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on Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:17 am
Krieger moved into the library. It always felt dark and secluded within these walls. Truthfully he wondered what he could learn here. But it was a silent place to do his work. For now he moves down one of the halls. his long black cloak trailing behind him from his pace. His blue eye's scan the wall for a moment moving over the dates. Finally he cam to the current time period and opened the file cabinet.

Reaching into his inner coat pocket he pulls out a large records book. He was the person in charge of the duties of keeping the hidden fortress going and honestly it was a pain. But he was fairly organized. He was know for his brute power more then his intelligence but still he did his best. Placing the book in the proper folder location he closes it and locks it. A lock would do little good to anyone trying to steal something here but it gave Krieger peace of mind.

Moving back to a desk near the center of the library he finds the spot he was looking for. It was a clear spot on the floor with steps leading to a pit. Here he came often to meditate. By doing this he would find himself more within an understanding of his purpose and eventually it would increase his power. Still he moves to the center of the pit and settles into a cross legged position. He holds his hands out palms up and focuses.

As he does so a small blue line forms over both palms. the thin blue line would flicker to either being as thick as an arrow or as wide as a blade but he concentrated more and finally managed to make it just a thin line. Perfect for holding it there for practice reasons.

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on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:10 am
Entering the Bibliothek he couldn't sense a single soul in the building except the library personals, Alexis first reason was that these Quincy's were pretty stupid and relied on brute strength alone. Their riled and wild manners clouded their minds with just fighting from being warriors. Alexis knew he couldn't just generalize them that easily, or he would stray away from being a critical thinking mindset. "Ah damn it, I shouldn't be thinking this way." Alexis focused right back onto his real mission. He did not know where to start, this was a pretty huge library, his goal was to find 10 new books for him to read over the week.

He thought about asking the library assitant for some advice on where to look, but not knowing where things were gave a small thrill inside him. It was sort of like a small adventure lost in a magical world discovering new things. Alexis was excited he didn't know what kind of books he would find in this huge library. Sadly, he was disappointed the library was this empty, they had a large supplies of books but none were being used. The only positive thing is, the library is very quiet since small amount of people use it. It gave another excitement for Alexis, giving him another place to read his books. As he continued to walk through the aisle looking at each book carefully looking for any that caught his interest.

He suddenly sensed something coming from the middle of the library, Alexis usually not curious about these things, but this time he was. As he made his way towards the middle arriving calmly, he didn't see anyone, just a desk. He walked towards it and he knew he wasn't mistakened he felt a presence somewhere, he looked around, he even did a 360 degree turn. Alexis even looked up into the ceiling and didn't see anyone, as he looked down he noticed a clear spot on the floor. He walked down the steps leading to a small pit, he noticed a a figure in the middle of the pit wearing a dark hooded cloak. He noticed the man doing some sort of trick with his hands.

Alexis curious about it, he began to do something similar to what the man was doing. He extended his arms in front of him, opening his hands facing each other. He started to form a sort of line of reiryoku connected to both his palms. Alexis wasn't as good as the man, the man was able to sustain it and make it an thin as possible. Alexis line would fade away, he would need total concentration to at least keep it up for 10 seconds. Alexis continued to try it over and over

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on Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:05 pm
Alexis failing to do that simple trick the mysterious man was doing. After attempting multiple times, he had given up walking back out towards the library. Still no soul to be found except the mysterious grey coat wearing man inside the small pit. He looked back once here, the man still performing that difficult trick Alexis couldn't get the hang of. It seemed as the man didn't feel his presence. He thought to himself "I guess I can't bother him, he seems focused" . He continued on the aisle he had left off. Searching for the last couple books, walking down a couple more aisles, he had picked a few of them. So he went to the middle of the library where the desks were located. He noticed a couple people now had arrived, he was glad to see a soul this time.

He politely greeted them with a wave and a smile. He sat down on a chair with a empty desk ,he started reading the introductions of each book to see if it interested him. He had read a couple of their introduction putting aside the ones he liked. As he was reading again. A young boy had dropped two books on the ground, distracting Alexis away from his reading. Curiosity once again had engulfed him, putting the book down, and looking towards the desk that had the small pit. He wondered who the random man was and how he was able to control that sort of level of practice.

Alexis looking down at his hands holding them shoulder width apart. He once again started to control his reiryoku inside him. His arms engulfed in blue, as he concentrated even more. Suddenly all the reiryoku spewing out of his arms had focused straight onto his palms, once again creating the line connecting his hands. It still wasn't perfect enough, it was still as thick as an arrow and he couldn't sustain it long enough.

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