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on Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:21 am

I. Personal Information

First Name: Lastrada
Last Name: Tova
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 826 years (22 years as a human, 750 years as a hollow, 44 as an Arrancar.)
Birthday: 12/12
Sexuality: Lesbian
Reiryoku Colour: Default Blue..sadly

II. La Horda

Number: Primera Espada

III. Appearance

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 pounds
Hair: Long, flowing black hair.
Eyes: Sharp eyes, red in color
Tattoo/scars: Lastrada has no scars since nothing she has fought yet has had the ability to scar her in the first place, if it had then she would more than likely be dead. The only tattoo Lastrada possesses will be her Espada tattoo which will go across the right side of her neck.

General Appearance: Lastrada is a 5'8", fair skinned female. She has an hour glass figure molded with a muscular build which is more tone than it is buffed and beefy looking. Lastrada's eyes are sharp, often being compared to the eyes of a hawk and are a deep, blood red color. Lastrada's hair on the other hand is long, going down to the middle of her back and is pure black in color. Almost always, her hair is worn straight and free but at times she would be willing to put them up in pony tails. Lastrada's hollow hole resides over the lower middle of her stomach where her naval normally would be located. As for Lastrada's attire, it is hardly what one would called combat ready gear but it was what she was "born" with so it is what she insist on fighting in, no matter the situation she might find herself in although she did agree to recolor them in the normal white/black color combo.

Lastrada's shirt, if you can call it that is a tight leather piece which covers her breast, a small portion of her upper chest and a small portion of her ribs, though that is about it. It leaves her mid-rift and back completely exposed as well as leaving little to the imagination. Lastrada's pants are in the same situation being small, tight and leather with the leggings stretching down to just above her kneecaps. Lastrada's boots are perhaps the only modest thing she has on. Her boots are your basic, military combat boots, laces and all. As for Lastrada's Zanpakuto, it resides on her back with the hilt being point towards her right shoulder, designed for easy drawing of the blade.

IV. Personality

Personality: Anger, merciless, lonely and apathetic. These words could be used to quickly sum up part of Lastrada's personality although it really wouldn't be painting the entire picture. What Lastrada shows to the outside world is rarely what she is truly feeling, often choosing to hide behind wall of hate and anger to keep people from seeing the shattered mirror within her heart. Constantly doing this has shaped Lastrada to be a very outwardly focused person who is cold hearted, ruthless and extremely manipulative of any situation she comes across. She gives no ground for the failures of others and even less if it would reflect badly upon herself, generally choosing torture or death as an apt punishment for those who do fail her. However should Lastrada herself ever fail something, she always has some sort of excuse for it, refusing to ever take the full blame for a situation because as far as Lastrada is concerned she is above failure.

As one might guess from all this, Lastrada has a fondness for leadership positions as it is the ultimate seat of which she can prey upon others with her manipulative ways and truly get what she wants out of a situation. However, despite all this Lastrada is actually a very emotional person, she just refuses to show it to anyone out of fear. Fear of getting hurt, killed, used or worse even. If someone was ever to break down the emotional wall that Lastrada has worked on putting up for hundreds of years and actually got know her, they would come to find Lastrada is an extremely sensitive person. She is so cold towards failure because she feels that is all she is truly capable of and seeing failure simply reminds her of the fact that she is utterly worthless. Her seemingly cold hatred towards everyone she meets is actually how she chooses to show her fear. Lastrada is always expecting to get rejected or left behind so she figures if she rejects them, they can't reject her.

She enjoys being the leader because it's the one way she can be around people and not feel so alone that doesn't show her as a soft and weak person. Lastrada even feels a large amount of confusion because of the chaotic and emotional storm that makes up her soul because she doesn't know why she is the way she is. She doesn't understand the fears, the anger, none of it. The reason being is because Lastrada doesn't remember a single thing from her human life nor does she understand her aspect of death that she like every hollow, obtained upon death. Many of her mortal emotions spilled over into her spiritual being because they where so strong and when Lastrada finally became an Arrancar she became a slave to her emotions. This is because instead of being driven by an endless hunger like the other hollows, Arrancar are driven more so by there aspect of death and emotions. Lastrada simply lacks this understanding. Her aspect of death is very simple though and if only she understood it, everything would become clear. But because of what the aspect of death is, that may never be possible..for Lastrada's Aspect of Death, is denial.

Likes: Despite Lastrada's cold outer act, she actually likes a lot of things. The one thing though she enjoys more than anything else in this world is a good, even matched fight although that has been hard for her to find as of late. Nothing entertains Lastrada more than a fight that she could lose because nothing makes her feel more alive than the chance of death but she also loves to fight because it presents a chance for Lastrada to further her own powers even more. Lastrada also enjoys reading books in her down time. In fact it has started to become habit for Lastrada to travel to the human world just so she can snatch up a few new novels to read when nothing else is going on.

Lastrada enjoys arts rather it be in the form of paintings or music, even the art that is known as cooking. Lastrada can't help but have a high respect for the talent it takes to do any of these things well and she herself could only ever draw well. The final thing Lastrada enjoys doing however would be writing poetry. Since Lastrada is such an emotionally closed off person it is perhaps natural that she would find a suitable venting process for the days of stress. For Lastrada that comes in the form of writing out poetry in her notebook which she simply hijacked from the human world one day. It relaxes her and does her as much good as sleeping does for a human.

Dislikes: Lastrada's dislikes are much more than her likes as one might guess, but they all have there understandable reasoning. First and foremost Lastrada despises failure. Rather it be failure of her own (which she will aptly deny in some fashion) or the failure of people who work under her, Lastrada is sickened by the idea of failure. So much so it is not beyond her to torture or even kill people who fail her as a form of punishment, although her killing them is a rarity. She much rather torture them and hear them scream. The second thing which Lastrada utterly despises is being bored. Lastrada being bored leads to a lot of bad things, to be honest. In fact it was her being bored that lead to her tearing her mask off.

