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3rd Batallion General

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on Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:14 am

I. Personal Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Al and The Hunter of 3rd Battalion
22 (What he will look like for the rest of his life.)
Reiryoku Colour:

II. Vandenreich Information


III. Appearance

A scar on his left pex starting at the top of his neck bone and going straight down to his abs, and a scar over his right shoulder, starting on the middle of his back and going to the tip of the shoulder blade.
General Appearance:
Not exactly like a person who looks like he is from the military Yuuta has majorly slimmed down since his time in the force. He is build like runner, and each muscle is defined really well. Being a little more lankly than most people in his family his arms seem to be longer than they are suppose to be. Making his arms look longer than his chest.
Fading away from the military look Al wears what looks like an old fashion duster. Being dark blue and black, always being buttoned up. Underneath it is a white button up with a vest on it. His black slacks match everything making him look refine. Wearing a heavy duty leather belt the buckle of it has the cross that his family is so proud of. The only thing that he still wears from the military is his black combat boots that you can see your reflection in. He wears glasses now for reading purposes. Even though his sight seems to be fine. His hair is long but well kept. Going down to his chest it looks like it is meant to be there. He keeps the back in a pony tail for his own reasons.

IV. Personality

Even at a young age Al has not been on to talk much. His parents worried at his young age, due to the fact he did not start talking until he was 3. By then he was already forming full sentences, that seemed to baffle his parents at the time. Wondering if he was mentally ill or just not talkative. This has carried on even in school. Not talking much people seemed to flock to him, everyone wanted to hang out with him no matter the age he was. He just attracted people to him, and he never questioned it. He often uses facial expressions to let people how he feels about the conversation. He always let actions speak louder than words. Something he lives by, and will most likely for the rest of his life. He is very down to earth and sarcasm sometimes eludes him when people using it against him. Often to the point and a no mess around guy, he expects to get things done asap. Lastly he has a very 'prey, and hunter' look on life. He believes that are two type of people in this world. The prey who run around and try to survive day to day, and the hunters. People who hunt the prey to prove there worth to the other hunters. Unlike other Quincyes he does not look down on the other races, just see them as prey.
Al loves weapons, and often can be found looking at a weapon magazine, or his collection at home. He is crazy about them, but the fact that they help him become the hunter makes him very happy inside. Al also loves the company of others, even though he does no talk much. Often you can find him on a date with a woman just listening to her go on about her day. It is not a love relation date sometimes, he is often just seen one. He usually seen with the same woman for quiet a while also. He likes clubs, and social activities like that too.
Feeling weak has always left a taste of hatred in Al's mouth. He to avoid this he often works out and never stays still for that long of a period. He often drops down and do push ups when he thinks that he is bored, or when he has nothing better to do. Also he hates pears, he does not know why. Everything that has to do with pears just drives him up the wall. Flavor, texture, the shape, he just does not like it. He also hates when people expect other people to save them. He understands that if you give it your all and your still losing, but people who do not give it their all because they know help is coming frustrates him to no end.
His will to get stronger everyday is what motivates Al to the ends of the earth. He refuses to fall behind to anyone. More importantly he refuses to lose any fights. His power comes from inside himself. Even though he does have other motivations, for example he does not want other families to suffer losing a love one to a hollow. Most people that lose a love one to a hollow. He has a distinct taste for the Hollow prey and wants to hunt them all. The last thing that motivates him is the sunrise of tomorrow. He always watches it, makes him proud to know that as a prey he can't be hunted. As a hunter he can hunt another day.
Al fears only one thing in life, and what he fears is not even really a fear. Just a normal reaction of living, he has a mild fear of death. Its not bad enough to stop him for any reason he just does not want to die for any reason. He refuses to die, and he will only die when he is ready to die. The fact that he refuses to die makes him more vicious when he gets close to death. He learned as a Quincy with enough spiritual energy he can live for as long as he wishes.

V. Quincy Information

Quincy Cross Appearance:
Next to both of his dog tags there are one more tag. He is flat like the rest of them but instead of being information about him, it is a cross. At first glance it looks like a normal cross, but when closely looked at it. The cross is a sword that goes horizontal and a spear that goes straight down. On the top of the spear it is decrated with ribbons. and at the tip of the sword it looks like blood is coming down it. At the tip of the spear its reads Stärke (Strong in German).
Kojaku Appearance:
A pure black bow that is as long as him. It stands from the top of his boot and the tip of it goes to his eye. This bow is very large and meant to shoot people from a distance. Both tips are imbreded with metal and have the cross on his dog tags on both sides.

