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on Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:20 pm

I. Personal Information

First Name: Mercutio
Last Name: Arana
Gender: Male
Age: 235 appears 30
Birthday:  6/17
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: default blue

II. La Horda

Number: Espada 3

III. Appearance

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210
Hair: White
Eyes: White
Tattoo/scars: n/a
General Appearance: Mercutio wears a teal blue dress shirt along with a grey striped vest and a white tie along with a pair of slacks. His white, mid lengthed, hair is usually slicked back. The remnants of his hollow mask are in the shape of a visor over his eyes; the visor its self is silver and has three red horizontal slots for him to see through. his hollow hole is in the center of his right palm.

IV. Personality

Personality: Mercutio likes to talk, it's his opinion that if you have an opinion you should either say it or shut up. He tends to ramble, he talks a lot. Generally Mercutio is a "Ask questions first, act second" type of person, although he isn't afraid to take action and get dirty. Not one to shy away from battle without reason Mercutio does have a difficult time taking things seriously; he's got an open mind though and "A good reason" to stop, or avoid, fighting can come in any form. He's a pretty friendly guy, and will look to make friends out of anyone, even though he can come across as a pretty cocky guy sometimes.
Likes: Talking is what he does best. Mercutio will talk about anything, to anyone for about any amount of time he can. It's unknown if he just likes the sound of his own voice and is full of himself or if he generally likes to bond and to socialize with others. A common topic for him to talk about is movies, especially the cheaply made kind, ones that tend to go straight to video without even making it to the big screen. Mercutio is usually an easy going person and might be quick to anger, but a good fight, one that get's the blood pumping, is something to get excited over too.
Dislikes: Mercutio doesn't like to be alone, and will usually try to stick around others. This is to be expected as his entire time spent as a low form of hollow was spent alone, and he learned to hate the loneliness of living outside of a festival grounds and never having the chance to interact with people even though they were all around. Mercutio doesn't like to be serious at all times, he can do serious, especially if the king of Heuco Mundo needed him to be, or even a friend as well.It's not that he hates doing what needs to be done, it's just that he believes work and fun can happen at the same time
Motivations: In life Mercutio was a pretty smooth person; he got along with many people and fought with very few. A friend or ally could just ask for his help and he would most likely show up to help, just to be there with someone he knew. Even though he can seem a little lightheaded or aloof at times, Mercutio can be very a professional individual; at times he seemingly abandons his carefree personality so he can get things done. At times he seems to play the "obfuscating stupidity" role just to get other people to underestimate him, only to pull out his professional demeanor when needed.
Fears: Loneliness, solitude, and alienation. Mercutio hates being alone, much of his time as a lowly hollow was spent in isolation, even though he was surrounded by people at the time. Mercutio is somewhat codependant on other people, not a single person but anyone who would give him the ability to just talk to them. The allowance to cut back and enjoy himself is something that he really enjoys as well, sometimes even a little too much: he really only takes things seriuosly when he needs to and like to spend as much of his free time as possible enjoying himself. Losing the freedom to do so, while not as bad as being alone, is still something that he fears.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance: Mercutio's Zanpakutō, when in it's sealed state, takes the form of a scimitar. With a silver blade and hilt this Zanpakutō takes the same colorscheme as most arrancar swords and rests on his back, with the handle pointing downward and the blade pointing upward.

VI. History


"Who said that?" Mercutio muttered to himself, as he scanned the park that he was walking through. "No one should be able to see me here!" He stated nervously, out loud. "Over here, young man!" An unknown voice replied. "Oh, it's an old guy." The Arrancar said to himself after turning to see who was speaking to him: the old man was sitting on a bench next to an odd trail, a trail that was not often used. "What's up old man?" Mercutio asked quizzically while straightening his tie and dusting off his vest. "What's wrong with your hand?" the elder of the two asked, as he used his cane to point to the younger man's right. "There's a hole in it!" He exclaimed. The hollow chuckled to himself as he strolled over to the bench with the questioning elder. "Yea." he agreed, "Yea, I suppose there is." Mercutio smiled as he held his right hand up to his face, looking the senior in the eyes through the hole in his palm. "It's because I'm a spirit." The hollow explained "And you can probably only see me because you're about to die." The elder's eyes widened as the spirit spoke to him. "Are you a Shinigami, then?" the man inquired. "Uhhhmmm..." Mercutio pondered out loud, as he scratched at his goatee. "I'm kinda the exact opposite, I'm a spirit that eats people. We're called Hollows." Mercutio stopped "Well I don't eat people anymore; I used to eat a ton of people's souls. Seriously, I've eaten at least a few hundred souls easy." He looked at the man sitting next to him and smiled. "I'm not here to eat you or anything, I mean I didn't even think you could see me."