Granted the mask thing did lead to her becoming an Arrancar, she didn't know that. She expected it to kill her, but she was just curious about it. So basically lastrada being bored leads to suicide..or homicide. Another thing that Lastrada despises are weaklings. She does not just define someone being weak by there strength however. To Lastrada true weakling is someone who could be strong but refuses to unlock there full power or even worse people who are afraid of something stronger than themselves and cower before it. These type of people Lastrada almost always wants to kill, simply out of spite of there existence.

Motivations: Lastrada's motivations are actually fairly limited at the moment and need to develop as time moves on. However, for now she just wants to retain her rank as Primera espada. If anyone challenges her for it, she will fell them. If anyone doubts her strength she will prove it to them the hard way. Another small motivation that keeps Lastrada going day after day for the moment is to simply not be bored. As explained above, being bored is pretty much the bane of Lastrada's very existence so she tries to avoid it.

Her final motivation in some ways goes hand in hand with not being bored but it is different. That is, to find a true, challenging fighter. Someone who could give Lastrada a run for her money, maybe even beat her. Lastrada can't remember the last time she had a good, close death defying match. She wants that again. She wants to remember what a true win feels like.

Fears: Lastrada fears a few things although she never would admit it. The first thing she fears is losing her position in the Espada. She holds herself up on a high horse of respect and has come to love and enjoy it over the past years. She would do anything she could to avoid that or die trying. Another thing Lastrada is fearful of is being manipulated. It's for this reason she has her emotional wall up, so people can't understand or see Lastrada for who she really is because she wants to avoid being manipulated, used or targeted easily. She views manipulation like she does to people on a constant basis no better than being a dog for your master and Lastrada will not be that person.

However, Lastrada's greatest fear of all is herself or in other words her aspect of death, Denial. Through Lastrada's entire after-life she has been in denial. As a spirit she denied being dead, as an Arrancar she denies herself emotions, she denies herself weakness, she denies herself happiness. Lastrada is fearful of being rejected of being hurt and to avoid that happening she denies herself every day. Lastrada is in essence her worse enemy.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:
Ferocidad del Dragón:
The name of Lastrada's Zanpakuto is Ferocidad del Dragón or "Dragoon's Ferocity." A weird named compared to some but one that is very fitting for it's looks and for Lastrada's personality. The weapon is slightly bigger than Lastrada herself, coming in at 6'1". The weapon is only able to be carried on her back due to this and although she can wield it with a single hand due to her strength, she will require two hands to use it against a competent enemy.

VI. History


Life and Death

From the start of her life as a simple babe, Lastrada had lived a very good and privileged life. Lastrada was born unto two rich business men who lived within Tokyo, Japan. Alex Daigo the father, was the head CEO of a large corporation known as Trinity Technologies or Tri-tech for short. Tri-tech had three main business ventures which is where the company got it's name from. The first was pharmaceuticals. Most of this research is spent in furthering pain medications which hold no addictive properties to them which not only means it's safer but widely available for everyone to use. The second was biological technology which researched things like mechanical limbs for people who lost an arm. The goals with this branch was to be able to rebuild a broken human body into something that worked even better than the body they were originally born with. The final and third branch that Tri-tech was involved in was food research. Although odd sounding they where attempting to find a way to make a food which could be grown in any weather any place on the world, thus effectively ending world hunger..they're still working on it.

Lastrada's mother who married into the massive corporation was known as Tiffany Daigo. Tiffany was just your normal, small town woman who happened to luck out when she caught the eye of Lastrada's father before he made it rich. This was the legacy that Lastrada was born into and it's easy to see why she never grew up wanting a single thing. She was given everything she ever wanted or asked for and with the kind of money her father had, no was never an option that she understood nor heard. Lastrada was well educated to top it off, having been started in private lessons from the age of five and by the age of seventeen she already had a full high school education and was ready to go to any college she chose to go, although she would never take the chance. Lastrada, like many children who come from tons of money developed a few problematic personality touches. First she was constantly partying and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Lastrada often stayed out till five in the morning dancing, raving and of course drinking and doing drugs.

Lastrada was arrested multiple times for DUI's, possession and even assault although her father Alex always paid the police off to sweep such minor things under the rug, meaning Lastrada never actually had a record. Alex and Tiffany were far to busy with the business to be able to properly guide and raise there daughter so they were at a loss on what to do with her wild actions. However, as it turns out Lastrada would straighten herself out when a terrible event befell the entire family, right before Lastrada's eighteenth birthday. Alex, Tiffany and Lastrada were all out for a family trip, a long awaited and hard earned vacation by Lastrada's parents. They were on there way to a resort cruise which Lastrada had begged for them to take instead of the personal family boat, mostly because she wanted to be around anyone other than her parents on the trip. However, the Daigo family would never make it to there destination thanks to a simple, unannounced right hand swerve from a semi-truck on the highway. The Daigo family was sent toppling over some rails and rolling down a hill. By the time the ambulances arrived both of Lastrada's parents would be dead and Lastrada herself would be knocking on death's door. However it seemed it wasn't her time as doctors managed to save Lastrada's life.

After about a years recovery, Lastrada would return to her large mansion at nineteen years old and with a whole new look out on life. Losing her parents and almost dying herself had changed Lastrada's outlook on life and she decided to take over the position of CEO in Tri-tech. Despite how good this might seem at first, the truth was Lastrada had changed in more ways than one. She became the kind of person who buried her emotions deep down and was cold to the world. The world of running a corporation didn't help either as all it did over time was turn Lastrada into a vicious shark of a businessman. Lastrada quickly garnered a reputation of being vicious, vile and cruel among the employees who worked under her but she was good for the company. In fact, Lastrada grew the company to such heights it was becoming something that stretched across the world with it's products, something Alex or Tiffany always wanted but never were able to pull off.

