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on Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:59 am

I. Personal Information

First Name: Seeros
Last Name: Ulbershatnk
Alias(es): Bunny Rabies
Gender: Female
Age: 126 - looks as if 15
Birthday: 23.12
Sexuality: Asexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. La Horda

Number: 2

III. Appearance

Height: one meter and sixty two centimerers
Weight: sixty five kilograms
Hair: brown
Eyes: dark violet
Tattoo/scars: none
General Appearance: As you can see from the image above, Seeros is a gorgeous looking female with a lot of good attributes that males like. However, behind her good looks and a rather seductive personality, a true monster is hidden. Her body has been trained to the extreme in order to become a powerful Quincy and fight equally with men. She has muscles at places where some other women don't even know they can have muscles. You can't see it on her as she doesn't really look like the bulky type. The reason for that is the fact that she has the so called pink muscles. They don't ruin her looks, yet they are pretty effective. She likes her body, its perfectly sculptured through years and years of training, beauty treatments and other cosmetics.  Her looks are so great that nobody can be compared to her. However, since she looks like a child and not an adult, it is quite hard for anyone to approach her. Her Hollow hole is located at her tummy and her mask remaining is a simple cheek bone under her left eye.

IV. Personality

Personality: Just like all antagonists who are really evil, she is a true cold blooded killer. She has no issue with killing people and sometimes she will do it just because she feels like it. Battles that she gets into will mostly end up with someone dying after being defeated. Other really bad traits are her sadistic and hedonic tendencies. The reason why they were lumped into one trait is because at some times it is really hard to tell the difference between them as they occur at the same time, on comes and the other follows. This or these traits are actually the other side of the coin from his pride trait, since she does not consider men as equals she sometimes tends to take the weak ones and do to them things which are on a whole new level of perversion. Not only that she likes to do certain things to men, she also likes certain things being done to her, such as his victims inflicting wounds upon her body in an attempt to escape or stop her from continuing. But, the most she likes are women and men who will freely let her to do things to them.

If you thought that the really bad things were over with the above two, you were gravely mistaken as there is one more thing that is worse than the reminder. It is certainly not as bad as the above two, but it still deserves a position on the pedestal above the remainder of the other ones. So, what is it? Well, it is the fact that Seeros is always quick to pull the trigger. This means that it doesn’t take her much to attack someone, a little provocation is enough to make her come at you with full force in an attempt to kill you and butcher you, maybe even rape you. Doing just one little thing that she does not like is enough to make her take the step after which there is no return, you could say that she is quite impatient. Well, that is somewhat true but not entirely as she can wait for someone to come or for something to be finished. The thing which she is impatient about is starting a fight; usually those are started when one person tells someone something to make them get attacked. Seeros in that case has no patience and she will attack the moment she notices something about the other person that she doesn’t like, the other one doesn’t even have to say anything to make her come at him/her with an intent to kill. That tends to be a problem quite a lot.