VI. History

History of Alaric Herrmann
Alaric was born into a normal middle class family. His father was a police officer, and his mother was teacher at the local school. As an infant he learned to crawl and walk at a very young age. His family found this very promising and were excited by this. Unfortunately this quickly changed due to the fact he was not making any word like sounds or anything like that by the age he was suppose too. His family thought he was a mute until he was 4 years old when he went up to his mother and told her "Mother I require some water." That day his mother has never cried so much. His father was really proud of him also, but decided that his son needed to be the best at everything. No matter what it was.

Al's father was a Quincy in his off time, fighting hollows and trying to make his town a safe place to live for everyone. He knew that his son would have to do this also, so he must prepare his son now for the future. At the age of four when other children were out playing and having fun with there friends Al was studying with his father. Al did not mind it at all his father was kind and always there for him. He just enjoyed the fact that his father was just there. Al could quickly pick up everything that he was suppose to learn. His father quickly learned that Al had photographic memory and was very proud of this. Al did not even know what that meant at the time and really did not care. He was having fun learning his addition.

After much academic learning his father began to train his body, with much training. Every morning everything started with 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups. Even if he could not get that far, he was required to at least attempt it that young. Al found this to be a good challenge and tried to finish it everyday. It made his father proud to see how much he was progressing as a warrior. Eventually Alaric was being called the little warrior of the house. At the age of six he was able to finish both task and go even further. Do one hundred of them at a time making him strong in the human world. He would eventually start doing pull ups and other things that he father would show him. This made Al happy due to the fact he got to see his dad smile every day.

At the age of eight Al had abnormal reading and math skills as a student. Leaving everyone behind he quickly was place in high grades due to the fact of being a genius. Never getting picked on due to the fact that he would hurt the person picking on him. Not badly just a punch or so, but enough to knock them out. Even though this concerned his mother, his father was happy non-the less. His fathers smile of approval is all that he needed.

At the age of ten he finished middle school leaving all the others students in the dust. His intellect knew no bounds and he still studied with his father every day when he was in middle school. Even though he had a hard time making friends Al made friend with someone older than him. He was a fellow genius but he was lazy unlike Al. It was Al's only friend. Oddly enough both parents approved due the fact of others boy intellect. Him being a natural smart, and Al was learn smart. The parents thought it would be a good mixture of the two.

Both of the friends decided that they would try to graduate early, and both tried really hard to pass all their classes. This posed no problem to either of them making them feel great about themselves. Al's friend decided to start working out with him, getting even more approval from the Herrmann family. They both graduated at the age of sixteen and were ready to start going to college. Unfortunately Alaric would stop here due to family issues.

Alaric lost of Father

A week after graduation his father was called to go investigate on a mysterious disappearance of a girl. This was normal since some people thought that his father was a physic of some sort. A medium to the other side, a 'Ghost Cop' was his nickname. It was just another job for his father and he thought nothing of it. So his father decided to take him along. When arriving there, many of their family members and close friends were there. It was also very odd due to the fact that they were all wearing white.

"What the hell is going on Father?" Alaric asked his dad, when they got there. It was confusing to see this. His father just shook his head and looked back at him. "You need to go home. There is a book on the top shelf of my study. I want you to read that book. Master that book." Alaric was mad by now, he did not like being left out in the dark. He looked off into the distance and saw a white figure with what looked like a scythe for a hand. He was not familiar with what was going on. Alaric proceeded to run home and run into the study of his father and grab the book that he was talking about.

Tears streamed down the face of Alaric Herrmann as he read the first words of the books 'To my loving son, who has done nothing but make me proud. If you are reading this, I am dead or about to die. You are a proud creature my son, so I am proud to tell you. You are Quincy, a hunter of demons. In this book you will learn everything you need to know.' After that last sentence he could not see any more, due to the fact his vision was so blurred due to the tears on his face. He slightly cried as he realized what was going on. After a few seconds like this he ran off back to where his father was. Only to come up to everyone that was there beaten. Most of them alive, but badly injured. Shaking he continued to walk into the small house that the creature was hiding in to find his father dead with nothing but cuts everywhere on his body. Crying so hard he was choking Al could do nothing, but fall to his knee. He just cried on his fathers corpse until more Quincy came to help him.

Quincy Training and Military Life

After his fathers death Alaric was a mess. He decided not to go to college after that, he lost all reason to live pretty much. It was a dark time for Al, he would just read that book non-stop. It made sense to him, but it did not seem very realistic. He knew what a Hollow was now and why the needed to fight them, but there was nothing about a scythe hollow. Which really frustrated him, but at the same time what could he do against it. Al understood how to make the basic Quincy bow and after two years of practice he excelled at making a solid on. It was black, unlike the white uniformed that the other Quincy wore. He learned from the other local Quincy's what he could not teach himself, and surprisingly all the Quincy were willing to teach them their way and to make him a warrior.