This caused Lastrada to gain enemies however and this is what in the end lead to Lastrada's death. Her business tactics put many people out of homes and she wasn't above ripping someone off for there money and resources so long as she came out on top and there was no legal evidence to lead back to her. One day a man who Lastrada's business practices had screwed over simply had enough and manage to sneak a gun into the appointment he had with her. Although Lastrada had taken to having armed security with her at all times, it wasn't enough as he managed to draw and shoot Lastrada directly in the heart, ending her life. Although the security would gun down the murderer as well, it wouldn't be in time to save Lastrada's life. She died as a legendary businessman among her company and at the young age of 22. But, no one would miss her..In fact many were glad to see her dead.

Life as a spirit and the descent to madness..
At first, Lastrada had a fairly reserved and cool reaction upon realizing she was dead. It took her a few minutes to figure out. She remembered the man bringing up a gun and shooting and then her security killing him as well. At first Lastrada thought she just had gotten lucky and escaped death but when she talked no one would listen to her. All they were doing was asking if she was okay and calling for help. Lastrada couldn't figure out why until she finally turned around and saw what everyone else saw, her head blown apart from a single bullet. At first she was shocked by the gruesome sight but slowly she calmed down and with a deep breath she accepted the fact she was dead. However she also noticed that she wasn't in heaven or hell, simply lingering about for some odd reason. This lead Lastrada to believe she still had something left to do in this world and she wouldn't be able to pass on until she resolved it. So, Lastrada sat down on her now bloodied desk and thought long and hard, flipping the chain which now pertruded from her chest like a toy while she thought.

Sooner or later she came to the conclusion that the company would die without her guidance, so she would have to help them from the grave some how. So started one of the biggest mistakes of Lastrada's life or rather after life. She began to influence the physical world around her. When the current CEO was doing good or something she agreed with, everything would be calm. When he started to do something against her will or that she highly disagreed with though things got bad for the mortals in the world. Items would be thrown about, glass would shake and even at times break. Rather Lastrada knew it or not she had become a poltergeist. This caused many people to quit the CEO job and as time went on less and less people wanted to have the job, believing it cursed for anyone but a Daigo to run the company. This rumor got even stronger when one man particular pissed Lastrada off by trying to sell the company. Lastrada's rage was so sudden that the man was thrown out of the 30th floor window, falling to his death. Aside from Lastrada growing progressively crueler and more violent as a spirit there was another side effect to her lingering in the world and refusing to leave her old CEO office.

Slowly but surely Lastrada started to forget she was dead. In fact, the more her chain eroded away and she became closer and closer to becoming a hollow she became fully convinced that she was still a living, breathing human. If she saw or heard anything that suggested otherwise it would generally go out the window followed by Lastrada mentally blocking it out like nothing had happened. Considering the power that was growing within Lastrada and how violent things around her had become it was no surprise that a few Shinigami would catch wind of her and attempt to practice Konso on her spirit. But, the truth was Lastrada believed so heavily and so truly that she was alive and had no desire to pass on, that the Konso was simply ineffective and couldn't pass her on to the Soul Society. Since she was still techincally a plus as well they couldn't just cut her down but they kept an eye on her, waiting for the inevitable while also trying Konso again here and there. The moment Lastrada became a hollow, they would cleanse her with the blades of there Zanpakuto or at the very least the plan. But it is generally the best laid of plans that go to waste after all.

The day finally came when Lastrada's chain fully eroded away and hollowfication took over. Lastrada's body started changing, shifting and ripping itself apart over and over again as she took on a monsterous, snake like form and her screams throughout the entire ordeal shook the entire building she was in before finally her mask spilled out from where her heat used to be, covering her up and completing her transformation into a hollow. Lucky for the new hollow there were no shinigami around to deal with her either. Another, stronger hollow had caught there attention an hour before she changed and this bought her enough time to..get used to this new side of herself. But, for now she was hungry..very hungry and the building which she had resided in for so long was filled to the brim with tasty looking souls. It was, in essence a massacre, a worse case scenario for Soul Society. A new, hungry hollow had formed in a very active area and everyone there Lastrada had some sort of emotional tie to. Lastrada went through the entire building floor by floor, killing and devouring souls one after another. She knew the layout of the building so she was able to jam the doors to prevent escape. It was a nightmare that propelled Lastrada's strength growth extremely rapidly.

By the time two Shinigami had been alerted and arrived on scene, Lastrada had already devoured seven floors worth of human souls making her extremely strong despite being a new born hollow. The Shinigami sadly were also newer and weren't all that strong. They were the first two Shinigami Lastrada ever had the pleasure of devouring, ripping there flesh apart with her claws, crushing them by wrapping her body around them and then of course swallowing them whole. It was an experience of pure bliss. Lastrada then would continue her rampage through the building which was now starting to empty due to the commotion made by Lastrada fighting and eating the two shinigami. They thought it was an explosion more than likely, but they would be incorrect. Many made it out but even so, Lastrada was fast and agile, devouring at least another fourty-five souls before leaving the empty building. So many were killed in a matter of an hour and still Lastrada wanted more...she hungered for more and instinct was slowly starting to overshadow her senses.

But it was then she was starting to notice that already human souls were losing there taste..they just weren't doing it for her anymore. So, Lastrada let her hollow instincts guide her. They took her into Hueco Mundo, into the endless desert. In the desert she saw a sight which just looked magical. Hundreds..maybe even thousands of hollows just like her. Fighting, eating each other. Lastrada wasn't sure why..but she wanted in on it. Thus was the true start of Lastrada's rise to power.

