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on Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:41 pm

Object Name: Gintō
Type of Object: 5 centimetre long silver tube.
Object Ability/Function: A Gintō, or Silver tube, is a 5 centimetre long silver tube, full of liquefied Reiryoku. It is used as a long range conduit for a school of offensive magic used by the Quincy. Gintō tubes are required to use any form of Gintō techniques.
Object History: The history of the Gintō is a simple one. The first Quincy developed the Gintō tubes as an attempt to replicate the Hadō of the Shinigami. They could not project their Reiryoku into an attack in the same way as the Shinigami did, but by containing it in a vessel, the Silver tube, the Quincy could use toss the liquefied Reiryoku, and then detonate it with an incantation. This allowed them to perform Hadō like techniques in addition to their typical projectile combat.
Quantity: Thirty
Seele Schneider:

Object Name: Seele Schneider
Type of Object: A Reiryoku arrow. Silver base, extendable Reiryoku tip.
Object Ability/Function: The Seele Schneider is a Reiatsu Arrow that also doubles as a blade. It's handle is a thin hilt like structure made of Reishi enhanced silver that spans 9 inches in length. It has a thin loop protruding from it's base, allowing the Quincy to hold it while they fire it. The other end is simply a flat area, preventing the Reiryoku inside from spilling out until the Quincy desires it. Once the wielder sends a Reiryoku pulse into the weapon, it's blank end opens, and it produces a blade that spans 26 inches. This blade is made out of pure Reiryoku, condensed together to create a dense vibrating mass of Reiryoku. The Seele Schneider loosens the bonds between spirit particles, allowing it to cut through energy based techniques up to Intermediate rank with ease. While talented users in Schwertkunst can wield this as a makeshift katana, it is itself an arrow. The Seele Schneider can also be used in certain high rank Gintō techniques.
Object History: The Seele Schneider was created shortly after the advent of the Gintō tubes. It was developed as a way for less talented Quincy to defeat opponents of superior strength. It takes liquidized Reiryoku and condenses it into a heavily vibrating blade, which then fuels itself by devouring nearby sources of Reishi.
Quantity: Five
Reishi Henkan-Ki Pill:
Object Name: Reishi Henkan-Ki Pill
Type of Object: Pills
Object Ability/Function: This pill converts Kishi into Reishi. This allows mortal beings to enter Soul Society, Hueco Mundo and other spiritual realms without being destroyed.
Object History: This pill was developed by the Quincy to give them a way to viably travel to other realms. The mortal body is made of Kishi, a particle that cannot exist beyond the mortal realm. As such, the Quincy must take this pill to allow them to enter these realms. The Quincy willingly gave this technology to the Fullbringer, as it couldn't be used against them, only their enemies
Quantity: One
Sanrei Glove:

Object Name: Sanrei Glove
Type of Object: Gauntlet
Object Ability/Function: The Sanrei glove was a device designed to enhance the power of gifted Quincy. It is a device designed to repel spirit particles, which makes it far more difficult for a Quincy to summon their bow. This reduces the Quincy's viability in Geist Sammlung by five tiers. This means that the Quincy must be at least Expert rank in Geist Sammlung to even be able to wear the glove. The Quincy must then learn to function normally while wearing it. This requires a training session of at least 6000 words. Once this happens, The Quincy can function normally while wearing their glove, removing the Geist Sammlung drawback. Once the Quincy removes the glove, it will be destroyed, activating a forbidden Quincy technique known as "Letzt Stil" details of which can be found in the Bogenschießen technique library.
Object History: The Sanrei glove is a device designed to augment the combat power of experienced Quincy. By repelling Reishi, it forces the Quincy to increase their ability to control Reishi. By mastering their ability to control particles while wearing the Sanrei Glove, they are then able to perform "Letz Stil" a forbidden Quincy technique where they sacrifice their powers to get a temporary dramatic increase in power.
Quantity: One

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