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I. Personal Information

First Name: Kaguza
Last Name: ???
Alias(es): Master of the Armory
Gender: Male
Age: 658
Birthday: 12/29
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Yellow

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 11th
Seat: Captain

III. Appearance

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Light Blue
Tattoo/scars: Several small scars run across his arms and legs earned from combat. A fairly large cross shaped scar tattoo is on the right side of his neck.
General Appearance: Kaguza has a rather calm appearance despite his position. Straight blonde hair that only reaches his neck. A set of light blue eyes that always seem to be wondering around looking for other things, or at anything that may serve to distract him. Through the years of combat, he has kept himself in a fit state, not too much though for fear of appearing like a muscular rock. The standard Captain's clothing hang quite nicely off of his shoulders, often wearing the white outer coat like a cape with it tied at the top as not to fall off easily. A decorative cross-scar shaped tattoo paints the right side of his neck, almost acting like a target for an opponent to aim at.

IV. Personality

Personality: The man enjoys what he does, be it fighting or socializing. However he's more particular about the two at the same time. Fighting is the act of agreed combat between two parties, any interference from a third party is never met well with Kaguza. Whenever battle begins, those present are involved in the fight. Socializing is similar in this manner to him, though with one difference, a women can interrupt at any point and not upset him in the slightest. Women to Kaguza have always been a special point of distraction for him, considering himself a gentlemen, he feels they always deserve attention. Even in combat women are his main distraction, preferring that his opponent be a women if the chance is available. Most people would simply guess Kaguza to be just a battle loving perv, though he has reasons for most of what he does. The only exception being when in battle against an overly serious person, there are a number of actions that many would label him a moron for, such as dancing or mocking his opponent. At his simplest nature, Kaguza just wants to socialize with women and fight to protect those who can not defend themselves against others with abusive power.
Likes: Kaguza is a simple person, his favorite things being a grand list of three things. War, weapons, and women, in that order from least to greatest. The greatest moments of his life are when all three are involved, usually when fighting against one of the female gender. As many would assume, his desire to fight against a woman is not the belief that they're weaker, but that it has a different feel then fighting against a man. To Kaguza it's more respectful to offer a women the best in any situation, including battle. It's also a pleasure to see the best of any female opponent, as he believes most men fight the same way.
Dislikes: There isn't much to bother such a simplistic man. About the most minor detail that does bother him is having no memory of his life on earth. The questions of what he left behind and how he died springing up when ever someone mentions those of the living. The one thing that does bother him the most however is anyone who would pick on a defenseless girl. A primal urge springs forth to protect them, possibly show off, and defeat the deviant who acts to make a female unhappy. He also doesn't like ferrets, not sure why, just doesn't like ferrets at all.
Motivations: The call of battle alone is such a thrill to Kaguza. The feeling of clashing blade against blade, is an excuse all on it's own to get his blood flowing and onwards towards the future. The call of battle is like a grand orchestra, playing a wide array of music. From the calm or anticipation building to the exciting and dramatic. Though he never loses his confidence in battle, it has been known to increase his drive in a fight if a girl begins cheering just for him. The more effort put into the cheer, the more motivated Kaguza becomes.
Fears: Unlike most who would fear death or the loss of a loved one. Kaguza's fear is as many would call, barbaric or chaotic, he fears peace. More of a philosophical idea, he understands that happiness or good can only exist if there is anger or sadness. It's the old same coin, yin and yang, light and dark idea. He's afraid of peace simply because life would be boring. Without conflict no one would seek to improve themselves, no one would test themselves, no one would pit themselves against another. True ambition grows and flourishes during conflict, countries and nations have often times bettered themselves from conflict. True appreciation is also only known when there is the potential to lose something.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Kajiya
Zanpakutō Last Name: Musume
Zanpakutō Element: Earth
Zanpakutō Type: Melee
Zanpakutō Personality: Kaguza's Zanpakuto does not have a singular personality, it has two, each with their own identifiable quirks. The spirit's residing in the weapon are that of a father and daughter. The father, a highly protective man over his daughter, goes by the name of Kajiya Jinsoku. Musume, as the sealed form of the sword is named, is the daughter. Occasionally during conversations or meetings with Musume, Kaguza gives out some flirtatious comments, this always works to upset Jinsoku as he doesn't feel his master could possibly treat her right. Musume on the other hand usually becomes upset herself over such remarks, though for a different reason, always stating that he should be more focused on his work or fight. There are the rare occasions where she does appreciate the comments however. Both Musume and Jinsoku are fairly straight forward people, they have a great deal of pride and choose to work hard. Musume has come to trust and work with Kaguza, while Jinsoku has not. Choosing to help his daughter more then Kaguza, Jinsoku often holds back during combat, this has made it difficult for the three to work at their most efficient.
Zanpakutō Appearance: Both of the spirits that reside within Kaguza's Zanpakuto are similar in appearance. Musume is slightly shorter then Kaguza, wears an armor adorned set of priestess robes of red and white. A set of steel bracers, a full cuirass with a set of faulds, and a single long steel pauldron that covers her left shoulder and upper arm make up the rest of her attire. A large war hammer is her weapon of choice and is almost always hanging over her shoulder. Jinsoku wears a decorative yukata and stands at six feet tall. His clothing has a darker set of colors to it, consisting a black and grey with slim white trim. Symbol for earth is written in several locations on his upper robe. Along the bottom of his pants a decorative border of alternating red and black triangles almost like the inner world they live in at night. His choice of weaponry is a set of long katanas.
VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance: The inner world of Kaguza's Zanpakuto is a dense green forest with several tall pillars of a reddish stone, that each have more of the forest below covering the top of the pillars. In the very center of his inner world, on top of the largest pillar, sits a stone brick house covered in vegetation. Outside next to the home, is a blacksmith's workshop.
VII. Zanpakutō Sealed Form In it's sealed form, Kaguza's Zanpakuto is similar to a Claymore or European Longsword. The wide blade having a a dull steel except for the sharpened edges that shine enough to show that they have an edge to them. The cross guard and pommel also having a dull steel finish to them with no real decoration. The handle is wrapped with a black leather strip. Upon release, Kaguza's Zanpakuto becomes two weapons, one for both Jinsoku and Musume.

