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on Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:01 pm
All these are listed are freebies from my approval. I guess my offensive magic is going to be Master, since my Auxilary is blood. But you can judge what it fits under better.

Primera Etapa Compete:
Primera Etapa Release Command: No mercy, No satisfaction
Primera Etapa Appearance: Without the wings. He goes down to a fair 5'11" when in this state. His hollow form the coat over his body, making it somewhat think and armor like, but having no benefit. He has no weapon, besides the blood swords he can create, and the blood he controls. He has blood coming out of his back constantly.
Primera Etapa Powers:Bloodkinesis: this ability would definitely be the bulk of Cross's power. Cross has total manipulation over blood of any kind or type, almost identical to elemental manipulation. except that this applies only to blood. However, if the blood comes into contact with another element, then Cross may manipulate it the same way as blood as long as it is at least half mixed with the blood itself. So if several gallons of blood were dumped into a swimming pool, Cross could not only control the blood itself, but could control the entire swimming pool so long as there was an equal or greater amount of blood mixed in.

Using blood manipulation, Cross may control the blood in a form identical to telekinesis, however this does not interfere with his Bloodsword ability in any way because they use separate psychic capacities. Also, for this same reason, regardless of the extent to which Bloodsword is being used, Cross's Bloodsword power will never interfere with the use of this power and is separate from it. Basically, Cross can move and control blood in large, small, or multiple masses, as long as it is outside of a person's body. The natural reiatsu someone has however makes it difficult to pull blood directly from someone's body. For example, Cross cannot simply yank all the blood out of you, because your spiritual presence naturally resists such influence thus making it absurdly difficult.

However, any blood that is outside of a body is totally fair game to Cross, whether it is living or not. Whenever Cross seizes control of dead blood his own life essence increases and enters it, thus making it his own and revitalizing it. Cross also may pull blood from open wounds on a foe - but this is more difficult, and he may extract up to half a cup if at a distance, and a full cup if direct physical contact is made. Blood manipulation is definitely one of Cross's greatest strengths and he is very skilled with it. By slowing the motion of the blood on a microscopic scale, he may cause it to free, forming hard layers of blood-ice. Blood-ice however is much slower than normal blood when manipulated and for Cross to move it swiftly it must be turned back into liquid by his blood manipulation.

Also, Cross may greatly increase the temperature of the blood he controls by accelerating it's motion on a microscopic scale. This creates blazing hot, boiling blood that basically does the same thing as very hot water to enemies. The burns can be extreme to minor. Being in contact with the boiling-blood only inflicts third degree burns if one remains in contact with it for more than two posts. One post in full contact is just second degree burns. And if the contact is brief and not sustained, the damage is merely first degree burns.

While boiling-blood and blood-ice may be useful, boiling-blood moves in large waves and is harder to put into precise forms, so extreme temperatures on either sides of blood manipulation make their use either slower or less accurate and far less precise. and the best type of blood is slightly warm, closer to 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for maximum speed, control, and accuracy.

Cross can use blood manipulation for a variety of attacks, from simply pulling small amounts from a foe's wounds to firing streaks of blood in thin, razor sharp streaks capable of cutting through stone and possibly denting steel. By firing the liquid at extremely high speeds, similar to certain power tools that use water to cut stones and other objects, the blood can literally be sharper than a blade, but is easily blocked and disperses upon impact in a blood splatter. This is basic manipulation of blood, simply using the accleration and shape of blood to cut enemies.

Cross, also, may turn blood into blood-gas by forcing it to expand into a vaporous, fog-like state, identical to a cloud but blood red in color. Blood-clouds however appear to be mostly useless. They can become hot, similar to boiling blood, but not hot enough to cause burns, only overheating and severe discomfort. Even then, blood clouds usually do not stay hot for longer than just two posts after creation, and don't do much aside from forming large amounts of red fog. However, this fog is extremely difficult to see through, and visibility is tremendously restricted within - you cannot see farther than a foot in front of you within a blood-cloud. Breathing the gas of the blood-cloud is mostly harmless unless the blood was diseased or poisoned by something, but the blood-cloud can also cause minor breathlessness by squeezing in on foes and pushing oxygen away from them. This reduces oxygen intake by 50% in most cases, but does not happen automatically and cannot be sustained for long. If you move, quite simply, you break free of it and then the cloud has to squeeze itself in on you again. The blood-cloud may also suck in and absorb oxygen from either the surrounding area or directly from an enemy's lungs, further reducing their oxygen intake. If one spends longer than 3 posts in a blood-cloud, the oxygen reduction increases by 15% + 10% from oxygen being drained from the surrounding air (5% more per post, which caps at 15%, never allowing for a foe to have less than 25% oxygen intake).