Due to the many betrayals that occurred during her life Seeros became a person who does not trust anyone, not even the people who she calls friends or the people who she calls servants and especially not the people who she serves. She is un-loyal; therefore nobody can expect her to actually serve them without expecting a moment when she might rise against them. This is just the core persona of someone who had been betrayed by people and whose whole essence comes from this emotion. She only lives today to spite those who betrayed her and tried to get rid of her. With the last sentence of the above trait we can pull out yet another rather special trait of this woman, her spitefulness or the tendency of not being able to forgive someone for what they have done. Indeed, Seeros is an unforgiving woman, if you do something ill to her, she will not forget it, nor will she rest until she had replayed it. Due to her unforgiving nature she was able to continue on living after the horrors that she went through in her life and thus she became what she is now, a woman who trusts nobody.
Likes: The thing which Seeros likes the most is killing other powerful beings that she comes across. This is because she also likes gaining power, so she tends to believe that if she kills someone and devours them that she would get stronger. That is usually how things go with Hollow, they eat other Hollow to get stronger and stronger, eventually evolving to higher forms. Some, after reaching the stage of Arrancar, they stop doing that. But Seeros never stopped it, she still continues eating strong opponents to get more power. She also likes the smell of blood and its taste so she doesn't actually eat just so that she could get more power, she does it because she loves how it tastes.
Dislikes: There are not so many things that Seeros dislikes, even though at some times it may seem otherwise. Like the rest of her kind she dislikes Shinigami and Quincy since the members of those two races tend to hunt down her kind and kill them. The race which she hates the most are Quincy since they can actually kill Hollow and Shinigami just purify them. The next thing she dislikes is earthly food, as a Hollow she got used to eating the flesh of other souls so she continues to consume human souls and the souls of other beings. She also dislikes loud noises.
Motivations: To motivate Seeros in order to have her do something is really hard since there are not so many things that motivate her. She gets really motivated when someone gives her something she wants. Also, if she likes something she will be motivated into doing whatever it takes to get that thing which she likes. So, her likes are also her motivators. The main motivator is the desire to grow even stronger. Since she was killed once during her life, she does not want to get killed once again and power is what she needs to prevent that from ever happening again.
Fears: Being a powerful Arrancar, Seeros has overcame most of her fears that she had during her life time. But, even so, nobody can say for themselves that they really do not have anything they fear. Her fears are not of the kind that could affect her that much, but they still do exist. For example she is somewhat afraid of death and due to that she tends to kill others so that she could grow stronger and never worry about getting killed due to not being able to defeat her opponents. She also fears lightning bolts during rainy nights since they produce such a large noise. After all, she did die as a child and a lot of children fear such things.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance: Seeros uses a scythe that is attached to her back with a red string, with ease she can pull it off and swing it around. To the end of the scythe there is a five meter long steel chain that she also uses in combat. At the end of the chain there is a small spiked steel sphere which she likes to use as a wrecking ball. The scythe itself is two meters long, it is longer than her. She usually just uses the scythe to attack, the chain is tied around her right arm so she can easily use both.

VI. History

History: According to some people the path which one will take is actually predetermined during the moment they are born. While in some cases that may be true, but not in this case, as the destiny of this young girl was determined before it was even known that  she  would be born. The family to which  she belonged was one of those noble ones among the human race and as it is with many other families of such kind, the marriages of its family members are all decided in order to help the family in some way. In other words, the birth of this girl was already decided during the moments when her two parents were decided to be wedded as they were perfect as a pair to create a wonderful new member of a rather great noble family. Being born in such a family was something that  she was probably not going to like, just like her parents before him, neither of them wanted to get married but they were forced to do so. During times like those they had no voice in it and what had to be done, it had to be done. With sadness in their harts and with no true love towards each other they have decided to embrace their destiny and venture into a political marriage that would strengthen the bonds and the power of both their families. Everything about their marriage was decided, the place where they would live, the time they would spend with the other, the time which they would spend elsewhere, their free time, the names of their children and what genders they should chose for their kids. Indeed, if they did not make a child of a specific gender the mother of this soon to be born child would have to give up on her child. Luckily for them, that did not have to happen as their firstborn child was what the family demanded, a son.

Even though this story seems like a rather typical one so far, there are of course things that make it somewhat differ from the rest of them which start like this. The power which these families sought was not of a political kind or anything of such a sort, it was of a more spiritual nature. While the rest of the noble families were still mere mortals, this particular family and a few others were the members of a particular race of humans that had long surpassed the abilities of your average humans. Indeed, they were Quincy. The decision to start using family marriages to get stronger Quincy was started by our hero’s great, great, great grandson. Till that moment all they cared was political power that surpassed that of other noble families in Japan. Once that man discovered the potentials of the Quincy race and realized that  she could create stronger Quincy members if the both parents were Quincy,  she started to scheme of making a noble family that held a power akin to a country. It was a silly dream of her and yet there might have been some truth in the fact that a Quincy of a pure blood kind might be a tad stronger than a Quincy which only had a single Quincy parent. Not only that, with both parents being Quincy there was a higher chance that their child would be one as well. In fact, the probability of the child not being a Quincy was quite low and insignificant, in almost all cases they would end up being Quincy. Due to that the current head of the family would start making her children marry those of the Quincy kind, since at that moment  she could not really pick as the probability of other noble Quincy families existence was quite low. Eventually more families of such kind had surfaced and soon things started to move in the direction which the old head wanted them to.

