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10th Division Captain

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on Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:15 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Zehl.
Last Name: Kuraiya.
Alias(es): Blackheart
Gender: Male.
Age: 799 years.
Birthday: October 4th.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Reiryoku Colour: Navy Blue.

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: Tenth (十番隊 ~ Jūbantai)
Seat: Captain. (隊長 ~ Taichō; lit. Unit Commander)

III. Appearance

Height: 5ft9.
Weight: 80kg.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Crimson.
Tattoo/scars: Long healed lacerations across his back and shoulders. A small black ring is tattooed behind his neck.
General Appearance: Standing at five feet nine inches, Zehl has your average slim yet toned build for a young looking shinigami. At first glance Zehl looks like your average shinigami, but the longer you look, the more defining details will come to view. As trimmed as his physique is, his body is treated as a temple and thus has gained a light peach hue to his skin due to direct sunlight. Both his arms and leg's are perfectly proportionate to his body height, whilst long scar's are embedded across his back and shoulders due to past conflicts. Covering the top of Zehl's crown is a bed of black hair that is naturally 'spikey' as if it were hectic 'bed hair.'

His hair is quite long with his sideburns and sides more lengthy than the rest of his hair which hides both his ears completely. Below his hair comes his thick black eyebrows which are complimented by his crimson iris's which are well known across the Spirit World. Not only are his eyes unusually crimson in colour but within his blood red hued lenses comes black rotating pupils instead of one, as these have no ability what so ever it's simply a trait his clan (Kuraiya) harbours. His nose is thin and short which shapes round at the tip whilst his lips and thin but wide, with his bottom lip slightly larger than the top. A certain trait Zehl has formed is the inability to grow facial hair (or body hair for that matter). As the reason is unknown it may be due to his physical appearance being in his early twenties.

Whilst his actual physical attributes are important, his appearance is altered by the few clothes the shinigami wears. Unlike the majority of shinigami reside in the gotei 13, Zehl does not wear the traditional shinigami garnment's but bases his attire around the rule. First his attire starts with a white long sleeved shirt which is loose by the sleeves and open by the chest allowing a full visual of his chest and finished with a tall collar which is never folded. On the back of this white shirt lies the gotei 13 crest/insignia which signify's his loyalty to his title of captain. For his bottom half, Zehl wears navy blue pants with a blue cloth hung around his hips from his abs to his knees. To keep the cloth tightly wrapped, Zehl wears a purple rope which is tied into a at the middle/front of his attire. For his feet, black sandals are his main choice.

IV. Personality

Personality: 'Zehl Kuraiya.' Just his name demands respect and supplies fear. Zehl is a calm, cool and collected individual who thrives off getting the 'best of everyone.' He simply has the knack that implies himself being 'better that everyone else' and want's everyone to know it. He's number one in his mind and it's without a doubt his most valuable feature in his persona as it truly brings out his potential and the potential of others. Being the captain of the tenth divison, Zehl has traits that are well known for his division, this being 'egoism' and 'mystery.' Both of these traits are well known in Zehl's behaviour as any information of him is wildly dismissed as no one has truly seen the full extend of his abilities (except for the captain commander during the captain test), whilst his ego is displayed almost all the time as he never get's tired of showing other's his 'godly prowess.' Always calm with a soothing stern vocal tone, he voices shows grace, yet his words are always pure filth.

As much as Zehl display's a cold/cruel personality, for a fact he is a truly caring person to his fellow shinigami, especially with his own tenth division. Being the leader of the tenth division has given him qualities he never truly in his last 709 years of being a shinigami, this being how he'd put his life on the line to save the unseated in his division, and would do whatever it takes to see them prosper, it's just too bad he'll never tell/show you. Being apart of a minor noble clan in Soul Society, Zehl holds a strong sense of belonging and loyalty with his fellow Kuraiya and put in his all to give the Kuraiya name a bigger reputation. Whilst Zehl is quite relaxed in his daily routines, the individual thrives of being fast, and has decided he could outmatch the Onmitsukidō (Second Division) as he literally thinks he's the quickest shinigami in Soul Society. When saying this, in battle Zehl loves to end fights quickly, but utilises his ability to perceive and find weaknesses. As much as Zehl is an assasin, he's an observer who's unmatched in the ability to acknowledge and decipher an individuals strength and weaknesses.

