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on Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:11 am
The area around the fourth and fifth division headquarters were a little bit busy today, as Artemis came out of the clinic, looking a little disheveled. He'd been injured in that little meet-up with Cross, and now he was paying for it. That damn vision, and his words... they still haunted him, he needed to get stronger. to prove that he wasn't what he had once been, if he had indeed once been a hollow. He didn't believe it, that was the way of the espada, they always lied and cheated to get what they wanted, and he wasn't going to believe one that he'd never met before just because he acted like they should know each other... but those visions. The wolf and the leech, the empty desert under a barren moon. The crystal trees shattering. Those were all things that people told him were about Hueco Mundo, and due to his low-rank he was never allowed to enter the home of the Arrancar and the Espada.. but, if that man was to be believed, maybe there was another reason. Not that he didn't trust Lady Yoruichi, although he didn't, it was more that he wasn't sure about the entire chain of command. Would they know anything? And, even if they did, would they tell him? No, probably not, they would think that that might turn him against them, although he didn't even believe in it. He sighed and rubbed his head in frustration, why was he going to be dragged into this big mess again? His zanpakuto, Chi, was whispering words of encouragement into his head, something he was trying fervently to ignore. However, what was less ignorable was the fourth division member that was tailing him. As a hunter, it was usually him that was doing all of the following, and he didn't like it when the shoe was on the other foot. Finally, he snapped, and called out to the man... no, the boy who was following him.
"What the hell do you want?"
"F-for you to come back... your treatment isn't over yet..."

Dear god, that rumor about the fourth division being filled with cowards was true, this little fieldmouse couldn't scare a baby, let alone a full-grown man. Why was he trying to get him to go back in, he was fine. It wasn't like he was walking on crutches or anything. His look on his face showed that, and the boy tried to go on.
"Y-you're not injured, no, but we believe that there's something wrong with your mind. You said your visions elaborated... we want to make sure that you're not at any risk." His visions? But, they were a part of him, they always had been as long as he could remember. The night terrors, awaking in a cold sweat, the sight of blood, of death, and now of that mask... He shuddered just thinking about it but turned away, ignoring the kid. There was no way that he was going to miss work just because of some two hundred year old night-fear. It had not done him any harm since, and whilst he might have had that little incident back in Karakura town, that was not something anyone needed to know about. That was for him, and him alone, no-one else. As he turned, he just said one little thing, not even in the mood for trying to manipulate the poor fool.
"Follow me, or tell anyone about that little issue of mine, and I'm going to make you wish you'd never become a shinigami."

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on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:05 am
Another day at the fifth division barracks. Ren was taking a short break from her usual training schedule. She wanted to get a little stronger before going to the human world to hunt hollows. As now, one unlucky encounter could mean the end. While if she was a little stronger she might stand a chance. Most hollows were weaker then her, but there were also a lot of hollows that would be to strong for her to take down. She saw little people moving around. The fourth division barracks seemed to be calm as well, for now. She noticed two people coming out. one seemed to be a boy. Based on his behavior Ren guessed he was from the fourth division. The man walking in front of him seemed like a man. It seemed he was injured. Which must be the reason that the fourth division member was trying to follow him and that he didn't want him to do so for some reason. He probably wanted to heal the man and the man probably doesn't want that. She stroked her hair and wondered why that idiot did not listened. She could hear her Zanpakutō talking to her, even if she didn't knew his name. "I don't like where this is going. If nothing is done he could end up really hurt." he said to Ren. He needed to be healed for a reason. As if Shinigami work wasn't dangerous enough already. Calm down Ren, calm down. She thought to herself. "I know, I will go look that this won't turn badly"She replied to the spirit. She only met him recently, but she felt great with him. She just wished he told her his name. He hadn't done that yet. maybe when he thinks she is ready for it. "Be careful" Was all he said back before going silent again.

Ren went to these guys and would try to see this out. The fourth squad member seemed to be a bit afraid of this guy. She could hear the fourth divisions saying something about visions, that the man said he had. could they be predictions or something about the man's past? She was at the back of that person so he didn't see her. then he turned, he would probably see her now. Then he warned the boy not to follow him nor to tell anyone else about his secret. Hey, that's not really nice. He wants to help you and you threaten him." Ren said to the man. This boy was only doing his job. Ren felt uneasy with this guy. he seemed a bit off. "How long would his treatment take?" Ren calmly asked the fourth division boy. Maybe it would be a few minutes and then it would be done. Then this entire quarrel would be for nothing.

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