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I. Personal Information

First Name: Silen
Last Name: Niebla
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Male
Age: ~240
Birthday: March 12th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. La Horda

Number: 19

III. Appearance

Height: 180 cm (5'11")
Weight: 60.3 kg (133 lbs)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Crimson
Tattoo/scars: N/A
General Appearance: Silen is a fairly slender yet somewhat muscular individual, if only because strict training regiments keep his humanoid body in such a form. He allows his stark black bangs to hang freely over his eyes while the rest of his hair is pulled back into a short ponytail. Silen's eyes are of a vibrant crimson hue giving each one a very intense glare when reflected in the right light, and besides that the rest of his facial features are relatively narrow and slender in form. One of his trademark features is the clever smile he often adorns, though very rarely is it sincere, so Silen usually refrains from using uncomfortable gestures unless absolutely necessary. The remnants of his hollow mask are located around his lower jaw, where, from one side of his face to the other, the bone-like structure, complete with rows of jagged skeletal teeth, covers said part of his face. Silen's Hollow hole is located at his lower abdomen, near his waist.

Common attire for Silen consists of a sleeveless Arrancar jacket and a white hakama, the latter held aloft by a dark grey sash. When utilizing footwear he prefers the regular tabi and zori combination found commonly amongst Arrancar ranks. All in all, the only reason Silen has for changing attire is when occasionally visiting the World of the Living wherein he will sometimes change into a modern-looking black shirt, pants and accompanying jacket.

IV. Personality

Personality: Having bared witness firsthand to the vicious, bestial nature of Hollows, Silen harbors a great deal of respect and loathing for his fellow brothers-and-sisters-in-arms. Countless decades of fighting for survival - against Shinigami and fellow Hollows alike - alongside a pent-up aggression for the human race have crafted Silen into a creature of absolute hatred. Of course, showing such a side of himself would be unseemly of a proper warrior and, what's more, a proper Arrancar. On the exterior, Silen conducts himself like one would expect of any ordinary individual - polite, empathetic and calm, though he hides the true measure of his emotions deep within the recesses of his mind. It is rare for any sincere emotion, be it happiness or rage or anything in between, to surface from the resentful Arrancar unless he deems it necessary for the situation. In a way he can easily change from fake personality to fake personality at any given moment.

A man of extraordinary loyalty, Silen would never think twice about an order given by a superior or someone he highly respects. He believes in following the laws and wills of Lord Baraggan and the Espada without question or hesitation, unless they conflict blatantly with one another. Loyalty aside, aspects that Silen admires are ones such as honor, respect, rectitude and courage. That being said, the Arrancar has a very skewed sense of justice in which he believes all Shinigami and Humans to be his rightful foes, and in believing as such, he is willing to dispose of them whenever the chance arises. In no way is Silen a blind follower of his fellow Arrancar though, as he takes ample time to calculate and analyze any given situation be it rudimentary or otherwise. Because of this analytical tendency Silen will usually end up taking more time to think of his decisions rather than actually make one out of haste or instinct (which can be a pro or con depending on the outlook).

In battle, Silen follows the 'cold and calculating' rhythm of things. Defeating an opponent as soon as possible limits the effort required and, perhaps more importantly, the damage caused to both parties. When presented with impossibly strong opponents Silen knows when to sheath his blade, using as much guile and cunning as possible to avoid a fight.

Likes: In relation to combat, Silen enjoys strong and challenging opponents. Fighting someone of weaker strength or lesser skill, he perceives, to be a waste of time but he isn't entirely opposed to the idea. Training body and mind is a large part of Silen's routine to broaden his skills, both in a social aspect and a combative one, so he typically enjoys difficult work, riddles and other things of that nature. On a more social scale Silen enjoys the company of others to a certain extent, where the larger the group is the more uneasy and edgy he becomes. He is much more comfortable amongst smaller groups of fellow Arrancar or similar allies but will still refrain from being outgoing despite the sense of familiarity.

