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on Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:33 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Ryou
Last Name: Kurosawa
Alias(es): Mad Dog, Dark Toymaker
Gender: Male
Age: 211
Birthday: January 3rd
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 7th
Seat: Captian

III. Appearance

General Appearance: When looking at Ryou one gets the impression they are looking at something that is not all there. When in public he always prefers to wear the standard Captains uniform that tells his status as a member of one of the leaders of the Gotei 13. The only time this is not the case is whenever he is in the human world and even then Ryou's taste in clothes could use some 'updating'. Since he has the bad habit of wearing things that were worn when he originally died. He is also never seen without his sword, and is perfectly comfortable wearing it on his hip or across his back. Ryou will even go to great lengths to cover it up just to make sure that he always has his favorite spot to rest his palm.

As for his psychical appearance the man is a lean figure, which can make it easy to underestimate that there is muscle under there. Ryou's skin is quite pale and goes along with his long black hair that usually hangs in front of his face and cascades down his back and shoulders, because he walks with a certain slouch. Which causes him to give off an air of creepiness or eccentric wisdom depending on his mood. Whatever the impression given, it is never that Ryou lacks confidence, it is simply that he is caught up in his thoughts. His fingers are thin, and those on his left hand seem to be constantly in motion, especially when taping on his sword hilt.

He keeps his hair hanging down in front of his face to hide his thoughts from others. To Ryou the thicker he can make the air of mystery that surrounds himself, then the more prepared he will be. So his hair is quite precious to him, and is something the Shinigami takes care of, though it is hard to catch him grooming it, but amusing if you can. If he gets into a fight he always makes sure to tie back his hair into a ponytail. At least that is his habit if he doesn't plan on being serious. The idea to Ryou of being able to lose his precious curtain to the world, is tantamount to knowing he could die.

When he does look at a person the gaze of his deep dark eyes can be quite a soul penetrating thing. As though he can read any guilt that a person may be hiding. His face is never really something that displays much emotion either, as though it is locked in a permanent poker face... and even sometimes a thoughtful expression. Though when he does smile, it is always Cheshire like grin. Such is a sight that it can add to his creepy nature, but at the same time it is so rarely seen, it could be considered his truest display of happiness. As for his scars... they are to him a reminder of the past. On his right hand there are scars covering the skin on the back of his hand and along the top of his arm. There are even a few which are on his palm, and they are all quite visible, and he no longer tries to hide them.

It is not though Ryou's appearance that is the most chilling thing about him, which would surprise most people who didn't know better. It is his reiastu. The feeling of his reiastu is one that is cold, chilling, and oppressive... as though an evil spirit has entered the room. It is that haunting feeling one gets when they are being watched, or when they see something out of the corner of their eye at night move in the dark. A feeling that he love to use against people in the night who only know he is near by the fact they can feel it. Still in an odd way, it can be comforting... because feeling his reiastu means that you know you have a quite guard dog watching your back. Like his rare Cheshire cat grin though his reiastu will change, but it is only during those moments that the grin spreads across his face. It is during these times that he gives off this protective feeling of warmth and calming.

IV. Personality

Personality: Ryou could really be described as an eccentric individual. Though what makes him so is the distant air which he seems to carry himself. Not as though he is acting like he is better than others, but simply that he seems to always have his mind on something. Usually that something be his current task, and if not that then his own project... and even those could be as simple as, 'now where do I find one of those butterflies.' It is for these reasons that he can be caught mumbling to himself when he forgets there are other people around. He sometimes does this even on purpose if he doesn't want to be interrupted on something important. Which can some of the simplest thing... he takes an every cog has its purpose to what he does.

He can be quite playful towards someone he likes, normally talking to them while upside down or even using his foot as a hand. He seems to spend a lot of time floating while in coversation, or crouching... and likes to make sudden movements with his words sometimes. His laugther can vary in its from a dark child to somthing evil and ominious. He is also very very fair, at least when it comes to the games that his playful imp like side brings out. Of course he expects the same thing in return, unless it is the Mistress... she always gets to win.

Another belief that he holds is that knowledge is one of the most important things in life. He is quite the scholar whenever he finds time, but once he learns something Ryou is usually not to apt to share. If he knows something that another person doesn't then he will either use the knowledge as a teaching moment, or simply string them along with hints of what it could be. Playing mind games with others is a bit of a hobby for him. While misplaced in his methods, he really doesn't see what he does as harmful. Especially since he gets to have fun, and they hopefully learn something.

His time that is spent training things other than his mind, are also quite important to him. Which considering Ryou doesn't exactly plan events on his social calendar by choice very often, means he usually has all the time he time he needs. The very idea of being caught unprepared doesn't exactly suit his defensive, and cautious way of thinking. Which is why in his strategic thinking mind... he must constantly do his best to be ready. One can never be to ready in his mind because it is always better to be too ready, and have things run smooth, than not be ready and never get to try again. Though when training sometimes, usually if he is alone, one of his quirks come out. It is simply Ryou's impish side enjoys flash stepping. To him it is the most entertaining thing in the world to the point he will find a place away from others just to do it. In the rare times he is surrounded by people he would call friends, he will do to get places, which don't exactly need it.