For such a young appearance, with such a huge age, Zehl was born into Soul Society as an infant, thus having his entire aging process elongated over 799 years. Reaching the pinacle of his bodies youth, he's become aware of his advantage to the opposite gender. You see Zehl know's girls love him for his status, rank and appearance, and thus he gives a cold shoulder only for them to practically throw themselves at him. He's a man that knows what he wants and never intends to do the chasing. As he has no favourable asset in a woman's appearance, he seems to just enjoy the day to day womanising which gives him the bad reputation of not taking his job seriously. Even with humans or arrancar alike, Zehl will camouflage his attempts to get female attention no matter their race/species, but he cuts it off at males and animals (he's no damn weirdo).

Zehl has a strong respect to his fellow captains, as they too have a great power that deemed them worthy to stand side by side and lead a division. But this doesn't mean Zehl doesn't voice his opinion to undermine his fellow captains. As much as Zehl is an asshole who speaks directly to each individual, his views are always stated in a meeting and is always a key contributor to any social gathering he's apart of. As his opinion is greatly valued, people tend to normally hate it due to how shallow yet correct his views are. You could say he just 'Says it how it is' as he isnt scared off an argument, but will keep his cool throughout. His biggest attribute and strongest trait in his personality is his strong will which is complimented by his 'never give up' attitude. As smart as the captain is who is willing to retreat if all goes wrong, Zehl is a cut throat captain who is willing to do whatever it takes to see his goals through.

Likes: As there are a list of attributes in the world around him that Zehl tends to enjoy, one takes the lead by the rest, this being storms. The sound of rain dropping down from thick black clouds, whilst bolt's of lightning come crashing down, eradicating all it strikes. It's just a natural threat that people underestimate, and Zehl tends to think of himself as one, a strong force building by it's surroundings, until one day it eventually get's to let loose in the environment, leaving only destruction in it's wake. The tenth division captain also enjoys his tranquility and serene moments, and adores bonzi trees and waterfalls. Quite literally anything that delivers the vibe on peace and harmony as heavily adored by Zehl. Whether it be the sound of water descending from a mountain top or the general sound of a light breeze sweeping an array of cherry blossom leaves, Zehl adores the natural occurrences that deliver a soothing theme.

As many shinigami (or simple alot of entities) thrive off, Zehl adores combat and treats it like an art, which can only be perfected the more you do it. With your muscles clenching in agony from a deep gash, or the sound of vibrating metal as your blade screeches as it clashes with another. In combat Zehl feels in harmony with the world around him and truly feels at peace when a battle begins. The beginning is always the best part you know, adding and subtracting the odds with early analysing, self-doubt and loyalties begin to arise whilst you glare into your targets eyes unknowing if this is the last person you'll ever see before you die. Even the smell of blood that arises with each strikes that lands against a coat of skin, as your blade tears through flesh and hopes to see a vital organ. Zehl adores every single aspect of combat, and wishes to die with this sensation.

Dislikes: The cycle of a soul consists of a shinigami purifying a hollow's soul so that it goes to Soul Society. A natural hate most like all other shinigami is the hate of Quincy and Full-bringers who use their abilities to kill hollows without purifying their soul, thus ending their existence completely. It's a hate that Zehl has cherished and harboured and grows from within his own very soul. Without balance the world will come to an end, and that's simply what Quincy and Full-bringers alike are doing and Zehl wants to end the whole debate in peaceful matter. But this does not mean he won't bring his judgement on those who do defy the cycle, it's just simply put, he'll make do with what choices and evidence is given. But at the same time, if Zehl were to kill a fullbringer/quincy, their soul would be purified and would end all dramas, all shinigami really do is kill relationships.

Zehl dislikes the fact that he was a normal soul once upon a time, who's lost all memory, when watching humans he adores the concept of family/friends, and enduring the simple minded hardships. They have no worries about self defence or the balance of the entire world, thus making Zehl jealous of humans, to the point of disliking them. Another major dislike in Zehls persona is his hate for disloyalty and traitors. For people that are ungrateful to those who ask for nothing in return and have helped them in a great deal. Simply put, people who abuse the trust that others have so easily given away, only to have it thrown on the ground and treaded on. In certain situations, Zehl will evaluate the treason and counter with the punishment of death. And most of all, ranking number one in his dislikes, is his hate for tardiness. Who would've though right? People who waste his time and leave him waiting... They are a true hindrance to his daily routine and he simply hates people being late and wasting his time.