From Hollow to Gillian..
Lastrada at this point was driven by nothing other than instinct. She couldn't have stopped herself from slipping her way into the massive hollow battleground if she wanted to. The moment she was close enough to the sea of hollows she began clawing, biting and devouring her fellow hollows. It seemed to go on for an endless amount of time and her vision was filled with nothing but blood and the sweet taste of devouring the other hollow breeds. However, even without Lastrada realizing it a change was starting to happen within the sea of hollows devouring each other. A mass of black liquid started to cover them all up as if the land itself was devouring them and the hollows were absorbed, one after another and Lastrada along with them as they rose higher and higher into the air. From Lastrada's point of view she could see from high up in the air as she became part of a towering mass of hollows known as a Menos Grande, also known as a Gillian class hollow. Lastrada's new body moved without her will and seemed to walk aimlessly. But she could still feel a fight going on within herself. Lastrada could only describe it as an insurmountable number of voices raging within her chest, fighting and clawing to try and come out.

Lastrada had to exert great mental energy and even physical energy as it seemed to fight right along with them. She seemed to notice every soul she dominated, every new thing she devoured from within got her closer and closer to the top. What Lastrada didn't truly realize however was that she was trapped along with the thousands of other hollows inside the gillian class hollow and they made up it's soul. Currently no one had command of the giant beast and thus it was wondering aimlessly around, defending itself when needed. It was honestly very akin to a robot at this point. Lastrada just like every other hollow within the gillian was fighting it's way to the top, to gain dominance over itself. The fight would be long and hard, lasting for perhaps one hundred years but finally Lastrada would find herself at the pinnacle of the Gillian's soul. Lastrada would take control and as if a trophy for her victory the Gillian's mask changed, showing it had one personality now. Now that Lastrada was at the wheel of control she felt very..hungry. She steered her new, large body towards the nearest source of food which took her down into the menos forest.

Within the forest Lastrada found many menos just like herself. Some with the changed mask but most without, leading Lastrada to believe she was one of the few of her kind. Lastrada did combat with these monsters, towers clashing against each other and she would devour them. They were the best tasting mass of souls Lastrada had yet to taste which only made her want more and more of them. So much so eating was all she could think about, all signs of sentient intelligence truly gone. Lastrada might have been the dominant soul at this point but she was still ruled by instinct and the need to feed. She was very much akin to a ravenous animal at this stage. But still, with every Gillian devoured she felt more in control, more powerful. Lastrada could feel her strength over her new body growing more and more and the voices within her body became less and less although they never vanished entirely. Lastrada's journey as a Gillian would remain for a total of two hundred years but on that 200th year was when Lastrada finally devoured the last of the Menos that she required. After finishing her meal Lastrada could feel her body changing again.

However it wasn't as painful or as scary as it had been to transform into a Gillian and although she had long forgotten her human life at this point no place near the pain of becoming a low-ranking normal hollow. Lastrada's body was reshaping itself, shrinking and becoming something much more powerful. Lastrada would shrink until she was exactly six foot eight, tall but no place near the size of the monsterous Gillian class. Lastrada also felt something that she hadn't in a very long time which was a sentient and intelligent thought, something other than pure, ravenous hunger. Lastrada's body was humanoid in shape but her mask was that of a dragon's and her hands had natural claws upon them, as well as her feet. Her back even had wings of sorts, made of the same stuff as her mask and her hollow hole was now located right under her throat. A Dragoon was the first thought that came to her mind, a humanoid dragon of sorts. Lastrada was already loving it.

She couldn't help but run her hands along her body, her breast and theighs. For the first time in a long time she could enjoy the sensation of touch, feel, pain and pleasure. It was amazing. However, Lastrada could still hear them in the back of her mind, raging for control. The thousands of hollows that comprised her body were just waiting for Lastrada to falter so they could take control of her. Lastrada wouldn't let that happen. For now she would settle for another Gillian class hollow but she knew she would have to find something of her level to eat later. The first Gillian that came into site, Lastrada killed with a single strike. She simple jumped up towards him and took his mask in two, then devoured what remained. It was good but not enough. It would however serve to give Lastrada enough power to suppress the raging inside of her, if only for now. It was time to explore this land of Hueco Mundo..

Life as an Adjuchas
It didn't take Lastrada long to make it back to the endless desert adorned in her now, Adjuchas form. Every moment she moved in her new body the more she grew to love it and the more she discovered about it. Her senses where sharper, her movements were faster and she also had emotion again. She enjoyed it although there was one emotion egging in the back of her mind that she despised the feeling of. Fear. Fear of regressing back into that..thing she was before. Lastrada refused to ever become such a weak and mindless creature again. Lastrada smelled the dead, still air of Hueco Mundo and she could tell where others of her kind were located. She couldn't fully explain how, perhaps being nothing more than her natural hollow instinct. But none the less, Lastrada followed it. Lastrada walked that endless desert for what seemed like days but she found what she was looking for. There were five Adjuchas class hollows before her, walking as a group and in front of them was three more. So much did Lastrada want to jump in and have a taste but she restrained herself from it, perhaps the first time in her existence as a hollow that she has ever not listened to the instinct of hunger, a sign of her sentient being.

The two groups of Adjuchas began clashing, fighting and one devoured the other. It was a beautiful sight yet vicious and Lastrada was utterly enthralled by it. One particular hollow out of the group caught her eye though. The hollow was more animal than anything, looking very much like a prowling tiger. He was apart of the smaller group and his two buddies had already been killed and devoured by the larger group. But still, he fought on and was even managing to hold his own without injury. But it was clear he wouldn't last long. For reasons Lastrada couldn't explain, she desired to know this Adjuchas, to befriend him. Perhaps she was simply tired of being all alone for all these hundreds of years. So, Lastrada went forth into the fray, coming up behind the large group of five and ambushing them. With the help of the tiger it wasn't long before the surprise attack overpowered the large group and they laid dead, ready to be eaten. However, the Tiger did not eat. He simply looked at Lastrada and questioned as to why she saved him, if she was going to kill him next. Lastrada simply explained it was whim, that she found him interesting. The tiger introduced himself as Azazel and thanked Lastrada for saving him and offered to her the spoils of the fight, including his friends who were not fully eaten yet. Lastrada accepted the gift and devoured all the dead hollows hole, sating her hunger for the moment and putting a stop to the endless voices within her, if only for a moment.