VIII. History

History: Just off the coast of Ireland in Dublin during late middle ages, more specifically the early fifteenth century. A band of self proclaimed mercenaries serve as the areas law enforcers. Having a fortress almost exactly in the center of the area, the group controlled the surrounding area from outside forces. A young boy who's father was a blacksmith employed by the mercenaries to forge; weapons, tools, and armor, called the fortress home. Living within the stronghold the boy grew up around fighting as the men were always training or working. His father was a well known craftsmen, who had incredible talent to make a wide array of weaponry and other items needed by the mercenaries. At an early age several of the men began teaching the boy how to use many of the weapons on hand along with how to tend to the weapons and armor. As time progressed, the boy had grown and begun working with the mercenaries.

A trio of ships one day had been spotted anchored along the coast. They originated from England, and had taken the coastal town closest to them first. It was two days before word reached the mercenaries. The invaders from England had brought a strange weapon with them. By the time most of the group's forces had been gathered from neighboring towns and villages, the invaders had made camp just outside of the fortress. A few survivors from the coastal town talked about a dangerous ranged weapon that was faster then any arrow could move and had more force. A fear spread amongst those held up within the fortress as they waited for an attack. It was a week before those from England began marching on the fortress. The alarm was sounded and the men took to their positions to defend their home.

The fortress walls were a strong stone, however they were thin. The archers atop the walls worked hard to shoot as many of the enemies as possible. A sound range out across the battlefield, something those of the fortress had never heard before. One of the crenelations acting as a shield for one of the archers exploded. This was the strange new weapon, a cannon. The cannon served to kill each of the archers along the walls as well as those hit by the stone debris as it fell. The attackers from England didn't have many archers and had gotten close to the fort walls. The boy that had grown to a battle experienced fighter ordered a full frontal attack against the enemy. The gate was opened and the men of the fort charged with weapons in hand. Those from England however had enough power with them to maintain moral and face them. The boy led the charge, as another explosion range out from the enemy cannons.

A black room greeted the boy now in his youth again. Almost floating in the darkness, he couldn't remember how he had gotten here. A doorway opened to reveal the outside, it was the northern Rukongai. Failing to remember anything about himself, he simply walked. This world felt strange and unfamiliar, though he didn't have any thing to compare it to. All the boy had now was a simple set of clothes. It was days or weeks before anyone chose to interact with him, until then he had simply walked from district to district. A tall girl had addressed him "You look like crap, you want something to eat?" The girl had long hair down the middle of her back and had a sword at her waist. She was offering him a bit of food, and after realizing it he hadn't eaten since he arrived. A sense of panic sparked in his mind, how could he forget to eat?