Motivations: Alot of influences motivate and fuel Zehl in every action he takes, one influence being his fellow captains. Being in a league of their own, Zehl tends to be strongly influenced to be the strongest captain, and thus uses the strengths and weaknesses of the other captains to fuel his prowess to be number one. This doesn't just stand in his own fields, expanding his horizons by watching his fellow captains, he strives to be number one and will not stop until his goal is seen through. Another HUGE motivation is his trait of being inspired to further progress his rank. By all means Zehl wishes to be a royal guard, one of the elite of the elite, and as he knows it is a long shot, he strives to become the best he can be by the use of reaching this goal.

But in saying that he has a future rank to attain, his current rank inspires him as well, with his affinity to better others, he is inspired to motivate others which in turn becomes a motivation for himself to act to the best of his abilities in even the most trivial tasks. Another motivation that he shares with the majority of his fellow shinigami is their goal to rid the world of evil, whether it be purifying ever hollow soul or ridding of all quincies and fullbringers alike, Zehl uses his goals to fuel his ambitions and will do whatever means to see them through. As this may not be seen in his day to day, daily routines and activities, they are truly only seen when in the presence of direct evil.

Fears: Even the strongest powers in the world have fears, Zehl in particular fears his own actions. Whether his blade will end lives when it truly wasn't the best choice and was just easier to do. Zehl feels fear when merely thinking that he may fall victim to the vicious cycle of bloodshed in this world of hostile hollow attacks. These fears purely based on his own decision making, it only brings self-doubt and thus tends to come out once in a while causing the captain to stall in his decision making. As one of the most strategical/tactical masters of the gotei 13, Zehl harbours a huge weight on his shoulders regarding the safety and honour that Soul Society, let alone the entire world. But with these self doubt fears come his burning ambition which attempts to counter and triumph over each of his own fears. Whether he achieves greatness relies on his ability to overcome these fears.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Kami no Shinpan (神の審判 ~ Divine Judgement).
Zanpakutō Last Name: Unknown.
Zanpakutō Element: Lightning.
Zanpakutō Type: Physical.
Zanpakutō Personality: Soothing and eccentric with a smile always on her face. Kami no Shinpan is a jolly yet annoying little girl who has taken a huge dislike to Zehl because he'll never play with her. With Zehl's intense belief in focus and getting stronger, the two seem to argue for the pure fact that Kami just wants to play. She's quite literally the polar opposite of Zehl personality wise and is always seen floating in the air whilst ignoring her owner. But as much as she plays the young playful girl, when angry her eyes glow a dark red and her wings turn pitch black. Her anger can rarely be stopped and when a fight begins, Zehl is truly in for a fight for his life.
Zanpakutō Appearance: As the image below portrays a young girl, the appearance is an exact copy of his identical twin sister for when he was a human. From the tiniest details like her silver hair, dark blue eyes, and peach skin and her wide smile, to her favourite clothing being the white summer dress, his zanpakutō resembles his twin sister to a T. But an added feature to her appearance is the wings, which relates to their bond with the afterlife. Even though his zanpakutō resembles his sister, Zehl is completely oblivious to this sheer fact.

VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance: Zehl's inner world is a tranquil paradise which is filled with mystery. At each time he enters his inner world, the bus stop is centred at the middle of his world which is grounded atop an ice expanse which is thin and expands out as far as the eye can see. But when looking at the ice, all you can see is clouds as it's surface is a reflection of the sky which is light blue in colour covered in a mass of thick white clouds that move ever so slowly.

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:

VIII. History


"The unjust rule of the world, that as long as there's a chance of peace, there'll always be a war to corrupt it."

Life Before Death.

~ 819 years ago (1194AD; 12th Century)
In a world where war was for conquest, where the blood of the young would be spilt by the words of the old. It was a truly gruesome cycle and the few that would survive would become leaders of the armies in which they would play their role until their wallets grew fat thus deciding to retire. Humans were truly pigs in the 12th century, as a young baby boy was born on October 4th, 1194 in Bouvines, Country of Flanders, Kingdom of France. But with implications being thought off and with the times having no medical equipment like the current, to the doctors suprise a second child would be conceieved from the same body, thus allowing twins to be born. Twins was definitely a rare occurrence in the times of the 12th century, and the probability of a success was usually 30% of both infants living, but alas these two had defeated the odds, or had they? Being brought up in a rich, noble family, the twins were expected of greatness. At the ages of five they learnt the full extent of french literature, but would soon split into two separate teachings, Zehl to learn swordsmanship and strive to be an army general, whilst his sister would learn of etiquette and marriage as one of the nobles. As explicit and rash both teachings became, the twins relationship would find them to be inseparable. In a house full of high expectations and demanding efforts, the two found solace when with one another. It wasn't just the simple fact that they were brother and sister, it was something mutual that had begun long ago in the womb, spending 9 months of being created whilst in the whom gave them a telepathic view which most would never know.