Ryou's lighter side is rarely shown if at all. It is something that is usually seen by those who are close to him, or anyone his impish teacher instincts have their sights set on. Normally he is quite satisfied sitting back at the edge of gatherings in order to watch and listen, only to join if requested for or something gets his interest. Ryou's reasons for do so stem from the idea that it is always better to be prepared, and how could anyone distracted in a group be prepared. He is quite the shifty eyed fellow during these times. Which in the case of doing missions makes quite the useful person to have around, because you know that no matter how relaxed things get or how peaceful they seem at least Ryou's watching. Though it has gotten him in trouble before, because of a past tendency towards paranoid and not very careful. Such things are mostly behind him now, but even a defensive thinker like himself, always finds some paranoia useful.

Besides the good nature imp that he can be towards those whom he likes, it his darker side that is reserved for those who are his enemies. The constant cold outer shell that he seems to keep up was not originally to hold out, but to hold in. Trauma's from his past took themselves and were buried deep in his soul, and created in Ryou a firm sense of justice... though a dark sense of justice at that. It is one that stems from a desire for a desire for a revenge that has yet to be satisfied, but keeps him focused on the road ahead. Indeed his darker nature is not something to be messed with, because the angel that Ryou can be with frown, can just as easily be the devil with a grin.

One of his darker aspects has to do with his ideas of 'dark justice'. It is not something that he takes pleasure in, but it is simply something he believes is right. The idea is that justice should always be swift, and that it should always fit the crime. The one who committed the crime needs to suffer more than the victim. It is a very eye for eye type concept, only to Ryou it is an eye for two eyes type concept. It is a part of his soul that is rarely seen, simply because he understands how it sounds. The idea of mercy is not something that he will give, because his sisters were never given that. Which is why he prefers the part of his job that involves saving a soul, because beyond that point mercy is no longer an option. In fact preforming soul burials is actually one of the things that can put that Cheshire like grin on his face.

Another part of his darker nature is the fact he will manipulate people to get what he wants, be that for good... or in some cases bad. Though to him they are all good reasons. Sometimes though he simply enjoys playing mind games with people for kicks, though it is more of a benign impish sort of thing. Something he likes to do to keep the unseated squad people on their toes during the night. He has a sort of puppet master like personality to him, and if you fall victim to it he will pull the strings to make you dance. If don't though you earn his respect and admiration, and are on the way to making a very loyal friend. To him the human mind is such a fun thing to mess with, though despite the fact people can get their feelings hurt... it is not always his goal, unless he feels they deserve it. A more benign from of 'dark justice' in a sense.

He does have just one more quirk that is worth mentioning, and it started since the night his sisters died. His fingers on his damaged right hand always tap. They move back in forth in a manner that creates that same beat, if he lays that hand on a table. This only when he relaxes that hand of course, and so it doesn't affect his abilities to do his job... it is just something that adds to his mystery. In other cases... tapping can be useful to annoy a less self-disciplined opponent, especially when combined with Ryou's usual silence. When he combines this with his Shikai it can certainly make him quite menacing especially when the battle is going just the way he likes it. It allows him to give out that 'I am coming for you' type of message without speaking a word.

For all his quirks it is the Cheshire cat grin that is shown the least, and nowhere can it be found more than when he either receives a message through butterfly, or he spends time in his old district or beyond. Sometimes he does this just for the sole purpose of knowing that they will send a butterfly after him, though mostly it is because the rules matter a bit less out here. The further out in the districts he goes, the swifter one can be with justice, though he more has a penton for protecting children around the age of his sisters. Not really something that he does on purpose, it is simply that he seems to react to those situations without a second thought. Though he won't admit it, and his Zanpakutō constantly reminds him, it seems as though he is trying to make up for a failure to protect that was never his in the first place. In fact his pension for protecting younger females has always been there since that horrible night, though it is truly with most big brotherly nature that he plays this role.

When it comes to doing his job as a Shinigami and as the Captain of an entire Division, Ryou always does his best to excel. In fact it is the strategic nature of his mind that allows him to do this. Plus he will take initiative in a heartbeat when it comes to the defense of his division. If there is one thing he does well, that is spotting the breaking points and reinforcing defenses even if he has to himself. Though his protective nature of the people under his command, makes him willing to put himself at grave risk in a needless manner sometimes. He makes a good field commander, though there is no doubt to anyone who knows him that he could does a good at job in his position as a captain. His main weakness being his cold nature makes it hard for subordinates who don't know him well to approach. He is also quit cold when it comes to the numbers game, since really that is all soldiers are... a resource. Despite this knowledge he doesn't throw away lives needless, especially if he believed someone was being foolish about an order.

