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on Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:45 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Kisuke
Last Name: Urahara
Alias(es): No known Aliases
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown. At least 700 years old.
Birthday: December 31st
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Bright Red

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 5th Division
Seat: Captain

III. Appearance

Height: 183cm (6'0”)
Weight: 69kg (152lbs)
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Tattoo/scars: None
General Appearance: Kisuke is a tall and reasonably leanly built individual. His complexion is unnaturally pale due to his tendency to spend large amounts of time inside researching and experimenting. His hair is a mess of light blonde neck length strands, which frame the sides of his face. His eyes are light grey, and his clearly defined jawline is cleanly shaven. His captain's Haori has a thick green silk lining on it's inside. Underneath the Haori, Urahara wears the generic Shinigami uniform; a white shitagi, a black kosode, a black hakama, a white hakama-himo, white tabi, and waraji.

IV. Personality

Personality: Urahara tends to come across as a laid back and jovial individual, although reasonably eccentric. Despite being incredibly casual in how he holds himself, he always speaks formally, addressing people politely and with the proper prefixes and titles. Though he is rather formal with his attitude, during lighter moments he has shown himself to be a fan of sarcasm, which he deploys rarely but with great effect. As a captain, Urahara initially came off as rather nervous, flustered and awkward. Speeches were difficult for him, as was settling into a division that had a completely different structure and way of life than his former division had. That said, he is incredibly dedicated to his role as a captain, and spends large levels of time working to improve their standing amongst the Seireitei, as well as working with members of his squad to improve their mastery of Hadō, and their abilities in general. When not working with his squad, Urahara enjoys spending time with his former comrades from the 2nd Division, especially Yoruichi Shihōin. Though no longer associated with the Shinigami Research and Development Institute he founded, Urahara still enjoys spending his free time experimenting, creating new devices and testing new concepts.
Likes: Urahara is a massive fan of science, having previously founded the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. Even though he is no longer associated with the organisation, he still follows all their works, and performs experiments of his own, creating new devices and techniques. In his free time, he enjoys spending his free time in the Shihōin Mansion where he grew up. He is a particularly large fan of spicy food, with his favourite food being curry flavoured fried rice, served with a breaded pork cutlet on top. He is a fan of fuzzy drinks, and often drinks Ginger Ale.
Dislikes: Having a fierce mind when it comes to the sciences, Urahara cannot help but feel slightly frustrated when individuals cannot follow his theories. Given that he has many things he would rather do, Urahara is often annoyed by the large level of bureaucracy involved in his job. Time he could spend working with the people in his squad, studying, or relaxing with his friends he is forced to spend filling out endless mountains of case reports and budgeting. Urahara dislikes bitter foods, and the taste of coffee. He also despises boiled eggs, overcooked steak and all forms of flat pop.
Motivations: Urahara has an immense desire to gain knowledge. Since he was a child, he always had a powerful mind for the sciences, and it often drove him to experiment and study, and ultimately founding the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. He is also incredibly passionate about all forms of Kidō, as you would expect from the head of the fifth division. As such, he often works to improve the mastery of Kidō within both his squad and himself. Hand in hand with his duties as head of the fifth division, he often works to invent new forms of Hadō and Bakudō.
Fears: Urahara has a profound bond with his childhood friends Yoruichi Shihōin and Tessai Tsukabishi, and as such he feels a profound desire to protect them. Hand in hand with this, he fears being unable to defend them, of being too weak to save them. Despite being frustrated with the duties that come along with his position as a captain, Urahara still feels afraid of failing his squad. He is very loyal to his subordinates, and feels it is his job to ensure their safety. Although it is rather cliché, Urahara is also afraid of dying. Although he has lived for hundreds of years, he, like most Shinigami, have a deep fear of death, even if they refuse to admit it.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Benihime
Zanpakutō Last Name: While it is known that Kisuke Urahara has obtained a Bankai, he has kept all information regarding it classified. As such, the last name of his blade, Benihime, is unknown.
Zanpakutō Element: None
Zanpakutō Type: Kidō-based
Zanpakutō Personality: Urahara has kept most information about his blade's personality a secret, though he often describes her as "cruel" and "not nice"
Zanpakutō Appearance: Urahara has kept all information about the appearance of his blade's spirit a secret, and as such it is unknown.

VI. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:

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