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on Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:09 am
The forever-dark sky dampened the deserts within Hueco Mundo, the only light coming from unspoken places and seemingly the white, miniscule grains of sand that waltzed through the air in the form of dirty breezes. This night the hollows seemed very active, but only dormant when their instincts tell them to hide. This is because of the ever-so-often presence of the Numeros. Always one waltz's in and tries to cause a ruckus for either training or entertainment. Always there is someone just trying to kill hollow to see what they can do. These people are the ones who endlessly slay hollow until they cannot find anymore or until they are bored. None of it satisfies them, usually. They don't even pose a threat at their usual level.

There had yet to be any sight of Adjuchas or Vasto Lorde, ones who wouldn't die so instantly like Gillians and Menos. The natural flow of becoming stronger is the usual sadistic ways that most arrancar follow. Espada are entirely different, though they are the same race. They may or may not train, but when they do they don't just slaughter Gillians. Things are different when there is actually a decent being that exists in the Hueco Mundo. Unusual, maybe not as decent as the actual definition would refer to, but decent compared to most Arrancar. The morals of the True Knight have been set in the stone of any student that trains under the current True Knight. The title was made simple so it could be straight-forward. Due to the facade of the Chivalry code.

It wasn't until Fuerza came along not long after his life-or-death test with his master. He decided to join the Espada and become an Espada himself in order to improve himself. To do so, even he needed to do more mundane styles of training due to not having a companion to train with. Off he went from Las Noches, still a mere Numeros, into the Desiarto Eterno so he could swing his blade freely without restraint. Waltzing to a decently distant area, he unsheathed his zanpakutou and lifted it, inspecting its shining blade. With a few slow practice swings, he tested the wait and then stabbed the sword into the thick sand. Limbering up, he pondered about what training exercise to use. Should he swing endlessly until he tires or find something to train accuracy with? Should he race around the desert until he could no longer or train the fashion that he moves? These were tedious questions presented to him, ones that certainly annoyed him.

Once he finished his warm-ups, he grabbed his blade once more and started swirling it around in the form of whirling strikes. If only he had a real area to train in with a real partner to train with. The difference between individual training and training with a partner is tremendous. There is someone to help with results, feedback being the main tool, and to help add difficulty throughout the course of training. This is what he needs, just like how he used to train with Master Borde. 'If only...' he thought to himself, reminiscing about whether or not he could have spared his master. The possibilities are endless, even at that moment. Maybe someday he could train someone and receive the same fate as he did, payback would be rightful. 'I deserve to receive the same execution as my master did. An honor, yes, but a fate that forces the life to end the possibilities of doing something more for the world...except for passing the title down...'

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on Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:48 am
The Desierto Eterno, a vast scape of sandy dunes, low winds, and endless moonlight. Outsiders might have the tendency to call the place 'gloomy' or 'saddening' in their own hubris, but very few who were born into the deserts could call the place such. Hollows and Arrancar alike called the desert their home, flocking to the endless dunes or depths of crystalline forests below to gain some semblance of safety and stability. There was nothing gloomy or saddening about the desert and its constant night sky, in fact, Silen Niebla found it quite calming to look upon. The rolling hills of sand were like the waves of an ocean caught in perpetual motionlessness and the moonlit sky like a humble beacon to guide those denizens of the desert throughout her maze of sand. In a sense, Silen found all of Hueco Mundo to be similar in that aspect, almost poetic really. If it weren't for the lesser Hollows and their pitiful struggles over power and supremacy Silen might have reason to find even greater beauty and respect for his dark homeland.