The is another thing that must be said about him, and his nature to be protect. This is the way he attaches himself to certain females, usually of higher rank and strength. Though they have to have earned his respect first, the main way being seeing past all his creepiness, and looking at how good he does his job or at the better size of his person. Any of his female commanders who do this earn in Ryou a sense of respect that causing the man to feel for them not as a crush… or a brotherly feeling, but as a guard dog. A guard dog that feels he that can’t let his Mistress be harmed psychically… even if it means giving his own life in the process.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: ] In'ei no Ningyôtsukai (Puppeteer of Shadows)
Zanpakutō Element: Shadows
Zanpakutō Type: Element/Kido
Zanpakutō Personality + Zanpakutō Appearance: The spirit of Ryou's Zanpakuto generally takes on the form of a lung style of dragon. Its body looks like it is a very shifty and murky color of black. Though depending on its mood it might also change to blood red or even a deep navy blue. It is quite a large creature when in this from, and enough to let its master ride on... if it is pride allowed such things. Normally the spirit can be found curled up on its flower like mushroom throne smoking from a pipe, or in some cases a hookah if it plans on being stubborn that day. At the end of its snake like body protrudes a sword, which the spirit will constantly use to keep Ryou on his guard if they are speaking. Yet all one as to do is to wait and here the spirit speak to realize there is way more than meets the eye on this creature.

The gender of Ryou's Zanpakuto doesn't exist, because it claims it doesn't have one. Plus the fact that it will talk as a female, a male, or something in between doesn't help either. Not only that, but each voice has a different personality... with the female voice being the nicer one... the male voice the more evil... and the one in between is perfectly neutral. One could wonder if it does this to mess with the mind of its owner, and in most cases this is true. Yet is really because it seems to want him to lighten up, which is why most of the time the female nature is more prevalent. Which is why his sword has the quirk of not releasing in certain situations if he doesn't seem 'enthusiastic' about the fight... or at least the way he tells it to release. Yet if the fight is with someone who Ryou hasn't tied his hair up for... then the male side comes into play. It is at this point usually that a fight to the death is what it wants... and for the sake of justice Ryou is usually happy to oblige.

Despite its playful and sometimes bloodthirsty nature, the spirit is indeed quite protective of its owner. Their relationship is very close, which relates more to Ryou's anti-social nature and also to the fact his Zanpakuto reminds him of his dead siblings. Especially when it takes it's more practical form, of shrinking down into three odd females wearing an almost dragon scale looking armor, and acting like three annoying children. One way to cheery... the other way to serious... and the middle is neutral. The happier one is a bit smaller and has a naive nature to her which kind of makes her very encouraging, and she sometimes gives out way to many hugs. The more serious one is book smart and is usually floating upside down while reading right-side up. She is always constantly readjusting her glasses, and gets annoyed when interrupted. The final one is the neutral one who seems to always try and keep the other two in control, either by knocking them over the head or yelling at them. Other than that... she is pretty a calm person.

They have named themselves based on the sword itself with the the neutral one being In'ei... and the boyish one being Sukai... while the girlish one is Ningy. They have there own quirks when they talk into Ryou's head. Usually on the part of In'ei it is the calming of the other two, or bring peace to his mind like a mother or consular. Sukai had the habit of constantly yelling and berating him like a drill sergeant, but makes it quite clear she would kill him if she could. Sukai doesn't like it when he gains new Mistressess, especially weaker ones, because she doesn't believe her Master is strong to protect them. Then finally there is Ningy, and usually she wants one thing and one thing only... for Ryou to ask to see his Mistress chest.

The spirit will usually shrink down to this from if it wants to fight with him for whatever reason, but its other state isn't really that good for such things. It also has a bit of a possessive nature as well, in the fact it doesn't like to be left alone too long. Plus it does seem to be a quite a jealous little thing sometimes, leading to some amusing moments... especially with these three wanting to keep their 'man' around. The reason for this is that his sword seems to treat him in a manner of mom/sister/girlfriend or sometimes grumpy school teacher, depending on her mood. It also depends on what form it is at the moment. With most of the annoying stuff coming from the triplets who like to mess with their master and try to get him to chase them. Working as both a game for them and training for him especially when you consider that he depends on his speed to survive. In the end despite the way it acts, Ryou has always found no other company he enjoys more than that of his spirit.
VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance: The inner world of that exist in the depths of Ryou's mind is a dark place that only he and his Zanpakuto understand. The sky is constantly red, and full of clocks that all tick to different yet very quiet beats. The entire place holds the sense of a foreboding nightmare, and even the odd jagged black crack that goes from horizon to horizon doesn't make one feel any better. Thunder is a constant sound, as though there is a storm within this place that never ends. All one has to do to is take one step into this oppressive place to realize it is not meant to be a happy one. Especially if you stare up at the sky long enough to realize one key detail... the clocks and the large crack are all frowning at you. And it is out of this crack... that two yellow lights seem to always shine like menacing eyes. That no matter where you go always follow you with a strange laugh that caresses the air.

The ground of this world is mostly made of grass that either blue or a rust colored red. Though it is usually red, and really only turns blue under the footsteps of Ryou or his Zanpakuto. The water in this twisted world is usually crimson red or oil black. It rest in various ponds were it becomes red or the rains with the look of oil that falls from the sky from a clock that strikes 12, or when the large grandfather clock strikes 12 causing a general rain from the sky. The larger plant life usually is made up of giant mushrooms that are colored either black or red, and drip an oily substance that strangely is a dark green color. Most of the larger trees themselves have the look of vines that simply twisted their way up and now in their death cling at some invisible branches in the air. Though no creatures actually live in this place, one always gets the sense they are being watched... and the sense they saw something move out of the corner of their eye.