Graciously taking whatever she offered, the boy ate his fill, though the thought of not eating puzzled him. He didn't know anything about this world or even himself for that matter. The girl could see the boy was new to the world, and so began to tell him some of the basic things about the world he now lived in. The most surprising detail was that they boy had died, why and how did he die? It took awhile before he came to accept the information, though having no memory of his life continued to bother him. The girl looked after him during his confusion. "Oy boy, whats your name?" The girl had never asked, though there was no answer for him to give. Pondering for a moment, she looked around at a few of the worn out signs and pieced together a name for him. "Then your name is Kaguza from now on." A bit of relief finally hit the boy, he had a name again, something to identify himself with.

"Hey where did you get that sword?" Kaguza was curious over the blade the girl had with her. There wasn't much of a story to the weapon, she simply found it when she came to Rukongai. To simply find a sword like that seemed strange. The two wandered from district to district helping those who seemed deeply troubled, similar to how Kaguza had felt upon entering Rukongai. As they traveled the outer districts came more violent, often under control of thugs.

"Oy! Girl, where'd you get that sword? Looks a little out of place for someone like you to have it." They had reached one of the outermost districts of the northern region. A group of thugs had spotted the two and took notice of the weapon the girl possessed. The brutes surrounded the two and demanded she hand the weapon over. After refusing, they moved to take it by force. Against so many the two could not hold their own. Kaguza had taken less of a beaten then she did, and carried her to a run down shack. Trying to tend to her wounds as best he could, she was in a bad state. The group of men had stolen from them and beat up the only friend he had. A sense of anger made itself known in his mind.

Leaving her in hiding to rest, Kaguza searched for the thugs in order to take back the sword. It didn't take long as the group almost advertised there hideout. In the dead of night, he snuck inside in search of the sword. Their hideout consisted of a large building that was mostly open except for a lot of piles of debris. In one corner of the building sat all of the treasures they had stolen, though it wasn't much. The sword sat on top of a wooden crate, it was surprising that someone didn't keep it for themselves, though he'd take it all the same. Picking up the sword, a crash sounded. A thin wire had been tied to the weapon and caused a clay pot to fall and smash on the ground. It was a trap set up for those trying to steal from them.

"Well well, looks like you enjoy abuse. Tell ya what, hand it back to us and we won't kill you and that girl that was with you." Kaguza had just gotten the sword back, he'd never give it up. Grasping the handle of the blade he unsheathed it. A wave of exhilaration washed over him, to hold a weapon in his hand felt so familiar, it gave him a confidence that mixed with his anger. Tucking the sheath into his waistband was enough to decline the thugs, as they moved to surround him. It started one by one they would attack him, only to be cut down. The men began attacking two to three at a time, never more for fear of striking each other, the change of numbers didn't aid them either. "Your a foolish child." The sound of sliding metal rang out in the darkness. The leader of the group had a sword of his own. The clash of metal on metal began to ring out as the two faced off. The leader's skill was sloppy and although he could defend and attack decently left himself open.

By morning, Kaguza had left the thugs hide out with what he was after. The next day a group of shinigami out on a rare patrol so far from the seireitei had discovered the number of slaughtered people in what could be considered there mass coffin now. It wasn't difficult for them to find Kaguza and the girl either as there were several clues to lead them to Kaguza specifically. Upon entering the rundown shack, the group looked over the two. Kaguza immediately took up the sword in case they had hostile intentions. "Put it down and explain the massacre we found." Kaguza looked over the group, they each had there own weapon unlike the thugs. Taking out this group would prove far more difficult or impossible. Setting down his weapon, Kaguza explained what had happened and that his friend was in a bad state because of them.

The group listened and then talked amongst themselves, one of the shinigami looked over the girl in the mean time. "Boy, before anything else, what is your name?" What did he mean before anything else? It seemed like they only had bad news for him. Giving his name to another for the first time, there was a sense of pride in it. "Kaguza, we'd like you to come with us back to the Seireitei. You'll be put through the academy and can learn to properly use that Zanpakuto you have." He had heard of the Seireitei and the academy, it always sounded like a better life then living out in the Rukongai. The offer though only seemed to be for him though. "What about my friend?" The girl hadn't moved since he got back to her that morning, though he believed she was resting. "Unfortunately she is dead, her wounds were to severe only with proper treatment could she have survived."