She then introduced herself to Azazel and asked if he would like to join her in as a friend. Azazel at first declined, pointing out that he was injured in the fight and that his evolution was ceased because of it, that he had no desire to continue on. Lastrada, interested asked him what he meant by further evolution, because she couldn't fathom being stronger than she was. It was then that she learned that there was indeed one final step for hollows in evolution although it was extremely hard to achieve and very, very rare. It was here that Lastrada learned of the Vasto Lorde class of hollows and that she herself was currently and Adjuchas. Pleased with what she heard, Lastrada offered up a deal instead for Azazel. Travel with her and help her achieve this goal of a higher evolution and if they pulled it off, Lastrada would then grant his wish of devouring him, so he too could experience the final evolution of hollows from within her own flesh. Azazel thought it over, interested by the attitude of the female adjuchas before him and agreed to the deal.

The two of them made a vicious team from that point on, both of them fierce and fast attackers. They spent years traversing the deserts of Hueco Mundo hunting groups of other Adjuchas. Using there speed, tactics and skill they were able to overcome groups much larger than themselves and Azazel gave her all the spoils of the fight to speed her evolution up. It seemed since he could no longer evolve he could no longer regress into a Gillian either, so he had no need for the food. Every meal, every lovely taste of hollow flesh in her jaws Lastrada could feel her power growing from within. Every hollow made her stronger, faster and smarter. It was so much to the point that Azazel was more of a tag along. However all was not perfect within Lastrada, despite how it seemed. The constant battle took weight on her. When she first turned to adjuchas she had enjoyed the emotions she felt but battle proved time and time again that emotions could get you killed. Slowly and surely Lastrada started to build up a wall around her heart, forcing the emotions down into the depth of her soul and turning herself into a cold hearted woman, even by hollow standards.

She started using Azazel as more of a servant or lacky than she treated him as an equal and friend, despite the fact she viewed him this way deep down. She just could no longer show it and Azazel couldn't understand it. One day tensions would boil over and Azazel would lunge at Lastrada in attack. However, the difference in there powers was to great and without even meaning too, Lastrada killed him. On the inside she was crying but she forced that down as well and instead kept her promise, devouring her friend who had been with her for hundreds of years at this point. Upon doing this though, she could feel something change inside of her and that change was soon to take over her physical form as well.

Birth of a Vasto Lorde
Lastrada's body started to rapidly shrink and her mask started to change for the last time as she finally reached the maximum evolution that any hollow could obtain. Lastrada had finally become a Vasto Lorde upon devouring the Adjuchas who had been her faithful friend for hundreds of years, Azazel. Lastrada was now 5'8" in height being the size of any other average human. Her mask had changed from the former dragon like form to a much more human looking face save for the three horns which stuck up from it. The mask was also solid now, lacking any teeth for her to devour with, perhaps suggesting how evolved she was now. One horn on each side of her head and one in the back, each being two feet long. Furthermore the white substance which made up her mask also seemed to have swallowed up the rest of her body forming a type of suit over it. Her hands looked completely human save for the five inch claws on them and the same could be said for her feet which seemed to have talons upon them.

The white suit which now made up her humanoid body was covered in a scale like design which made her look even more like a dragoon than her former Adjuchas did. The only thing that truly stood out with her evolved form were the dragon like wings which she could retract as she wished. However if she had them extended they had a massive six foot wing span and could easily carry her in flight, unlike the distorted wings of her Adjuchas form. The voices in Lastrada's head had fallen completely silent showing she had no need to fear regression anymore and her clarity of thought was astounding. In many ways she felt completely at peace and this is not even taking into account the massive power she felt flowing through her body. Lastrada couldn't even begin to describe how excellent she felt, how free she felt. For the first time since Lastrada had became a hollow, she allowed herself to shed a single tear. The tear that dripped from her face held many meanings. Sorrow for the friend she killed. Joy for the promise she had kept. Relief of the safety this new form gave her. There was a single problem which came with this new form however, one she wasn't counting on.

Lastrada didn't know what to do now. Figuring it would come to her in time, Lastrada would wonder off almost aimlessly into the vast desert of Hueco Mundo with no clear goal in mind. After a few weeks of walking Lastrada would come across a group of Adjuchas hollows who were on the hunt. Lastrada was so pathetically small when compared to them it was no surprise they thought she be an easy target, not to mention Lastrada had come to hide her spiritual pressure, finding if she left it unchecked it would kill weaker beings by simply being around her at this point. There were five Adjuchas in total and they encircled Lastrada, taunting her about her size thinking her weak for it. The most brutish of them was the first to attack Lastrada, thinking he could take her out with something as simple as a punch. To there surprise and even to her own, Lastrada stopped the punch with a single clawed finger and her body wouldn't even move an inch from where she stood. Although she wouldn't show it, she had burst out laughing on the inside. This was the first time Lastrada got to test her power.

From the two fingers Lastrada used to block the punch with she would charge a simple cero which blasted through the Adjuchas's arm and into his head, killing him with a single blow. At that moment the rest of the Adjuchas knew they were screwed. They tried to run and with bored eyes Lastrada would watch. Then an idea hit her. Lastrada wanted a friend to replace Azazel, so she would keep one alive. "Let's see.." Lastrada asked herself as she appeared in front of the smallest of the Adjuchas, a snake looking creature. "No.." she spoke out aloud as she sliced his body into pieces with a slash of her clawed hands, having decided against him. Lastrada than sonido'd from one Adjuchas to the other, killing all but a single of the five with a single swipe of her claws. The Adjuchas she let live was another animal type of Adjuchas. He looked to be a deer. It was the closest thing to her friend that she had seen so far, so she decided this one would be her traveling companion. The Adjuchas' name was Henriette but it was unimportant. She only lasted ten years before Lastrada grew bored and killed her.