~ 805 years ago (1208AD; 13th Century)
But when they hit adolescences their parents dreams would come to view, as Zehl was sent into the army whilst his sister was married off to a german noble. Little would they know that just at the age of 14 their lives were about to change immensely. April 22nd 1208; Zehl had acquired the attention needed to become a tactician of warfare just at the age of 14, but it was fool hearted to send him into lead armies with no viable experience. He was assigned to an army of 2000 at the young age of 15, for the uprising of the French armies on the outskirts of Bouvines. Becoming a human weapon, Zehl had soon adapted to his surroundings and joined in the quest to take back land from the English and German armies. But to their dismay, defeat would sweep across the French armies leaving only death in it's wake, leaving only a few hundred soldiers alive, this including Zehl. As Zehls luck was plummeting to the depths of an abyss of torment and frustration, his sister would find the same problems, marrying a german meant a wedding in Germany. Having no contact with Zehl or the rest of her family truly tested her ability to cope with life whilst enduring with a newly developed depression. But this wasn't to say the german wasn't nice, as he  in fact was quite warming to her presence which seemed to soothe her personality and depression slightly as the months went past. This was until she was brought into a new world, where she learnt of her husband being a 'quincy.' After an in-depth analysis, she would find out about the life of a quincy, and how they protect the world from hollows. As easy as it was to dismiss the idea, the woman would trust her husband and go hunting for a hollow. Only to see with her very own eyes the slaughter of a hollow by the hands of her husband. Excited by what she had just discovered, she couldn't wait to talk to Zehl about what she saw, but the thought would be soon dismissed as she was sworn to secrecy.

~ 800 years ago (1213AD; 13th Century)
5 years had passed and the siblings hadn't seen each other since they were fourteen, but now they were both on their last year of adolescence (nineteen). For Zehl was still fighting for the french armies in hope of ending all the suffering that the german and english armies had made in the French mainlands. As their armies began to creep deeper into French territory the balance of the French army would soon come at stake and a plan needed to be developed. They were simply outmatched and out of allies and a quick decision needed to be made. An experiment would soon come to play as a so called 'black robed angel' would appear before the French wielding 'gifts of the dead.' An assortment of untamed masked beasts would be given to the soldiers in hope of slaughtering their enemies. And as this was classified, whispers would travel across the globe and reach the ears of certain german armies, and to be more specific the Quincies in which Zehls sister was married into. Intel given to the Quincies being that shinigami were giving the french captured and restrained hollows to let loose in the upcoming war in France. With this in note the Quincies would leave to France, bringing Zehls sister (a wife of the quincy) and her three year old child named 'Xylo.' As captured hollows would begin to be collected across the French borders, land was reclaimed in a huge war effort to regain morale and land. In a mission of conquest, and by the use of hollows, the English and German armies would withdraw, until reaching Bouvines, the birthplace and home of Zehl. It was to be the last place where the hollows would stand, as Quincy warriors would begin to arise to the battlefield in hope of strengthening the German and English war effort and destroying the hollow threat. Zehl would be assigned as liutenant to the first platoon and line of defence. He was to be the head of a squad that were to flank the enemy and tear through them whilst the 'masked beasts' would cover them with a frontal assault. The  final war was to begin in 300 days.

