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on Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:26 pm
Haruto had his normal attire on. The Shihakushō that most shingami had to wear in this day and age. It was a bright and sunny day in the soul society. Haruto moved through the people that gave him a weird look like he was a ghost among them. He could not care what these people had to say to him. He was on a mission, and this mission had to be finished. He knew what was at stake here and he could not be distracted by those around him. As he ran through the people he would occasionally push a person to the side and often fling people if they tried to stand in front of him. Sure he was the vice captain of the 12th, but that did not mean that he was weaker by any means. He was angry, someone ran off with his current experiment and he was told that the 3rd seat would have it. The fact that the little piece of crap actually stole his work made him beat the person to a pulp, but the fact that he gave it to someone else was dangerous. It was clearly a project that was not done that finding it was the up most importance to Haruto right now.

The unseated mention that he lost track of it when he placed it down to the 3rd seat, which means that he might have taken the horror without knowing what he had grabbed. A honest mistake, but one that could cause the destruction of where ever it was. Sure he could not currently talk about the horrors that it held within it, but if stayed away from candy it should be good. Should being the key word. Haruto was stopped by a bigger guy who grabbed his shoulder to make him stop. The man was surely bigger than him and was indeed scarier than him. He spoke in a really deep voice as he mention that he needed to leave.

"First off, don't touch me. Second off you don't know what dangers that I create within the science labs I am left in. So if you want to keep that arm and everything in this place alive I recommend you let go of me."

Haruto said this in a sing song voice and was clearly not taken seriously. Grabbing the persons arm he proceeded to throw him into a wall and through two more walls. Of course Haruto was strong and these men were fools for now knowing who is was. He smiled his sharp fangs at everyone in the room. They all quickly found a wall to get out of his way. Haruto continued to walk around looking for the person that might have his most evil creation. He should probably ask these people if they could help him find the person, but he really did not want stupid wearing off on him. Each person had their purpose sure, these people were just not in the category of help find people.

"Where in the hell is that third seat! What is his name again. Crap, I don't think I even talked to the person. I should do that more often."

His sing song voice was nothing but a angry song now as he rushed past all these muscles head to save the soul society from this unstable monster.


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on Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:24 pm
There was a loud crash nearby; echos of splintering of wood and bone rang throughout the room where Mako was napping. As he creaked open one eye to see what had caused the raucous a thought passed through his mind. Hopefully whatever it was couldn't be blamed on him. That thought soon vanished as the sight of a wall splintered and collapsed over a rather burly man, or perhaps it was a burly man collapsed over a rather splintered wall; either way it was a gratuitous sight to behold. A deep sigh released it's self from Mako's lips, he definitely should do something about it because leaving that man there under all of the rubble he had crashed through would be a pretty bad move, especially for someone who was a seated Shinigami; his reputation most likely couldn't take a hit like that. Another sigh, that nap was just getting good too. Mako lazily pulled himself up off the the makeshift bed he had made himself out of a few bags of rice, rice that he had found in the previously four walled store room, and walked towards the large hole in the wall next to him. He stopped as he approached the dilapidated support, realizing that it was not just one single wall but three, three walls were crushed as the man lying on the floor had been forced through them. Mako whistled to himself, that had to be one hell of a force to throw a guy through three rooms.

"Just so we're all clear on the matter, I didn't do that."

Mako managed to say, mid yawn as he stepped out through, and pointed back to, the tunnel left by the unfortunate person who had been thrown through an entire structure of the 11th squad barracks. As he said this he realized that the entire room was busy looking off in the distance, awed by someone who had been yelling about what he should do. If he were lucky, Mako might be able to sneak out of here while everyone was busy gawking off in the distance at whatever it was that had caught their attention, and possibly whatever had thrown that man with such force.

It was tense, but he had managed to get out of the barracks of the 11th squad without being seen. It's possible no one had even known he was there in the first place, with that reasoning in mind Mako had decided to check up on the experiment that someone had left him with earlier. He reached past his black Shihakushō that was left open, and checked the chest pocket on the grey vest he was wearing underneath it. It was still there, a small capsule containing a what appeared to be a strange, green, viscous fluid: it appeared to be a non newtonian fluid that reacted strangely to quick movements. As he looked closer at the green fluid, through the translucent capsule, he noticed a small piece of paper that resided within: it looked like a wrapper to some sort of sweet.

"Was that always in there?"

Mako asked himself quitely, wondering out loud as he kept walking, oblivious to what was around him or what he was walking past.