Lastrada would repeat this process over and over again for the next fifty years. Find a friend, get bored of them and kill them. By the end of her fifty year stretch, Lastrada came to the conclusion she was completely bored and nothing would remedy that fact. With the lack of danger to herself with no one being able to match her power and not being able to find suitable friends, Lastrada's mind started to wonder and ponder about many things. What was the point of hollows? Was there more than Vasto Lorde? Why couldn't she make any friends that she didn't get bored of? What would happen if she removed her mask? There was no rhyme or reason for these thoughts, they simply came to her with the boredom of her all being existence and out of all of these questions there was only a single question Lastrada could answer and that was what would happen if she removed her hollow mask. From what she could remember from the many years past if a hollow removed there mask they were said to die.

Then it made Lastrada wonder what death would be like. Would she pass onto something else? Would she simply cease to exist? Lastrada was growing more curious by the day and honestly the fear of death didn't exist in her any longer. She was so bored with life and how pointless it was, death was perhaps even welcomed. So, Lastrada finally made up her mind. For the sake of self discovery and possibly putting an end to her boredom, she would rip her mask off. Lastrada found herself a nice, dead tree to sit under, slammed her claws into the top of her head since her mask had no clear beginning or end anymore and started pulling. It was rather painful, more so then she had imagined it being but finally in an instant the pain was over. Lastrada's mask had shattered. The melding around her body shattered as did the horn on the back of her head. Further changes were happening to her body but she wouldn't notice until she woke up. The sheer shock of her mask's removal and the pain of it knocked her out cold.

The new Primera emerges..
When Lastrada finally awoke from her slumber the first thing she noticed was of course, she clearly didn't die. Looking down at her body she did notice something brand new and very odd. No longer did she have a white casing but instead she had human flesh. She had a small, tight tank top which barely covered her chest on, seemingly made of leather and her pants were of the same situation. On her feet, Lastrada had leather combat bots by the looks of them. Running her hands along her head she could see that her mask was gone as well, replaced by nice, warm human flesh as well as long, silky black hair. Then her hands ran across the two horns which still rest on the side of her head, the only thing of her mask that remained. Lastrada's hollow hole also seemed to have shrunk and was now where her belly button should be. Lastrada was overcome by her odd new figure, noticing even her voice had changed drastically. She looked human, sounded human and even moved like a human.

Then when Lastrada looked to the ground besides her, she noticed something else. A large, jagged sword which looked like a broadsword mixed with a chainsaw. It was hard to describe what Lastrada felt but when she touched it she could feel herself within the blade, as if her soul was trapped in it. Lastrada picked up the blade and on instinct placed it onto her back. Her shirt seemed to meld to the blade, holding it perfectly in place which further made Lastrada feel it was truly apart of her in some way or another. Lastrada still felt very powerful however although not as strong as she was when a Vasto Lorde. She could feel the rest of her power flowing within the blade herself but she found herself struck with the oddest bit of amnesia. She couldn't recall or figure out how to draw the power out to her usage or even how to wield it correctly. She had never heard of this happening before when someone removed there mask, she thought they all died. Never did Lastrada expect to become entirely human looking. Sighing out of confusion, Lastrada figured she would wonder around the deserts of Hueco Mundo on a hunt for some kind of information.

Over the next 44 years Lastrada would start to gain information on what she was and learn how to harness and use her new body. Over the course of this time she would learn that she was no longer a hollow or even a true evolution of hollow that she had become something much more known as a Arrancar. From what she could tell, Arrancar while seemingly weaker than her Vasto Lorde form had even more deadly potentaul than a Vasto Lorde. The fact she had been born of a Vasto Lorde meant that, in Lastrada's head at the very least, she would be able to unlock that power with ease. Lastrada also learned that the sword which she held now was known as a Zanpakuto, much like the Shinigami had. However instead of containing another spirit which Lastrada would have to get to know, the Zanpakuto locked away all her former hollow powers which with practice and dedication she could learn to draw upon at will.

The information she learned was not only helpful but all around inspiring. Lastrada already had a plan formed having heard of the elite Arrancar known as the Espada which resided in a large, white dome known as Las Nochas. Once enough time had passed and Lastrada felt she was strong enough, she decided she would go introduce herself to the rest of the Arrancar even if it was in a some what flashy manor. Lastrada traveled to the large dome of Las Nochas and approached it's gates, smiling as she did. However, two hollow gate keepers stood in her way and warned her to turn back. They said although she was clearly Arrancar she was not known here and thus not welcomed. Lastrada simply looked at them in a bored fashion and with a quick Sonido was already walking past them and replacing her Zanpakuto upon her back. The two hollows who tried to stop her fell to the wayside, dead and bi-sected. With a swift kick the small girl kicked open the doors to Las Nochas and in a very loud voice proclaimed that the dome had a new Primera Espada, a position of great prowess as it was given to only the strongest of Espada.

It was at that moment two other Arrancar appeared for Lastrada and made it clear they were not looking for a fight but rather that her presence had been requested in the main chamber by the King of Hueco Mundo himself Barragan. Lastrada would replace her weapon upon her back and take the offer following them to chamber in which the King of Hueco Mundo resided. The king looked down upon Lastrada and laughed at her puny form, wondering what made her think such a small fry like her was worthy of even being an Espada, much less his Primera. Lastrada simply shrugged and told, not ask, but demanded of the king to test her himself and see. The king seemed to like this idea, perhaps because her attitude entertained him. At his command a large number of Adjuchas from his personal army encircled Lastrada and he ordered them to kill her. Lastrada responded in fashion by allowing her spiritual pressure to rise to it's max output which stopped most of the Adjuchas in there tracks, startled by how much strength the small girl was giving off. The ones who didn't fell to a single swipe of Lastrada's blade, getting there heads sliced in two.