Now, we return back to the actual story. With the above explained, it becomes quite clear which traits were being looked for in a newborn member of this rather odd noble family. The young girl was destined to become the next head of her family and her life was already decided for her, there was no hope for him,  she could not have any dreams nor could  she decide what  she wants to do with her life as it was all foretold. At that moment  she was the fourth generation of the new pure blooded Quincy kind. Although this fact did not really matter as all Quincy were capable of reaching the same peek of power, the beliefs of her family were different and so  she was forced to live with them with no hope of making a difference. her birth was like any other, her mother got contractions and after some time  she was brought into the outside world. Fairly simple, wouldn’t you say? You could says so, except  she was not born in a hospital as her parents did not trust the local hospitals and had hired some quite capable Quincy doctors from other allied families. In families such as this having personal doctors was a common thing and naturally hospitals of a public nature were always never to be considered. The young girl was given birth in the house in which  she was going to live and in the bed of her parents, where  she was actually conceived. Not really a significant detail though. Either way the delivery was done quite nicely and professionally, no mistake was made and the young girl was born healthy just as they wanted to. What waited their so they did not know, but they did know the name which they were going to use for him. Since  she was their first child they named her Seeros, something that they kept a secret from their parents and although they girl was called whatever their parents wanted them to call him,  she was still their one and only Seeros.

For their young grandson the reminder of the family had quite high expectations and right away they decided to make her the hair of the family once  she grows up. The parents of the young Seeros, thanks to him, fell in love with each other. Their marriage was set up and at first they knew nothing about the other one, once the marriage was completed and they got their first son, the two of them started to get closer and closer, till eventually they were truly in love, it seemed as if the young girl was in luck to have been born in such a happy family. From the moment  she was born her parents did not want to miss out on anything  she did, every important moment of her live was under the watchful eyes of her parents, the three of them had a life filled with enjoyment. Since they wanted to her to have someone to play with they have given her a little sister and a little brother a couple of years after  she was born, once  she was old enough to be able to talk and walk her five member family would start taking walks to the park with her little brother and sister being carried by her parents while  she would solely walk next to them. Since at that time  she had started to grow more curious,  she eventually started to separate from her parents and explore the world around him. With joy the two of them would watch as their oldest son would discover all sorts of different things about the world.  she would often ask them about different things that  she did not understand and they would gladly explain to her what  she wanted to know, if it was time for her to learn of it.

At the age of six the young Seeros was finally ready for her grandfather Makoto to start training her in the arts of a Quincy. Makoto, the current head of the family and the oldest member,  she noticed that her own son was being too soft on her firstborn son and  she knew that  she should not let her train the young Seeros as that would ruin her potential. Since Seeros’s father had no say in this matter,  she could not stop her own father from taking Seeros away from their family all the way to the secret training grounds of their family that were hidden among the mountains in a deep and quite deadly forest. Not only that it was deadly, it was also a place where one could find Hollow wandering around and feeding on the souls of the dead animals that were either killed by their natural predators or hunters who often came to these forests to hunt for deer’s and rabbits. In such an environment the young Seeros was forced to go through a lot of difficult tests set up by her grandparent so that  she may grow stronger and finally awaken her true Quincy powers. But, things often did not go as  she planned so in a lot of situations the old Makoto had to get her own hands dirty so that  she could save her hair before  she got killed. This training actually lasted for a couple of months and through its duration the young girl learned all about the different sorts of creatures that existed and that were not known to normal humans,  she was also thought what a Quincy was and what they could do with their powers. During these explanations the girl would slowly gather what  she needed to know, while casting away what  she did not need to know. Eventually  she learned how to gather the spiritual particles from the area around and form a bow of some sorts using a Quincy cross for practicing. It was one of her family’s inventions, an artificial cross that would help young Quincy in their learning process.  she was intrigued by these powers, but  she had no talent in regards to them, something that her grandfather found to be rather disappointing.

