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12th Division Captain

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on Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:59 pm
Ashland Sat in his lab with a dark shading under his one good eye. Obviously his work had cost him a few hours of sleep. His fingers typed across his key board as the light from the monitor seemed to light the dark room. He was alone in one of the less commonly used labs as usual. His studies known only to him as his fingers seemed to race. His eye looking over the results of each simulation with a consant vigilance. Typically in his squad people would wear white robes but as the captain he was wearing dark purple robes with A metal breast plate with the division symbol carved into it. His one yellow eye peeked over to the side at a video footage of the main labs on the other screens. Each flickering to life at his whim. Or rather a couple clicks of the mouse. He liked this lab because it recorded and kept records of every place a hell moth could be found. And some places people would never think to look. He would observe the other shinigami from time to time. Just Wondering what was going through their mind and if loyalty and honor would hold it all together.

It was then that his eye widened to the bright red of the flashing alert lights. Before He rose from his chair. His robes moving to flow around him as he brushes his long hair back out of his face with one hand revealing the face the people either respected or feared. The 12th divisions captain. His other hand reached out as he passed the door grabbing the abnormally long swords masamune. One of the largest unreleased weapons in the shinigami forces. He hadn't always been a scientist after all. His eye darted to the side as one of the unseated approached him from the hallway and handed him a display pad summarizing what the alert was over. He frowned at the results. Why would the Espada move so rashly? He shook his head as he entered the main communications room. Lights flashing and people calling back and forth for reports. However as he stepped foot onto the center station overlooking the room the trained men went silent as his yellow gaze focused on the screen. A birds view of the human city. And a wave of hollow energy flowing inside the town.


One man stepped forward and bowed his head. Another unseated. Before he spoke in a steely tone. An older scientist. But mostly known for being grim at the best of times. "A hollow signature has appeared Captain. Estimated some where between vice captain and captain level. They aren't bothering to hide sir."

Ashland nodded as he thought about it. If he wanted to lure the enemy out he would surely send out just one as bait. But at the same time they could not simply ignore the danger of such a powerful Hollow signature. It might consume the entire city if left alone. Ashland would not sit back and let that happen. So he looked over the men before speaking clearly and with authority.

"Tell the units watching the area to stay back and maintain a safe distance. Have them keep in constant contact with us and report back any differences. Send out hell moths to inform the other captains of the situation and warn them of the possibility of a trap. We will not underestimate our opponent. But we will not let them tread on our name."


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on Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:11 pm
"Of course my Queen, I would love some more tea." Mako said as he held hid ornately decorated teacup out for the butler to refill. A strange purple liquid poured out of the pitcher held by the suited man, who had been standing there patently waiting to serve the Horned shinigami and the Queen he was enjoying their mid afternoon second brunch; second brunch came after brunch, but before the meals lunch or elevensies. The queen, who wore an elegant gown made of black silk with golden traces and decorations, had invited Mako over for a few meals due to the fact that he was, in her own words "The best person ever." It was at this point that, for an unknown reason, the butler left with all due haste while trying to keep his composure. As he turned to the queen to ask why the sudden change in her servant's demeanor he noticed something strange, the Queen was sitting there just as before but her mouth was wide open; the queen's jaw had come unhinged, like that of a snake, and an unnervingly loud siren sound was emitting from her. Mako jumped out of his seat.

Mako jumped, scared by what he had just witnessed: his head immediately crashed into the bottom of the desk he was napping under. It took him a second to realize what was happening, there was no queen, he was just dreaming it all up. But one thing was still bothering him as he lay underneath a desk in the squad twelve labs rubbing his aching forehead, what was that loud noise that was still ringing even after he woke from his dream. After a few seconds he remembered what the noise was, the alarm they had set up to monitor the human world was going off: it must be ringing to to some sort of high powered creature in a human town, or some sort of anomaly that caused the sensors to fry themselves. What ever it was he had decided that he should get up and check it out.

As he stood up to his feet his long blue hair followed the laws of gravity and swayed downward, a few locks got caught on his horns as the usually do ever since he had them grafted on after joining the twelfth squad. Mako noticed that the room was full of people from his squad, his captian was standing there with his back facing Mako; hopefully no one noticed him sleeping there. He took a few steps forward, taking the time to attempt to straighten his cravat before giving up on it, he loved wearing one, it made him feel fancy but it was a trouble to keep the thing straightened. As he approached the main screen he noticed the problem right away, something was letting it's reiatsu run wild across a large human town and it was huge. Mako stumbled forward still tired from the nap he had just awoken from and stood next to Ashland. He was about to speak to his leader, when an idea crossed his mind; Mako reached forward and turned one of the many knobs on the control panned, lowering the volume of the persistent alarms. He turned to the captain while still sleepy eyed, gave him the traditional salute and asked "What's the situation sir?"

2nd Division Captain

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on Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:36 am
It was a pleasant morning so far - The sun was shining in the sky, there were no major emergencies, he'd been able to get changed without feeling like his zanpakuto was perving on him. She was a sword for god's sake, she shouldn't be able to have a consciousness let alone have a perverted streak. Besides, she claimed to see him like an older brother, so surely her little habits were incestuous? Trying not to think about it, he had just slipped her sheath back into the white ribbon that was wrapped around his chest, it's position jutting out over his shoulder as he walked through the streets past eleventh division. He wasn't here for any major reason, he just wanted to be able to get to the outpost that was around here, he knew there would be some new information for him this morning. Then, he got an unpleasant little messenger that was the one thing that he didn't want this morning. He had wanted to be able to have a nice day for once that wasn't going to be ruined by arguments or perverts or fights, and then the little messenger of problems arrived. The hell butterfly.  

