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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:38 pm
Name: Blink
Type: Suplementary| Bond
Rank: Adept
Range: Visable
Duration: 5 turns
Cooldown: 10 turns
Description: This technique simply causes Norkia's Bright lights to flash on and off quickly. The flashes are blinding and make it nearly impossible to see (-3 perception). In this time Norkia can use his opponents disability to use his speed to attack or flee.

Name: Holy lights
Type: Offensive|Estruendo
Rank: Apprentice
Apprentice- 20 yards
Adept-30 yards
advanced-40 yards
Grandmaster- 60 yards
Transcender- 100 yards
eyes- 5 turns blind; 5 turns -3 perception; 3 turns stunned
direct impact- 2 turns blind; 2 turns -3 perception; 1 turns stuned
grazed- 4 turns -3 perception; momentary stun
Cooldown: 10 turns
Description: This technique allows Norkia to focus a blast of pure light in his hand, and launch it at his opponent; Norkia has minor control of the flight pattern, but not enough to note on. On contact the blast of light will explode into blinding brightness with a radius of 5 yards, the blast does major damage to the opponents eyes with a direct unprotected hit(in the eyes) the technique can temporarily disable the opponent on top of that it also has a very short stun time(half of the time spent blind). This attack allows Norkia to attack violently or flee the battle entirely if hit perfectly.

remaining free techs:

2 Amateur rank techniques
4 Novice rank techniques
3 Apprentice rank techniques
Completed Primera Etapa
2 Primera Etapa techniques

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on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:50 pm
I app some techs so... bump



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on Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:17 am
I dont know if your Etapa is WIP but..

Norkia's speed increasing it substantially allowing him to use the major amount of light that is created to open up holes for him to attack quickly and retreat quicker.

Could you make this into a tier please which all we are allowing is +1 Tier at the moment.

However the brightness of the light makes it difficult to look directly at Norkia

So what does this mean? -1 Perception or something?

All of your techs are approved


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on Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:47 am
edited and moved



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on Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:53 am


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on Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:18 am
bump for more free techs

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