For some reason, thinking of the desert always reminded the Arrancar of Humans. Those damnable, helpless creatures bustling around in their cities and spending their lives so inadequately compared to that of Arrancar existence. The mere thought of the World of the Living when contrasted to Hueco Mundo sent a brief wave of frustration through Silen's bones. If only the Humans weren't so ignorant. If only the Shinigami weren't so blinded by their duty. If only, if only... For a good while Silen spent the duration of his meandering stroll in deep thought, reflecting on his days of being a Hollow and the many facets of his personal philosophy which troubled him so. Of course, the wandering Arrancar was, by no means, ignoring his surroundings. The presence of fellow Hollows could be felt all around the desert tonight and judging by the scuffle Silen had a few days ago he wasn't going to fall into another ambush blindly.

Climbing over a high dune Silen snapped out of his tangent of thought as his gaze centered on a peculiar sight. By the looks of it, another Arrancar was in the valley below preforming some kind of sword maneuvers Silen could only guess were a form of training. The sight peaked Silen's interest, for he didn't expect to run into another Arrancar so far out in the desert, much less one that was training, too. So it seemed the resentful Arrancar's plans to hone his skills were not so original. Nonetheless, there was still the matter of 'what to do' in the situation Silen found himself in. From what he could tell the other Arrancar was too focused on training to have recognized his presence yet so turning back and walking in the other direction was still a viable option. Fortunately, interest was still weighing heavy in Silen's mind and he decided against sneaking away.

With a short hop Silen set himself gliding down the dune, a small trail of sand and dust kicking up behind him as he slid all the way to ground-level where the other Arrancar was located. Letting out a small grunt as he reached stable footing Silen patted off the jacket he wore, small clouds of sand escaping the clothing with each pat, and then he straightened his posture. "Greetings!" Silen exclaimed cheerfully, wearing a friendly smile for a second until the other Arrancar would take notice of him. This encounter would have to be orchestrated carefully, for Silen had no idea if the other Arrancar had a tendency for being short-tempered or hostile. "I didn't think I'd run into any of our number out here." Silen then took a deep bow and introduced himself properly. "Silen Niebla, Arrancar #19. Good to meet you, brother." Though formality was the subject Silen had emphasized most in his introduction a keen eye would notice he still kept one hand on the hilt of his blade, ready if things went awry...

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on Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:07 pm
[i]Fuerza swirled around the sand, elegant waves of it swishing around and circling his body. Each slash either kicked up sand or split the hundreds of grains apart, forming two waves from one or four from two. His blade was shining elegantly, though dim as it was. The moon brightens only elegance but dampens the sight of horrors. Hollows were these horrors and usually did not receive the bright face-lift that a blade did when under moonlight. The air was chilling but a calming place, except for when the hollow riddle the lands and frustrate someone such as the Arrancar. The hollow were defenseless, except for when they ambush anyone in large packs, thus requiring their reckless guerrilla warfare. One could almost feel pity for such a weak creature, all Arrancar had been one at one time. Every Arrancar started as one. But a lot of the evolved hollow do not acknowledge this past as a beast.

Fuerza could have been ambushed at any time, anyone could have simply walked up and slashed him with a blade, but no one ever did. He simply zoned out to the elegant slashes, closing his eyes and letting himself feel the instinctual flow of everything. His body never tired because he never acknowledged it. It was only until after he was completely done did he feel the fatigue. Sometimes during his exercises, he would chop his sword, making a burst of sand come from the ground. He dreamed of being able to elegantly slash through pillars or make tiny little trenches in the sand just by a simple extension of the arm in the form of a slash. Was this possible? Maybe, in his eyes it could be. Would it be difficult to achieve? Yes. Practicing with someone may help get closer to it or at least have a similar power. Not everything is possible, even if we dream it.

Without his notice, someone seemed to have approached him, keeping distance from the whirling blade. At first, he did not notice him, at least not until the Arrancar spoke. Fuerza ignored the Arrancar at first, taking a minute to process the fact someone spoke to him. In a moment of shock he jumped back, but instantly calmed when he noticed it was an ally. He nodded his head towards the Arrancar, showing that he had acknowledged his him. Once he finished his exercise, he sheathed his blade and performed post-exercise stretches. Before he decided to speak, he decided to finish stretching so to avoid the soreness of intense movement. Finishing with a sound of relief he walked over to the fellow Arrancar to return the favor of a greeting.