Dislikes: There are few things Silen truly 'likes' but quite a few on the opposite spectrum. Shinigami and Humans for one, because of their destructive nature and disregard for 'true justice' as Silen calls it. Though he understands the need for balance between realms the Arrancar has little problem declaring both the Soul Society and the World of the Living damnable places where only the ignorant reside. Another subject he holds little liking for is anyone whom openly insults or ridicules the order of Hueco Mundo, for he carries great respect in being an Arrancar. Conversely, those rampant Hollows that lack self control and proper obedience are no exception to Silen's honor concerning the cyclicity of Hueco Mundo and he sees them as no better than Shinigami or Humans. General things Silen dislikes are hot weather and sweets.

Motivations: The driving force behind Silen Niebla's ambitions, way of life, and much of everything that rules his very existence is his desire for power. In order to obtain greater power Silen knows he must broaden his horizons and steel his very soul for the most difficult of challenges, whatever that may entail. Personal philosophy is a secondary force that propels Silen forward, constantly reminding him to continue pushing on and to achieve greater heights. Behind fierce loyalty and honor the resentful Arrancar essentially forces himself to uphold his ironclad beliefs no matter what the cost. Additionally, due to his memories from the years he spent being a Hollow, Silen is motivated by the urge to protect his fellow Arrancar to a similar extent. Coupled with his fears, the resentful Arrancar desires, above all else, to free Hueco Mundo and all its denizens from the oppression of those that would dare threaten its existence (namely Shinigami).

Fears: The single most feared subject Silen keeps close to his thoughts is that of regression. Regression of the mind, regression of the body, regression of the soul - all of it brings a great deal of uneasiness to the resentful Arrancar. In a strictly physical sense, the thought of being physically incapable of following his own ideals, or in executing the will of Hueco Mundo, frightens Silen. Though he has pondered it many times over, Silen questions the true stability of the Arrancar race. Their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, all of it seeming like another inescapable cycle imposed by some otherworldly force. Because of his cautious nature, Silen also fears the possibility of regression into a more base and primal Hollow state. Much like how an Adjuchas will inevitably revert to a Gillian, losing its individuality in the process, Silen harbors a similar fear for regression of all Arrancar. As their status of being mutated Hollows was imposed by another power, he wholeheartedly believes a similar power could change them all back, throwing the another chaotic state of nature into the land of Hueco Mundo. And, being thoroughly disgusted with the lives of lesser Hollows, Silen hopes such a possibility is far from possible.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:


VI. History

History: About two and a half centuries ago the beginnings of the Arrancar, Silen Niebla, were molded and birthed into being. From the consciousnesses of many thousands of bloodthirsty Hollows, Silen took his first steps as a Gillian-class Menos. To kill, consume and destroy was all the Hollow mind of his told the young Silen to do, and without any other instincts to follow, he did just that. For what felt like a short millennium, the Gillian, filled with thousands of swarming chaotic minds but controlled only by one, continued on its killing spree, until finally, evolution took its role. Unexpectedly, a new form and mind began to emerge from the depths of raging Menos, giving new life to the Adjuchas Silen. The Hollow mask twisted and turned, shifting into a more vicious looking maw of a killer, legs and arms took new shape, transforming into devilish claws and a hardened exoskeleton, while the madness of the multi-consciousness slowly quieted. New found power and individuality surrounded Silen then but even so the desire to kill, consume, and destroy were outrageously potent, leaving the to-be Arrancar in another state of madness.

For some time Silen traveled the vast sands of Hueco Mundo, slaughtering all in his path, before another change occurred. Somewhere along the line Silen became aware of his existence, throwing aside the more monstrous persona that had been clouding his perceptions and adapting to the new body he was gifted with. Fighting for the sake of fighting turned into fighting for the sake of survival, a bloody battle that weighed heavily on the Adjuchas Silen. Rarely did the to-be Arrancar find safety in numbers or amidst fellow Hollows, as the more allies he surrounded himself with would inevitably become enemies. And enemies were meals. The madness inside the evolving Silen did not wholly dissipate, much to his distaste, and in the very depths of his soul Silen could still feel the howling merciless urges of the others comprising his new body. Then, without warning, the Adjuchas Silen went into hiding inside the protective sanctuary of the Menos Forest...

