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on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:12 am
Alexis finally arriving at the great Schatten Bereich strong hold. These Quincy's were different than he had imagined them to be. They were different from his father. These were more of the aggressive type, and were a bit wild for Alexis. He had registered himself for the military and was stationed in the first battalion. He wasn't picky of where he wanted to go, he was just satisfied he was accepted in the military. As they pointed him to the direction of the White Tower, where his room will be. They handed him a couple bed sheets for his room. He was walking towards the tower minding his own business, he over heard some of the Quincy's yelling, "Death to the Shinigami". Alexis being alive for 150 years, he has never seen a Shinigami but had heard stories from his father. He noticed the hatred and aggressiveness coming from their voices.He knew to stay away from those type of Quincy's.

He finally arrived at White Tower, he looked straight up and it was bigger than he had imagined. He walked in and looked for his room, luckily his room was on the first floor. So it wasn't to hard to find, as he opened the door, it wasn't a big room or a small one. The room was made to accommodate two people and was furnished. He applied the bed sheets onto the bed and sat down, the room was quiet. Alexis closed his eyes gently and took a deep breath and exhaling all of it out. Opening his eyes again, he took out some of the books out of his bag, getting up and placing them on the book shelf. He took one of the books and sat back down on his bed, continuing to read the book. He enjoyed the silence.



on Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:46 pm
The first of the month. It was an interesting time among the Vandenreich, at least as far as Fenrir was concerned. He rarely bothered to socialise with the Soldats, being far too busy running the empire to do so. Still, it was his duty to ensure his army was where he needed it to be. And that meant that the start of every month marked inspections. First of the quarters, and then other the next few days, of military readiness, medical health, the full works. Still, this was the most lively the halls of the Schatten Bereich had been since the days of his father, which meant the inspection would take longer than it had ever done, and would probably consume much of his free time.

"ACHTUNG! INSPEKTIONSZEIT!" The heavy iron and wood double doors of the White door flew open, and four broadly built men in full Vandenreich attire stormed in, bellowing the announcement at the top of their lungs. Inspection time had come. Fenrir casually walked in, leaving a fair pace between himself and the walking tanks that were charging through the tower, dragging the men out of their games of poker and training sessions to take their positions. A reasonably short, rigid looking man was following him around like a bad smell, inspecting every small detail. An irrelevent member of the First Battalion, assigned to worrying about this sort of thing. To be honest he did most of the inspecting on these trips, Fenrir didn't begin to care until the actual combat effectiveness tests.

Fenrir sluggishly lumbered through the first floor, barely caring about his surroudings. It was one of the most boring parts of inspection time, analysing the corner folds on endless amounts of Soldat beds. How fascinating. Still, it wasn't all bad. He had seen something that caught his eye. A private room, only reserved for those of rank, with the name Alexis Etrama carved into the door. Although Fenrir himself had assigned the man to be his Major based off his exceptional record, he had barely seen or spoken to the man at all. Still, that hardly bothered him, he didn't need a relationship with his Major, he just needed someone with talent. Still, he might as well fix that while he was here.

He gave a single firm knock on the door before slowly pushing the door open and stepping in. Alexis was sprawled on his bed, reading a book. It seems he had ignored the bellowing about an inspection. Quite right, too. Fenrir had hated that nonsense hen he was a Soldat, and the fact that he had to continue it to ensure people kept their standards up annoyed him greatly. "Alexis." Fenrir said coolly, approaching the bed as he addressed his subordinate. "High time we met, no?"


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on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:33 pm
Alexis enjoying his read and the quietness of the room he was given. Time went by until he started hearing a ruckus out in the hall way. He didn't mind at all so he continued reading. As the ruckus and loud footsteps started getting closer, it sort of alerted Alexis but he still kept no mind to it. Until he heard the loud heavy foot steps stop right on his door, still Alexis paid no attention to it, as he continued reading. He heard a slight firm knock on his door and it opened slowly. Alexis was still reading but he still had vision of the door. As the man took a step inside his room and stood there, he heard him call his name "Alexis."

Hearing his name, he looked over and saw the man approach his bed, saying "High time we met, no?". Alexis knew who this man was, he recognized him by his cloths and his grey hair. Alexis stood up to greet the man in charge of this powerful Quincy Strong hold. Alexis measuring up to 6 feet and 3 inches. Towering over Fenrir, him being 8 inches smaller. He knew this was great disrespect but there was nothing he can do. As Alexis looked down at him with a blank face, and his piercing red eyes. He had to do something about this height thing. He gave a very elegant bow as he said "Nice to meet you, sir. How shall I serve you today?" keeping his bowing posture, so Fenrir wouldn't get angry

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