Towards the center is its most noticeable feature, which is a large grandfather clock that is visible form almost anywhere. The base of which has a door, inside of which is quite the paradox. There are stairs going up, stairs going down, and even stairs going upside down in the same directions. There are stairs going any direction one can think of... All with arches as entrances and exits, and nothing that seems to go anywhere. Of course it is not what is inside the clock tower, but right next to the entrance. It is here sitting on a giant chair like flower, with a mushroom base... that Ryou's Zanpakuto holds its court. Waiting for its wielder to come and play whatever new game it might have for the day.

Yet the clock tower does have reason, and it does have a purpose. Because not only does the inside of it contain the mind puzzle to reach the top. It is one the top that one will find two things, the first being a game of chess... which Ryou's Zanpakuto loves to play. Then after that, is an arena, and it is here that his sword likes to hold its 'court'. It is here that it enjoys training his fighting skills, and it is also her that it likes to put them to the test. Deciding what the verdict will be... to see withier or not he is innocent and passes, or withier or not he is guilty and fails. Which usually means getting put right back at the bottom of the clock tower to play the Zanpkuto's favorite game all over again.

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance: The sheath of Ryou's Zanpakuto is very deep dark jet back, that even when polished doesn't want to shine. This color continues until 3/4th of the way up the sword, and at this point little red drip shapes start to appear in a rain like fashion. It is near the hilt that the reason is shown, in the fact that there is a metal dragon snaking around the end of the sheath with its tail ending just at the hilt. The dragon itself has two dark ruby eyes, and is made from solid onyx, yet there is enough red around the dragon to make it stand out. The odd thing is that it seems to have its teeth sunk into the sheath, and because of the design which the red takes... it almost looks as though the creature has sunk his fangs into the sword and caused it to bleed.

The hilt itself at the very butt of the sword also ends with the head of a dragon, and like the other this one is made of onyx. The actual hilt itself is a mix of red and black in an odd swirling of colors, which if one stares at they might think they see faces screaming or simply staring back at them with a grin. The guard of the weapon is much the same color, but the red is more prevalent and so balances out the other black parts. Yet it is around this guard that there is a dragon which chases its tail. The color of which is that of a deep crimson red, and looks as though it is made from very well crafted blood stone.

When worn he is perfectly comfortable doing so on either his back, or at his side, though prefers his back to keep the blade out of the way of his movement... or even maybe somewhat break the force of a surprise attack. It is the tie that is used to hold it on is what makes this interesting, because it is a bit thicker than normal, and is very well designed. In fact it even looks almost like an artist rendering of Ryou's inner world when it is unrolled out, form the tight bound he keeps it in. It actually takes a good eye to notice the five black strings he uses, and such an eye is usually a way to gain his respect.

The blade itself shows the care of its owner and is very sharp. While it holds no visible special nature in itself, it is simply the fact Ryou constantly takes care of it that leaves it in such good shape. It is not the blade itself that is fussy, but simply the owner, who quite enjoy making sure that his Zanpakuto is overly taken care. Withier it is needed or not doesn't matter... it is something about the act of taking care of his weapon that comforts him.

VIII. History

History: Sand was the last thing that he remembered. The hot blowing sand combined with the smoke of battle and the heat of the sun. Every shot was fired off frantically to keep the Marmaluk calvery from breaking through the sqaure. Besides they had the most improtant job of all... keeping there beloved genreal safe. The young French solider fired off his rifle over and over... reloading each time until the action became like clockwork. It was the act of battle, and it was somthing the young Castex adored. No matter what happened it seemed like the enemy just could not break through as the cannons were rolled out again to give the enemy a whiff of grapeshot, before being brought back to the center of the sqaure. It became more and more obvious as the seconds past that they were about to win another stunned victory thanks to Napoloen. He had never lead them astray... at least in Castex mind he hadn't. Then it seemed like in one instant everything that he wanted to be, a great general just like his leader, was stolen away. The last pyshical that he was felt was the bullet that killed him... priecing his heart and drowning him in his own blood. Laying thier on the sands he bled out wondering... why... why... why...

Now growing up at the middle of the Rukon District as the oldest child to a poor couple, Ryou found himself shaped by that which he saw around him. When he was young the world around him seemed to be a game, though it was quite a dangerous one. It was also during this time that he found his interest in learning, though for the moment he simply decided to let life be his teacher. Ryou was never one much for play, especially since he felt a need to look after his three triplet sisters. Which really became a full time job, especially in the feeding department, but going hungry every now and then was perfectly alright with him. At least that way he knew they would be ok, and for him protecting their lives was indeed all that matter. Ryou considered them to be his only friends in the world.

