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on Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:25 am

I. Personal Information

First Name: Kreiger
Last Name: Vonbreider
Alias(es): Eisen Klinge (Iron Blade)
Gender: Male
Age: 410
Birthday: May 5th
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Vandenreich Information

Battalion: 5th
Rank: General

III. Appearance

Height: 5'11
Weight: 165
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Tattoo/scars: Burn marks running down the right half of his body.
General Appearance: While of average height Kreiger is well built and wears a tight shirt with the quincy symbol on it. He also wears a dark hooded cloak with a wrist bracelet of the quincy symbol on his right wrist.

IV. Personality

Personality: Kreiger has a rather dark personality. Everything is to be coldly calculated to obtain the perfect measure of force needed to be applied to the situation. He avoids emotional attachments and is annoyed by the word unethical. His personality is what is required at times to make judgments. He feels he himself is a judge, A jury, and the executioner. His Idealism is what makes him so notable. He feels that a crime is inexcusable. And the leader of the Quincy is the one who sets these laws. So the laws are the word of the Lord and all the laws are not to be bent. He enforces these laws himself and also commands his Battalion to enforce them as well. With his cold judgement being what leads those who follow him he seeks no power. He obeys as he is commanded but his emotions are locked within. The only thing that makes him smile is when someone chooses to fight honorably. Those who toss aside theyre honor in a fight deserve to suffer. In fact when he enters into a fight where someone uses a technique that blatantly bends reality or in some way attempts to fight indirectly with him. He puts them down.

Likes: Kreiger enjoys only a few things. First and foremost is his sense of justice. Without it he would be lost in his sense of purpose. He feels he alone is the being that enforces this in its entirety. He likes this because he serves the Leader of the Quincy without question. That leads to the second thing he likes is the Leader of the Quincy. He serves him loyally because his life belongs to the vision of his Lord. The last thing he enjoys is the heat of an honerable battle. A battle between two people where each fight with everything they stand for is the height of battle.

Dislikes: Kreiger isn't a person filled with hate. Hate is just another emotion and has nothing to do with justice. However he can not help but dislike those who oppose the Leader of the Quincy. To Defy him is to defy law and to defy law is to defy Kreiger. He dislikes this because he pictures the Head of the Quincy as the height of honor. Those who attempt this are dishonorable to the highest degree. Which leads to the last thing he dislikes. If people refuse to fight with brute force and use tricks to win a battle deserve to die painfully. To fight one on one at the height of power is to battle with power to power. If you cant win in terms of power then you should know not to fight.

Motivations: The motivations for this is what brings forth the whole loyalty concept of Kreiger. His motivation stem from the small town he was born in. Hollows are the reason for his cold demeanor as are the Shinigami. He was alone as a small thief struggling to survive. The mayor of the town had taken his families money and when his father talked back had been beheaded. The amount of death had attracted the hollows and the hollows began to slaughter everyone and consume them. The Shinigami had failed to ever arrive to save anyone but the Quincy did. The Quincy destroyed every last hollow in the town And found the latent ability in the only survivor. He is motivated to repay the life debt he owes them and annihilate those who directly and indirectly ended his normal life.

Fears: The fear that is embedded in his heart is the fear of watching his world crumble again. To be defenseless When a power greater then his comes. Based on the terror in his history he cant help but want to gain enough power to stand his own ground. He fears the rule of his savior the leader of the Quincy being unjust. His worst fear is being forced to stand against the very people that stood up and saved him and challenge them for the sake of justice. He fears his world burning to ashes as he fails to save anyone.

V. Quincy Information

Quincy Cross Appearance: Kreigers cross is in appearance a plain cross. However the pattern on it is whats unique. A throne is in the center but it appears to have chains crossing over it from all the corners of the cross. As if to symbolized being chained to the throne.

Kojaku Appearance: The bow itself appears simple and is in fact modeled after the english longbow. longer then just a plain bow but efficient and powerful

VI. History

History: ~The beginning of Kreiger Vonbreider~

Kreiger was born into the wealthy Vonbreider family. At the time is was considered a very powerful house and the head of the house only allowed marriages with strong blood lines. Something in the history of the marrying parties history had to be note able. If not he would not only not allow it but arrange a marriage instead. Kreiger's father was the Third son of the head of the Vonbreider house and acceptably gifted. However oddly enough for all of his power the man was known to be soft. He cared for one of the girls of the village and was trying to hide it from his father. However his eldest brother envied him. His eldest brother was weaker then his younger brother and he always felt it ticking at his patience. Kreiger's father was named Adelric for his apparent potential from birth and assumed to be the next of the family heads. His eldest brother was named Dederick and had always assumed her would rule. His very name meant first of the people, King of nations. Now Dederick on the other hand was not soft but cruel.

