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Lastrada Tova

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on Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:29 am
Lastrada had been wondering around Las Nochas and Hueco Mundo for days now in which she did nothing but think and wonder as she became more bored with life. Slowly she would start to wonder about things she could do aside from just sitting around all day and slowly this gave way to the question that drove Lastrada into the endless deserts of Hueco Mundo once more.."Am I really strong enough?" Lastrada would ask herself over and over again. There was no doubt in Lastrada's mind that many people would answer yes, she was. Lastrada had been a Vasto Lorde and she turned herself into an Arrancar. She had mastered her resurrection and was well on her way to mastering the ever so elusive Segunda Etapa. Furthermore in a very short amount of time, Lastrada had managed to raise herself into the position of Primera Espada by impressing the King of Hueco Mundo himself with a show of strength. In the eyes of many people, Lastrada was sure they would think she was strong enough.

But Lastrada didn't think so. In Lastrada's mind she was still weak and dependent on others for her survival. She was still ruled by emotion and whim. Not to mention the other Espada seem to be growing in power day after day and it would only be a matter of time before one of the greedy bastards decided they would be better suited as the Primera and would attempt to kill Lastrada for her position. Lastrada couldn't let that happen. Thus, Lastrada informed the Arrancar and other important people she needed to that she would be out in the desert training for a few days, although Lastrada wasn't stupid enough to tell them exactly where she was going. The place Lastrada had in mind was a special place in Hueco Mundo history and perhaps Lastrada's favorite place in all of Hueco Mundo even more so than anything offered to her in Las Nochas. It was a beautiful area covered in a thin layer of glass which often tricked un-expecting hollows into thinking it was a lake.

It didn't help that every once and awhile sand would blow across it in such a way that made the glass look like dancing waves into the distance, it was a cruel joke really. The area was known as Laguna de Espej and in the 820 years that Lastrada has been alive she had actually come to grow fond of this odd area within Hueco Mundo. It was large, out of the way and fairy isolated for one. For second it was actually a place that was different from the rest of the endless desert which stretched out in all directions, even if barely different. Once Lastrada had finally arrived after a seemingly few days journey she would calmly and carefully step out unto the glass surface where she would calmly let her Reitsu flair up. Lastrada was carefully controlling how much she let out, maintaining enough to seem like a strong, tasty hollow but weak enough it could be overpowered by 4 or 5 other hollows. In other words, Lastrada was using herself as bait to attract groups of Adjuchas to her location and Lastrada planned to fight them all by herself, using only Ceros and possibly Sonido.

However, even with her very careful and controlled release of her spiritual energy Lastrada would unwittingly attract more hollows than she intended. She got the strength right but she underestimated how far she was transmitting her spiritual pressure, which was far enough she would end up dealing with a wave after wave type deal as hollows arrived at different times to take on and try to eat the Primera Espada. The first hollow was in all honesty a complete weakling. To be honest, he wasn't even a Menos class hollow, just a low class normal hollow and Lastrada was wondering what it was even doing here. The unclassified hollow got Lastrada's Scent and started charging her as if driven by a need to feed on her flesh and the realization hit Lastrada which made her laugh.

This poor thing was on his way of becoming a Gillian class but he mistook the feel of her Spirit Pressure for a group of self devouring hollows. Bad mistake sadly as Lastrada had no qualms about destroying the powerless creature. Raising her right hand up she began gathering reiryoku into the palm of the hand, condensing it and packing it together tightly and rapidly. Lastrada figured since it was so pathetically weak to start off with, she had no need to fire a full powered Cero at the enemy, so instead she would fire off an incomplete Cero, one that wasn't even half charged. The beam of pure Reiryoku would rush across the desert, lighting it up with Lastrada's blue color before engulfing into the weak hollow and removing part of his head from it's body. The Incomplete Cero was pathetically weak when compared to the real thing but against something like that, it was perfect.

