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I. Personal Information

First Name: Osada
Last Name: Ninak
Alias(es): The Grinning Devil
Gender: Male
Age: 1330
Birthday: April 1st
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. La Horda

Number: 5

III. Appearance

Height: 6ft10
Weight: 300lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Tattoo/scars: Has the scar in the shape of a smile face on his chest. ad a pentgram carved in his back.
General Appearance: Osada is a huge beast of a man, made of mostly muscles, his hollow hole is in the middle of his Collar bone area. Osada looks like a nice man and thats how he got his nickname, the smiling devil due to the fact that he is always smiling.  

IV. Personality

Personality: The smiling devil is a pure evil soul, who loves killing and death almost as much as he likes hunting shinigami, he isnt insane though he acts on purpose like he is just so he can make the image. Osada belives that he is always right and never wrong and will argue for as long as he can, and if it comes to blows he will with gusto. Osada always smiles, no matter how angry he becomes he will be smiling, and always had a light tone to his voice, usually laughing and giggling at anything others say hoping to drive them to anger with his jests.
Likes: The smiling devil enjoys killing the living and torturing the good dead souls for fun, he loves to attack shimigami for fun and does it more so as a hobbies. Osada likes his sword a lot, because without it he would not be able to kill people and he practices every day he can training whenever he is not hunting soul reapers. Osada has an odd love of blood and the look of it, seeing blood makes him excited and more giggly then normal and usually puts him in a wonderful mood, whether it is his own blood or his enemies
Dislikes: Osada hates people who do not agree with him or even question him whatsoever. Osada hates the living and is jealous that they are alive and have souls, he also vowed to kill any living soul and attack them if he can win the fight of course. Osada dislikes arrogant and ignorant people and will give them no mercy if they think hey are right and refuse to listen to what he says.
Osada hates anyone who is stupid or anyone who thinks that he is stupid and doenst mind killing someone for these reasons and isnt against tortuing someone.
Motivations: Osada is motivated to live for a few reasons, first of all osada hopes to eradicate all of the soul reapers in the world. He also hopes to gain leadership over all of the arracar and unite all of the hollows and attack the human realm and kill all of them and turn them all into hollows and rule the realm with a iron fist over all of them with no question. He also hopes to gain as much strength as he gain in his time on this world, he also hopes to always keep a smile and a happy disposition.
Fears: Osada fears nothing but failure, he refuses to let his mind fear any thing that is alive or dead, he belives that fear and happiness cant live in harmony and he belives that he must live happily while being evil at the same time, but its only his happiness he cares about, and only his failure that he fears, he only fears the failure of his mision though that his dreams will someday not come true. He fears nothing due to his smiles and his giggles that he keeps on his face and doesnt let himself get down or scared or anything.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:
Zanpoktau- The Red Devil:

VI. History

History: Osada was born many many years ago, in the age before electricity, living on a farm, with a family or 9, also being the 7th son of a 7th son, making all those that knew about him fear him and hate him, for the seventh son of a seventh son is known as either evil or paranormal and having non earthly powers, although he was quite normal although he could see ghosts from time to time, but because of that he was out casted and hated as a young kid, parents looking at him and spitting or cursing him with all the hate in his heart. for the first 6 years of his life he did not know why people treated him like this and was confused and sad about, it until he was 7 and got much smarter and learned to smile at everything that happened and to laugh which didnt make anyone too happy, and made them hate him more then they ever did, but it made him feel much better.

In his life he was a drunk and very violent as a person, when he was 8 he was mugged and beat within an inch of his life and that continued throughout most of his life, making him a bitter man eventually going to the bar everyday and getting in fights and usually getting the shit kicked out of him in the process he died at a young age of 35 from being stabbed to death and his soul became a bitter angry soul, turning itself into a hollow, It happened when he was drinking heavily at a bar and started laughing and giggling at peoples remarks and making jests about them, one guy did not take his jests as a joke and made him walk outside where he beat him within an inch of his life then started stabbing him while saying Funny joke buddy, hat was a good one, Though Osada died with a smile of his face and hate in his heart, and his soul  was angry, stil smiling though...never frowning, ever again.

As a hollow he survived on souls of humans for many and many years, killing innocent humans without remorse, tearing them apart left and right always smiling, laughing and killing until he eventually tearing off his mask to become better in which he turned into a Arrancar, being unable to die by time, he acccepted that he would not die and that he would be hunted, since he took of his mask he had become very good at reasoning with other hollows and telling them what to do.

Near the age of 1140 he killed his first shimigami and got addicted to the challenge of fighting someone that could actually fight back. Ever since then he had hunted low rank shinigami for sport and for fun, collecting a robe from them as proof to remember the number of people he killed. He hunted soul reapers of any rank when he became 1200 knowing that his set of skills were good enough to hunt them and still live, knowing his ow strenghs and his own weaknesses.

When he was 1300 years old he became the 5th espada, he was happy with the rank and loved the power that came with it and ruled with the large grin he had always borne. When he was 1310 years old as he was finally used to his new number, one of the lower ranks of the espada attacked him in the hope of gaining his rank and hoped to kill him in the process, the lower ranked Arrancar wsa no match for Osada, but osada didnt kill him he fought with him for hours on end pounding away without a hit, but osada scored hit after hit, breaking every bone in his body before letting him lay there broken and defeated, then Osada walked away and laughed as loud as he ever did, knowing that there would be less of a chance of it this rebellion happening again and if it did he would be ready.