As he grew older a bit more of his cynical nature began to show. The injustice and lawless things that he had seen around him threatened what he cared for. Not only that, but in a way he didn't like feeling powerless to do anything about it. Not that he didn't gain a few bumps and bruises trying. In the end though, Ryou simply found that he did not have the brute strength to do anything about it himself. So he decided to try his best to actually get stronger, since complaining about a problem without trying to fix it would be no good. Still the nature of his living conditions provide for only a limited scope of development, at least in the psychical sense. So instead he decided that for now an expansion of the mind would work.

It was around this time that he began to wonder about potentially trying to see if he could pass the exam into the academy. The worry about his sisters and withier or not they could even survive without him is what held him back. Besides for all he knew at the moment the young man wasn't really sure if he had any latent spiritual abilities that would be necessary. He would sometimes laugh to himself in amusement that the blissful nature of ignorance might have allowed him to break from this place. In the future there were many time in which he wished that he would have. Especially when the night came that poor Ryou would find his own soft mirror image cracked in two.

It was on a soft pale night... the kind which Ryou enjoyed most of all, because the light of the full moon in the sky. He sat on the ground, leaning against the wall of his parents’ home, after he had slipped out the window. The world seemed so silent and peaceful, that Ryou was for once in his life lulled in a false sense of security. It was one that made him dismiss the movement that he saw out of the corner of his eye, as simply something else. It would be when he finally stood up and returned into the room that he shared with his sisters... he found horror lay within. The three bodies of his sisters lying there dead and bleeding on the bed, with a diminutive hollow standing over them. At this point though the idea of the killer had become irrelevant, because Ryou could only see red.

It was not the sight of death that made him snap, but it was the death of the only three people he cared about. He moved towards the bed without a second thought as to what could happen, and luckily caught the thing off guard as he pinned it by the neck to the wall. Lucky for Ryou it was quite small, but the claws that had killed his sister by then were starting to rip into his hand. In the end though, the pain didn't matter and he kept squeezing in order to choke it. The young man would have probably lost the use of his hand had something else not been tipped by the emotion of the moment. It was a sudden light that shown from his hand, which made the hollow squeal and at the same time made Ryou cover his eyes. During this moment he did his best to not let go, and only ended up loosening his grip, yet he swears that he felt it slippery body get away.

When the young man opened his eyes he looked around and found that the creature was gone, and his hand which was bleeding profusely... had luckily only received numerous deep flesh wounds. Standing there Ryou just kept shaking and sweating, with the only sound in the room being blood drops hitting the floor from his hand as well as his heavy breathing. He couldn't take his eyes off the bed, were his sisters lay. Eventually the shock caught up to him and he felt like he was going to vomit, though it was just as he gave into the act... he realized for a moment where he was standing. His bloody hand catching himself on the wall and his other hand covering his mouth as he swallowed it back with a certain fire in his eyes. One that soon chilled to ice, as emotion drained out of his face... and the old Ryou died... a new one born. He knew it was best to leave now, and so he slipped out the window and into the night.

He knew what he was looking for as carried a knife in hand. Ryou had learned a long time ago that one could find out a lot of things, if you listened to conversations of those who were not sober. Needless to say he was sure that justice being carried out in any manner here in this place would be quite fitting. Hopefully enough to prove himself to the Shinigami, especially the one he had in mind. So he found his prey lying asleep with probably no guilty feelings in his soul... and did what needed to be done. Also making sure the proof was in the bag. Needless to say that when Ryou found the Shinigami and handed over his prize with his injured hand, making sure to ask the very small bounty be given to his parents. It was a bit of a tense moment to say the least, but he soon found himself pointed on his way. Luckily his more manic emotions were causing his Spirit energy to show again.

He was also a bit on the fortunate side that the exam happen to be on the same day, because Ryou didn't exactly wanted it treated till afterward. The field dressing which was on it for the moment was quite good enough for him until he was done. Besides he found the test to be somewhat easy and was quickly accepted into a place he had always been curious about. Now that he was there though... the young man found he was a bit annoyed. In his mind they were all technically preparing for war so he did find himself wondering why the others didn't spend more time studying. That was really all Ryou ever did was bury his nose in his books and practice Kido after they had taught him. He never neglected practicing with his sword either, but his constant defensive nature did get a little on the nerves of his trainers. It took Ryou a bit to find that offensive point of his Zanpakuto, of course this was on probably the best day for him at the academy overall.

It was the day they were taught to Shunpo, and the very concept made him say, "Wait... I can do that?" Not that he had never seen it before, it was simply he had never known the name. The moment he learned how put a Cheshire cat like grin on his face and for once in his life it stayed for an entire week. The normally overly serious Shinigami who was now close to the middle of his second year and looked to possibly graduate by the end of his third. Was moving around the place till he was sweating bullets. Even small unneeded distance just because he could, and that included taking any delivery task he could just so that he could simply do it again. As for his Zanpakuto it would be now that it would start to speak, because it's was growing jealous of him playing his own little game... and not it's.