By generating a large sum of blood-clouds, Cross can push them into the sky and cause blood-rain. This is mostly useless but it looks really cool and creates a nice 'this guy is badass' moment. However it could potentially be used to spread blood over an area, or a bunch of foes in one packed-in group.

As previously mentioned, there are limits on taking blood from someone who is already living. This is determined by the power of the foe. The chart showing these limits is listed below.

I decided a no on blood extraction directly from a living being for this power, since it did seem a little ridiculous. So blood extraction/direct control inside the body will only be used on NPCs. The only exception is drawing extra blood from an enemy's wounds (attacks cause more bleeding) and perhaps by physical contact Cross could slightly slow the flow of blood to make enemies tire faster, but nothing to an extreme extent with this mere power alone.

Also, via blood manipulation, Cross may also crystallize blood. This turns it from liquid into solid, large, sharp crystals, which may grow rapidly and stab or crush opponents. However the crystals last for only two posts - after which, they immediately explode into a very powerful burst of liquid (with several times more force than a fire hose at full expulsion, enough to break down buildings and do serious damage) as they violently revert back to a liquid state. During the explosion, bits of solid crystal lacerate foes caught in the explosion, which only has a range of about 30 feet However, it is easily defended against by a suitable shield or barrier, and is mostly designed to harm unprotected targets with the explosion.

(I don't use others blood. Only npcs if that even happens. It's all Cross's]

Primera Etapa Abilities:

Type:offensive magic l Secondary
Range:300 yards AOE
Duration:3 psots
Cooldown:9 or 10
Description:Rather than rely upon his zanpakuto for weaponry, Cross uses these special, multiple swords imbued with telekinetic qualities as his primary weapons. Cross may grow these swords directly from his body without harming it. This is done by spawning the hilt first on the outside of the body, then rapidly growing the rest of the blade, and forcing the newly formed weapon out from his body. However, the edges are covered and thus useless until removed from the body, as a thin-bone like shell covers them to prevent the sharp blades of the weapons from harming Cross on accident. Once they leave his body and are safe for use the shells automatically crack via telekinesis and the incredibly sharp edge is exposed to mow down enemies.

Cross's Bloodswords may move in a manner similar to levitation or telekinesis - they float, move, and can strike without the necessity of being touched or physically wielded by him. This is done with a special form of telekinesis Cross may use which applies only to the Bloodswords. Cross's specialization in Bloodsword telekinesis allows him to use the swords with great precision and force and in significant numbers, but it comes at the price of being unskilled in using telekinesis on everything else, as each Bloodsword shares a psychic link with Cross. The stronger the psychic link is, the weaker any other form of telekinesis Cross could develop would be. Cross has developed almost the total entirety of his telekinetic abilities to the Bloodswords, therefore making his usage of them extremely great, but at the sacrifice of potentially being able to wield other telekinetic abilities (With the exception of Bloodkinesis, as it is also a similar situation).

Each Bloodsword is made of powerful rust-proof steel, stronger than what a forge could make because it is grown organically and honed down to microscopic details by special cells and rapidly-spawning blade creating organ structures that appear and disappear in Cross's body at will to produce these Bloodswords. The metal is so incredibly sharp that a fresh Bloodsword can cut through diamond and even other forms of metal - and easily. While a Bloodsword may not be able to cut absolutely anything it's almost impossible for something to not be cut from a solid blow delivered by a Bloodsword. However, this impossibly sharp edge is difficult to maintain, and after cutting something tougher than steel or diamond, a Bloodsword will rapidly dull.

Bloodswords are covered in flesh around the hilt, which provides an ideal and very functional grip that is quite sturdy. It is hard despite being flesh and tissue mixed with metal, and can withstand direct blows. There are numerous eye structures in each Bloodsword, and there are also odd sphereical bumps on each one. These bumps contain nerve clusters that are basically simple brains mostly used for visual processing and other motor-based skills, but also performs basic living functions. This allows Cross to see whatever the eyes of the Bloodswords see, allowing them to be used for more than just combat. However, the vision of the Bloodswords is not particularly advanced, and all have difficulty seeing shades of color. They see only basic values of color and the majority of their optical power is devoted to night vision, making their eyes not very useful during day time as it is much too bright for them.

