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on Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:13 am
Someone with six tiers or over in swordsmanship can shatter another user's sword during blade on blade confrontations. In addition, a Quincy may lose their powers by using Letzt stil. Once your blade is broken, or your powers are lost, you will have to reforge it or regain them.

Reforging your Zanpakutō
When a Zanpakutō is broken, it must be reforged. This is a simple process. All you have to do is create a thread where you feed the blade Reishi and Reiryoku. As the blade is an extension of the wielders soul, it can regrow simply by being fed the wielder's Reiryoku. This thread must span at least 1000 words. It does not matter if the blade is released or not, it will still take the same amount. This process works the same for both Shinigami and Arrancar.

Regaining lost Quincy Powers
Regaining lost Quincy powers is not as simple as it is to reforge a Zanpakutō. The Quincy who has lost their powers -must- do this with another player who is also a Quincy. They must force the Quincy who has lost their powers to the brink of death, by stretching their physical and mental resistance to it's limit. They must then be shot with a Heilig Pfeil, exactly 19mm to the right of their heart. This level of accuracy requires the Quincy assisting the process to be at least Adept rank in Bogenschießen. The thread in which this occurs must contain at least 4000 words from each player involved. The Quincy who recovers his powers will gain what they formally had back, but their Bogenschießen, Hirenkyaku and Geist Sammlung will be lowered by one tier. If this lower tier prevents the Quincy from using a technique, for example, dropping a Adept rank Geist Sammlung user to Intermediate rank, thus below what it requires to use Makellos Gesicht, the Quincy cannot use the technique until they gain that level back again.

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