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on Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:11 am

I. Personal Information

First Name: Sora
Last Name: Takami
Alias(es): Scholar
Gender: male
Age: 278
Birthday: 4/18
Sexuality: heterosexual
Reiryoku Colour: Gray

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 13th
Seat: Captain

III. Appearance

Height: 5'11 ft
Weight: 165 lb.
Hair: light brown
Eyes: brown
Tattoo/scars: n/a
General Appearance: Sora is a tall man with average weight for his height. He has some muscle to him, as expected of a shinigami, but doesn't have bulk to the muscle. He keeps his hair fairly short, never having it below his eyes, and keeps the rest of his face clean shaven. He wears the usual shinigami outfit and switches to a black shirt and jeans if he is in a gigai. Over the shirt he wears a brown coat with no hood.

IV. Personality

Personality: Sora is a man who enjoys learning above all else. He considers himself a scholar with a thirst for knowledge that will take him anywhere if their is something to learn or gain. He often slacks off on duties to find and train so he can use his abilities to the fullest. This has led to his work ethic to be less than satisfactory to many. Even when he doesn't have something of interest to learn he tends to slack off and avoid duties, even if they were given directly to him by a superior.

One area that he finds particularly interesting is Hido. He enjoys using it as he feels it is to intriguing to ignore. Physical fighting doesn't compare to it when it comes down to the pure power one could exert with the highest levels of it. Bakudo interests him to a lesser extent as he sees it as secondary.

He finds actual melee combat to be a bore but is willing to work with it as it helps him learn about the mysterious soul within his zanpakuto. He considers the zanpakuto to be the greatest mystery for him as it is impossible to learn about your own unless you speak with it. He hopes to learn much from his and is eager to learn anything from it.
Likes: Sora loves to learn above all else and consistently take learning above duty any day of the week. Outside of learning he does enjoy the mortal realm and seeing the sights there. He often volunteers for any mission there. Things have changed so much since he died and came to the soul society so everything is a surprise. He also greatly enjoys sleep when their is nothing to do or some duty to ignore. As part of the twelfth division he does enjoy researching new technology to an extent but much prefers furthering himself rather than shinigami as a whole.
Dislikes: Sora hates exerting himself when it comes to anything but improving himself. If forced to do something for the greater good he will be extremely lazy about it and complain. He also hates to enter actual combat unless for some form of opportunity to learn something. Sora has a dislike for battle freaks as they do nothing but kill for no purpose in his eye. The 11th division in particular is seen as useless. He would prefer a more disciplined melee division rather than the idiots the 11th attracts. If a person is to dumb to fight smartly than they shouldn't have become a shinigami. If you can't fight any differently from a berserking hollow, you shouldn't be wielding a zanpakuto.
Motivations: To discover the secrets of his zanpakuto is the greatest drive for him. How can one not be interested in a spirit that resides inside you and can make you more powerful as you harmonize with it. There is still so much Sora does not understand about his zanpakuto and the power involved with knowing it is to much for him to not focus on. The study of Hido is another thing that motivates him. To create such power simply from the reiatsu that is held inside you is to extraordinary to resist. The most powerful of Hido spells dwarf any ability of a zanjutsu user in his eyes and make it something worth mastering.
Fears: Sora fears ignorance above all else. Knowledge that is not known to him gnaws at his very being and can keep him up at night. Knowledge is all there is for him and not knowing is something he simply can't deal with. He also has an odd fear of thugs in general. His childhood was him being beat up by gangs so even as a captain he still keeps his childhood close to him. He also has a deep fear of death. He doesn't wish to be reincarnated into the mortal plane which would practically make him a new person. He doesn't see it as an honor to dye for Rokungai and would much prefer to live for it.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Itsuba
Zanpakutō Last Name: Grigori
Zanpakutō Element: Fire
Zanpakutō Type: Kido
Zanpakutō Personality: Itsuba is a joker who enjoys messing with his wielder. He sees Sora's focus on learning all their is to know a bit ridiculous and always tries to get him to relax and do something fun. When Sora is in actual danger he does care to an extent what happens and won't try to hold back any power that Sora can get but otherwise makes fun of him when struggling.
Zanpakutō Appearance:
VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance:
VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:

VIII. History

History: Sora died and came to the soul society at the age of sixteen. Fairly young but not exactly to odd as people of all ages are around Rokungai. He went through soul society customs and was assigned to go to district one hundred and forty five. This particular district turned out to be quiet violent and almost always ignored when shinigami patrolled. Gangs ruled the district and it had one of the highest death rates out of all three hundred and twenty. Sora lived his life in a state of limbo, not sure if he was going to find food or even if he was going to live day after day. The one solace he found in this brutal district was the random book lying around. He was one of the few literate people who had been assigned to the district so no one ever tried to take a book. It was useless to them but everything to him. He soon became quiet sophisticated compared to the thugs living around him and that made him a target of ridicule. Thugs went to him whenever they wanted an easy fight to prove themselves and he soon became the joke of the district, never putting up a fight and always avoiding confrontation. This all changed though as a shinigami finally went into the district. The thugs quickly went into hiding and Sora thought of something no one had ever done within the district, begged to be taken and become a shinigami. He had quickly figured he wanted to become one as a couple of books he had scavenged were on the powers and abilities of their "protectors". This combined with the idea of finally being able to live in relative safety gave him the courage to actually approach the man. He fell to the ground in respect, pleading " Please take me to the academy, I wish to become a shinigami." He was almost completely sure he would be laughed off by the man, but the man simply smiled and said " Eagerness is always a good sign, come." Sora looked up at the man and couldn't believe he was actually going to be taken out of this hell hole.

The man who saved him turned out to be from the seventh division and had been assigned to take one of their recruitment missions that dealt with the worst corners of rokungai. The man's name turned out to be Eren and he said that " your ambition is good, but the real reason I chose you was that you have the reiatsu necessary to become a shinigami." Not exactly the best way to be chosen but still better than nothing. Eren took him directly to Shin'o academy where Sora was given everything he could hope for, a bed, regular meals, good clothing, and an education that the richest people of rokungai could only hope for their child to receive. He quickly assimilated into the student body and excelled academically. His almost religious reading of every book he could find made him a fast reader and gave him good back ground knowledge on most general subjects and some special subjects that are specific to being a shinigami. He especially excelled in Hido classes which proved to become a major focus of his extra-curricular studies. His high marks and above average skills made him fairly well liked as a peer but never really connected to his fellow students on a personal level. His high marks got him moved into the accelerated advancement program, this would allow him to graduate during his third year. This did nothing to stop him from trying to study more and he soon became known as a scholar and many thought he would join either the 5th or 12th division as his skills obviously pointed to there. He personally had no idea what he wanted to do as he honestly never thought of life past the academy. His third year he was sent on a mission for the 11th division as part of the accelerated advancement program. This is where he found out how thugs can excel even within the gotei 13. He became disgusted with how the methods of the 11th division were to similar to the thugs he lived with in district one hundred and forty five. All they did was charge recklessly into any situation and beat the hollows until they were destroyed. Such brute strength could never compare to Hido and the finesse that Sora felt was an integral part of being a shinigami. He left his first mission ever as a shinigami and returned to the academy to figure out what division fit him the best so he wouldn't have to deal with the brutish style and people involved with a division like the 11th. In his final days of being an academy student he decided that he would join the 13th division. This wasn't something that would make sense to many people as it wasn't a prestigious division that many jumped at but it was perfect for him. It wasn't a very important division and would give him plenty of time to train and study whatever he wanted. He took the shinigami test and passed with flying colors and immediately chose the 13th division.