Flashes or sudden bursts of light will temporarily blind the Bloodswords. However, none of them truly have minds, as none are technically alive, so mind control or illusions of any sort will have no effect on Bloodswords. Their pseudo-brains are almost exclusively used for visual processing and motor balance. Additionally, if Cross is blinded by any means, he will still be able to see via the eyes inside the Bloodswords. Bloodswords also have a small underdeveloped mouth formed and merged around their hilts, with sharp, withdrawn teeth. If a foreign hand attempts to grasp them they may bite it with vicious, 8" inch to 14" inch long teeth capable of piercing deep through flesh and lacerating tissue. The teeth have serrated edges making wounds excessively painful and stunning. It is wise, for this reason, to not touch Bloodswords. Only Cross may wield Bloodswords in hand without being bitten. This bite function is also a major function of the pseudo-brains found in the Bloodswords.

Spawning and growing the swords as well as their material is easy for , and he can grow as many as he likes, but there is a strict limit on how many he may use. Cross can use a total of 13 Bloodswords without losing control, speed, or force, and a maximum of 15 but going beyond 13 results in a loss of speed and force. So while he can make plenty of Bloodswords he cannot go beyond his limits of control.

Additionally, Cross may conjure blood from his Bloodswords using Bloodkinesis. These weapons may be compared to and are very similar to Zanpakuto, because this very power itself is critical to Cross as it is his primary ability. Using his spiritual energy Cross may produce more matter to make flesh and metal out of for his Bloodswords. Bloodswords also may take any shape and size upon creation but may not shapeshift once they are separated from Cross's body.

Name:blood doll
Type: movement
Range:200 yards
Duration:2 posts
Cooldown:1 post per doll
Description: This is a special sonido technique Cross uses during a flash step. It does not increase the speed of his flash step, however, it does allow Cross to create false decoys of himself. While using sonido, Cross covers himself in blood using his bloodkinesis and blood-generation powers, before bending the shape of the blood to match his own form. Cross can then create up to 3 false clones made of this same blood, known as Blood Dolls. Upon creation the Blood Dolls move and behave like solid objects, despite being composed of liquid. He may manipulate them entirely in a form similar to a long range variant of Rasentogai, but not as powerful or exhausting. The number of 'Blood Dolls' will determine the cooldown of this power. Each Blood doll is worth 1 post of cool down, and Cross may only control a maximum of 3 blood dolls. These duplicates of Crossare not the real thing, however, because he is also covered in blood while using this power and because they mimic his presence it is impossible to tell the difference between Reinhardt and a Blood Doll.

Each Blood Doll lasts for two posts after using this ability, but if struck by kidou or another significant reiatsu based attack, they will splatter into a big splash of blood and be nullified instantly. The Blood Dolls, however, are immune to physical attacks. Weak reiatsu based attacks will only stun them for a few seconds. For example, byakurai fired by someone of equal tier probably wouldn't do hardly anything to a Blood Doll unless they were a kido specialist/strong in reiatsu, but a sokatsui for example or any higher level kido (Above 30) would always knock out one of the Blood Dolls. Similarly, it would take more than 4 bala to destroy a Blood Doll. Their ability to take minor damage allows them to maintain a facade but their structure is somewhat fragile when opposing reiatsu comes into play, thus the reason behind their severe weakness to energy based attacks.

Additionally, Blood Dolls have no special powers, and may use only sonido and bala as well as basic physical attacks. If Crosshas extra Bloodswords, they may also hold Bloodswords and use them in a form identical to how Crosswould in close combat. Each Blood Doll can be crystallized and may explode just like how his Bloodkinesis power would entail, as the Blood Dolls are mostly just blood, some matter, and spiritual energy.