Very soon Ryou began to hear voices in the dark when he walked. Voices in the dark when he slept, and voice in the night when meditated. Mostly they were blurred, but soon became clear as three separate voices speaking to him. At first because of the time in which it usually happened he simply passed it off as imaging thing. That was until he woke up in a cold sweat to the words, "No more silly little boy." With that he felt the floor fall out from under him and he felt like he was tumbling away from the light of the moon... down a deep dark hole. Soon passing out form the fall that seemed to go on and on.

What seemed like minutes later he awoke and looked around, to a world that could only be described as a nightmare. To Ryou though, it only made him curious because he realized quickly where he was... his inner world. The Shinigami laugh with his normally creepy manner of doing so, as he listened to the sounds of the clocks. "I guess I better not be late then..." With those words he walked towards the large clock tower in the middle of the realm. Passing by giant mushrooms that he reached out to touch, an even taste the goo that dripped form them. Realizing very quickly... the taste of iron... exactly what it was. The oil that dripped form the sky was indeed amusing to him, but he hid from it during his trip and soon reached the towers base. It was there that he found what he was seeking.

Sitting back on its favorite spot was a lung dragon, curled up in a flower like throne that sat on top of a mushroom. There sitting next to the creature was a large hookah which it used every few moments, and then blew out the smoke from its giant nostrils. Ryou watched as the creature looked down at him, and a moment of silence pasted, before the spirit asked, "Who R U" The letters coming form it's lips in smoke and each word was said with a different gender speaking. Ryou's fingers started taping on the hilt of his sword, as he realized that this was his spirit. Another cackle sprang, from his throat at the irony, "I think you know the answer to that." The dragon grinned in amusement at the Shinigami's reply, "Indeed I do, and I suspect you want the same answer?"

Though a chance to answer was never given as the spirit took off with hookah in hand saying, "Make it through the Clock tower and speak to me at the top." The spirit had barely left his sight before he darted in the door only to be stopped in his tracks at the site of the paradox before. Stairs going in every direction, and he heard a female voice echoing, "Come now silly Shinigami. Don't get lost, and find your way up." After a period of time though, everything seemed to be a blur, as the sword loved to mess with the game. The shadows sometimes shifting and in confusing the young man. The dragons disembodied head in the sky looking and laughing at him, while at the same time encouraging him. Even by the time he woke up the next morning he had gotten no were. That was its rule... only when you dream and only at night. Though eventually after a couple of days the top was reached and there she sat waiting, "Oh good boy. Glad you could join us. Would you like a game of chess?"

With those words a board appeared in her palm, and she said, "Beat me once and we can move on... lose and you have to climb all the way back up." So the chess game began, and very quick Ryou found that something he so prided himself in doing was something that he was simply a novice. The spirit seemed to take great pleasure at his losses, though it seemed different somehow. The personality was calm and wise, and also a bit more sage like. The Shinigami learned fast, because the Zanpakuto taught him, but would never tell the answers. He quick realized this was the middle personalities challenge... just like the last had been that of the female. It was not long before he eventually was able to beat the spirit, and at the moment he spoke the words, "Checkmate." A claw was at his throat and the board crashing down... the male he realized... is the evil side.

Pulling out his sword he jumped into the area nearby, as suddenly the dragon split into three spirits. The fighting that came next battered Ryou's body and hardened his soul even more. There was only one rule... he could not leave until he had won. However that was achieved was not the swords problem, but it wouldn't trust itself to someone who it didn't respect. So for the next five days Ryou fought a guerilla style battle in his own inner world. Both sword and master ripped each other apart and drug each other down into the darkness to show there true nature. Only Ryou has seen how evil his Zanpakuto can be, just like it has seen what its master is capable of. The mind games and tactics he beat his own sword with shaped him into the fighter that he later became, and when the final of the three surrendered and the dragon carried it's tried master back to the top of the clock tower. It gave him a hug before settling back into its throne, and went back to simply smoking its hookah. Tried at this point, and sick of its Ryou stood and through eyes that had never been colder, and a voice never more threating he said, "Now answer... Who R U?" With a laugh the dragon replied with amusement, "Why my dear you know the answer to that." With those words it blew out smoke letters spelling, "In'ei no Ningyôtsukai". All the while waving good bye as he woke up in a sick bed.

Still he could not get his Zanpakuto to give him its release phrase. All he would get when he tried to ask was a bonk on the head and the word 'baka' when in its male voice. When the natural or female voice it will either offer another game of chess or some tea, along with an amused giggle in the case of the female side. It would be half way through his third year that he would finally see her shadow. As with such places like the academy, not everyone is nice to each other. It was as he walked down a hall way that he heard a silent commotion from up ahead, and so curious he looked up a bit. A noticed some of the more annoying upperclassmen from the 5th year... all 11th division wanna bees by the looks of them, were hassling that 4th year girl who had unlocked her Shikai only days ago. Across the little pond form were he meditate. He could only assume it was a more kido based from, by their words and frankly Ryou found himself getting more and angrier.