"Well..that is one way to start a party I where are the real challengers?" Lastrada asked as she closed her eyes, focusing. Upon re-opening them she had seemingly thousands of spirit ribbons around her body. It seemed daunting at first but Lastrada found the visual reference good for filtering the noise out and figuring out what was close. To the west were five Adjuchas class hollows, maybe a mile out all of them heading directly for Lastrada. Same story to the east and north although they were at varying distances and would arrive at much different times. Sighing, the ribbons would then vanish from the air. It seemed Lastrada has her work cut out for her, 15 Adjuchas in total. At the very least they were going to get here at different times, meaning Lastrada will have a much easier time dealing with them. Still though, it was more than she had been expecting. Lastrada might actually have to be a little careful.

1,006/4,000 Intermediate-->Adept

Techniques used:
Name: Cero Incompleto
Type: Offensive|Estruendo
Rank: Amateur
Range: 50 metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: Cero Incompleta is the most basic form of Cero an Arrancar may learn. The Arrancar will gather Reiryoku at either the tips of their fingers, the palm of their hand or inside their mouth. This Reiryoku will condense down, forming a tightly packed sphere of Reiryoku. This will then burst out as an immense beam of raw Reiryoku. As this is an incomplete form of Cero, it does not have the true destructive power of a Cero. It can cause 1st and 2nd degree burns, and send the target flying on impact.

Name: Trapos
Type: Supplementary|Pesquisa
Rank: Novice
Range: five Kilometres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: None
Description: Trapos is a fundamental perception technique designed to help a spiritually active person see energy beyond what they can passively feel. To perform it, all the Arrancar has to do is close their eyes and focus for a few seconds. Once they reopen their eyes, they will be surrounded by thousands of small strands, known as spirit ribbons. Average human beings with little to no Reiryoku have white ribbons. Shinigami have red ribbons. Quincy and Fullbringers have green ribbons, while hollows have blue ribbons. all these ribbons lead back to the person the Reiryoku originates from, allowing the individual to follow it to it's source.

Lastrada Tova

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on Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:45 am
Lastrada didn't have to wait for very long for the first five of the fifteen in-bound Adjuchas class hollows to arrive. Each one of them were large, humanoid-type Adjuchas towering in between the seven and eight foot ranges. They where a mix of crazy looking design though. One of the Adjuchas, on the end left of the five was the shortest among them and barely breaking seven foot. However he was wide and fat looking almost like an armadillo mixed with a humanoid figure. He didn't have any claws or actual weapons on his body it seemed which lead Lastrada to believe he had some type of special ability which would make up for it..she would have to watch that one carefully. The other one of note  was a humanoid but barely. He was eight foot and dead center, a humanoid Adjuchas in shape but he looked like a spider in appearance. He had extra legs coming from his back and his mask had multiple eyes. It was rather disturbing to look at to be honest. That was about all the details Lastrada could make very clear note of before the attack began.

The noted Spider-man started things off by blasting forth a web like substance which was comprised entirely of his spiritual energy. Lastrada would easily side step this while drawing forth her Zanpakuto from her back and it seemed to be a good thing she avoided the in coming web blast as well, considering the ground near the web began to boil and melt. Acid perhaps? Lastrada wouldn't have much time to judge the ability before one of the other three, plain looking Adjuchas had rushed into the frey, slashing it's claws at Lastrada which she easily blocked and parried with her Zanpakuto. While this was going on the remaining four Adjuchas started to encircle Lastrada's location. It seemed they were just trying to distract her so they could encircle her, cut off all escape and destroy her with a combined attack. Not a bad strategy, Lastrada had to admit.

"..But..not good enough I'm afraid.." Lastrada commented as she thrusted her over-sized Zanpakuto forward and through the center of the hand of the Adjuchas that she had been dueling with for a minute or so now. It would yell out in pain as the other four launched there attacks in an attempt to catch Lastrada in it..A mix of half-assed ceros, acidic webs and such but it wouldn't do any good.  Lastrada would simply slash her Zanpakuto down, slicing through the hand she had impaled and through the leg of the Adjuchas in front of her, causing him to fall to the ground and forward which created an easy opening for Lastrada to use Sonido incomplete to escape the resulting impacting attacks. Although she didn't actually see the results, she could feel the mixing of the spiritual energies and the resulting shock wave from behind her as all the power erupted in a single blast. Lastrada figured it was about time to end this particular fight before the rest arrived so turning around she would see the remaining for heading towards her.