~ 799 years ago (1214AD; 13th Century)
It had 300 days when both armies were ready, a large battalion of hollows would be held captive underground the Bouvines battlefield whilst the Quincy would disguise themselves as fellow german soldiers. The scene was set and battle preparations were made, swords were raised into the sky whilst horses would bellow as they gazed upon the horizon, only to see it corrupted by a fleet of soldiers consisting of knights and archers. Zehl would stand amongst the front of the french army, where only a wide green valley of four hundred meters would separate the two armies. Both armies would begin to march, arrows would glide amongst the air and tear through bodies, swords would thrust forward through necks before emptying their crimson life essence. The battle would begin to grow heated, and it seemed like the french had a strong chance of winning. As the battle grew longer both forces would begin to decrease in size but contain their morale. The sides would be evened up and it was finally time for the french armies to unleash hell. The ground would erupt in the middle of the valley as large hole would form in the middle allowing soldiers in heavy armour to fall into the black abyss of a hole below them. Without a moments notice, tens of hundreds hollows would crawl, fly and slither their way out of the hole and prepare for an outright attack. Their fangs readied with the sounds of the howling air that screeched through Bouvines. Their claws would tear through human flesh, whether they be French, English or German. Their masks would unveil their jaws which would clench forward on the crunchy human bodies that would serve as their dinner. Zehl would stand amidst the battle only to see 'these masked beasts' that were to win the war for France. But to his dismay, they were simply attacking his kin as well. Looking up he'd notice a huge black wolf looking beast, and sprinting up to the beast his sword would descend coming crashing down onto his toes. But it was no use, the blade would barely cut the skin and the sword would fling 10 meters away from him. But he did gain one thing.... and that was the attention of the beast.

Both armies were completely confused with what was happening, as they weren't all spiritually aware, so only a few could see the hollows eating their fellow comrades. As a black ominous cloud of death would circulate across the battlefield, a new hope would come to view, as blue arrows would rain from the sky, piercing hollow bodies and gliding through their flesh whilst the german forces would begin to advance. The taking advantage of the Quincies appearance, every german soldier would push forward as their morale would increase tenfold, their swords would slice through the skulls of the french whilst their feet would tread on a river of blood. As their march was continued, an injured Zehl would sprint for his life as a 'wolf like hollow' would chase him across the battlefield. After reaching several meters his luck would end as his body would give way, sending his body crashing down on the earth below him. Worn out, tired and defenceless, his crimson eyes would glare at the beast before him, and as everything was about to be lost, the beast would screech in horror as golden arrows would unleash from the sky stabbing his throat till the beast would shatter, but a lone arrow would pierce his lower abdomen. As his life began to end, a door would open from the middle of the sky as black robed swordsman would glide out of a 'portal' and slice through hollow, quincy and human alike. And just as his life was about to end, a sharp pain would enter from his chest, as a zanpakuto would plunge through his heart, thus purifying his soul so it could go to the after life.

Life After Death

~ 799 years ago (1214AD; 13th Century)
October 4th, 1214; it was not only the day of Zehls death, but the day of his rebirth. As he would wake to a ten day slumber, his minds would come through a mental shock as his surroundings and memories would all circle through his mind. But a black robed shinigami would come to his side, with a lone hand on his shoulder, and a left hand wielding a sword. The shinigami would explain the events that had taken place and how he was a casualty of war as a human. Zehl would ask questions of archers and hollows, and the shinigami would answer with precise answers and about the balance of the world and how Quincy destroy the balance. And with that it was strange that Zehl still had his memories, as he spoke off his twin sister. Little did he know was she was now a strong leader of a Quincy Battalion. With putting his mind to rest, the shinigami would erase Zehls memories and take him to Soul Society as the reason the shinigami was there was due to the immense spiritual pressure that Zehl emitted had seemed to slowly tire the people amongst him. Getting the all clear by his fellow shinigami, Zehl was accepted into the shinigami academy. With his life's morals and beliefs being thrown out the window, Zehl was now a completely new person, but with sharp, vivid flashbacks reoccurring here and there as if his spirit was attached to his human past, attached so much that even kido couldn't hold it back. A vision of his sister would play over and over in his mind, but they were vivid and began only in the shinigami academy. Regardless of gaining tiny flashbacks, Zehl would continue and excel in the academy.

