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on Mon May 27, 2013 7:36 am

For All Must Say Their Last Goodbye
To Paradise

It was often said to be a Silver Age - the glory of days gone by forgotten, lost in myth, yet the modern day managing to recreate a sliver of the wonders that once existed. On Earth, mankind lived as they always had - technology rising, bloody feuds as unending as the overall growth of their presence over the world. Many humans possessed the power to see spirits, to interact with the monsters that sometimes attacked their world, and the Gods of Death that defended it. Humanity had nothing to fear from the spiritual realms.

High above, in the celestial Soul Society, there was peace. Thirteen Captains stood, as thirteen Captains always stood, but their rank was a formality at most - conflicts with the Hueco Mundo had decreased steadily over the years as the great clans in that world solidified themselves and fought tooth and nail over territory, establishing their own special order and peace. The shinigami were able to act as the guides they were always meant to be, rather than an organisation made for war.

In the Hueco Mundo, lost in darkness, the arrancar and hollows, once crushed by Soul Society many years ago, reforged themselves. They created a collection of clans, of like minded beings with similar powers that laid claim to different sectors of the desert and what ruins and oddities lay within. Struggles for dominance in clans, and the race to become the most dominant of clans, has long since been the defining factor for the arrancar.

For the longest time, Soul Society, Earth and Hueco Mundo were able to keep an equilibrium, a war so long and yet so unwinnable that a false peace existed. There was a grand battle once every few decades, more a formality than anything else, and that was all that anyone had to worry about. Soul Society could go about its business of keeping the world in line, the humans could live their lives oblivious to the influence of spirits, and the hollows and arrancar could continue building their civilisation in the harshest world around. It was a balance that looked likely to continue forever…

But now it is no more.

One month ago, a dark force emerged, neither hollow, human or shinigami. From whence it came is unknown to all, what it is is equally unknown, but its motives are clear. The force is a new race of beings, an amalgamation of hollow and shinigami that seem to be more terrifying than either. They have spread their influence, corrupting other souls into beings that resemble themselves, and their numbers, already vast, have swelled uncontrollably.

The worlds face a crisis the likes of which they have never seen. When these beings emerged, cities fell within days, the reaction from Soul Society too slow, their sensors not expecting something so different to appear. These beings have made the spiritual Nexus of Karakura Town their stronghold, with other bases spread across the world, and their influence spreads with each passing day. Soul Society and what human resistance that exists fight against the spreading tide, but despite their struggles they are losing ground. The human world is a warzone, and it is one of darkness.

The Hueco Mundo has not yet been untouched by this outbreak. Some of the beings have made their way to seek out hollows, and the arrancar clans have reacted violently to the incursions. Many arrancar have passed off these strange beings as something that doesn’t concern them, but others seek out answers – what are these creatures, and how can they be stopped, for what will happen should they prevail against the shinigami?

Soul Society now acts as a haven – the wounded from the resistance have gathered here, pushing the Fourth Division to its absolute limit. Thousands have died in the struggle against the monsters, including the Captains of the Second and Eighth divisions. The situation is grim, but the Captain Commander remains confident, and the warriors of Seireitei stand strong against the new threat. Their duty has always been to protect the mortal world, and now more than ever, that duty, and their resolve, will truly be tested.

Literacy. Creativity. Dastardly villains, and questionable heroes. This site has it all. Almost. What could it possibly be missing? Just one thing.


Haven of the Soul: a literate, Bleach Roleplaying site where you can freely express your creativity and writing abilities within a community composed of spectacular mods, amiable members, and people just like you.

This is a custom-only site -- no canon characters. WHO NEEDS THEM? We have an original and unique storyline that caters to our members every need. Quality writing is stressed, so as to provide engaging interaction for every character.

Positions of every kind are available! Looking to join the Gotei 13, stalwart protectors of the Soul Society? What about the insidious Arrancar, renowned villains and fiends of all? Humans and Quincy are caught in the middle of an all-out war, forced to make a life-changing choice in a dire time; will you watch from the sidelines? Join the Gotei? Side with the Arrancar? Or will you fight off everyone?

Your destiny is in your hands - what will you do?

Creak, creak, tower of purgatory
Piercing the world like light
Sway, sway, tower of spine

Will it be us or the sky that falls?

-Kubo Tite; Bleach

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