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on Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:36 pm
Haruto ran around the 11th barracks like a mad man. This had to be found, it could literally destroy the soul society. Okay, not destroy but make it more uncomfortably to live in for a tad bit and make the 4th division hate him a lot. Emphasis on the a lot part of that sentence. Haruto looked around the last room and noticed that one of the door was open as if someone had left. He quickly came to the conclusion that he might have been and and left after what ever he was doing was interrupted. Haruto had never actually met the person so who knew. Maybe he wanted to become stronger and found that the 11th squad was the way to do it. Sure they had the muscles, so it would only make sense that his sword play may not be up to snuff compared to others. He was no mood to think about this now. He had to find the person that had his experiment, before it was to late.

Running out of the door and grabbing the edge he flung himself around it and continue to run down an ally way. Sure this was not the best way to find him. Actually he was science after all, he could create something to find the person for him. Alas he was to lazy for this right now. He had a project to find, so to speed things up he jumped up to the roofs and started to run quickly keeping an eye out for the 3rd seat of his own unit. He found the person eventually walking down the street casually. He must not know what horrors that the creature he held in the hand could do. Running as fast as his legs could carry him he eventually got to the point where he was in front of him. He jumped down and slammed his fist into the ground very dramatically. He needed this person to know the evil that he held in his hands. His voice was still sing song, but darker as if he was a messenger of evil.

"I know that you do not know what evil you hold in your hands, but I need you to hand over anything that is green and in a tube."

He slowly got up and brushed himself off. He looked at the third seat and noticed on thing right off the bat. He had horns, not that things like this was odd. He also had razor sharp teeth, so things like this was actually was normal in the 12th. His blue hair was a nice color to look at and he thought for a second to change his hair to that color. He mentally shrugged it off though. He had a mission right now. He spoke in a much lighter and happier mood after that .

"It might be an adorable cute little slime right now. Or green mush in a tube as long as it had not eaten any sweet we will be fine!"


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on Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:08 pm
Mako wasn't paying attention to the world around him, so the loud thump and cloud of dust that had appeared before him came with as a bit of a surprise. Even more so for the fact that a man had emerged from the dust. The horned shinigami took a second to take in the audacity of the situation before he even tried to postulate what was going on. He turned his head skyward, and scanned the skies, wondering if any other people would be following suit; wondering if any of them would land on their faces instead of landing properly like the red haired man before him. It took him another moment to realize that the shinigami before him seemed to have a serious look across his visage, it looks like he meant business. This person seemed familiar as if they had met before, but Mako couldn't place a name to the face of whomever this was. Something else caught his eye, the red haired man was talking but the words seemed to fade away as Mako noticed that the person was speaking with a set of shark teeth: every tooth in this man's mouth was pointed and seemed to be razor sharp. With a tilt of his head the third seat tried to peer into the speaking man's mouth to see if, perhaps, he had multiple rows of teeth. It was difficult to tell, there was not a good enough light source around to facilitate a proper cursory examination of the inside of this man's mouth.

While he was trying to figure out the arrangement of the familiar looking, red haired shinigami's teeth Mako had realized something else: the man was talking, that's how Mako could see his teeth in the first place. upon realizing this Mako snapped to a straight and upright position and began thinking of a way to make it seem like he was paying attention. Calmly he placed the capsule of viscous green fluid into the chest pocket of his vest, and looked the other shinigami right in the eyes just as he finished speaking.

"I'm sorry..." It was at that point that Mako realized who this familiar man in front of him was, he was the lieutenant of the twelfth squad; Mako's direct superior, whom he had never actually met in person but had seen a few files about him. That's why this man had shark teeth, body modifications were actually quite common among members in the twelfth squad. Upon reaching this revelation the horned shinigami continued speaking immediately, without missing a beat. "...Lieutenant, it took me a second to realize who you were; we've never actually met face to face. What was this about..." Mako struggled to remember what his squadmate had said while he wasn't paying attention. "A green, cute, sweet something?" he asked curiously.


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on Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:39 pm
Haruto stared at the blue hair man, the fact that he was facinated by his mouth made him think that he was not part of the twelth and he got the wrong person. This would be bad, even though sweets was not a common thing in the soul society he knew that he had a tendency of leaving these things around. So the creature could get to them really easily. Last time the creature caused no damage and just exploded with goo everywhere. It was a pain to clean up though, due to the fact that it was a sticky substance that would stick to even skin. Haruto closed his mouth as he listen to the man for a bit. Clearly they both did not meet yet, both of them probably read some files on each other and call it good. It would make sense since most people in the 12th only work together when they need to. Or when the Captain tells them other wise. Which happens more often than people would think. Haruto spoke in his serious song like tone this time.

"Okay since paying attention is something most people in the 12th lack I will explain this again. Either he looks like a droplet and bounces around, or he is in a tube. He is slimely so I call him a slime for clear reasons. The tests have been going fine, he seemed to be able to reflect attacks and other things. We had only one problem with him."