Adelric attempted to keep his affair with the young maiden a secret but Dederick was watching and waiting for his moment. He followed his younger brother one night and found him with the maiden named Alice. Having found them in bed he mocked his younger brother for the weaknesses of the flesh and sent a servant to tell they're father. Dederick drew a knife and swore to kill the girl for seducing Adelric. However Adelric overpowered him and in the fight accidentally stabbed his eldest brother. Watching him die in his arms he knew he had to get Alice to safety.

Gathering his closest friends and his second brother to his side he attempted to escape the city. His lover in tow only to be confronted by his father and the warriors of his house. The sin of killing his brother was unforgivable in his fathers eyes and they where to be struck down. However Adelric fought against this with his brother aiding him they managed to win the battle and in tears where forced to slay they're own father. With this done they returned to the home to try and remake they're life.

Adelric found out that Alice was pregnant only a week after the incident and they began to celebrate. Unaware of what was about to come down on they're heads. For they had murdered and that could not be excused.

~The mayor of filth and greed~

The mayor of a nearby town went by the name of Eldrich had taken his power by forced and taxed his people heavily. His own riches his only concern even if the people suffered. He hid this from any officials by ruling over his territory with an iron fist. However being so secluded had brought them a certain leniency. But with the rumors of the crimes of a neighboring territory he knew not only did he have to cover this up to avoid the eyes of the nation but also he could claim the territory as an extension of his own. With the ruling family there out of the way that was.

Eldrich arrived into town with his small army in tow. He assumed martial rule and had Adelric and his brother brought forth. Knowing they could oppose his claim he tried them unfairly by putting his own men on the jury and had them hung. Alice fled the family manor to her old home just before it was seized and its riches claimed by Eldrich. She was very pregnant by this time and had very little to sustain herself. However through the pain of losing her lover she was determined to give birth to Kreiger. Her last words where to name him Kreiger when he was born. So that he might be known as a warrior to bring justice back to the land.

Kreiger grew up as any poor child did. Often hungry and hardly educated. The streets became his territory as he grew older and he learned how to fend for himself. He was a born fighter having inherited his fathers power. His mothers determination as well. He did as much as he could to try and help the people and oppose the Mayor Eldrich but there was only so much a young boy could do. And eventually he was captured. Sent to be tried to stealing bread. However upon seeing him the mayor knew he was of the blood that could defy him and sentenced him to be hanged for a crime he did not commit. Claiming he had murdered a guard.

~The price for cruelty the unjust must pay~

The mayor had sentenced young Kreiger to be Hung at noon the next day for his crimes. And even for all the aid Kreiger had given the people no one raised a voice against this. Fear gripped them to tightly and no one was actually responsible for the boy. Even the farmer who had tried to raise him averted his eyes. Kreiger watched as justice failed before him with horror. His own death about to grip him. The Mayors power was absolute after all. However the mayors greed had left many restless spirits of the dead wandering the city. And with so many souls to harvest it attracted the hollows.

Due to his blood line Kreiger could see plain as day as the hollows ripped open the sky. The darkness they came from turned his stomach. He was bound there as he watched the hollows descend over the crowd. They where so secluded it would take a great deal of time for anyone to know they where all dead. And the hollows took advantage of this. The blood began to spill in the back of the crowd in silence. People where dead before they could scream. No one else could see these things. Kreiger finally managed to scream for them to run away but The hollows had surrounded the town.

One of the hollows dripping in blood approached Kreiger as it sensed his spirit and a swung its hand. Its massive hand shattering the Stage meant to hang people and freeing a now injured Kreiger from his binds. Kreiger watched helplessly as everyone was ripped apart and eaten. No sense of reason just monsters eating everyone. His only sense of satisfaction was watching as the Mayor was ripped in half and eaten.

~Truth's awakening.~

Kreigers family cross dangled from his wrist as he stood up. At the very least he wanted to fight. He felt his rage for everything that had been taken from him. The people, His family, absolutely everything precious had been taken from him. The hollow approaching him suddenly looked weak. A 12 year old boy stood alone but he felt himself being beckoned to raise his hand. He raises his hand as his Family cross seems to shine. A moment later a weak blue bow was in his hand. He stared at it blankly at first but only for a moment. Instinctively he grabbed the string and focused before he pulled back. An arrow forming.

