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on Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:43 am


After the strenuous battle that saw the entire Human race meet total extinction and then revival, the battle against the chaotic Majin Buu would finally be decided at the centre of the universe, on the sacred Planet of the Kais. Together, Son Goku, Prince Vegeta and the unlikely Hercule Satan, united the people of Planet Earth and with their combined energy Majin Buu was finally vanquished, once and for all. Peace resumed and life on the humble planet continued.

The Age is 776, two years after the defeat of Majin Buu, and an unknown threat, potentially unlike anything the Z-Fighters have ever faced before, has forcibly sapped the well earned power from the beings of all Universes. Balance has been maintained, the slate has been reset. What will this mean? You decide.
  • Write and use detailed progression systems to Battle, Train, gain Techniques and earn Transformations; make your character grow; become the strongest in the universe!
  • Travel the Universe, visit the planets you know and love.
  • Create your own Custom Character and Custom Techniques, or become the Canon you love and learn moves from famed Mentors.
  • Partake in special events and site-wide plots, decide the outcomes yourself and shape the future.

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