He quickly fell into the relative ease of life in the 13th division and did as he pleased for the most part. Once in a while a mission would be sent his way and handled them when needed, albeit less than happy to do it. He spent the next twenty years in a good rut where Sora would constantly train and study. His captain noticed him and made him into the 18th seat. This honor escaped Sora's overall notice as all it did was make him slightly more noticeable as a lower seated member. If anything it hurt him as it caused him to do more missions. One particular mission that came his way during this time had him working with the 7th division and take down a couple of hollows in his home district. This particular mission had him working with Eren, the man who brought him in to the academy. Eren at the time was the lieutenant of the 7th division which was considered good enough to take down a couple of hollows with some support from the 13th division. When they arrived they found the most of the district's people hiding in what could be considered the granary of the district. No food was in it as any food that would end up there would be quickly stolen by some gang. It amazed him how the people that would have mugged him back when he lived here were cowering and begging for his help. He felt a bit smug on the inside but ultimately didn't let it get to them. He considered himself better than them so he wouldn't bother them for past transgressions. Sora and Eren quickly found the hollows in a hideout of one of the gangs. The souls of this poor gang obviously became the food of them as signs of a struggle were all around the cave hideout. Sora and Eren thought it would be an easy mission as they were told it was two or three hollows. They found eight hollows of some power in the hideout and every single one quickly jumped them. After thirty minutes of battle Sora found himself alone with eight hollows down. Eren had fallen during the battle, taking down four with him. Eren took the brunt of the initial damage when all eight jumped them and it ended with him bleeding all over and to many wounds for him to survive with. Sora carried him back to the 7th division barracks where they gave him a proper funeral, allowing him to live again in the mortal plane. The mission made him a legitimate choice for a higher seat in his captain's eyes and he was raised to the 9th seat as the old one was transferred to the first division. Sora's new position proved to give him more jobs which annoyed him but lived with it. The pattern of him rising in rank continued as any position that opened up somehow ended up going to him. This led him to become the lieutenant of the 13th division as he hit 200. As he could rise no higher without challenging his captain or getting the necessary recommendations.

An opportunity presented itself when his captain retired. His captain's exact reason for leaving was that he was to tired to continue. The position opened itself up and Sora somehow became a candidate for it with the one problem being he hasn't mastered his bankai yet. He was offered training by the 7th captain so he could master his bankai and he readily agreed. Not so much for the captain position, but for the experience of gaining something so integral and important to his zanpakuto. After two weeks of grueling and torturous training he was able to use it. He reluctantly went through the captain proficiency test and showed his bankai to the captain commander and two other captains. His proficiency was proven and he was officially made the 13th division captain. As the new captain, he largely left things the same as he was used to the system made under his predecessor with making a greater emphasis on the seats under him doing paper work. He largely used his high position to follow his passion for learning any and all techniques he could.

IX. Other

RP sample: Sora knew from the start this task would be troublesome. Whenever he was sent out he knew that they were strained for people to do tasks as he already had a reputation as the laziest within the 13th division. Karakura town wasn't even something the 13th division had control of and yet he was sent to kill three hollows! How long will it take to find them was not worth it, at least in his mind. He could better spend his time studying up on Hido and perfecting it but his captain just had to send him out.

Luckily for Sora, or unluckily as he saw it, the hollows found him. Three twin giants charged him, coming out from the shadows. Sora jumped back and took his zanpakuto out of the scabbard on his back. " Such a bother." he sighed out. He waited for them to get within ten feet before he acted. He dived forward, sending himself behind the three hollows and quickly rolled to his feet. He then jumped forward and stabbed the farthest left hollow in the back of the head, purifying it and sending it to Rukongai. The other two roared at him, trying to scare him or something stupid like that. He stood his ground, looking as bored as possible and they charged him once again. Hollows never seem to learn. This time he decided to make it a tiniest bit more flashy. " Hado number one, Sho." He pointed his finger at the two as he said this and a gray flash was created which pushed both back a couple of feat. He charged for the one on the right this time and jumped forward and past it's head, beheading it with his zanpakuto as he went by. This last one seemed to have finally caught on and advanced warily, making sure Sora didn't wasn't able to get another easy take down. It didn't matter though as Sora was just as willing to take the offensive. He moved forward and just as the giant  took a defensive swipe at him he dove underneath the arm and rolled to his feet just next the it's legs. He swung his blade and cut clean through its feet, making it fall backwards. He stood up and calmly walked towards the hollow and stabbed it's head as he came close. He returned to the soul society with his mission done and was glad to go  back to studying.

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