joked, but it seemed like the newcomer had no intentions of paying attention to him.

Mercutio gave out a hearty laugh when Lastrada asked if he were protecting her, "Not a chance, Red. But you wouldn't even need it now would ya?" He said to her knowing full well she could defend herself, that's not why he followed: he was just curious to see what she was doing. Heuco Mundo was, literally, an unlimited desert with only onr complex in it. Sure Las Noches is his home, but there isn't much to do there other than fighting. "I was just on on of my daily trips to the human realm when I felt the presence of another espada," Mercutio stopped and scratched at his goatee. "Even though we've never met I was pretty sure it was yours, besides" he pointed to the other Espada "I wasn't trying to interrupt your conversation, I was trying to join it." Mercutio turned to face the prima espada fully to continue speaking. "And where's your sense of covert..." He stopped and thought to himself for a second. "-ness..." He was pretty 'covert-ness' wasn't a word but he hoped it would get his point across. "You didn't have to let them know I was an Espada, it would be fun to let them geuss." He could feel the presence of another espada, this one wasn't trying to hide it. Once the dark haired espada disclosed his number to Mercutio he thought he should introduce himself back, seeing as this arrancar was nice enough to do so himself, but before he could the seventh espada spoke again asking the shinigami if they were ready to die. Mercutio sighed and rubbed is broken hollow mask as if it weren't covering his is forehead. This is another reason why he visited the human world so often, life as an arrancar, or even a hollow, is rough early on. I most cases it's eat or be eaten; Mercutio has eaten his fair share of upper level hollows throughout his life and life in heuco Mundo reflected this, most of the souls living there tend to be hardened by this way of life. With this being the case it's hard to do anything in a huge desert when everyone wants to fight, but the human world wasn't like this. There are plenty of things to do here; was it to much to ask that Mercutio could enjoy himself while he was here without so much trouble.

He almost missed the fact the the shinigami in the top hat was speaking as he was lost in thought, but the espada snapped back to it before missing much of what the seventh squad captain had to say. He decided to completely ignore the seventh's threat and spoke to Ryou as if it hadn't happened. "You're right, ya got me, I'm an espada." he put three fingers up as he was talking "I'm the Tres Espada, just like red here said." He shrugged as he spoke,"From what I hear You shinigami have a different ranking system than ours, right. But you and Séptima here might get along since you're both sevens." Mercutio joked "But really," he smiled "If you guys wanna duke it out I'll just sit back and watch, I wouldn't mind seeing how a captain gets things done." he said half jokingly as he shrugged again when he said this, he wasn't sure if he was serious or not but just standing here threatening each other wasn't going to get anything done. "Seems like a good half of us here are ready for a good ol' rough n' tumble." he smiled as he used that phrase, it always made him smile when he said it: 'rough n' tumble' just sounded weird to him.  He turned to the newer of the two shinigami and continued talking. "Although I'm sure someone would mind, people on our level can't really have a brawl in an area like this without wreaking some havoc on the nearby areas. By the way" Mercutio leaned back on a nearby light post as he spoke to the shinigami who seemed to be protective of the seventh captain, "You haven't really introduced yourself yet either."

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