His eyes grew cold, as his hair hung in front of his face when he spoke. "Excuse me... I think you gentlemen have had enough fun for today." The three guys only took enough time to look at him as one said, "Hey... check him out." The then simple laughed and went back to their prize. Ryou notice though, that she still looked at him, and he looked back through those hairs that created his curtain. With a sigh he just shook his head, "Bad move..." Another chance to use his favorite move, as he disappeared and reappeared causing the three guys to step back. Ryou didn't say a word, but simple pointed down the hall. He didn't want anyone to get in trouble, especially himself. His silence only pissed them off more as did fact his eyes didn't meet theirs when they spoke... he only saw red start to cloud his vision... and then the sight of his spirit wink. As she blew out in smoke the words "Ayatsuru In'ei no Ningyôtsukai". Which the Shinigami simply mumbled in reflex.

Then as quickly as the moment had started... the whole thing was over. One of the guys had stopped his fist only inches form impaling on Ryou's outstretched finger. His restisu had grown so chilling and dark that the trio stumbled over each to run. Ryou expected of course to turn and find the girl had done the same, but she had not. Just standing there smiling at him. It was ironically on this day that he finally released his sword that he would also find the only person at the academy he called friend. So before disappearing off with a flash step... he gave her his Cheshire like grin.

The sad thing was he didn't get much time to know his friend well, because he was able to accomplish his goal of cutting his time at the Academy in half. After graduation he was enrolled in the 8th division, and soon found that his time could be much better spent. Not only that he was able to train more, and actually do things to help the people of Rukon, whom he felt needed a bit of 'dark justice' in order to help them. Especially in the areas of his old district and beyond. He was soon able to raise himself up to 7th, and then his current rank of 6th seat through hard work. His chilling nature meant he wasn't going to get anywhere on the back of have social graces, but you could be damn sure that few worked and trained more than him. Still even to this day, the lower ranked people who actually know him say that he needs to relax more. To which he always replies in a sarcastic manner, "When every hollow lies dead at my feet, and my sisters’ killer is in my clutches." Words that are always spoken with a Cheshire cat grin.

It was within his Division that the Shinigami quickly found his spot, or his home as he likes to call it. Finally having a group of people that at least seemed to accept him, was quite refreshing, and made him quite defensive of the 7th. He also found that for once he was being rewarded for his hard work in the fact that he was given 6th seat out of the academy. Something that he found quite ironic to be sure, but like in Academy it was always work and training that came first. His rise through the ranks was a bit faster than most, yet this was related to the fact that Ryou seemed to be quite the strategic mind. Not when it came to fighting, but battlefield tactics, and so his use as a commander was seen. It was his dog like loyalty to his division ended up slowing this advancement towards the higher ranks more than anything else. This did not bother him in the least though, since Kurosawa quickly realized that ranks were just numbers and his power was his own. War was a meatgrinder, and he knew all he had to do was to be the one who came out on top in that manner, in order to prove that he was not just some silly Mad Dog as others sometimes called him.

Of course the Shinigami was not sitting on his laurels during this time either, and spent quite a bit of time training. His desire to protect his Mistresses had always been an overwhelming force that drove his training. There was also the added bonus that it allowed him to spend time with his sword spirit... even if that ment quite a few 'tea partys' after he had lost a game of chess. Slowly claiming up the ranks like a spider to it's prize. Ryou eventually reached the rank of Vice-Captian when he was promoted form third seat after the former Lieutenant had gotten themselves killed by leading an ill advised tactical strike. The loss of his former supiror in a manner he felt he could have prevented has haunted him a bit, given that Ryou calls not speaking up more, 'His biggessst stratgic missstake'.

It was during his time as Vice-Captain that he finally achieved Bankai, though it was again in this moment that he had to let out the very monster that held inside. The very way he had acted to achieve his Shikai was on display when he obtained his Bankai, though luckily no one was around to see it. Only In’ei, Sukai, and Ningy who knew what would happen if they pushed him that far, and played with there master the ultimate game. In the end though the three again submitted to another major loss and Ryou achieved his Bankai. It would not be long after that to his disappoint, that his Captain wouldn’t be around anymore. Ryou’s dog like nature, meant he had made no attempts to become the Captain through combat, but here he was being promoted to that spot. Which at the start wasn’t really an idea that appealed to the man at all, but eventually he warmed up to it. As he considered the fact it was easier to protect the division this way.

IX. Other

RP sample: The blood and oil soaked world that he walked through had the Shinigami smiling softly. He knew the pain would come soon, but for now at least he could enjoy the scenery. Of course that was when he noticed something… out of place. A few large black rats that sat in the bushes and were wearing little red bell man suits with top hats on their heads. The creature had such a vicious look to them he wonder for a moment if they were a part of the game. It was just as that thought crossed his mind that he heard In’ei’s voice say, “Not exactly my little Shinigami. No… They are just the reward for when you fail. Besides we needed some guest.” Arching his eyebrows he looked around and pulled out his sword, “What exactly do you mean some guest?” A laugh echoed out, and Ryou knew his spirit was in her triplet state. “Why my dear… for tea.” Her laughter seemed to fade away as Ryou quickly flash stepped away, trying to escape the ambush by heading into the nearby trees. Only to hear a sudden noise and feel a sudden pain as Sukai’s voice whispered in his ear, “Found you…” The glasses wearing spirit slammed her elbow into her masters belly.