With a quick Sonido and without her face ever showing even the slightest of emotion, simply looking bored throughout the entire ordeal, she slew every single Adjuchas that the king had thrown at her. Once she was done the King would let out a bellowing laugh. He was clearly both entertained and surprised by the out come. Seeing as he lacked a current Primera Espada, he would allow Lastrada her request. But as the tattoo of #1 appeared upon the right side of her neck, the King also warned Lastrada. Only the strong survive and that is the rule of Hueco Mundo even from when she was a low hollow. Someone could take her life at anytime for her position and he would have no problems with it. Lastrada simply shrugged and flashed the king a small smile before walking off into the more relaxed portion of Las Nochas, leaving with a single sentence. "Good..perhaps I won't be so damn bored next time."

VII. Other

RP sample
Rp sample from Rei Lee on Bleach Gotei:
The moon was shining over Tokyo Japan, the soft silver light tracing its soft kiss over the otherwise dead streets. A soft yet steady breeze rolled through the streets causing a soft whistling sound to echo off the buildings, the only sign of relief given to the otherwise stagnant air. Such a busy city had been brought to a complete stop as if time itself had frozen. Not a single soul walked the streets save a single very dangerous creature as it looked for a suitable victim for his hunger. His presence so dreadful that even the spiritually inept had long since fled into the buildings for cover, afraid of the disturbingly crushing power they felt within their souls, a feeling very few of them could explain as not many humans had the ability to feel spirits. The name of this man was Tarrack and he was a hollow-breed; Arrancar to be exact. This creature like all Arrancar was driven by a single aspect of death and his particular made him a vile and dangerous creature to cross. Tarrack was a creature of destruction. In life he made his living by killing, raping and pillaging and in death he does the same, destroying anyone who gets in his way or who he sees if he was bored enough. Tarrack had grown rather bored of the dullness of Hueco Mundo this night and this had drawn him to come down to the human world in hopes of finding someone fun to play with, a Shinigami perhaps. But it would not be a Shinigami Terrack was destined to fight tonight. Only a few miles off from his point of arrival was a girl, a Quincy who called herself Rei. Rei was a rather small girl, only being about 5'4" in height; She clad herself in black leather and gothic makeup and had her Mekkakyu hanging from her left wrist as per normal.

Rei herself was only out in the city to enjoy the night and perhaps get something to eat but, as fate would have it she had spotted the garganta which ripped the sky open and although she could not visibility make out the hollow that stepped out from it she could easily feel his presence, in fact she would be willing to bet from the sheer amount of pressure he was giving off that he was trying to be found out, more than likely looking for a fight. Although Rei was one to fight for peace as contradictory as that might sound, Rei was also a realist. She could feel the strength of this creature and she knows if he wanted to have a fight he would not listen to reason and that innocent people could get hurt in his wake. In fact with what he was giving off, she wouldn't be surprised if a few normal humans in the area had already been knocked out cold by it and hopefully nothing more than knocked out. Gritting her teeth out of anger she began to run towards the location of the presence she felt. Rei was indeed angry, furious even at the idea that someone would come here with no intention other than to bring harm to others. Although she loved peace and wanted to save anyone she could, hollows included it was these kinds that Rei couldn't stand. She could tell from how his spiritual pressure felt that he was an Arrancar meaning he had the ability to form reason and use logic. In other words he could stop this if he wanted to unlike the lower hollows who were more animal than human, driven only by the instinct to feed.

Rei would arrive in only a matter of minutes and upon seeing Tarrack her previous thoughts were confirmed. He was an Arrancar, tall coming in at around 6'3". He was dressed in the common Arrancar uniform of white with black trimmings and he had a portion of his mask over his right eye, forming what looked to be part of a human skull. His intentions even before they spoke was deathly clear as he was walking around with his Zanpakuto unsheathed.

"Why are you here Arrancar? There is no need to cause any trouble..just lower your reitsu and put your weapon away." Rei spoke in her normal tone. It was soft and kind though it also held an undertone of anger because she could already see where this situation was heading. Rei couldn't help but grit her teeth a bit more as the Arrancar before her let out a bellowing laugh which echoed out along the empty streets. He seemed to find what the girl said hilarious for some reason.

"And just who are you to tell me what to do little girl? You must not be a normal human..not only can you see me.." Tarrack's voice trailed off as he licked his lips in anticipation of what was to come, his eyes narrowing into a glare as he stared Rei down. "but you also seem to be able to stand before me without falling down to your knees..You must be a special little human..I think I'll have fun with." Tarrack grinned as he finished his sentence, his eyes filling with the lust of a murderer.

"Please! There is no reason to fight! This is just pointless blood shed! You're an Arrancar, you have thought, reason and will. Just go back to Hueco Mundo..lets just keep the peace." Rei insisted although she would also summon her bow to hand, knowing her pleading would more than likely go unheard and it turns out she was right. The Arrancar would grip his Zanpakuto and rush towards Rei with impressive speed although faster than her own still within her ability to track him. "My name is Tarrack! Murder, destruction, blood! I live for these things! There is nothing in this life without that to keep me entertained!" He'd yell out as he brought his sword up to strike down upon Rei's shoulder. Rei was quick to react however, using a quick Hirenkyaku to move past him and get to the Arrancar's back, her bow already drawn and at the ready to counter attack. She fired off two rapid spirit arrows, each aimed at the Arrancar's shoulders in an attempt to disable his movements although the attack would end up fruitless. The Arrancar would simply turn around, slashing one of the arrows out of mid air while the second bolt did impact into his shoulder it missed the vital point.

The sight of his own blood and at Rei's swiftness only made the man happier and more determined to fight as he let out another bellowing laugh. As Rei started to draw her bow again, Tarrack countered by letting loose three bala. Caught up in the moment of drawing her bow, Rei wasn't able to react in time to dodge them all, only able to weave around one while the subsequent bala impacted Rei in the chest. Luckily the Bala weren't very strong but it was still enough to make Rei go to her knees for a moment, coughing as she had the breath knocked clear out of her by the force along with some rips in her clothing and energy burns around the exposed flesh. Grinning at the sight, Tarrack went on to taunt Rei.