~ 779 years ago (1234AD; 13th Century)
It would take Zehl 20 years to graduate at the academy, as long as that seemed, he was quite impressed with his efforts to conceal his abilities in hope of learning as much as he possibly could before leaving the academy. His abilities in the art of Zanjutsu and his perception abilities was unmatched, having the reflexes of a lieutenant at the soul age of 20. His higher officers would see that his abilities were stronger than most in his graduate year, so sending him to squad 10 would be the perfect squad for him. Zehl was perfect for squad 10, his capabilities in swordplay, and combat tactics was on par with higher ranking officers as his capabilities were more suited for 3rd to 4th seats. But alas, he would gain the 18th seat title and bear with the trivial duties of cleaning and choirs, with no questions asked. But one day, when the sky would glow green and the air would grow cold, a voice would be heard from within Zehls mind. A young girls voice would cry out from his blade as his zanpakutō would appear before him. His mind would travel to his inner world where a girl would sit atop a seat at a lone bus stop. Ice would cover the ground where clouds would pass them and even sometimes pull through them. As confused as Zehl was, he would soon be informed of where he was, and who she was, and that he'd have to earn her name to utilize her power, but first they had to play. Zehl would decline the offer, only to make her rage as a blood red hue would glow around her. But Zehl would think of her a his soul, and that if he treated her like a girl, he'd never go anywhere. But his words were thought off with a major contradiction as he simply couldn't hurt the girl before him, as she was an exact replica of his twin sister, but as he didn't know this, his subconscious would hold a tight leash around his attacks. His Zanpakutō would then explain that if he couldn't strike her than how could he be a shinigami, and that he was weak. This was simply enough to put Zehl in the right track, his sword was swipe across her torso, allowing her name to escape her lips. "Kami no Shinpan."

~ 579 years ago (1434AD; 15th Century)
200 years would pass and Zehl would continue slowly up the ranks of the 10th division, gaining the attention of his fellow division members, his abilities as a shinigami grew tenfold with his reputation. His crimson eyes had attracted the attention of the Kuraiya clan, who would come to Zehl and speak on the behalf of their clan to invite Zehl as one of their own, as he had the Kuraiya eyes (the crimson iris with three spinning pupils). As one of the minor noble clans in Soul Society, Zehl was encouraged and trained on a different level, now being trained not only as a warrior of the Gotei 13, but a gentleman from the Kuraiya. Zehl would join the Kuraiya clan with open arms as he finally felt apart of a larger cause rather than just his division. Gaining the 10th seat this year, his life would begin to morph into something to strive for, and captain ranking was in a few hundred years if he were to work hard enough. During the 15th century there was more human conflict than ever, leaving a lot of work based on the balance of souls from the spirit world and the human world, thus leaving Zehl (10th seat in the 10th division) and other members of his division (due to their division basing around combat tactics) due purify the souls of four hundred thousand souls in excess, in just one year, which left the citizens living in the Rukongai in a distressed state, as they truly did not want to be murdered. The shinigami would begin to descend into the human world in small groups. With Zehl grabbing the attention of his division captain and being sent into a squad to leave to the human world. Twenty squads would be sent to the human world, with each individual squad being in charge of the safety of different nations/parts of the map. And to Zehl's luck, his squad would head to Bouvines, France, his birthplace when he was a human.... But of course he wouldn't know this, and neither did his division captain, as he was sent to his place of birth and death, he was given 200 years to strengthen his resolve in the human world. It was to be treated as a test and was to see how shinigami like Zehl would act in the human world as opposed to the luxury life in Soul Society.

~ 379 years ago (1634AD; 17th Century)
Zehl and his squad had lived and protected the peace in France for 200 years. As hard as it was to completely eradicate all wars whilst keeping their presence a secret, their job was done seemingly well with no shinigami casualties in the war effort against lone Quincy scouts and the casual hollow outbursts alike. The twenty other squads spread across the globe would prepare to be head back home. But not Zehl, the past 200 years had felt like a dream, as for some unique reason, he truly felt at peace when in the Bouvines. But as they were heading home a story would be told named the 'Battle of Bouvines.' As the name merely peaked his interest, and with only a few days of their duties were needed till they were to head back to Soul Society, Zehl's interest in Bouvines would peak, to the point in which he would walk around and find out more information. Heading to an ancient manor that had been abandoned and left aside on the outskirts of Bouvines, would be a huge mansion surrounded by statues. But when entering in on the premises, Zehl would be completely shocked with what his crimson eyes were seeing before him. A statue would sit at the center of a massive fountain, the statue being two people taking the appearance of Zehl and his zanpakutō. Walking into the house Zehl would find photographs of the himself and his zanpakutō but would talk about how they were siblings. With more snooping around Zehl found enough evidence to find that this was the house he had once lived in as a human, and that his Zanpakutō appearance had morphed around his sister. But a note would be left on the edge of a broken bed, it's writing would smear from a leak in the ceiling whilst it's tissue-like construct would begin to corrode. The note would say "Beloved Father, i know in your mind that you lost both your children on the day of the battle, but know that he's in a better place, and that you'll see him one day, but this is farewell. From now on your dreams have been fulfilled and you would have lost me as well. Goodbye." As stupid as the note sounded to Zehl, a sharp pain would develop across his torso, no, wait, it couldn't be his torso, it wasn't just physical, it was simply his heart aching, as if his soul was rejuvenating to the words of his twin sister. Lost in a world of his own, Zehl would blackout in the manor of his human life.