When the training was done, Makoto was forced to tell her son that  she was quite disappointed and that the young Seeros was not going to become their hair so they could do with her whatever they wanted to. Even though this was something that should have made her sad, Seeros’s father was rather happy that her favorite son was not going to be taken from her anymore and that just maybe the young girl could have a better life than  she did. Indeed, these events reminded her of how  she felt when her father, Seeros’s grandfather, did the same with him. Even thought Makoto did not consider Seeros as someone worthy for taking on the leadership of the family, her father was actually quite happy of her son and considered her to be worthy of whatever  she would want to do in the future. The girl himself was completely unaware of what was going on at that moment and so was not affected with the whole situation at hand,  she was just happy that  she could continue on playing with her four year old sister and her three year old little brother. The three of them had a nice childhood and were always smiling when they were playing, something that even made their family laugh and it made them think that their lives were finally perfect. Even when the time for the young Seeros to start attending school had come they were positive about it and were sure that  she would meet a lot of friends there.  she didn’t like the fact that  she was forced to go to some place that  she didn’t know and on the first day of school as  she was leaving her home her siblings started to cry since they didn’t like the fact that their older brother was leaving them. It took their parents a couple of minutes to explain to them that Seeros was going to come back, but by the time they did that the young black haired girl was gone. Later that day, when  she came back, there was a happy reunion party that celebrated her return and her first day at school.

Perhaps sending a girl like Seeros to a public school was not really such a great idea. At her age getting influenced by other kids is something that was quite expectable. Seeros as a kid was a rather talk-able kid and  she wanted to make a friend in everyone so  she often did what other kids told her to do so that  she could gain their trust and make them let her play with them. Most of these kids actually knew each other from kindergarten or because they lived closely to each other. The young Seeros never actually played with anyone who lived near him, nor did  she often leave her family house, so all of these kids were quite new to him. No matter what,  she wanted to make friends in her new school and  she was actually quite good at it. There was something about Seeros that attracted other kids to her and soon  she became the most popular kid around. You could say that  she was one of those people who were born to lead, a rather charismatic young kid who radiated with warmth and so every kid wanted to be her friend. At first that was actually a good thing and  she was always happy to accept new friends, but as the number of friends grew, the amount of time  she could spend with them shrunk. The kids who  she met were all quite so different and some of them did not get along with others as good as they got along with Seeros who was the only thing they had in common with some others. Due to that the young black haired girl had to divide her time so that  she could spend time with all of her newly found friends. Quite a naïve girl  she was you could say,  she just did not want to hurt anyone who became friends with her and so  she had to make sacrifices in order to satisfy everyone.

Among the kids who  she had met, there were of course those who were always up to no good and since Seeros was rich and popular they wanted to use her to get more members for their gang. Yes, these second graders were so cool that they had their own little gang. For the teachers this was a quite amusing thing how a bunch of kids made a gang and together did things. Their little gang was nothing like an actual gang where you would have a bunch of delinquents who caused trouble for everyone so the teachers were okay with it and said nothing about it. Heck, even their parents found it to be quite amusing. Too bad they never considered the fact that these kids could grow up and make an actual gang which did all of those things. Neither did Seeros, so eventually  she joined these kids and  she became a rebel like the rest of them as they grew up and finally passed ten years of age. They were a bunch of mean eleven year olds. Now, you are probably thinking “how bad could it be?” Well, let’s just say that everyone in their class was afraid of them and could not say anything bad about them or else they would get beaten up. Naturally, if they told anyone, they would get more beating up. Since Seeros had a nine year old sister and a seven year old brother, her parents were aware of what  she was doing and no matter what they did they just couldn’t get her to stop acting that way. Having their son grow up to be a delinquent was not something that the two of them wanted and then other two were certainly not happy of what their brother turned into. In fact, due to what was going on with her brother, the youngest son decided to ask her grandfather if  she could train with him. The old man was not too happy about it, but  she still decided to do it, eventually discovering that the other girl had a really talent and was a quite powerful Quincy.