"You might be able to stand before me girl but your arrows are weak..I brought you to your knees so easily yet look at made me bleed a little.." Tarrack started laughing again as he held up his free right hand starting to charge up a powerful looking Gran Rey Cero. " bore me..I'm getting rid of you now." His voice had shifted from his earlier entertained tone to a much deadlier one now. Seemed he was done playing. Rei however wasn't about to give up, the fight had just started and the man was so cocky he was going to try to finish her now? Rei was going to let that be his down fall. Quickly she would get out one of her Seele Schneider, activating the blade and using it as an arrow, she would draw it back, aiming directly at the center of charging Cero. Even if it was risky she couldn't let that thing be fired off here. It would destroy the surrounding buildings and possibly kill lots of people. If this didn't work Rei would end up being forced to take this Gran Rey to the face and that very well could be the end of her..

"Forgive me.." Rei would apologize softly to Tarrack as she let her Seele Schneider arrow fly which increased the strength of her arrow exponentially. The vibrating blade of spirit energy sliced through the charging Gran Rey Cero, causing it become unstable and disperse and it kept going..right into the throat of the Arrancar. He'd instantly go to the ground, grasping at his throat as he began coughing blood, agonized over the pain and clearly pissed due to the shock of what happened. Rei would walk to him, looking down at the squirming creature as a tear went down her face, her bow already drawn back. "I'm're far too dangerous to wait for a shinigami to come and do this properly..Forgive me." and with that Rei let her final arrow fly directly into the center of the Arrancar's head, killing him. Truth be told, Rei got lucky. With the kind of strength he had if he hadn't let his arrogance get a hold of him like that there was a good chance part of the city could have gotten destroyed or Rei would have died trying to prevent that. But still..she felt sorrow to the point she had silent tears running down her face. She despised killing..even if it is such a sad creature like this.

Custom RP sample with Lastrada:

The never ceasing moon of Hueco Mundo illuminated the still, white desert and the air against Lastrada's freshly reborn skin created chilled goosbumps up her arms and chest. It was paradise, as far as she was concerned. Still even though it had been a year since Lastrada removed her mask and gave up being a Vasto Lorde she still wasn't fully used to her human body yet. It just felt so different, not to mention that she lacked her full power set due to them being sealed away in her Zanpakuto. But, it was alright because it presented the challenge in life that she had been craving for years now. Lastrada's swooning however was interrupted by the sound of footsteps in front of her. Shifting her blood red eyes up she could make out three Adjuchas-class Hollows who were traveling together all of which looking to make a meal out of her. Lastrada couldn't help but let escape a sigh of frustration because it had been the eighth attack of the day.

"I'll give you one chance to escape with your lives. Keep walking kids.." Lastrada said as she reached her right hand back, drawing forth her broadsword sized Zanpakuto, bringing it to the front of her body and gripping it with both hands. Her voice was almost monotone however it was tinged with the slightest bit of anger and it's natural feminine high pitch gave her voice a sense of enchantment. However the idiotic Adjuchas would simply let out a laugh at the threat from Lastrada. "A little thing like you, threatening us? How adorable..I just might make you my pet instead of devouring you.." Spoke the middle Adjuchas.

He was a rather towering one, coming in at about nine feet tall in total, reminded Lastrada more of a gillian than anything. Perhaps he was close to regressing back into one. The Adjuchas to his left was an animal one, looking completely like a hawk, wings and all. The last Adjuchas on the right of the towering and mocking man was just your average humanoid looking Adjuchas. His skin was purple and he had some claws on him but nothing special beyond that. The big, brutish one in the middle leaned down close enough for Lastrada to smell his foul breath as he kept speaking. "Seriously smell good. I am going to eat you now, so try to scream for me please..the fear makes it taste all the better." His voice was deep and echoing and the laughter was still plain on his voice. He was starting to piss Lastrada off.

The middle one calmly reached down, planning to simply grasp Lastrada in his hand and eat her. He must have thought she wasn't moving because she was frozen in fear but, he would be sadly mistaken. The moment his hand was close enough to her body, Lastrada swung her Zanpakuto outward and up, slashing through his wrist and taking his hand off. Before he could even get a good, loud scream out however Lastrada had already jumped high above him, coming down with both hands on her sword and splitting the Adjuchas in two. To Lastrada's surprise though the other two wouldn't flee in fear at the sight of there friends death but would rather attack in unison. Lastrada allowed a small smirk to form to her lips at this, she loved a good fight after all..even if they were weak.

Lastrada would block the first attack to reach her which was the attack of the plain looking Adjuchas. Right as the animal type Adjuchas got close to attacking, Lastrada used Sonido to come up behind the bird, taking both of them by surprise. With a single swing of her sword the bird would fall in two. The last of the group of three simply bum rushed Lastrada, trying to go in for yet another attack, however Lastrada would simply move her body over to the side and impale her blade into the center of his mask, ripping his head open. With all three dead, Lastrada would let out a bored sigh as she replaced her Zanpakuto upon her back, the blade still dripping with the blood of the hollows she had slain.

"If you're going to waste my time could you at least try not to bore me so much..?" Lastrada asked as she gave a swift kick to the mutilated head of the Adjuchas. With that little problem taking care of, Lastrada returned to doing what she had been doing only a few minutes before. Swooning over he new body, enjoying all of it's perks and of course looking for more information on what she was and what the strange sword on her back was.

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Done! I gave two RP examples, the first one being copy and pasted from another one of my characters and the other one I just wrote up for this girly. I put two up because I wasn't very happy with the RP example I had for Lastrada because I was suffering some major writers block, so was hoping another example of my RP along with that one would suffice.

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