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on Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:59 am
Shikai Release Command: To Seek Knowledge Renkinjutsu Fainaru
Shikai Appearance: 4 pearl white orbs that float around the user.
Shikai Powers: The four orbs that float around the user allows him to use them for offensive purposes. Allowing them to block more than one person at a time and hitting more than one person at a time. They scale with weaponry and can only block basic attacks. As long as Haruto knows where they are at he can make the orbs to block or hit them. They can move 10 meters away from Haruto. They also move as fast as Haruto can. The main effect is that they passively gives him a +1 to all offensive spells (Hado). Making them act one rank higher. Also he can store 4 spells in the orb. Relieving Haruto the bother of doing the chant later on. He if he has one orb open and does a chant the orb will absorb the spell for later use. If the spell is absorb into an orb it cannot be used in the same post. This happens no matter what, even if Haruto is prepared for it or not. Also he can only use one spell from his orb per post. They do not change color for any purpose, but when looking through the eye's of Haruto they have a symbol to let him know which spell that they hold. They symbol is made of Reitsu.
Shikai Abilities:

Name: Double Cast
Type: Supplementary|Hado
Rank: Adept
Range: Dependent
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: This allows Haruto to cast two spells from his orbs at free will. This does not effect the spell in any way. The orb must be holding a spell at the time in order for this to work.

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