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on Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:04 pm
Bleach the World

Bleach the World is an AU Bleach Roleplay,

Set in modern day (it's currently 2012 in the roleplay) with a big twist. Many of the world's more ancient beings are still in their infancy. Soul Society officially got it's construction and assembly 2000 years ago and was established on the backs of four houses; Izanagi, Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu, and Sunsano'o. These houses contributed various things such as weapons, law and order, culture and arts, etc. During this time Soul society experimented with artificial souls, immortality and more, producing Mod Souls and Bounts respectively. They came into agreement with Kushinada not to interfere in the goings of Hell. Central 46 was formed in order to rule over Soul Society in absence of the King, whom acts more like a figurehead. Soul Society has discovered the results of giving their power to a human and has forbidden it, however they do not know about Hollowfication or how to do it. Thus the term "Visored" and "Arrancar" are but strange whisperings in the Black Market.

Currently Bleach The World is going through what’s known as the Ad-Drive which welcomes our members to go out and introduce our home to other RP’s. In other words as a new member when you arrive at Bleach The World and bring with you a friend and/or advertisement, both you and your referral will receive BONUS XP at the start of your new character.

Bleach The World Staff:
As of September 2011 Bleach The World went under new management and since then new boards, systems and other perks such as XP Bonuses have been added to the site to encourage active Role-Playing and Story Progression. Using: Quest/Missions, Events, Story arcs, and much more as the driving force of the site Bleach The World Staff work to nurture not only individual but site wide plot development.

We hope to see you soon!

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