"Hello there, brother. I usually come out her for some exercises when I can. Though it can be annoying when gillian hollows attack." he shrugged, trying to make a valid point. A human can crush an ant very easily, but will still be either afraid or grossed out by it. The human can also be just simply annoyed by the ant and crush it, only ending a life because of the ant's annoyance. This was the same thing with Arrancar and regular Hollow. Always they have to face them and take them down, chop their masks, form new Arrancar or simply kill them. Now that there were two Arrancar, he could possibly train with an equal or more powerful opponent to finally properly hone his skills. He saw this as a wish fulfilled and an opportunity he should take. " I am in need of a partner, would you mind joining me? I could always use the assistance of a possible equal to actually hone my skills properly. If you don't mind, I need someone to clash swords with. I doubt we need any other skill besides the skill of our blade." he shrugged, placing his hand on the pommel of his blade and petting the handle with his finger tips just ever so slightly.


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on Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:49 pm
The other Arrancar appeared to be so involved in his rigorous training exercises that it took a moment for him to register Silen had been the one speaking aloud. Naught but a simple nod came from the other Arrancar, acknowledging that he had heard Silen's greeting but apparently not enough for the man to escape the end of his training regiments. It wasn't to be taken as a gesture of rudeness, surely, for Silen was aware he was one the intruding upon this other Arrancar's training and it was up to the other to decide if he was worth his time. Patient as always, Silen took a breath of relief and relented on gripping the hilt of his blade so intensely. Given the other Arrancar's nonchalant manner of continuing training Silen could tell he was quick to judge people as allies or enemies. But what if Silen had been a foe? How easy it would have been to cut the man down while he was unawares. Luckily, for both Silen and Fuerza, that wasn't the case.

As the man approached Silen could finally get a good look at the guy. Shaggy black hair fell down over the other Arrancar's eyes, covering one of his golden hued orbs, and a set of horns seemed to be the remnants of his mask, situated on the back of his head. The white-furred insides of the man's jacket were littered with sand but besides that the clothing he wore struck Silen as being a little...eccentric. But eccentric was good. Eccentric was interesting. Silen rose a brow as the other Arrancar replied to his initial greeting by reiterating the word 'brother' in his sentence. This nameless Arrancar sure was chummy. "Gillians, yes," Silen said to confirm the man's statement, though the hesitance in the the reply was greatly noticeable. And then came the unexpected. Apparently, this Arrancar wanted a sparring partner of all things - a sparring partner! The thought left a subtle smile to spread across Silen's lips but he remained calm and collected as the other Arrancar spoke, contemplating the proposition.

True, working with another Arrancar could prove to be useful - Silen wasn't doubting that - but the intentions of the individual in front of him were still a blur. Silen had no idea who or just how powerful the man beside him really was...or could be. Interest was getting the better of Silen today, though, and the raven haired Arrancar couldn't help but think the experience would be entertaining in the least. In the end it was better than hunting down some hapless lesser Hollows in the endless desert and walking into a hundred ambushes along the way. Silen let his gaze wander to the side as he tapped the hilt of his zanpakutou absently. "Hmmmmm," the Arrancar hummed, pursing his lips for a moment and then, releasing a reluctant sigh, he gave a small nod. "I suppose a little training wouldn't hurt. For the past few days, the only flesh to have tasted my blade was that of a dozen starving Hollows." With that, Silen's flicked the hilt of his blade with his thumb, drawing the weapon a few inches out from its sheath before he grabbed it fully with his opposite hand. "Very well. I accept your offer!" A cheerful grin soon adorned Silen's features the same instant he drew his sword.

It was then that Silen little he had practiced swordplay. "Make the first move, brother," Silen declared, dismissing all other distracting thoughts.

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