When he was 1315 years old, Osada attacked a group of Shhimigami that had been causing him and the other members of the espada lots of trouble, killing a few of their members. Osada led the attack of the building where they were, but it was a trap his entire group was killed, he was taken hostage, and tortured. On the first day of his capture they cut the smilly face into his chest with their swords, and every hour they reopened the wound over and over again, still he smiled. The second day they hit him with clubs all over his body and punched and kicked him over and over again. On the third day of his capture thy took a piece of stone, a jagged rock and carved a Pentacle into his back over and over again they traced over it, still never did the smile fade from his mouth, and laughing came instead of cries of pain, still feeling the pain but no screams came out only...Laughs.  The fourth day they let him out of his bond, thinking that he was broken and done with, they were wrong, Osada killed them the moment his bonds were cut, with more gusto then the original attack, after the fight, he sit there laughing , his wounds bleeding and hurting more then before, but he felt better then he had before, stronger, then before, more...alive. He made it back two days after he escaped he returned to the number one espada, cut all over and bleeding.They had thought he was dead, he had proved them wrong, with a smile he walked up to the number one and told him the mission was a success and went to get wrapped up, refusing getting stictes, he wanted these scars, he wanted the soul reapers to know that they were as cruel ad the hollows, they were the same only, they were hole less.

5 years later, he was assigned to sneak into a building with a few shinigami, he went alone this time, he went to the building, it was a dark shack they were using as a meeting area to plan attacks. Osada went in not hiding himself at all, letting they know that he was there, he was going to talk to them first. They all pulled out there swords the moment he walked in smile broad on his face, talking of the cruelty of their brothers, they laughed and attacked him while making jokes about him being unrighteous and the being righteous, he killed all the men excpet one, that one was on the ground both legs broken asking for mercy, this one time he gave him mercy to prove a point,he told the soul reaper to tell them of what the last ones did, he showed him his scars and told him him what happened and told him to relay his words and he would kill him another and that he was lucky, he left the shack laughing and went back to the number one and told him the mission was finished and that they were dead, he lied to conceal the living reaper that he would kill at a later date.

Since then he had attacked every reaper he found but could not find that kid he let live, he wondered if he died there and never told them about it. When he was 1325 he had established his position well and no one below him questioned him, until he was 1326 years old, and one of his lieutenants attacked him when he was not looking, he personally trained this one, he had the same level of skills....almost the same. The fight lasted 5 hours, it left osada bleeding and near death but he w his old lieutenant lay dead beneath his hammer, his weapon lay broken and bent beneath his boot, just before he fell over from blood loss. His other lieutenants brought him in and kept him alive. He was out for 2 days, finally waking up and resuming control of his subordinates and healing from his wounds in a few weeks. From then on he did not personally train any of his Lieutenants anymore, for if he did this could happen again and he wanted to be stronger then all he was in command of, he would be the strongest of them all he would challenge everyone he could..

When he was 1329 he was sent to go and gather hollows to use on the human realm and to kill anyone he saw, soul reaper or otherwise, he left for a full year to gather hollows and when he came back from that mission he found his lieutenant sitting in his chair, and when he came back to the chair he told him it was his spot now, he said that Osada had left and he was to take the spot, with that statement osada asked him if he thought he could hold it, and after the last word he threw his hammer at the idiots face crushing it against the wall and letting the body fall to the ground in a slump, taking his spot back and thanking himself on not training this one and sitting back into his chair leaning on the blood and laughing at himself he took back his command., he would not let anyone under him to repeat this ever again, he had been attacked to many times he would grin his way to absolute.

VII. Other

RP sample: Osada walked into the building where the new shimigami was said to be in,where the man he was sent to kill was,  The hunt begins he thought to himself as he opened the door and pulled his zanpactou off his back Slowly and methodically ,feeling the weight of the hammer in his palm. He walked inside the room and looked at the young reaper, looking him up and down, noticing his size and his sword at his hip, knowing he stood no chance, he walked up quietly as the man was look out the window with a concentrated face. He swung his hammer at the boys head with all of his strengh, the boy quickly swung around in a trained fashion and tried to block his hammer, but the blade broke beneath the weight of the hammer, sending pieces of metal and sparks flying everywhere. shattering and going right through the blade and hitting the boy right in the face, making contact with a bang, smashing it beyond belief and making him fall over and fall down like a bag of potatoes, pooling blood at his feet for the last time.

His mission was done and he got to go back to the number one and tell him Hey, ive finished the mission you sent me on, he is dead
He said with a grin and a giggle, this had been his 4th assignment this week, it had been nonstop it had made his smile that much broader and hoim that much happier, he loved killing these weak Soul reapers and making them know his name, hey all feared him as they should and he would keep going on assignments as long as he was the Quinto Espada.

After that assignment though he wasnt given a new one yet he was told to take a brake and go to his offices and get to any paperwork he had not finished, he had a long day ahead of him.
Face claim: Dont know i got it on google

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Alright so first.
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Finished and fixed


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