Lastrada would simply hold up her left hand as a cero rapidly began to charge and condense into the palm of her hand and in a flash of spiritual energy it would blast out, engulfing all four of the remaining, breathing hollows and turning them to dust. They weren't very strong to start off with so it made sense they had no chance of resisting the intense and concentrated spiritual energy of a full blown Cero. However, as Lastrada lowered her right hand and turned her senses towards the sands of Hueco Mundo, she began to get the feeling the last two groups wouldn't be so easy. The up-coming group felt stronger but the last group is what was making Lastrada some what uneasy. Lastrada couldn't tell what it was just yet but, someone within that last group was truly dangerous. However, Lastrada would deal with them when the time came. For now, she simply sat back down in the middle of the glass lake and awaited the arrival of the next five Adjuchas for which she could prey upon.

However, it seemed Lastrada was relaxing far to early. The ground began to rumble underneath where Lastrada was sitting and although she was quick to move back and re-draw her Zanpakuto she would still be mildly impressed by what she saw. The Armadillo like Adjuchas erupted from the ground in a spinning ball of sorts, landing in front of Lastrada and growling or at least it seemed like it was. It seemed her burrowed right before the Cero boy. Although Lastrada was going to offer him the chance to live for being able to not die to her first attack, the armadillo thing already demonstrated for Lastrada he wouldn't have accepted the offer anyway. He curled his body up and began a fast rotation as he charged at Lastrada, moving at surprisingly high speeds, almost Sonido levels. Moving Zanpakuto up in front of herself, the armadillo's outer rotating armor would meet the blade, sending sparks flying. However, even with blocking him with only one hand Lastrada wouldn't move an inch from her current position. She was the Primera Espada after all, it would take more than a single Adjuchas to make her feel the heat.

As the might beast kept trying to push Lastrada back with his constant rotary force, Lastrada simply sighed before turning her blade over so the jagged, saw like end was facing the armor and quickly she would swipe over to the right. The teeth of the saw would almost instantly catch in-between the plates of the armadillo's armor which prevented further rotation on his part unless he wanted to rip himself up. It also allowed Lastrada's swipe to send him flying over to the right. The armadillo thing would land upon it's back and before it could even attempt to get up, Lastrada would already be running her Zanpakuto through it's mask. Sighing as she replaced her Zanpakuto upon her back, she would sit down upon the dead Armadillo's body and continue the wait for the other Adjuchas.

"Maybe..they'll be a little more fun?..That would be nice.." Lastrada commented as she let out a sigh of boredom. She wanted to train after all, not get warmed up.

2,079/4,000 words

Techniques Used:
Name: Cero
Type: Offensive|Estruendo
Rank: Intermediate
Range: 50 Metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: Cero is the complete version of Cero Incompleta, and requires that the Arrancar knows it to learn this. The Arrancar will gather Reiryoku at either the tips of their fingers, the palm of their hand or inside their mouth. This Reiryoku will condense down, forming a tightly packed sphere of Reiryoku. This will then burst out as an immense beam of raw Reiryoku. On impact, it will easily disintegrate whatever it hits.

Name: Sonido Imperfecto
Type: Supplementary|Sonido
Rank: Apprentice
Range: Up to 7 metres
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4 turns
Description: Sonido Imperfecto is an incredibly basic variation of Sonido, and is the first form a Sonido user must learn. The Arrancar will consolidate Reiryoku in their legs, and then kick off using it, allowing them to move a short distance so quickly that to the untrained eye, it appears as if they have "blinked" a short distance. As this is an incomplete Sonido, even the untrained spiritually advanced person can follow the movement to a degree, but it will appear to these individuals as though you are blinking a few inches forward in rapid succession rather than one sleek movement. This technique can be followed by someone with a perception of at least 2 tiers lower than the technique, or 2 tiers of movement lower, allowing them to effectively guard against an assault delivered combined with the Technique. This technique, while it appears as though they are teleporting, is simply an incredibly rapid straight line movement, and as such they cannot move through physical objects, nor does it give them immunity to damage. So, if there is a wall of fire between the individual and their destination, it will still burn them as they go through.

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