He fired the arrow and with his natural talent it flew straight into the head of the hollow moving towards him slaying it instantly. He watched it fall and let out a breath. He could fight after all then. He looked to the horde with a new determination. His hand flew back to the string to pull another as he began to fire into them. He kept firing screaming out his rage as hollow after weak hollow fell until he couldn't feel his arms anymore and the bow faltered. He dropped to his knee's panting as the hollows merged on him when it happened. A blue light lit up the shadows of his doom as countless arrows pierced the remaining Hollows. And that was when he first set eye's on another Quincy.

~Schooling as a Quincy.~

The other Quincy had taken him back with them. His family used to be Quincy a few generations back. He was brought back and finally given a proper education and training. He read often of his ancestors loyalty and power. But he also read how they had settled peacefully amongst those who would never know the truth and kept it from they're own children. Wishing to keep the peace for themselves at the very least.

However Kreiger had no interest in peace at this point. He pushed away his emotions as he trained this new found power. He trained the bow as often as he could and learned to fight with more power then he knew he had. He felt an incredible urge to protect the Quincy society and so when he turned 18 he joined the 5th battalion. Determined to bring his families honor back and to serve as a good and loyal Quincy.

~The 5th battalion~

For fourty years he served within his battalion proving his power in battle after battle. Every battle seemed to make him colder and his emotions slowly filtered out of the equation. He fought with such power and grew so rapidly that he inspired fear and courage at the same time amongst the other men. His accomplishment's rising him through the ranks. When he accomplished his Completed Gesicht in the form of a hand mounted crossbow the others joked about its small size. But when he proved its astounding power in battle the laughter stopped.

The trouble began on his fourty-first year in the battalion. He was twenty two at the time and he became aware that the General of his battalion was planning a take over of power from the current head of the Quincy. There was no need for it and the only motivation was a quest for more power. It brought forth rage within Kreiger and he stood against the General demanding he turn himself in. When the General tried to slay Kreiger it turned into a bloody battle. During the battle a new power awakened in Kreigers soul. His Incomplete Volkommen came to being as a long sword and he used it to cut down the previous General in self defense.

When it was time to name a new General Kreigers name was brought forth. For valor and loyalty He was recommended. His families history of service and his own rise in power and ranking was also apparent. It was after a great deal of discussion that Kreiger was named General of the 5th Battalion.

1767/1600 word count

VII. Other

RP sample: Kreiger was out on a mission to a small farming village on the outskirts of Germany. A reported hollow of some power had been spotted there. Honestly once he had gotten close he didn't need any reports to tell him where the beast was. He could feel its power oozing like ink over his skin. It sickened him as he frowned. His blue eyes looking out the the wreckage of the village. Normally he would have ordered the battalion to deal with it but alone there might have been unnecessary casualties. He looks over his shoulder to his second in command and observes the mans cold gaze over the hillsides. If anyone was colder then himself it was this man. Or so he thought to himself.

Kreiger sighs and shakes his head before turning back to the task at hand. The hollow was feasting on its kills and distracted. It was opportune time to move but honestly He was wondering why it hadn't finished its meal yet and moved on. It took him a moment to realize it was enjoying itself. Taking its time feasting on the poor souls down there. Kreiger felt his stomach knot at the anger the memory brought back. Still he shakes his head and turns to the men he brought with him. He clears his throat before addressing the four of them. His voice cold and crisp. Kreiger was not one to mumble. His eyes matching each gaze as he spoke.

"I want each of you to take a corner of the town. Box in the Monster but do not confront it directly. Use ranged attacks to keep it within the town. Move."

Upon his last command the party moved rapidly into position and he waited quietly. The first arrow would determine the position of it. His piercing blue eyes watching patiently. It took a minute but then a flash of blue and a building collapsing on the north east corner was his cue. He moves in a blur to the location staying high above as he looked down. The hollow was covering its face from a hail of arrows aimed for its eye's. It was the perfect distraction. Forcing the enemy to cover they're eyes so the don't realize they are being flanked was a decent and valid tactic.

Kreiger lets out a breath and holds out his left hand. The arrows didn't seem to pierce the flesh. A length of blue forms into his left palm almost as long as he was tall. It took a moment but it formed like a long sword. This was the deadliest weapon he had. He looks down at it and shakes his head as it still wasn't complete. He had to focus though. So he makes his move. Slamming straight down with all his power Kreiger roars his pent up rage as he slams the blade into the target. There was enough power and force there to cut the hollow itself clean in two. However it took so much that the blade itself faded from his hand. Kreiger straightens as the hollow disappears for eternity.

With the destruction of the hollow completed the men form up. He looks to them a moment before giving them a single nod to acknowledge the efforts they made. Then he turned and as a group they moved to return home to present his report. The hollow where getting gutsy again.

Face claim: Nero~ Devil may cry 4

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