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on Sat Nov 02, 2013 5:13 pm
Naruto: The Crossroads Narutocrossroads_zpsf1294c97

Naruto: The Crossroads is a recently opened, AU (alternate universe) roleplay. While there may be no canon characters, their legacy in the series lives on as roleplayers are able to create their favorite signature techniques with their own hands. The many advanced elements you've seen in the series are also available, with each different element belonging to one of the various, custom roleplayer created clans.

The roleplay itself is set in the closing months of the clan war era where the various clans of the continent are slowly coming towards one another after decades of warfare. The advent of the shinobi village system is on the horizon, and what happens falls into the hands of you, the roleplayer. Will you create your favorite village from the show or go your own route and make something completely unique? The roleplay is your canvas - so go and create a master piece.

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