Type: weaponry l offensive magic
Range:90 feet
Duration:1 post
Cooldown:3 posts
Description:Cross's most simple technique, which combines cero and a physical attack. To use it, Cross simply takes one of his blood swords and charges the entire thing with a cero, for one post. During this time he can still move and fight. The sword just glows red with cero-type energy. Once fully charged, Cross swings the charged sword at an enemy. Hit or miss, the cero energy is released in a devastating attack. The energy that would have been used for cero is released instead in a very powerful slash-like wave, which is also wild and explosive. Giant-Killer is massively powerful, more than three times as strong as cero - but this is because it sacrifices two things, range and size, and not because it does anything special.

Giant-Killer's 'cero' is actually only half the size of a normal cero, and it's range is limited to 90 feet (, which is less than 1/20th of what Crossr's normal cero would be - that means it's range is only 5% of regular cero. Normally, a fully charged cero would leave death and devastation on a large scale, but Giant-Killer leaves greater devastation on a small scale. A 30 foot explosion erupts nearest to Crossfrom the blade, where the blast is the largest, erupting outwards. But the rest of the blast is only 10 feet in width, and 40 feet in height.

Name:Hero Drive: Berserker Blood Bath
Rank: advanced
Duration:2 post
Cooldown:8 posts
Description:To use this power, Cross grows two additional hearts inside his body, making for a total of three. The amount of blood in just his body alone triples, and his oxygen intake increases by more than ten times it's normal rate. His hierro hardens significantly and the change causes his skin to turn pure pale white.

Hero Drive refers to a series of techniques developed to remove all limitations on a person and bring out the truest, most sincere mentality of that person, free of self doubt, guilt, or fear. However, upon learning the art, Cross took it to vicious extremes and developed this power, going beyond the limits that others had set upon Hero Drive for safety reasons. This technique takes one post to activate (charge), during which Cross may not use cero, malefic burst, bala, or blood doll. This gives the enemy some time to run away and is a final warning of what is to come, allowing others to know that Cross is about to use Hero Drive.

First, the cerebrum is severely altered and the personality changes tremendously. All limits on the brain are removed, allowing it to operate at 100%, and beyond if pushed. This creates extremely fast reflexes, impossibly accurate motions and aim, as well as instant thoughts and responses. Cross is never stumped when using Hero Drive; instinct takes over, and all becomes perfectly clear. This creates feelings of Narcissism, self-importance, godliness, and extreme territorial aggression as well as a state of mercilessness. Cross feels surges and tingles throughout his nerves in pleasurable waves, which further spur on feelings of divinity. Cross believes he is God while using Hero Drive, literally. This is done to create total confidence in the user so there is no hesitation or indecision, thus curbing the vast majority of mistakes or errors.

Cross's greatest instinct in Hero Drive is to annihilate all enemies. Because he does not believe he can be harmed or killed during Hero Drive, he fights in impossible ways, fighting relentlessly and without reserve of any kind.

Cross's muscles also are strengthened by increased enhancement in their fibers, making them denser, thicker, and stronger. His stamina and endurance is also increased tremendously to the point where he will not become tired for as long as he is using Hero Drive. . Cross's hierro becomes 30% stronger, and gains a metallic texture.

Hero Drive is intended for a short burst of power. It is dangerous to allies, because the slightest provocation or trespass will make even those who fight alongside Cross seem like enemies, and he will attack anyone who attacks him or gets in his way as he kills the original foe.

Although the strength Cross gains is enormous, it has draw-backs and it is short lived. While Berserk Crossr can only stay that way for 5 posts maximum. So after 5 posts, he returns to normal. But that isn't the problem with this technique. The extreme physical strain erodes Cross's hierro, weakening it by 25% each time Cross uses Berserker Blood Bath for a full day. Worse yet, this gradual thinning of the Hierro stacks. So if Cross uses Berserker Blood Bath twice, then that's half his hierro gone instantly.

segunda etapa incompete:
Segunda Etapa Release Command: It doesn't.. stop here.
Segunda Etapa Appearance: Again, no weapon besides the blood swords.
Segunda Etapa Powers: [ is it ok if i keep the same ability? since it's pretty strong? I don't want to be op...]
Segunda Etapa Abilities:

Name:Crimson Cascade
Duration:in the description
Cooldown:10 posts
Description: This is Cross's high speed regeneration power, his Hollow specialty. Cross can do more than just regenerate, and may create blood from his own body at will. He may generate as many as 30 gallons per post . However, this is only if uninjured. If Cross is healing from injuries, his blood generation and blood regeneration is reduced significantly depending upon how much he is healing. A chart listed below shows healing times.

