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on Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:47 am
Was another simple minded day in the dimension known as Hueco Mundo not much was going on just the usual Hollows were being manifested and eaten for their Reiryoku, the other Espada went about their business as usual: Training, Reading, or Slacking Off something Rinshi was found doing very often. Usually most people could be found in the library reading up on any and everything on the Human World or the Spiritual World, but not Rinshi. Rin layed sleep on top of a high bookshelf, labeled 007.0-106.9 This shelf mainly had information on things in the Spiritual world and though Rinshi was by far the youngest Espada he knew a great deal about both worlds.

Rinshi grew hungry and needed something to do for the boredom of his palace in Hueco Mundo killed him inside he needed something to do, what better than wreak havoc in the Living Realm. Going through the Garganta was the only way he was able to get to the living real, though he had no problem with this it just would be a nuisance for the distance to walk, but he was in no rush so proceeded anyway. Rin stepped outside to see the dull white sands of Desierto Eterno an endless plain of nothing but sand, mindless Hollows, and other creatures that call the domain their home. A sudden sandstorm occurred but this was normal, Rinshi raised his right arm to cover his face and used his right hand to keep his luscious black hair in place, and proceeded to step forward.

As the storm subsided, Rin lowered his right arm to the right side of his body where his sword was located. Rinshi grasped the hilt of his sword as he stretched out his left hand cuffing his hands said the following words in a smooth monotone voice, ”Garganta Open.” As Rin made stated this order the wind began to blow and Rinshi swiped his hand downwards, this then opened a small black rift in the air which was the Senkaimon for Arrancars a bleak and desolate passageway, used for inter-dimensional travel. Rinshi stepped inside of the rift, first inserting his left foot inside, followed by his right foot and stood there staring down the tunnel disgusted, took a quick look back to Hueco Mundo then took one step forward as the rift closed. Rinshi proceeded towards his destination known as the Living Realm a world filled with color and hope, the very thoughts of such things made Rin regurgitate as he thought to himself, ”Hope....such an uneasy term to digest.”

Rinshi continued on down the tunnel quickly finding the long walk a nuisance and never again would he travel this way alone, stopped as he felt a tremor shake his surrounding and come to a stop. Rinshi turned to look behind him but saw nothing but a small light, that he believed was just another Espada traveling through the Senkaimon as he was doing, Rinshi ignored the light and continued onward.

After walking and almost reaching his destination he could feel hard tremors beneath his feet and the walls oozed much more rapidly, Rinshi turned his back to find the thing he found the most horrendous contraptions ever created the Kototsu and it was headed straight for him. As of course their was no way to out run the Senkaimons' version of a street cleaner mixed with an express train. Rinshi would simply have to destroy it for it would only take approximately 2 hours to regenerate after its destruction enough time for him to reach the living realm. Rinshi raised his hand from the hilt of his sword as the light found on the Kototsu's grill beamed down on him as it got closer and closer. Rinshi spread his fingers apart and a small tiny sphere of blue Reiryoku manifested in the palm of his hand. The Espada then proceeded to unleash the technique as he said in his usual monotone voice, ”Cero Incompleta.” As he spoke these words a large beam of immense power made up of Reiryoku made impact the Kototsu destroying it into tiny bits of violet ooze as a tiny glob landed on his cheek. Rinshi wiped the stain away as he continued his trek down the corridor of the Senkaimon, hoping to not have to waste anymore time on idiotic feats such as the one Rin faced.

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