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Shikai Release Command: Dance, Sode no Shirayuki!
Shikai Appearance:
Sode no Shirayuki:
Shikai Powers: Sode no Shirayuki has the ability to manipulate ice to form a variety of attacks. Merely activating this technique will cause the ground around Rukia to be covered in a thick sheet of ice, and freeze any nearby sources of water. If Rukia is separated from Sode no Shirayuki, she is able to create by force of will a thin "rope" of ice, connecting her to her blade. Through this rope, she can cause the blade to activate any technique as though she was wielding it herself. She can adjust the blade to a degree using this, changing it's direction to angle attacks or pulling it back to herself, but she cannot freely manipulate it as though she were wielding it.
Shikai Abilities:

Some no Mai; Tsukishiro!:
Name: Some no Mai; Tsukishiro!
Type: Offensive|Hadō
Rank: Expert
Range: 10 metres
Duration: Once activated, two posts. Pillar shatters within twelve seconds of imprisoning someone, but lasts forever until destroyed if no one is imprisoned.
Cooldown: 10 post cooldown, twice per thread.
Description: Rukia declares the name of the dance while holding her Zanpakutō upside down, aiming the tip at the ground beneath her feet. As she does this, the blade will begin to glow and the technique will activate. She can then trigger it within the next two posts. Rukia then makes a slashing motion when her target is in position, creating a large circle on the ground with a 5 metre diameter anywhere of her choosing within the above range. This circle will be identifiable by the ground within it suddenly freezing entirely. This circle will then fire upwards, creating a large pillar of light that freezes everything within the circle. This effect is not limited by height, and will freeze it's way up into the heavens, devouring everything in it's way. If the intended target is trapped within the ice, the pillar will shatter and the victim will die. If no one is caught, the pillar will remain there permanently, until destroyed or Sode no Shirayuki is deactivated. The rising pillar cannot be stopped once activated, so the only way to survive this technique is to either not be caught or use some form of defensive technique that protects the user's skin such as a Hierro or Blut Vene variation of at least Adept rank, allowing the victim to survive the shattering pillar.
Tsugi no mai; Hakuren!:
Name: Tsugi no mai; Hakuren!
Type: Offensive|Hadō
Rank: Advanced
Range: 30 metres
Duration: 1 post. The ice tomb will last for three posts.
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: Rukia declares the name of the dance, causing the ground to freeze beneath her feet in a 5 metre diameter circle. She then taps the tip of Sode no Shirayuki into this circle at four points, in a semi-circle formation in-front of her. Where she taps the ground, particles of ice will begin to flow upwards into the sky. Rukia will then raise her blade in a battle position, pointing the tip towards her target. The tip of her blade will then flare, and a sudden wave like burst of powdered ice will fly out in the direction her blade was pointing. This rapidly travelling wave will go for 30 metres before stopping, and is roughly 15 metres wide, giving it a massive field of effect. Any object it hits will become encased in a very thick layer of ice, imprisoning it for several posts. This technique can be stopped by any barrier capable of blocking at least advanced rank techniques, but will still entomb people using Hierro or Blut Vene, as it doesn't penetrate the skin, merely coats it in a thick sheet of ice.
San no mai, Shirafune!:
Name: San no mai, Shirafune!
Type: Offensive|Hadō
Rank: Master
Range: 8 metres
Duration: Instant. The blade extension lasts until deactivated, and the repaired blade is permanent. Can only be broken if the individual can break Rukia's actual Zanpakutō, but can be stopped like any basic blade attack.
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: Rukia declares the name of the dance, causing a large amount of moisture from the air to rapidly gather, forming an extension of her blade. This technique starts at where the new tip is intended to be, and as such can catch people off guard, by literally forming through them. Using this technique, Rukia can create an artificial extension of solid ice to her blade, or reforge it if it is broken using new ice. If her blade is broken, the new ice will form the same size as her natural blade, and will over the course of two posts turn the blade back to new again. If the blade is already in tact, Rukia can willingly adjust the length up to a cap, allowing her to extend her blade rapidly and catch opponents by surprise. This technique has an unintended side effect of causing the air to continue to freeze after the blade is formed, causing the excess water not used to extend her blade to cover every nearby object in a thin layer of snow and ice, freezing the environment around her.
Yon no mai, Juhaku!:
Name: Yon no mai, Juhaku!
Type: Offensive|Hadō
Rank: Advanced
Range: 30 metres
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: Rukia declares the name of the dance, plunging Sode no Shirayuki into the ground at her feet. She must maintain her grasp on the hilt of her blade as she performs this technique. The ground around her blade will rapidly freeze, and spread out in the direction she wills it to. The ice will spread up whatever it touches, rapidly freezing anything that gets in it's way. Parts of any target that is frozen can easily shatter with even low levels of pressure.
Bankai Release Command: Bankai! Suishou Sode no Shirayuki!
Bankai Appearance: Rukia will point the tip of Sode no Shirayuki into the sky as she declares Bankai. She will then release her grip on the blade, and it will rocket into the sky above her, rapidly going out of sight. The sky will then become covered in thick storm clouds, that instead of the traditional black are a radiant light white. It will begin to snow heavily, fast enough to form several inches worth of snow in a single post's time. Rukia's outfit will also change, matching the garb her Zanpakutō's spirit wears. When Rukia deactivates her release, the blade falls from the sky, landing in the ground at her feet.
Bankai Powers: Suishou Sode no Shirayuki has the ability to manipulate a greater variety of ice based attacks, and uses the snow it creates as a catalyst for a variety of unique attacks. During this state, the potency of all Rukia's Hadō techniques is increased by one tier.
Bankai Abilities:

Zanpakutō no Yuki:
Name: Zanpakutō no Yuki
Type: Offensive|Hadō
Rank: Advanced
Range: Rukia's Hand
Duration: Permanent
Cooldown: No cooldown
Description: Rukia extends her hand outwards, manipulating the snow and ice around her. It will rapidly consolidate together, forming a perfect replica of Sode no Shirayuki in her hand. It rapidly becomes a perfect replica of her Zanpakutō. If she loses her grip on it, it will begin to crumble and she will have to form another. She can use any of her Shikai techniques using this blade, but can skip the preparation stages. For example, to cast Tsugi no Mai; Hakuren!, Rukia only needs to point the blade at the target, skipping the stage where she has to puncture the ground at four distinct points.
Yuki Usagi:
Name: Yuki Usagi
Type: Offensive|Hadō
Rank: Master
Range: Can be created within 20 metres of Rukia. Each rabbit produces a small 5 metre mist
Duration: Lasts until destroyed or detonated
Cooldown: 10 posts
Description: An expression of Rukia's obsession with Rabbits, she taps the snow around her, causing it to rise up, rapidly forming ten small rabbits out of snow. These rabbits are flooded with Reiryoku, and are essentially walking bombs. They can run as fast as Rukia can, and can explode whenever Rukia wills it. On detonation, these rabbits will produce a small white mist that will turn anything it touches to powdered snow, disintegrating it. They can be destroyed by adept rank techniques or higher, and the mist can be stopped by any barrier technique that can stop a master rank ability.
Saigo no Mai; Ketsueki no Yuki:
Name: Saigo no Mai; Ketsueki no Yuki!
Type: Offensive|Hadō
Rank: Grandmaster
Range: Everywhere the snow falls
Duration: Two posts
Cooldown: Once per thread
Description: Ketsueki no Yuki is Rukia's Ultimate Bankai technique. To perform it, she merely has to declare it's name. The snowfall will begin to rapidly increase, falling like heavy rain in a storm. Unlike regular snow, these snowflakes will be black. On contact with this snow, whatever it touches will disintegrate, becoming snow itself. The snowflakes can only be stopped by anything that can stop a Grandmaster technique. This technique deactivates Rukia's Bankai. While it is going, she cannot use any other technique and once it ends, the sky will clear, Sode no Shirayuki will fall from the heavens as though she deactivated her release and she cannot use Bankai for the rest of the thread. Rukia refuses to use this technique unless she has no other choice, as it will harm her allies as well as her enemies. To avoid killing herself, there is a small "bubble" around Rukia where the black snow cannot enter. This bubble is five metres above Rukia and a 10 metre diameter circle with her in the centre.

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