A feeling of guilt clung to the back of his mind as Kaguza traveled with the shinigami back to the Seireitei. All he had now was the sword that he felt rightfully belong to her. Upon entering the academy, he was given an entirely new life style. New clothes and a new place to live. Accepting his friend's death, he worked to improve himself during his time at the academy. Several classes seemed beyond his grasp though, particularly anything to do with Kido. Such strange magic proved difficult as he struggled with the incantations as well as forming the spells themselves. There were a few classes that he did well in, primarily physical and speed based combat. His skill made it difficult for the others in his class to best him in close quarters combat, his speed made up for his inability to use Kido when ever it became a medium or long range battle.

After graduating from the academy, Kaguza was assigned to division eleven, there specialty was melee combat. It was the perfect squad for him. It didn't take long before he began challenging those of his division to duals and often times winning. His time spent in division eleven flew by, his body had grown in the mean time and so had his interests. There were two things Kaguza could always be found doing, either socializing with woman of any squad or fighting another shinigami in a dual, there were times he even did both at the same time. He was earning a reputation as a skilled fighter even amongst division 11. One note made his ability all the more frightening, Kaguza had yet to each his Shikai. To fight skillfully against an opponent and not have the connection most had with their Zanpakuto worked to give merit to his ability.

Promotion within division eleven could only be earned one way, through combat, and that's exactly what Kaguza aimed for. After challenging and being declined by the lieutenant of division eleven, for not being a higher seat, he systematically defeated each of the ranking seats. Before long, he had taken seat one. Having met the lieutenant's requirements, he finally accepted his challenge. Sparing nothing in the battle, both fighters fought with their best. The lieutenant being forced to use his Shikai, though the by the end it didn't matter. Kaguza had forcefully earned the position as the lieutenant of division eleven.

Only one more rank was left before division eleven would call him the strongest, captain. After both witnessing and feeling the capability of a lieutenant's Shikai, Kaguza wanted to achieve the same just so that it's first performance was in battle against his captain. Spiritually the man struggled to connect with his Zanpakuto, though aside from physical combat he wasn't too skilled in any of that "magic". It was a few years before Kaguza had finally managed to even hear his weapon, taking another few years just to have a conversation. Simply conversing was a step in the right direction as he eventually discovered his Zanpakuto's name. Kajiya Musume, sounded like a woman's name. He had his final weapon though it was still incomplete, he could perform Shikai and that's all he felt he needed.

The day came that Kaguza challenged the captain of division eleven for his position over the squad. Similar to Kaguza the man enjoyed fighting and wouldn't hold back, though no one knew of Kaguza's Shikai. Both warriors drew their weapons, the captain's displayed the sealed form gracefully, Kaguza's sword had changed entirely and was larger by design now. Though it was clear he had achieved Shikai, the captain still couldn't guess exactly what it was. The battle went from a calm to a full war, as the courtyard of division eleven seem to erupt with violence. It wasn't long before the destruction took place. Majority of the spectators moving to avoid the conflict. By the end of the battle, the courtyard was in ruin and the ex-captain of division lay beaten partially buried in a pile of rubble. Kaguza stood victoriously, a weapon in each hand, this was his Zanpakuto's Shikai form. He released it solely to catch the defeated man off guard and deal the final blow.

IX. Other

RP sample: Kaguza wandered to the center of division eleven's courtyard, hoping to find a fight to pass the time till the captain's meeting, or find a girl to hang around with. It had been several years since, the courtyard had served to act as the stage for when he got his position as captain of division eleven. That battle was by far his favorite so far. The rush of clashing his weapon against a strong opponent's, was reason enough to fight. Though it didn't appear anyone was going to challenge him today.

His life within the Soul Society had primarily been full of fighting. His Zanpakuto could attest to that as well. It had taken a long time, but he was finally able to enter his inner world only to find an old man and his rather attractive daughter. The two enjoyed fighting though didn't care for the way Kaguza would seek it out, the old man primarily didn't like any of the comments he make towards his daughter. Two spirits each with their own dissatisfaction towards him. It's not like he'd start a war just to fight, and he'd prefer a real woman over a spirit in his sword. Though even the daughter deserved to get some flirty attention, but the old man would only get upset each time.

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