Regeneration time chart

Cuts, 1st to 2nd degree burns, small flesh wounds, lacerations, bruises, growing back skin and muscle tissue, minor injuries of any kind: Instant, no wait. However, may only produce up to 4/5ths of normal blood maximum production during the post he healed in.

Severe skeletal damage, major damage to vital organs, nerve damage, large gashes and very deep wounds, 3rd degree burns, poison and venom damage, moderate injuries of any kind: one post, may only produce half as much blood in that post that he would normally be able to

Growing back limbs, growing back major organs, replacing major organs and large chunks of brain or heart tissue, growing back an entire fourth of the body: two posts, at the cost of 1/4th normal blood production during this time. May heal in one post if necessary to survive or willed by Cross ,but at the cost of not being able to generate more than 2 gallons of blood for 2 posts after healing and during the post in which healing is done.

Growing back half the body: 2 posts, only 2 gallons of blood generation (used to survive, not to fight).

Cross's regeneration is extremely effective because it produces new flesh matter through spiritual energy, allowing him to withstand enormous damage and recover quickly because his body doesn't need to scrap or salvage. Flesh complete with nutrients and materials can be spawned if needed - but not without a price, as significant spiritual energy is used to sustain and initiate this effect, meaning that the more Cross heals the more energy he uses. If he runs out of energy, his healing slows (regeneration times doubled) or even stops until he has energy again. His healing, therefore, is by no means unlimited - it is restricted by his total stamina and energy, with the exception of minor wounds. They're too insignificant to cost hardly anything. But enough tremendous wounds will eventually, after many deadly injuries, slow and later on stop his regeneration until he recovers enough energy to start healing again, probably after battle unless aided by an ally.

Cross also has densely packed, small nodes of varied tissue spread throughout his body in key areas so that they are nearby to all major structures, organs, and limbs. These small nodes are a mix of three basic things; brain tissue, emergency storage nutrients, and hormones. The actual brain functions these nodes are capable of is minor, but each one at the bare minimum can keep his heart pumping and his lungs breathing, as well as control other critical vital functions but they can only do so if Cross's brain is absent. Otherwise, they're dormant and will not perform vital controls unless the brain is destroyed, removed, or crippled in any way.

The nodes can also release important hormones and nutrients necessary for survival. The purpose of these nodes is to allow Cross's body to survive for a short time if vital organs have been lost, mainly the brain. The hormones also limit non-critical functions and stretch the duration of how long he could survival in the absence of important organs, and allow his body to absorb oxygen through his skin by thinning out his hierro - resulting in a loss of defense, but also eliminating the need for the lungs and heart, as the body may now absorb oxygen directly. The only problem aside from being especially vulnerable in this state is that poisonous gases will also get through the skin (Frogs and other amphibians do this, and it is biologically possible).

The nodes, however, only release the hormones if the brain is lost or if Cross is dying. Continuing to fight in this state would be difficult, but possible if he still had his brain. Once the brain regenerates, and all vital organs are restored, the hierro will regenerate AFTER 10 posts of fighting without it. During the first two posts after recovery, his skin just turns back to normal, but with no added hierro protection for another 8 posts. This effect entirely is a high risk, used only to prevent dying in the event that the brain is lost.

Name: Cero Oscuras
Type: Offensive|Estruendo
Rank: Master
Range: 100 metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 10 posts
Description: Cero Metralleta is an Advanced form of Gran Rey Cero, and requires that the Arrancar knows it to learn this. It is known as the Black Cero, due to it's ability to blot out the sky, essentially rending the area around it dark. The Arrancar will gather Reiryoku at either the tips of their fingers, the palm of their hand or inside their mouth. This Reiryoku will condense down, forming a tightly packed sphere of Reiryoku. The Arrancar mixes their own blood into this Reiryoku, enhancing it's destructive power. Due to the force delivered in this technique, the Arrancar must charge it for a few seconds, and declare the name before firing it. When it is fired, it is released as a massive beam of Reiryoku, which will completely incinerate whatever it hits. As it hits the ground, the Reiryoku spreads outwards in an arc, temporarily blotting out the sky.

