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on Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:19 pm
Do you have what it takes to sail the four seas and become the ultimate pirate?! Or to uphold the laws and become the most fearsome of Marines??? Then consider ye hearty tale below from yonder, for avast ye! Men and women of all creeds and class are welcome, for the fortune of One Piece are open to all be it with skills.


Gol D. Roger stands at the gallows and with his last moments of life he ushers in the Golden Age of Pirates. The great and wondrous search for the treasure One Piece and the power that the one who finds it will have over the world of pirates. A great age of adventure and the golden age of pirates... Or so it could have been.

Immediately after Gol D Roger was executed at the gallows a massive hunt for pirates was initiated. Bounties were raised exceedingly high on low level pirates to encourage bounty hunters to bring them in, marines were sent all across the Old and New World to find the pirates and kill them at any cost. Anyone that would dare sail a jolly roger or call themselves a pirate was brought to the attention of the navy and swiftly dealt with, using excessive force and hunted until killed.

Thousands perished in the great pirate hunt sprouted by the navy's hate for pirates after Gol D. Roger was executed and it swiftly ended what could have been a golden age for their kind of lawlessness. And so the order of the World Government became the iron and absolute law of the world and so the world was for another fifteen years.

However around the fifteen year mark of the age the marines had dubbed "The Age of Peace" (due to their destruction and massacring of everyone who would dare to commit a crime or go against the government) a tragedy occurred between on the crossing to the New World. A great beast was brought from the great depths of the sea and began to demolish anything that approached it. The Marines, the only power in the world, sent wave after wave of their soldiers at the beast but could not kill it even using their strongest soldiers and most effective sciences.

The war against the Sekenwanizame was a total massacre for the marine forces and left them basically depleted from both sides of the line it guarded, while a whole new breed of enemy took advantage of the weakness and separation of the marines and destroyed their entire presence in the new world. Leaving only cryptic remarks as clues to who this new enemy to the marines could be heard in the final moments of contact over Den Den Mushi.

However, now the Sekenwanizame is growing weak in his age ten years after his massacre. The marines are crippled and seeking a chance to rebuild their number and their strength, to re-instate the age of peace under the iron boot of the Navy and World Government. Pirates are finally on the rise and able to set sail to become something other than a smoldering pile of ash at the bottom of the sea. The world is changing and there are new tides in 1521.

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