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on Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:22 am

As one for the most know Fairy Tail roleplay sites, FairyTailBase closed its roleplays and moved on... on to the new Fairylaw!

The moment you step on board you will be sucked into a whole new world, where your very own character will wander through Fiore, alone or with friends. Pick your name, make your character, choose the magic you wish to control and explore this entire new world filled with magic, intriguing new plots and terrifying enemies! Even the Cannon Characters of the original Fairytail Crews are at your very disposal as you travel to learn, master and create your own spells around Fiore! But be quick, as the shadows of evil lurk and are steadily rising to destroy the world... Will you stop them, or join them instead?

Our Plot

"The Void Century...our long lost history...
We have knowledge and artifacts that point us to believe that magic did not exist before that mysterious incident."

Earthland. A place where magic is bought and sold and used in everyday life. Magic has not existed before the Void Century, a mysterious lapse of around 1,000 years in the history of our world. We do not know what could have caused this but the world was not the same after. This gap in the timeline has left the scholars and historians of Earthland puzzled with no correct answer.

However, it was after this mysterious incident that the two powerhouses appeared. One was the Juu Girudo Alliance and the other was the World Government which consisted of the Kings and Queens of the different nations. The Juu Girudo Alliance is said to be an alliance between ten powerful guilds from different countries at the time. They were said to have taken control of most of the countries around the world and make them do as they ordered. The world was thrown into a world of chaos and wars. In order to go against these warlords, the Magic Council was founded as a small organization under the World Government by Master Dumbledore who opposed the ideals of the Juu Girudo Alliance.

Things became worse when the ten dark guilds founded a separate group by the name "Demon Guards" as its special force. These ten individuals were said to be the mages that were second to the master of each guild. They were said to be strong and powerful enough to wipe the existence of an army of 100,000 with no effort at all.

As time passed, the Juu Girudo Alliance seemed to have come to a disagreement and the alliance was broken apart. Each guild faded away and the "Demon Guards" were not heard of in a long time.

The World Government, along with the Magic Council, took hold of the chaos and made Earthland peaceful. They were the government and their word was law. The Magic Council created a new system for the wizards to find a way of life - the guild system. Any guild that wanted to run publicly were to get it registered through the Magic Council with an annual fee. However, at the same time, they could not hold the rumors and the fear of the Juu Girudo Alliance from fading away completely. Some wizards followed the dark path and created small, illegal guilds to do what they wanted without the care for the safety of others. Many desired power, others desired to take something that didn't belong to them.

Now, 600 years later, the same process is applied. Although the dark guilds have been quite, other groups have entered the eyes of the Magic Council. One of which is the 'Wanderers'. They are mages who roam the world in search of an adventure. They do not stay in one place. Some travel in groups called 'Clans' while others travel by themselves. The other group to appear are the 'Independent Guilds'. These guilds, like Dark Guilds, are illegal. However, unlike Dark Guilds, they are not considered criminal organizations. They are allowed to do things they desire without the council disapproving of their actions.


The Juu Girudo Alliance had been gone for a long time in the eyes of the Magic Council and the World Government. The harsh laws placed to treat and remove criminals from this peaceful world had seemed to have sent a message to those who dare break the laws. Although there were a few minor trouble makers, nothing too severe had taken place which put the lives of the people at risk. Although there were rumors that the guilds of the Juu Girudo Alliance still existed, no one could have proved it but even the smallest of rumors had the World Government running on their feets. They couldn't simply let even a rumor regarding that "Legendary Alliance" go by.

➟ Phantom Lord
Phantom Lord, one of the Legendary Guilds that was part of the Juu Girudo Alliance still worked in the shadows. Their headquarters stood in a location distant from the populated area of Magnolia. In the middle of nowhere laid a castle-like building half submerged into the ground. Because of its location, sun light barely touched its walls and as a result, almost no greenery was in sight. The castle looked almost a century old.

Within the submerged castle's walls stood a large group of individuals listening to a man wearing a hooded cloak. The man spoke loud and clear about his intentions; presumably, the guild master. Although his face was hidden by the hood, he displayed an aura of authority and power that no one would want to mess around with.

"It's time for us - the Phantom Lord Guild - to finally set the plan in motion! We will spread fear into those fools and the people of this foolish nation. It is our time to be free! It is our time to bring our name into the light! It is time we retrieve what had originally belonged to us!!"​

How we roll! Features and more:

  • One account / character - a new account for each character (maximum of two).
  • Our sub account feature allows you to add the two accounts and link them together, although you still have to log out to switch between the two. Until an easier system is placed, we'll be following this method.
  • A sub account for each major NPC you control - along with your main characters, there may be those non-playable characters that help strengthen your plot and character. We allow you to easily create a sub account using our sub account system here.
  • Every character (besides NPCs) start off with 1,000 jewels which are to be used for pets, spells, weapons, accessories, or other custom submissions.
  • We allow unique plots and arcs characters can build on.
  • A large variety of job requests your character can embark on with various prizes, including jewels and experience points - sometimes, even other unique prizes.
  • A world map with various locations you can be from. However, for activity purposes, only Fiore is open at this point in time.
  • An exciting an interesting plot that your character gets to be a part of! Along with these plots, we have specific events which help move the plot forward.
  • A large encyclopedia which holds various information regarding the species that roam
  • Earthland as well as a detailed description on the different systems of each country (which is still under progress).
  • The ability to roleplay as CANON CHARACTERS from the regular Fairy Tail series through auditions to pick out the best member who brings out the personality and strength of canon characters.
  • Evil Characters - those who break the rules set in place - have the chance to earn a bounty and become a wanted fugitive by the world government and the magic council!
  • This makes your character face dangers in a life threatening environment.
  • The face claim of one character that no one else can use! However, inactive members will have their face claim stripped from them to give active members a chance.
    and much much more!

    Our username policy is that it should match the username of the character you need to roleplay with. However, if you don't have one, when your character is approved, your username will be changed.

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