Name: Bala
Type: Offensive|Estruendo
Rank: Apprentice
Range: 40 Metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: Bala is the complete version of Bala Incompleta, and requires that the Arrancar knows it to learn this. The Arrancar will gather a thin layer of Reiryoku around their fist. They then project this by thrusting their fists towards the target, expelling the Reiryoku as a small, bullet like sphere of energy. On impact, this can dig an inch into the target's skin, searing the wound and sending the victim flying. The maximum number of Bala an Arrancar can fire at once is six.

Name: Cero
Type: Offensive|Estruendo
Rank: Intermediate
Range: 50 Metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: Cero is the complete version of Cero Incompleta, and requires that the Arrancar knows it to learn this. The Arrancar will gather Reiryoku at either the tips of their fingers, the palm of their hand or inside their mouth. This Reiryoku will condense down, forming a tightly packed sphere of Reiryoku. This will then burst out as an immense beam of raw Reiryoku. On impact, it will easily disintegrate whatever it hits.

Name: Gran Rey Cero
Type: Offensive|Estruendo
Rank: Expert
Range: 100 metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 7 posts
Description: Gran Rey Cero is an advanced form of Cero, and requires that the Arrancar knows it to learn this. The Arrancar will gather Reiryoku at either the tips of their fingers, the palm of their hand or inside their mouth. This Reiryoku will condense down, forming a tightly packed sphere of Reiryoku. The Arrancar mixes their own blood into this Reiryoku, enhancing it's destructive power. This sphere will then burst out as an immense beam of raw Reiryoku. On impact, it will easily disintegrate whatever it hits.

arte de la espada:
Name: Convocacion del Zanpakuto
Type: Supplementary|Arte de la Espada
Rank: Amateur
Range: 20 metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: turns
Description: Convocacion del Zanpakuto is a technique where the Arrancar summons their Zanpakutō if they have lost their grip upon it. As it builds upon the bond between the Arrancar and their Zanpakutō, it requires at least Adept rank in Resurrección. The Arrancar merely extends their arm towards the direction of their Zanpakutō, speaking aloud it's name and ordering it to return. The Zanpakutō, unless being physically held back by an enemy, will then rocket towards the Arrancar, landing in their hand by the hilt.


Name: Golpe
Type: Offensive|Arte de la Espada
Rank: Novice
Range: The user's Blade
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Golpe is a basic technique used by practitioners of Arte de la Espada. Golpe is a powerful sword swing with the blunt side of the blade, designed to daze and confuse individual the Practitioner wishes not to inflict serious harm upon.


Name: Fuerza
Type: Offensive|Arte de la Espada
Rank: Novice
Range: The user's blade
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Fuerza is a basic technique used by practitioners of Arte de la Espada. To perform it, the practitioner must be using a two handed grip. The blade is raised over the user's head, where it is held for a few seconds. It is then brought down in a single mighty swing. The swing leaves a faint trail of Reiryoku behind it.

Golpe Veloz

Name: Golpe Veloz
Type: Offensive|Arte de la Espada
Rank: Novice
Range: The user's blade
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Golpe Veloz is a basic technique used by practitioners of Arte de la Espada. It combines the principles of swordsmanship with the ways of Sonido to launch the user's blade in a rapid fire swing. Because of this, the Arrancar must also be Novice rank in Sonido. To perform Golpe Veloz, the Arrancar raises his blade, holding it out horizontally to one side. They then fire their arm using a burst of Reiryoku, in a similar way to how Sonido works. This increases the speed of the swing dramatically, making it harder to block. It does not, however, make it move at a speed where the opponent cannot perceive it, regardless of the rank of the user's movement or perception.

Name: Arco Cortante
Type: Offensive|Arte de la Espada
Rank: Intermediate
Range: The user's Blade + 8 metres from the tip of the blade
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: Arco Cortante is an advanced technique used by practitioners of Arte de la Espada. The practitioner must know how to perform Fuerza in order to learn this. In addition, the sword must be held using a two handed grip. The blade is raised over the user's head, where it is held for a few seconds. It is then brought down in a single mighty swing. The swing extends outwards a short duration from the tip of the blade by projecting a small arch of Reiryoku outwards. The blade also leaves a faint trail of Reiryoku behind it after it swings.


