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on Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:00 am

Welcome to Bleach RP Forums. We are a forums based play by post Bleach Roleplay that focues on creating a positive environment where players can roleplay their very own custom character. We strive for both simplicity and customization. This Bleach RP is complete with its simple Parameter's system, along with an intuitive, yet balanced combat system.

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  •  Create your own custom Bleach character on Bleach RP Forums. Be a Shinigami, Arrancar, Fullbringer, or Quincy.
  •  As your RP you collect Soul Shards which you can use to improve your Parameters, Powers, and Abilities.
  •  Develop your own customized powers and unique abilities. Imagine, you could invent your very own Bankai!
  • Embark on special Missions or join up on a staff led Campaigns where you have an impact on the site's story.
  •  Ascend the ranks of your Faction on Bleach RP Forums. You can beomce one of the infamous Gotei 13. If you're dangerous you can join the Espada and receive your very own numero. Or, maybe you want to be apart of the elusive Xcution. If all else fails, you could even ascend the ranks of the vengeful Vandenreich.


Bleach RP Forums features an Alternate Universe roleplay. That means the events of the Bleach manga never happened. The characters of the manga do not exist as well, instead the world is populated by a different set of heroes and villains, largely based off the playerbase and some NPCs in choice posititions.

It has been one year since the Arrancar Invasion of the Living World and sixth months since the Second Quincy War, when the Vandenreich invaded Soul Society. Only three of the original Captains remain, and the Shinigami are low in number after so many hard battles. The other factions, such as the Espada and Vandenreich also lost many of their members and now lick their wounds and count their losses. Meanwhile, a mysterious faction of humans who call themselves Xcution have gathered, but their plans and goals are unknown.

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