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10th Division Captain

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on Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:02 pm
Shikai Release Command: Kami no Shinpan (神の審判 ~ Divine Judgement).
Shikai Appearance: The Zanpakuto Shikai release look's completely the same as Zaehl's normal blade, thus it's shikai gains no new features in it's visual appearance.

Shikai Powers: Vector Manipulation.
Shikai Abilities: Kami no Shinpan's power is versatile and deadly as within it's steel foundation lies the ability to manipulate specific vectors on his surroundings. Utilizing this ability, Zehl is able to lower Movement tiers and Zanjutsu tiers of opponents via the connection of his blade with another or by striking the opponent's body directly. This ability is heavily dependent on the chart below:

Sword x Sword (Zanjutsu Debuffs)
One connection: -1 tier
Three connections: -2 tiers
Nine connections: -3 tiers

Sword x Body (Movement Debuffs)
One connection: -1 tier
Four connections: -2 tiers
Twelve connections: -3 tiers

These debuffs remain present on the struck opponent for ten posts, and if the user increases the debuff, the duration will reset for another ten posts. The debuffs are gained through the user decreasing the velocity at the opponent swings, so if his blade were to strike another blade, the velocity in which their blade swings will decrease, thus their power will decrease with it. Whereas if Zehl were to strike an opponent's body, he's slowing their bodies velocity completely.


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