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on Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:03 am
[align=center]OUT OF THE NIGHT.
    The city of London, once mighty, stands as a shell, a city populated by dust and living ghosts. Stubborn humanity refuses to die, and those who remain have made their homes here, where the larger bombs never fell, though many of the buildings are burned and blackened. Life has changed. With no infrastructure, there is no grid electricity, no contact with the outside world, no value in the technology that once tied the world so intrinsically together. Society means survival. Three factions have divided the city into their homes, and fight one another for supplies and territory. The struggle persists within each, as well, as individuals and families learn to live with the taste of desperation. Food is valuable, medicine rare, and the air dark with frequent ash-blackened rains.

    The question, dear survivor, is this: will you fight to survive, or to live? For the human heart is stubborn and beats on long after it should be silent, but the human soul is more stubborn still. Death and desperation cannot conquer love, nor courage, nor faith, only human will. So what will you cling to, and what will you sacrifice? Your life, your love, your humanity? Each is worth it's weight, if you've something to trade for. So go ahead, survivor, draw your cards from the soot-stained deck of fate, and choose to accept them if you will, or break free of your bonds if you can. After all, life may be dark and gray and dirty, life may be painful and crushing and burnt at the edge, life will, with certainty, kill you in the end.

    But it is a beautiful life, is it not?

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