Hell moths... hell moths were never good news. Nobody ever sent them out because someone was getting married and all the captains were invited, nor because someone was coming over to their side against the arrancars. No, all they ever got through these things nowadays was a warning that there was another invasion of earth. Getting the information from the thing as it landed on his shoulder, he gritted his teeth. So.. that was it, huh? There was at least one arrancar on earth, and they were in japan? Well, at least it wasn't Austria, but he knew very well that he was going to have to deal with this personally. If he could assassinate this person before they caused any major problems within the city, then he would be able to stop there being any more problems between the Quincy and the Shinigami. They kept blaming them for the public damage that their fights with Hueco Mundo were causing, but apparently Hueco was the only one to care about it.

"So, what are you going to do?" He heard Yamino ask within his mind, and sighed. He knew what he was going to have to do, and it was not exactly safe.
"I'm going to the human world. I need to make sure they don't do any damage to the city, and if they hurt people before I get there you know we're going to get a yelling at from the old man. Not exactly like we have much choice, huh?" with that he walked forwards, pushing his sword out and opening the Senkaimon with a twist of his blade. It would have been better if he'd had time to get more men, but at times like this discretion was best. Once he got through the other side, he'd tell the butterfly to go back to Twelfth to report that it was being taken care of, but for now he needed it to avoid any problems crossing the void.



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on Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:30 pm
Haruto was out of breath, even though it was odd for him he was practicing the art of the sword. He had been working on experiments earlier that day and almost wanted to destroy some lower unseated due to the fact that he would not leave Haruto alone. Instead of getting in trouble Haruto stopped the experiment and left. He stomped into a room that was almost sound proof that he like to practice in. He wanted to keep his image of not liking to fight and things like that. Last thing he wanted were people challenging him to a fight due to the fact that he trained more than most 12th division science people. Haruto was wearing the normal attire for a shinigami while he trained even though he had his shoes kicked off and thrown on the other side of the room. He leaned on his sword and tried to catch his breath. Since he did not know how to use a sword very well he often finding himself tiring himself out with sword training faster than most. Shaking off the pain that he felt in his muscles he went go take a shower. Staring up at the water he wonder how the hell he was suppose to get a thing like Bankai. His captain had it, and he wanted to know how it worked. He had a minor frustration that he did not know how it worked or what happened when you released it. Most things he wanted to know is what the person felt.

The water trickled down his face and he stood in the warm shower. He quickly made himself clean and he could feel his body stop aching from what he had forced his body into. He felt his sword spirit hum in amusement. She was always in a great mood when he actually got some training done. No matter how little it was. It was like a mother approving on the crappy drawing of her son. Even though it was bad, the mother enjoyed it very much. He sighed as he adapted to the warm water and he could hear the voice of his sword ring out.

"Hey Haruto-chan! You did great today, next time we should push our self a little more and actually spar with some one! It would really make me happy if you could win a fight wi..."

With that she was interrupted by some alarms. Haruto did not want to move the water felt to good. Then he remember after sitting in the shower that he was a vice captain. What a drag, with the promotion he gained more responsibility that collided with his work. Even though most consider him the bridge to the captain, the captain was a guy easy enough to talk to. At least Haruto thought that. Grumbling he got out of the shower and dried himself off. Shaking his head dry as much as he could he grabbed his clothing and threw it on. Taking out his Vice-Captain badge he put it on around his neck. Like a necklace that rested right between his two lungs. He walked to his sword and threw it up in the air having it land in his belt with ease. He lastly put on his shoes and continued to walk toward the command room that he would be needed in. Shrugging off all the odd emotions that he was feeling today he became ready for the work ahead of him.

He noticed a hell moth flying toward him. He sighed as he looked at the moth as he continued walking. As it landed on him the moth had information that Captain Artemis of the 2nd division had already left to go asset and handle the situation. Guess protocols were just thrown out the window when something like this happens. Haruto walked into the door into the room where he saw the captain and the 3rd seat already there handling the situation. Was he really needed here? Haruto guess it did not matter. It was the thought that that made a difference. The fact that he was able to handle his duties with ease. Sighing he saluted his captain and nodded to the 3rd seat...Mako was his name right?

"Captain Ashland! Sorry that I was late, I was not dressed properly when the alarms went off. What is the update, and also Captain Artemis of the 2nd division sent a hell butterfly to tell us that he was going to asset and hand the situation in Earth. What ever that means."

Looking at the boards Haruto noticed what the hell was going on before the captain of his division even spoke. It was pretty obvious, something had enter the human realm and decided that she wanted to be noticed. Judging by the charts she was somewhere between his level in power and Captain Ashland. Haruto wonder how many of the captain already left to go 'handle' this situation. Some of them have been itching for a fight lately, and some have just been bored with the normal routine that was going on in the Seireitei. Haruto walked up to the person sitting at a desk and started to look at the charts among other things.

"Will you be going sir? I can handle everything here if need be. Especially if the 3rd seat would stay and offer a helping hand. I smell a trap of some sort, or a really bored enemy. They should take up experiments in their own realm if they are that bored."

Haruto spoke the truth and even though he had a sing song like voice he sounded very much serious when he spoke to the captain. He did not want the mis-communication that he did not respect the captain. That man had nothing but respect from Haruto. The man let Haruto do his experiments and left him alone most of the time. He could hear Ren-chan complaining though in the back of his head.

"Whhhhhyyyyy don't yooooooouuuuu go! That sounds like fun! We can even make new friends!"

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