After Seeros found out about her brother and her powers,  she was quite mad. Even though her little brother was four years younger than  she was,  she started to harass her when they were at school and at home, knowing that  she would not do anything. That is what  she thought at that moment, since the youngest brother was actually the nicest one and would never dare to harm anyone. But, as  she trained with her grandfather,  she started to take on some parts of her grandfather’s personality and her beliefs. It didn’t take her much time to completely change the girl and turn her into an obedient little soldier who did not care about her older brother, eventually even beating her up till  she started to cry. Being beaten by her little brother, it made Seeros rather sad and frightened as  she did not know how to deal with the fact that  she was weaker than someone who was four years younger. This was actually a good thing for her as  she was able to return to who  she was before. her old friends were left and  she found some new and more normal friends who helped her apologize to all of the people who  she hurt and eventually  she became the one who guarded the weaker kids from the stronger ones. Even though her training was a failure,  she still managed to learn some things from her grandfather, such as how to defend himself from others. Since  she was rather smart  she easily got into a nice University once  she was older so that  she could become a doctor one day and help people. her family was proud of him, well everyone except her younger brother who had by then left them and continued to study under their grandfather in order to become stronger. Seeros wanted to apologize to her as well, but it did not seem as if  she could since her brother turned into someone who  she did not know and all of it was her fault.

Studying all day and having to work at a local hospital for free due to internship, it was quite hard for the young Seeros, but at the same time  she was quite happy about it. Helping people and studying was something that  she enjoyed to do since  she felt rather fulfilled as  she performed such activities, in a way  she also thought by doing such a thing  she could make up for all that  she had caused for her family in the past and hopefully find a way to bring her brother back. At this moment  she was already twenty five years old and the last time  she saw her brother was seven years ago when  she accidentally ran into her in the streets, during which moment  she was completely ignored by her younger brother who passed by her as if  she didn’t even know who  she was, as if  she was just some random person on the streets. Even today Seeros felt rather sad about it and about what happened to her little brother, whop at this moment was already twenty one year old and instead of going to College or to a University, the younger of the two brothers decided to fully focus on her Quincy training and on generally getting stronger. Even though  she did not know what could  she do to help her brother,  she just thought that if  she keeps on working harder her brother would finally acknowledge her and that things would go back to the way they were. Back home, Seeros’s younger sister and her parents were still rather happy that they had managed to free themselves of the oppression brought upon them by the old man Makoto. They were still sad about their youngest son, but there was nothing they could do about it, they’ve spent countless hours trying to talk to the young girl, but there was no help.

During one night, as  she was coming back home from work, the young black haired girl had managed to get himself into something that would change her life from there on. It was a rather peaceful night and it seemed as if nothing could go wrong, especially since the place where  she worked was a rather small town and rather peaceful. Things there rarely went unexpectedly. But, today was just one of those days. Even though  she was a Quincy, a spiritually aware human, Seeros never actually saw much Hollow, in fact  she never saw one ever since  she was taken to that nasty forest by her grandfather. That wasn’t unusual, since her family did reside in this small town and most of the population were related to Quincy. It was like a heaven for those who were of the spiritual kind, they themselves did not know who or what they were, only a few knew of the secret and yet since nothing was ever wrong there wasn’t anything that could make them awaken their powers. Only those of the noble kind knew of their powers and were able to use them. Well, today, this noble was actually forced to use her powers. On her walk back home  she had noticed something that made her rather curious. The young black haired male saw her little sister going somewhere with her younger brother, together with a couple other youngsters who were of a similar age as they were. Even though it was dark,  she could still identify them as they passed under the bright streetlights and  she did know how her brother’s and her sister’s spiritual pressure felt even though  she wasn’t quite skilled at sensing it. her brother did have a particularly strong spiritual pressure so missing it was rather hard. Seeros was not quite sure what the two of them were doing together with those other youngsters so naturally  she decided to follow them. It was a rather small town, so  she knew some of those youngsters and for a fact  she was sure they never actually met her brother or her sister. Then again,  she didn’t really know her brother, so it was possible that they knew each-other.