Haruto shuddered at the thought what happen last time. It happen so fast that he had no time to react to the little guy. Or save some of his equipment. It threw him off when the creature started to eat things at a fast rate. Fortuanly he did not eat other shingami, but if it was not alive he ate it with ease. It would just open its mouth and swallow it whole. Then it would grow in size.

"If it eats candy, so far it is only candy it will start to eat out of control. Like it ate most of the lab it was in the last time it got one little thing called a skittle."

Haruto held out a bag of candy, it was clearly foreign, due to the fact it had English written on it. It was something he found in Japan on one of his trips and he grew fond of the candy thing really quickly. Haruto put his left hand on his hip and threw the bag of candy in the air to catch it. If the creature was near by and had already eaten some candy it would clearly go for the candy now flying through the air.

"Unfortunately I have no way of stopping it if it eats any form of candy. Hopefully it will explode with haste."

He smile at the 3rd seat.

"Oh by the way my name is Haruto, Sora. Vice captain of the 12th division. What is your name?"


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on Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:07 pm
"Nakagawa, Mako, third seat of the same division" Mako drowsily replied to the vice captain mid yawn. He was still tired, seeing as his nap was cut short by a stray projectile shinigami, but this news of some sort of slime was intriguing and he was curious about it. "So?" Mako asked while stretching his arms above his head in an attempt to help wake himself, if even by a little, "This slime, as you call it, can defend against attacks? If this is the case I'm assuming that it has the capabilities to absorb evergy, like Reiatsu or kinetic energy." As he spoke the horned shinigami reached into his vest pocket and took out the capsule containing the green slime and tossed it into the air, in the same direction of the candies that his squad's lieutenant had thrown. "This explosion," he continued "from the way you speak of it, seems to be a reaction from a catalyst, the candies. But is it possible that the force of the explosion can be increased via the amount of energy it absorbs through the attacks directed at it?"

Mako gazed skyward, to see if the two airborne objects had collided yet. Just at that moment, a large blot of green slime landed between the two Shinigami causing a loud splat, sending small pieces of goo in all directions, followed immediately by a shower of small rainbow colored ovals. A few people in the surrounding area began to question what was happening as the rest of the bag landed right in the middle of the slime causing the slime to wriggle and writhe back and forth, girgleing with an unnatural sound as if it were hungry, despite the food source sitting within its self. Mako reached his left hand out, with his palm facing upward expecting to catch a few of the candies that were falling from the sky; after catching a hand full. After sampling a few of them Mako could understand why the red haired man standing in front of him would like them so much. "So, if we're trying to expediate the process of this slime's eventual eruption this should do it, correct?" He looked down at the slime that was rapid growing between the two of them. it was changing shape and rapidly expanding as the bag sitting inside it was deteriorating releasing more of it's sweet catalyst to the slime. Mako looked up to Haruto and asked calmly "You're the Vice Captain here, but I have a suggestion." He took a step back, "We should probably leave, before it goes off."


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on Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:02 pm
Haruto decided not to do anything as he watched what could lead to a destruction of this area happen. Haruto crossed his arm as he watched the slime cause a crash with the candy and eventually break out. Listening to the splat hit the ground Haruto realized that what they have done cannot be stopped. As he watched his third seat eat the candy also he decided that he would start to prepare for what was about to happen. He walked over to the closest wall and slashed a few marks in it weakening it. Then with his foot he kicked it down. Making it so he could see the barracks near by. He had no idea which battalion that it was, but it did not matter. For in a few seconds that they would be covered in goo. Haruto knew a few things that he would have to tell the third seat.

"Well then, at least I should explain what had happen before. The fact that it will grow about the size of a human body. It will consume not only candy, but other objects. Like stones and lab equipment."

Haruto cringed at the thought of what had happen last time. He did not tell the captain about the lab, that 'happen' to disappeared. He did not even bother trying to hide it, no point of it. Everyone around here will now know what he works on. The smile started to form and the huge anime like eyes appeared on the creature after it ate the rest of the candy on the ground. Haruto went up to the closest rock and proceeded to kick it toward the creature. Watching the creature eat the rock about it size was indeed amusing. Yet Haruto could not shake the thoughts that forbearing his mind.

"Also my faithful 3rd seat, it will not stick to flesh. This is not the same with skin though. Either than that the material it produces will not stick to any other substance. Also to answer your question, we will not be leaving until it explodes. I need to record what happens this time. Last time it made a really loud noise and then splatter everywhere. The person who stole this experiment was in that room. Guess he did not find it funny."

Haruto kicked another rock to the creature and it ate the rock again. Haruto did not even think twice about the size of the creature. He also noticed a no seat running by.

"Hey, go get the 4th squad and tell them that we need them all to come clean up a mess. Also brings buckets and mops. Lots of them, maybe some brooms also. I really don't know how to clean this mess that is going to be made."

He kicked the last rock he made at the creature. It was now pretty huge by now.

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