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on Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:24 am
As if being bored wasn't bad enough Rinshi hadn't seen a single Shinigami or Hollow with a good deal of power and those who did were crushed and faded away into little husks of Reiryoku from the spiritual pressure Rinshi exerted. Really this level of boredom was not healthy and Rinshi would soon begin to become violent and then soon would begin to hunt down pluses and human souls.

With his wishes being granted 5 Vasto Lordes appeared to challenge him to a battle of life or death in the park of Karakura Town, where Rinshi more than happily accepted the challenge. Rinshi believed the old man or the Primera Espada sent them to test his real power, either way he could easily handle these blouts, for they were no match for him. Rinshi could kill them without any regrets and perhaps even steal their fluttering spiritual energy after he finished them off. The 5 Vasto Lorde appeared to be females, which would be sad because he thought the one in the middle was pretty cute, that was beside the matter his objective was clear waste these pathetic Hollows.

The five woman all appeared to be Fraccion for they all had their own Zanpakuto. They all apparently had their own ranking system and the one Rinshi found attractive was the leader and was refered to as #1 he could find use for her for she had a high level of spirit energy. He would easily waste the weaker ones that were ranked 4 and 5 which he would do with his first attack.

Rinshi closed his eyes as the wind blew, gripping the handle of his Zanpakuto firmly with his right hand, stretched his left arm forward and in his regular monotone voice, "Bala Incompleto." A fairly large beam of Reiryoku sped towards the 5 woman, though the one known as #5 got a bit head-strong and suffered a grueling pounding from the technique as it sent her flying backwards. Rinshi noticed that the woman were beginning to circle around him to catch him off guard Rinshi soon focused the next Bala blast on the one named #4.

"Bala Incompleto." As Rinshi stated this another blast hit the woman known as #4 and sent her flying in the same direction as the woman #5.

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