What  she saw once they reached a small clearing outside of the town was rather weird and  she didn’t expect to see anything like this. Tied with silver threads and pinned down to the ground with silver and light blue colored arrows, there was a Shinigami of some kind. From what  she was told by her grandfather the young Seeros could easily recognize a Shinigami, or someone who was dressed like a Shinigami and  she was not sure what this person was. The person who was tied down was a young female in a black haori, if the youngster had to guess  she would say that this female was just a regular Shinigami and not some sort of a higher officer in one of the major squads.  she was probably right. Those threads and arrows were clearly that of a Quincy kind and it was quite obvious that the youngsters that surrounded the wounded and trapped Shinigami were all Quincy. Since if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to see her. Not sure what was all of this about the young Seeros decided to sneak up on all of them and try to hear what they were saying. Even as  she did get closer, her eyes were always watching what was going on and even if  she could not hear them  she could clearly see that the female Shinigami was being threatened about something. But then, while  she was still trying to get closer,  she saw her brother taking out a metal bar of some kind and transforming it into an actual weapon.  she didn’t know what that thing was, but it looked quite dangerous. With it  she actually stabbed the Shinigami through her right arm, making her release a rather loud scream that even Seeros could clearly hear. After  she had done that, her sister would then take out a small bottle with some blue liquid inside of it, putting it onto the wound and saying something that made the wound heal.

Back then Seeros didn’t know what those things were so the fact that  she wasn’t quite scared, it was understandable. At that moment one thing was certain to him, her brother was torturing that poor lady and her sister was helping her by healing her so that  she could hurt her more.  she knew that  she had to stop them so once  she was close enough  she decided to step in and try to stop them. Sadly, since  she was not much of a sensor,  she did not notice the fact that almost everyone there was aware of her approaching so when  she tried to surprise them by suddenly appearing behind a tree, they were not surprised and they had all already formed their bows, which were all aimed at him. This was rather troublesome. But, luckily for him, her sister was there and using her magic of some sorts,  she  was able to bind all of the other Quincy except for her two brothers. The younger brother was quite mad and  she actually turned around to shot her own sister with her bow which wasn’t actually a bow. Seeros’s brother was one of those Quincy which used other forms of weaponry as their bows, in her case it was a spear and through a opening in the staff she could fire actual arrows. The moment  she started turning away, Seeros did something quite surprising, she took out her own bow, which was an actual bow and  she fired an arrow towards her brother. At that moment, the younger of the two brothers vanished, letting the arrow pass and miss him. She would appear in front of her elder bro and would aim her own bow at him, to which Seeros would reply by doing the same thing. Even though their sister started to scream, telling them to stop, they did no such thing, instead each fired a single arrow at the other and those two attacks clashed. Seeros was less skilled one, but  she was also the one who had a stronger spiritual pressure and was more powerful, while her brother was more skilled and yet weaker. The arrows deflected each-other back at their masters. After that Seeros left and joined the Quincy org and became a Major.

However, her mercy soon got the best of her. The Shinigami that she left alive soon grew a lot stronger and he became a Captain. In a clash between the Quincy and the Shinigami, the Quincy had lost and was killed by the Captain. The soul of Seeros was then sent to the Soul Society, one of the poorest districts in Rukongai. However, she didn't stay there for too long as there was a Hollow appearance in that district. Since during her life she was a good combatant she decided to try protecting the other people, even though she had no recollection of her memories, only to find herself being bitten by the Hollow. The Reiatsu of the Hollow caused the process of Hollowification and after he consumed her, she took control with her superior will. When it came to Hollows, which were masses of dead souls, the strongest one always resurfaced and took control of the rest. This Hollow was too weak for her will and desire to revenge upon Soul Society so it was too easy to take control. Either way, fearing the power of the Shinigami she fled the district in which she was and managed to stubble upon a gathering of Hollow, during which she started a fight in order to attempt eating some of the other Hollow. In return the rest of the Hollow fought back and soon a mass fight of Hollow started where one Hollow would be eating the other while at the same time a third one was munching on him. This caused for all of them to be fused into one large and sentient entity, a Menos Grande, known as a Gillian. This Gillian would then open a Garganta and pass through it to enter Las Noches.

With that Seeros was in the land of the Hollow. Gillian were known to be rather stupid and without a will of their on, easily controlled by Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde. However, in certain events when a Hollow had a powerful will they could take control of their new body and become a Gillian who could actually grow farther. That is what happened here and Seeros was the one in control. She would then proceed to devour other Gillian till the moment when she had became an Adjuchas. In this new form she regained her intelligence and was able to realize what had happened. Her desire to revenge was too strong for anyone to fight with it and so she assumed control over all the silly souls that inhabited her body. However, she was not done. Indeed, she would continue to eat more Hollow until the moment when she grew stronger and stronger. After a while she grew so strong that she removed a portion of her mask and became an Arrancar, a being far dominant than any Hollow. Since she was a particular Arrancar who possessed a lot of power, she was invited into the Espada, an invitation which she gladly accepted and soon she was one of the top 10 Arrancar in all the Las Noches. On top of that, she was even stronger than a good portion of the other Espada and was thus given the number two. Indeed, Seeros was the Segunda now and her new powers were quite enough for her to fulfill her dream. Now is the time for it to happen.