Name: Choque
Type: Offensive|Combate
Rank: Amateur
Range: Self, with the shockwave having a range of 5 metres.
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 turns
Description: Choque is a basic rank strike, used by practitioners of Combate. It is a palm thrust, which, similar to Hadō #1: Shō, sends out a Shockwave that can knock it's target back several feet, even without direct contact. Direct contact, however, can send the target flying back a significantly further distance.

Name: Patada Veloz
Type: Offensive|Combate|Sonido
Rank: Novice
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 turns
Description: Patada Veloz is a basic strike that combines Combate with Sonido. As such, it requires novice rank in both Combate and Sonido to learn. Patada Veloz launches a Sonido aided kick. The user will raise their leg, and then, by applying the principles of Sonido to it, fire the leg in a sudden burst of speed and force. It has the ability to send the target flying on impact, as well as causing micro fractures to the affected area.

Name: Hierro
Type: Defensive|Hierro
Rank: Intermediate
Range: Self
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: Hierro is one of the most basic of all Hierro techniques. The user must know Hierro Incompleto to learn this. The Arrancar coats the surface of their skin in a thickly packed layer of Reiryoku, increasing their physical resistance. The user can coat any section of their body they desire with this technique, covering roughly a torso worth of skin. Hierro can block all basic attacks, and techniques up to Apprentice rank. Intermediate rank techniques will not be completely prevented, but their effectiveness will be reduced dramatically. For example, an Intermediate rank sword technique will cut an inch or so into the skin.

Name: Garganta
Type: Supplementary|Pesquisa
Rank: Amateur
Range: Inter-dimensional
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: None
Description: Garganta is a technique designed to allow the user to travel in-between Hueco Mundo and the World of the Living by opening an inter-dimensional rift. To perform it, the Arrancar merely has to raise their hand before them, hooking their fingers like they are latching onto the fabric of the universe itself, and then tear down. This will open a small black rift in the air which the Arrancar can then walk through to reach their intended destination. Only Arrancar can travel through this version of the Senkaimon, as it has not been calibrated for non-Arrancar souls. There are, however, versions of the Garganta designed for other species to travel through. This technique cannot be used in combat.

Name: Sonido
Type: Supplementary|Sonido
Rank: Adept
Range: Up to 15 metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 6 turns
Description: Sonido is the first true Sonido, and is the complete form of Sonido Imperfecto. As such, it requires that the user first knows Sonido Imperfecto. The Arrancar will consolidate a large level of Reiryoku in their legs, and then kick off using it, allowing them to move a short distance so quickly that to the untrained eye, it appears as if they have "blinked" a short distance. This technique can be followed by someone with a perception of at least 2 tiers lower than the technique, or 1 tier of movement lower, allowing them to effectively guard against an assault delivered combined with the Sonido. This technique, while it appears as though they are teleporting, is simply an incredibly rapid straight line movement, and as such they cannot move through physical objects, nor does it give them immunity to damage. So, if there is a wall of fire between the individual and their destination, it will still burn them as they go through.

Name: Brinco
Type: Supplementary|Sonido
Rank: Amateur
Range: Up to twenty metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 turns
Description: Brinco is a basic movement technique. It allows the Arrancar to kick off the ground with much more force than normal, allowing them to leap many metres into the air. They do this by flooding their legs with Reiryoku and then firing it into the ground as they kick off. This allows the Arrancar to get airborn rapidly, as well as to approach an enemy with speed.

Name: Sonido Imperfecto
Type: Supplementary|Sonido
Rank: Apprentice
Range: Up to 7 metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4 turns
Description: Sonido Imperfecto is an incredibly basic variation of Sonido, and is the first form a Sonido user must learn. The Arrancar will consolidate Reiryoku in their legs, and then kick off using it, allowing them to move a short distance so quickly that to the untrained eye, it appears as if they have "blinked" a short distance. As this is an incomplete Sonido, even the untrained spiritually advanced person can follow the movement to a degree, but it will appear to these individuals as though you are blinking a few inches forward in rapid succession rather than one sleek movement. This technique can be followed by someone with a perception of at least 2 tiers lower than the technique, or 2 tiers of movement lower, allowing them to effectively guard against an assault delivered combined with the Technique. This technique, while it appears as though they are teleporting, is simply an incredibly rapid straight line movement, and as such they cannot move through physical objects, nor does it give them immunity to damage. So, if there is a wall of fire between the individual and their destination, it will still burn them as they go through.

not used 2 amateurs and 1 apprentice.

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