This lasted for two years, even though Alaric kept up with his studies and stayed smart as ever. Due to him refusing to fail at anything. The only thing keeping him going is the fact that he wanted to become a Quincy like his father, and to become stronger than him. Unfortunately being a Quincy did not pay the bills that his mother and him still had to pay. His mother started to work two jobs to support the house while Al was still underage and could not work in the normal work force. Hitting the age of 18 he had to find out what to do with his life and in a hurry. Unable to stand being so economically weak, he decided to join the German National Guard with his best friend. They decided this would be the best, and allow them to put there body to a more physical test.

Unfortunately for them, boot camp was a joke after what they went through with Al's father. It was a really simple six months, and they had no issues at all. Except the fact they try not to make themselves look that special due to the fact they just wanted in; that was it. They finished boot camp and proceeded to do what they had to do for the income that they needed. They even moved in together as roommates, and his friend never questioned why he was reading such a weird book. All they had to do was stay in for four years and then they could get out.

During this time Al's found out he loved to shoot guns, and everything about them. He just enjoyed what they were and how they could be used. So he spent some free time looking up guns. He eventually volunteered for a sniping position that they were training people for. This was quiet uneventful for he learned all about sniping quickly and learned the benefits of long range fighting. He also knew the downfall of it too and tried to figure out how to correct that. As a Quincy he was stuck using a bow, which he did not mind as much. Still the fact if a Hollow got close to him he would be at a disadvantage. He passed the classes with ease and lived his four years in the military with no issues.

Death of a Friend

After leaving the military services Al took up being a tutor at the local schools only working when he needed the money. His best friend joined the police force and quickly climbed the rank of being an officer. Al decided to do the same, but with the Quincy. Quickly becoming well known through the Quincy he was powerful among them. Nothing could stop him, he was starting to feel like he could take on any Hollow that came to threaten his home town.

Awoken by the sounds of his roommate getting ready for work Al noticed it was early morning. Way earlier that when he was suppose to be working. He went out to see what was going on. His best friend explained to him that people were mysteriously getting killed for no reason at all. He was going to go investigate it with some white mediums, just in case it was a ghost. Alaric knew deep down inside what was going on and decided to join him. Just in case something went wrong. Upon arriving to the scene they were horrified to see body parts of people just everywhere. Al knew what was happening, it was the same thing his father investigated years ago. Telling his best friend to run it was too late. Looking up he saw a giant Hollow outside. Trying to stop another accident he saw that his friend could see it too. "What the hell is that thing!" His best friend yelled. Just running to grab him out of the way he was too slow as he saw his best friend get picked up and eaten. Killed on the spot, with no way of surviving. Enraging Al blacked out only to awaken to the beast being dead. He was surround by Quincy and he was told that he was ready to protect the world from the evil of the Hollow. Al knew that in this world, it was be hunted. Or do the hunting, and he refused to be so weak.
He quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming stronger than anyone in his 3rd squad.
Word count for General 3rd Battalion:
VII. Other

RP sample: Waking up to the sun Al noticed that he slept in later than he wanted too. He wanted to wake up at dawn to see the new day. Even though he felt like he saw the dawn already. Slowly getting out of bed he let out a small groan to hear a girl sigh come from his bed. Eye twitching he looked behind him to notice a girl in his bed again.

'Oh that is right, I took her home after seeing her beaten on the street.' He thought to himself. Why she had to sleep in his bed; God only knew. Putting on his usual attire he walked by his old roommate room, where now another Quincy stayed. They were not closed at all, but it was someone to talk to. He did not have to worry about letting anything slip out about the Hollows or anything about them.

Walking into the kitchen Al went up to the coffee pot and hit the switch to make fresh coffee. Opening up his cupboards he grabbed his frosted mini wheat and poured himself a bowl of cereal. 'I wonder what is on the news' Al thinks to himself as he goes to the couch and flips on the T.V. "This is a emergency broadcast! The local shop is being attacked by an unknown entity and is being investigated by some mediums right now! We would love to show you the coverage but our cameras can't seem to get anything there." Said the woman on the Television.

Al knew that person was a Quincy, just doing her job of covering up what Quincyes actually did in this town. Sighing Al stood up and grabbed his sniper rifle from his closet. Waking the woman up. "I am sorry if I woke you, I have to go to work. Help yourself to anything in the pantry and fridge." He tells her as he walks out the door. "Wait! What do you do with a gun that big?!" The girls exclaims as he walks out the door. "I hunt ghosts." He tells her seriously as he stops at his doorway. "I have never seen a ghost before!" The girl squeaks out. Smiling he looks back her and says one thing.

"You're welcome."

Face claim: Selavis (Noise -voice of snow-)



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