VII. Other

RP sample: There was one thing which nobody should ever do when around Anastasia, an absolute sin that would cause the blond haired female to take a step over the line with no way to go back. Sadly, this other male just did what should not have done. Trying to insult her or provoke her was not something that would affect this woman in such a way, but smoking in her presence was a grave sin. Anastasia disliked smoking and people who smoke in her presence. You see, she cared about her health and she was fully aware of the fact that second-handed smoke contained a large amount of harmful substances, in fact the person smoking the cigar first-handed inhales less harmful substances than the person who inhales the smoke second-handed. Due to that, the handsome female S.H.I.E.L.D. agent would always stay away from smokers and all kinds of tobacco smoke. However, this man decided to take out a cigar in her presence, approach her and exhale smoke into her face. Just by taking out a cigar in her presence gave the blond haired agent enough reason to do some rather nasty things to this man. But when he dared to approach her with a cigar, it was something that made the secret agent a tad annoyed. We all know what happens to bad guys who anger S.H.I.E.D. agents, right? Lets just say that most of them, or perhaps all of them, do not get to act in any of the sequels after they get introduced in one of the movies. This woman does have a licence to kill after all.

Lets just go through this in a timely fashion. Anastasia showed up saying something that apparently the duo didn't like, which in return made the male make a few steps and stopped when he was in front of the secret agent, a meter or so away. In his hand he had a cigar and once he reached the blond haired female, he attempted to dirty the agent's shoes and exhale smoke into her face. However, things there did not go as planned. After doing so the other male would have said something, but due to certain events that happened, it did not seem as if he was going to be given a chance to utter those words. So, what happened? Well, once the other male flicked his ash and exhaled smoke that was going towards the face of the agent, an rather sharp ice pillar would be formed and it would attempt to impale the tobacco damaged right lung of the smoker. Pardon, I meant to write ice pillars and not ice pillar, as there were more of them and not just one. The one aimed at the mans lung would appear from behind him and quickly strike as he wasn't looking. Another one would seemingly emerge from Anastasia's stomach and it would go for his left tobacco damaged lung. Smokers were such a nasty kind, poisoning themselves with silly cigars that through time dealt considerable damage to their lungs. Although, perhaps this man still had healthy lungs. That didn't really matter now, he was going to lose them anyways, as they were going to potentially get impaled, among other things, as his lungs weren't the only targets and he would be mistaken if he thought that only these two pillars were only ones.

Anyways, back to the situation at hand. So, the other male would exhale smoke into Anastasia's face and in return two ice spears or ice pillars, whatever you wanted to call them, were now going towards him at quite the rate. In fact, the other male had a single second to do something in order to get away without getting hurt. Well, one second for the first pillar which would sprout from the ground. Since the second one would seemingly emerge from the agent's stomach, the distance between it and the targeted lung was somewhat smaller so it would take less than a second to impale its target. Now, since the one coming from behind would start to form a moment earlier, the two pillars would land at the same time. Not only that, if the other male thought that he could just jump back or move back at the moment he just noticed the thing forming, thinking how that could save him, he was mistaken. By then the one coming from behind would actually already grow somewhat and he was just move right into it. It wouldn't hit his lung in that case, but it would go through his lower torso, just about his behind. Of course in such occasions some would consider jumping or moving to the left or the right in order to dodge the attack coming at them. That wouldn't help. If he were to attempt moving left or right, an ice pillar would come at him from the side, so if he moved to his left, a spike would come at him from his left and he would move right into it, causing it to go through his lung from the side. The same would happen if he tried to move to the right. So basically, running away was meaningless as before he could get out of the blond haired female's range, he would get impaled. All of these things were being formed quickly so he would get a chance to take one step at a designated location before getting impaled. Anastasia was merciless.

Face claim: Alice - Pandora Hearts

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