~ 374 years ago (1639AD; 17th Century)
Zehl would wake to an empty white room, his body clothed in loose white garments whilst his body heavily fatigued would sit atop a lone bed. It had seemed his body would faint and he'd be found by his fellow shinigami where he would be taken back to Soul Society. The only troubling news that Zehl would take in was the fact that he'd been in a coma for 5 years. As it puzzled the entire medical division (fourth division), an answer would be found due to research conducted throughout the five years he was in a coma. Simply put, his soul as a human had divided in two, thus making twins, as it was an extremely rare occurrence but had happened before. Now, due to his soul being split into two, his soul would have been slowly corroding, and would come to an end if he didn't do one thing. To kill the other half of his soul, (his twin sister). But it had been 425 years since he had died as a human, so whether his/her soul in the past was a human, hollow or shinigami was beyond uncertainty. There was a vast sea of souls in existence and would take hundreds of thousands of years to chase up. Luckily he had this time on his hands, with being a shinigami and all, but his soul would still begin to corrode, giving him a life expectancy of 200 years. Moving back to the human world, Zehl would begin his 'soul search.' He would be first set on official Shinigami records, finding a girl who was born October 4th 1194, who would be born as twins, and be married off to a Quincy in Germany. This was the last of her trail being found, so his first location to search would be Germany.

~ 175 years ago (1838AD; 19th Century)
199 years would pass, and to Zehl's dismay there was no sign of his half of his soul in the human world, and with only one more year to live, his soul would begin to deplete as his body would start to give-way. Zehl had literally scoped every single area in the human world, it only took 199 years to do so thanks to his reiatsu sensing ability, hell, it would've taken only 100 years if his soul wasn't depleting, and with truly no one to help him find the other half of his soul, his chances of survival were slim. So for his last year he decided to die with dignity and return to Soul Society. The simple trivial matters of the human world changing would amuse him, from hectic massacres across the Arabian deserts to the simple peace treaties in Europe, it was quite remarkable how Shinigami's played such a huge role in each major event on earth. And of course with the random 'spiritually aware' people spotting Zehl moving through the sky, thus being labelled an alien. The human world played a huge roll in Zehls life, and it was all to come to an end. Returning to Soul Society with only disappoint, Zehl would live his last year in a hospital bed, and as things couldn't get any worse. A woman shinigami would be placed in the same room as himself, and to his surprise, it was his twin. She'd been in Soul Society for 300 years now, and she had the exact same problem as Zehl. The two would be both stable with the ability to speak, the two would know exactly who each other was and would scream to let them kill the other. It was actually quite trivial as the two would have polar opposite personalities, but yet the would both have the same thirst for their soul. For they both had the same right as the other, as they both had 50% of their combined soul. There was no right decision so the two would bicker endlessly until the higher ups got involved. As it would be a waste to have them both die, the two would battle to the death, and of course if it were to the death, than the winner would take the others half of their soul. A date that would be set in stone, February 17th 1839 which was 100 days from the current time, that would be enough time to regather reiatsu manually strengthen their souls, but as it was ill advised, if they were to both live after the fight, they would soon die below a week after.