Years later the Hollow again surfaced. A greater sense of self had enveloped Silen in those passing years, soul hardened by the countless battles he faced against Hollow brethren and the occasional Shinigami. Still, little more than the madness constantly clawing from his insides was on Silen's mind, and thus he sought to become stronger. By contacting the Lord of Hueco Mundo, Baraggan Louisenbairn, Silen knew the madness could be quelled, so, requiring very little motivation, Silen approached the fortress of Las Noches.

The last thing Silen recalls was the unbearable pain rocketing through his body and then silence. An abrupt, calming silence. Whatever means which had transformed him into an Arrancar seemed to have finally quieted the sea of maddened souls beneath his skin, and with it an incredibly new feat of powers awaited...

VII. Other

RP sample: Silen fell to his knees. Shock was still surging through his entire body, weakening his lungs and straining his heart so much that the simple act of breathing became a difficulty. It wasn't that breathing had ever been a difficulty before but more like, he was experiencing drawing first breath like a newborn child. Hunched over the cold tiled floor, Silen gingerly moved his fingertips, searching for something. At the same time he finally opened his eyes, vibrant crimson orbs widening as every shadowed detail of his surroundings came into view. "W-what is this...?" the once-Hollow gawked in the darkness, hearing his new voice echo around the emptied room. The sound caught him by surprise and Silen turned his head quickly to the side, not realizing it was his own voice he had just heard. Nothing other than darkness and the cool tiles he was kneeling upon were registrable through his perception, bringing a sudden sensation of relief to Silen. No enemies creeping in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to strike to get their next meal. For the moment, Silen could rest and reevaluate the predicament he found himself in.

With all the strength he could muster the once-Hollow pushed off the ground and lifted himself to his feet. Breath escaped Silen's lungs with the small exertion of effort, new muscles contracted and stretched in compliance, and a slight light-headedness blurred his vision. Shakily obtaining his balance, Silen examined the walls once again - four stone obstructions that stretched high into the air with only the slightest glimmer of light shining at the top. It was a hole. "Blast," Silen hissed under his breath as his crimson eyes peered warily at the sign of escape high above. A faint memory tinged at the once-Hollow's mind, reminding him that such 'cells' were the work of Las Noches' hallways. So, had Lord Baraggan put him there for a reason? Silen could not recall due to the haze of thoughts running through his mind but he was determined to find out why. And to that effect, there seemed to be no other way out of the hole other than climbing.

Silen approached one of the stone walls, each step forward he took shooting a surge of coldness through his bare feet. An arm outstretched and reluctantly crept outward to touch the stone walls but then it recoiled back to its master's side. Silen took a step back, gasping. He looked down at his side, eyes widening again, as he noted the arm had been his own. Shock filled the once-Hollow's thoughts the same as it had moments before. My arm? This is my arm?! Silen flexed the limb at his side, each tendon and muscle working in close connection to preform the simple task, watching as the fingers wriggled - his fingers! Silen had no idea how or why he was controlling such a body, almost as if someone had thrown his consciousness into the form of a Human or some other lesser race of spirit beings. Ironically, the Arrancar didn't even know he was an Arrancar yet.

A loud snap brought Silen out of his gawking and he quickly turned around on his heels, body still feeling sluggish and heavy. Another snap sounded from the opposite side of the square-shaped cell and then another, like the clicking of locks coming out of place. Once the third snap had echoed an obnoxiously loud grating then filled the room with noise, one of the stone walls gradually raising upward as burning light shot into the cell. The bright light was so intense that Silen was forced to cover his eyes with one arm, blocking out as much of the stuff from his vision as possible but still cringing to see what laid beyond the light. A shadow stood where one of the walls had once been, casting its devilish silhouette over the lone Arrancar standing helpless in the room. A bestial snarl came from the unseen shadow creature and, instinctively, Silen threw himself to the side just as the thing charged. A small quake shook the room as the creature rushed blindly forward, smacking head-on with the wall Silen had been closest too before dodging, and leaving a large indent on the stone. Another growl filled Silen's ears and the Arrancar paused to get a good look at whatever the thing was that had tried to assault him.