Ryou was sent flying out of the forest as In’ei said in her sage like manner, “You need to pay attention more…” Her fist slamming him down towards the ground where Ningy waited saying, “My turn to play.” As she smacked him with the reverse side of her blade into the side of the clock tower. The pain… it felt so bad, even here in this inner world. Though it didn’t really bother him, it was only pain after all. Something to be laughed at as he sat there listening to Sukai screaming while being held back by In’ei. “You little twerp, I am going to kick your teeth out when I get down that. My master is not that weak. If you’re not up betims I get down there your dead.” Yet all Ryou did was to sit there and look down at the ground in contemplation, as held his hand to his belly. Those bitches had broken his ribs. He barely had a chance to move before a hand had his collar and he realized they were floating up to the level at the top of the clocktower…

His raven hair covered his face completely as it looked right at Sukai. She glared and adjusted her glasses… the more masculine of the three. Sukai was like a small boy, and at the same time she was the most evil. Yet he could sense the other two flanking him, not saying a word… it was just him and Sukai, “You stupid idiot… you have been fighting like trash. You haven’t won ‘The Clocktower’ the past couple of years. Is it that damn human? We replaced your sisters… Tiacho replaced your sisters. You need no one else…” The wind blew a bit reveling an eye that looked right into Sukai’s eye, “Be gald you are my greatessst love. Were you anyone essle you would be dead.” His voice was so cold and ominous, with an obvious killing intent. The venom almost seemed to pour form every syllable. Though at those words Ningy began to giggle as Sukai slapped him across the face, “If you can’t even win a game that you could win 50 years ago… what makes you think you can protect that Donna bic…” Though her words were not even finished as Ryou’s sword slammed into face, his eyes filled with a psychotic rage. The blow knocked Sukai flying into the forest below.

The other two followed her path down towards the forest, with there eyes, were a loud bam registered hitting the ground. Look back the sight of their master they saw… was of his back to them. Walking back towards the clock tower through the air, while running his now bladed fingers through his hair. They young Shinigami muttered to himself, “Ssso you want to drag out the rabid beasst again? Becausse it isss to late. I will not let even you guysss insssult Missstress Donna and get away with it.” So with his weapon hand over his eye he looked back at them with a psychotic grin and while his tongue stuck out at them, before charging. Heading between the other two and into the forest, who quickly followed. It had happened like the very first time he learned his Zanpakuto’s name… the monster he held inside was out. So with his black hair flying behind him in the wind he crash through the trees were he saw Sukai defenseless he yelled, “I am coming for you Sssukai…” Slamming his hand into the shadow of a tree branch the man made a tendril shot out in her direction while flash stepping backward in the direction of Ningy who was moving to fast through the air. The man caught her right in the face with his claws as she went tumbling past, but disappeared to regroup. Looking around the Shinigami realized that his tendril had not done the damage he wanted it to do, “Come out… come out Sssukai.” Moving to a nearby branch he felt a pain go through his entire body and felt ready to collapse, but stuck his blades into the tree truck to catch himself.

Falling forward a bit he coughed up a little blood… he knew that his speed would certainly be down form here. Had he not got caught off guard by Sukai, things would probably have worked out. His one eye that showed through his hair looked behind him to try and find the trio at the moment he heard, “Eyes front retard…!!”He looked forward just in time to have Sukai’s foot slam into his face and knock him out of the tree. Leaving his Shikai, which turned back into the sword stuck in the truck. The more evil of the trio could only laugh at her victory as she yelled, “Yes… take that… I beat your ass. You lose at Clocktower again.” Standing there shaking her butt at him in the most childish manner Ryou growled as he stood up and pointed at her and said softly the incantation, though yelled the spell, "Sokatsui 33…” Sukai of course had only time to squeal as she was blown away by the attack. The ‘Dark Puppeteer’ smirked, as he fell back exhausted and in pain… quite a bit of pain.

Though he found himself simply staring up at In’ei’s face… she was back to her normal large form. Smiling at him, “Did you know darling if you where anyone else I would have killed them for such failure. You though just look so sssweet doing it I have to make you feel all better at your own tea party.” She spoke with such a motherly tone it was hard to believe the words that came form her lips sounded as affectionate as they did. The lung gently picked her owner up in her coils laughing as she took him towards The Clock Tower… It would be here that a few hours later that Ryou was sitting there in the area on top… tied to a chair. Dressed with a stove top hat and rats sitting in chairs at the table of which he was at the head… Though In’ei had pulled his hair back in a ponytail to reveal a Cheshire cat like grin, that also displayed rage as tea was drank in front of him. His ribs where in pain and the rats where ruining his tea table, by throwing pots everywhere. Still he grinned and it was through his grin he said… “Next time I ssswear In’ei I am going to sssmash your face in so hard love… your hilt is going to crack in the real world.” The thread only made the dragon laugh as she flicked his forehead, “Just try it… little Shinigami.”

Face claim: Xerxes Break form Pandora Hearts

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