~ 174 years ago (1839AD; 19th Century)
Sōkyoku Hill would be cleared for the battle, both halves of the same soul would stand affront each other atop a deserted cliff, with both swords drawn before them whilst pointing at their opponent affront. A warm breeze would sweep the desolate expanse as their eyes as cold as the arctics would glare at one another. They both had their life on the line, and only one would contain control over the combined soul. Without a moments notice the two would disappear within an instant, their bodies would thrust upward into the air, swinging their blades allowing their katana's to collide. A series of strikes would take place, but with both evenly matched the fight would only grow weary very quickly. After thirty minutes of tiring zanjutsu and tactical uses of hoho and kido, the two would begin to take it seriously, as both their souls would glow white whilst keeping their cold gaze fixated on each other. They would both enchant the same words. "Tear forth, Kami no Shinpan." As it was surprising, the two both had the exact same shikai release, as their blades would glow white. There shikai's each had the ability to utilize 'light' and could create a blinding flash with each strike. With the stage now set for round two, they would both summon all the reiatsu they possibly had before charging at one another. Both swords would pulsate, displaying flashes of light with each stride their wielder took, as the two swords would meet and each wielder would thrust forward to end the others life, lightning would begin to form between the two blades that clashed, bolt of electricity would expel with each time their blades collided, tearing through the air currents above and dispersing a few mild clouds that will glide amongst the winds. They had both figured their blades were both incomplete due to only having half their soul, so that when their swords (an extension of their soul) collided their souls would become partly whole thus allowing the true nature of the zanpakuto to reveal itself. But the both of them knew that one had to die, their was truly no escaping it and neither of them were willing to back down. The two would stand ten meters apart, both concentrating reiatsu across their blades and widespread across their bodies allowing their bodies to shroud in a heavenly blue. It was to be there final strike as the two would sprint forward at each other, thrusting their bodies with each stride whilst dipping their blade lower for the best possible strike they could possibly deliver. Finally, their blades would collide together, a blinding light would consume the area as bolts of lightning would begin to destroy the terrain across Sōkyoku Hill. Their swords would connect and maintain their touch as their bodies would push their blades onto the other. But finally, alas one blade would give way, as Zehls blade would thrust forward through the other breaking the blade in two and forcing it's steel edge through the chest of his 'other half.' Blood would pour from her mouth as Zehl's sword began to drain her half of their combined soul, a brief smile would appear on her lips as she glared into the eyes of Zehl. For she knew she'd still live on in him. As Zehl's blade absorbed the entirety of their soul, her body would begin to dissipate into thin air. A rushing sensation would surge through Zehls body as his body would cloak in a heavenly blow reiatsu. It was finally time to get back to his duties.

~74 years ago (1939AD; 20th Century)
It would only take 100 years for his abilities to reach a staggering level that was at captain rank, he was now a force of nature that could decimate hollow armies with only a few swings of his blade. Not only was he a force to be reckoned with but had the mind to back it up, with mental capabilities to surpass most tacticians who had ever lived thanks to being assigned to the 10th division and was now at lieutenant rank. Reaching astonishing feats for the Kuraiya name, the 10th Division, and himself, he would soon be ordered by the captain commander to learn his bankai, and that by learning this he'd be able to join the captain ranks. And with this, it would only take him 6 months to learn his bankai. Of course no one would see it except for the captain commander, and as impressed as he was Zehl was assigned as the Captain of the Tenth Division.

IX. Other

RP sample: Shadows would consume the area as thick black clouds would cover the night sky, an array of chilling rain would descend from the dark heavens casting it's heavy breath across London. A lone silouette would sit atop a skyscraper, his body standing firm allowing him to remain poised. His crimson hued lenses would gaze down at the passing black umbrellas, their strides made with haste as they made an attempt to hide from the weather. But the lone figure standing atop the high-rise would remain stationary, his right hand would sit atop a black sword hilt whilst his appearance would bring forward with the light portrayed by the thunderclap. A grin would widen across his lips as an outburst of screams would cry across london, masked beasts would pillage the city, tearing through limbs and crunching flesh. The lone figures white cloak would be uplifted by the storms winds whilst an idle hand would grip the hilt and release it from it's sheathe. An ominous pressure would release from his pores as a thick cloak of reiatsu would be summoned across his skin, his body was readied and his mind was born ready. With a swift action the figure would kick off the building, thrusting his body into the air before somersaulting down to the horror filled streets. His blade gliding ever so elegantly in his hands would come crashing down onto a colossal hollow, tearing through it's flesh before making it's way to the ground, forcing it's steel foundation to split the hollow in two. Blood would spray across the surrounding buildings painting the town a bright scarlet. But after his execution of the beast, sounds of screams would be heard behind him, his head would slowly turn allowing a full view of seven incoming hollows. The grin already present of the man's lips would now deepen allowing his teeth to come to view in a psychotic manner. His body would slowly turn allowing him to be facing the hollows head on, his right hand whilst equipped with his blade would descend downward as he readied his blade for the slaughter he was about to commit.

"You poor souls, allow me to end your suffering."

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