"A Hollow?!" Silen gasped, expression soon turning into one of disgust. "I should have known." Now seeing the creature when it was out of direct light, Silen could make out the individual features of the beast's body. A narrowed mask with a beak-like protrusion, two long arms each boasting a set of deadly claws, and a relatively small, slender body. Just one look at the savage Hollow and Silen could already tell the thing was suited for quick, merciless combat. There would be little strength behind each of the Hollow's attacks, just speed and precision. The Arrancar rose to his feet and stood at the ready, staring down the creature as it did the same to him. "Does Lord Baraggan intend to test me? Is this what he had planned?" The opposing Hollow had no intelligible response and instead it screeched in rage, head drawn back as it declared its power. Small traces of reiatsu began to pour forth from the Hollow's body, strong enough to change the current of the air and send the pressure Silen's way. It was a very simplistic way of showing dominance and one that brought a scowl to the Arrancar's face. After that little display of power the Hollow then settled its gaze back on the newborn Arrancar and took a step forward, claws flexing in preparation for the killing blow. The expected charge came, Hollow dashing forward with immense speed with claws leading the way, to which Silen barely had the time to evade. Another crash of claw against stone shook the room ever so slightly, shooting up some dust into the Hollow's face as it tried to dislodge its claws from the rubble, immediately after realizing it had missed.

Silen scoffed in disappointment, coming up from a roll and running wide until he was facing the creature's flank. He didn't know how to fight in the current body he found himself in, with arms and legs akin to those of other races. The finer nuances of fighting escaped Silen's attention even though he knew, deep in the back of his consciousness, there was a time he knew nothing more than senseless fighting. Given enough time to operate, the Hollow finally dislodged its finely sharpened claws from the wall and it turned around without a second thought, one wide swipe threatening to take Silen's head clean off his shoulders. The Arrancar promptly ducked, feeling the wind of the strike pass through his hair, and all at once did he charge forward, putting his entire body into one attack. Out Silen's arm did thrust, fingers placed close together to mimic the piercing power of a blade, aimed for the Hollow's exposed chest. Only a sickening crack of bone and splitting of flesh followed the brief flash of motion from the Arrancar, leaving his hand plunged straight through the rabid Hollow's abdomen. Warm blood trickled on the floor and more of the stuff flowed down Silen's arm, a whimpering growl being the only response from the Hollow before it fell limp. Bringing his blood-covered arm back to his side a stoic expression flooded Silen's features, his crimson eyes closely examining the lethal wound inflicted upon his Hollow brethren. The simple punch had pierced all the way through the wild beast and left it with another hole directly under its Hollow-granted one, except the former was overflowing with blood. "Utterly disgusting," Silen commented to the creature, not expecting a response that time.

Body riddled with pain and life escaping its grasp, the wild Hollow staggered backwards and gripped at the wound upon its chest. Warm blood began to fill the creature's mouth. Allowing the pathetic Hollow to suffer no longer, Silen darted forward and collided with the foe, fist smashing through its mask and splintering its head in twine. A small spray of blood splattered against the wall behind the defeated Hollow and then the beast's body fell limper still, falling to the ground with a loud thud. Silen brought his hand closer to his face, noting the coat of blood covering his arm, he adopted a small smile. "So this is the power of an Arrancar?" he questioned openly, hearing the word roll of his tongue like he had said it a hundred times before. "Interesting." The light of the open passageway still shone behind the newborn Silen, the stone wall having yet to shut closed during the fighting. It looked as if someone or something approved of his display of power and, recognizing the opportunity, Silen turned around and stepped through, into the unknown.

Face claim: Ling Yao - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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