The senior had a mortified expression, staring at the Hollow."And that's" Mercutio burst out laughing. "how I ended up kicking the bucket." The Arrancar explained to the geriatric fellow sitting next to him. "I mean, it was a pretty horrible way to go, but it was very hilarious under the circumstances." The seasoned old timer let out a short breath "That actually sounds fairly gruesome. In fact it was downright terrifying just to listen to!" Mercutio smiled awkwardly "It gets worse from there..." the suited spirit trailed off "or better, depending on who you are in this flash back. Now where was I" he quipped? "That's right! Thanks for reminding me old timer." He said, patting the man on his back before he could even say anything. "After I shuffled off of the mortal coil I stuck around for awhile. I had my reasons for not passing on, I won't bore you with the details but let's just assume they were important." Mercutio  looked down at his slacks, furrowed his brow, stood up and dusted off his pants "I hate it when my clothes get dirty." As he sat back down Mercutio looked back towards his one man audience, giving him a stern look. "It wasn't important, but let's just say it was. Anyways, after a few years of doing things I can't really remember I errr...." he trailed off and scratched his goatee again. "Well let's just say I changed. I turned into a big spider" He said abruptly while looking into the senior's eyes. "A spider? Why a spider?" The man inquired. Mercutio shrugged. "I couldn't tell ya, that's just what happened. I did shy away from people like a recluse: there's a spider named a recluse, so that might be why. I spent a few years hunting down random Plusses and catching them in my web. A plus is a neutral human soul, by the way." The elder nodded at the younger man's explanation. "Anyways, after a decade or so of that, I learned about something fantastic." A devious smile crossed Mercutio face as a spoke "HorrorFair" The Arrancar chuckled out loud. "It's a festival where people dress up in silly costumes and scare the living crap out of each other: when films became common the festival updated and focused it's self on horror flicks. That's when I made my move. Every year I'd trick a few kids, a few drunks and some louts out into the nearby woods. They were always sensitive to the spirits, so they could hear my whispers: they would come when I called and walk right into my web. From there I would tease them and taunt them. Slowly liquefying their spirits before drinking out their energy." Mercutio  pointed at the man's stomach "Their organs too, I'd drink them up like soup." He licked his lips as he spoke that last sentence, fondly remembering his past 'culinary" experiences. "I got pretty good at it too, eating normal people that is. One person got away though: He made a few movies about it, they was actually pretty decent; I saw all seven of them. The spider they used looked nothing like me though, and the main character ended up killing it with a flamethrower full of bug spray. And before you ask, yes I did end up hunting that guy down after that ending. I just threw up some acid on him, I didn't even bother eating him for it." Mercutio let out a devious laugh after the mortified reaction the old man gave him.

"Heuco Mundo?" The senior questioned curiously. "Oh yea!" The Arrancar replied "It's great..." He stopped, as if he forgot what he was saying. "if by great you mean a huge expanse of lonely desert that's really easy to get lost in. Really, it's an unlimited desert with one complex in it. It's a huge complex, don't get me wrong; the desert is UNLIMITED though." The hollow put emphasis on his word choice in order to get his point across. "There's an old forest of quartz under the desert too, but there's not really anything there but lowly Menos." Mercutio let out a large sigh before perking back up. " OH!, did I tell you that I was in an organization? At least I think It's an organization" He trailed off. "What's the difference between a group and an organization? Not like it matters, but I'm curious" Mercutio stopped talking for a second and thought to himself, before continuing. "It's called the Espada, I think that's Latin or something. It's a type of sword or something like that." Mercutio Turned to the old man "You know I killed a guy to get into the Espada, I mean I've killed a lot of people by, you know, eating them." He shrugged "But this was different, he wasn't a human soul or a lower hollow, he was an Arrancar, like I am. You know how, like, I'm a spider. Right?" Mercutio asked to the older gentleman and then continued talking without letting his conversational partner get in a single word. "Well he was..." Mercutio trailed off "He was a big face. Now I know that sounds weird, but it was pretty creepy. I always referred to him as 'The Mask OF Infamy!'" The Arrancar put emphasis on the title he had made up; A smile crossed his face as he said it. "Anyways," Mercutio  continued talking with a grin across his face. "This face, or the mask as I called it, was indestructible from the outside. Any attack would just bounce right off of it's... uh... it's.." He stopped "Do faces even have body parts? We'll just say face parts. Any attack would just bounce off of it's face parts. That was pretty creepy, a big face with all the fangs. This thing had multiple faces too. There were three faces on this thing, in a weird triangle formation. This thing could see around it in all directions." Mercutio smirked, "That's a pretty useful thing, being able to see all around you, in every direction. Didn't help him much. Well, not after I figured out how to get one up on him." Mercutio Stood up excitedly as he remembered the battle between himself and the Espada he had to battle with in order to become one himself. "I did something he didn't even expect, I grabbed him by the tongue and spun him around like a ball and chain, I chucked him right into one of my webs and pulled out my old classic." The suited Espada sat back down on the bench. "I took him out the way I've been taking out souls for years before then. I regurgitated a bunch of acid right into one of his mouths and webbed it shut. I watched that weirdo melt from the inside out. Every attack thrown at him bounded right of off his face, but his insides weren't protected!" He laughed menacingly "It was a done deal after that. I got into the Espada no problem after taking out the face guy. I ate what was left, like I did with the souls of humans and such before hand. That kinda creeped some of out the others that were watching as well."

Mercutio stood up and offered his hand to the old man sitting before him. " Put 'er there old timer!" The elder reached out to shake hands with the younger looking spirit standing before him. "I'd better head out now, seeing as the Shinigami will be here for ya in a few minutes." Mercutio stated bluntly. "Seeing as I literally talked you to death." he pointed to the body that the elder left behind at some point during Mercutio's life story. "Sorry about the Forest Gump treatment there, but at least you passed peacefully." With that last apology Mercutio began to walk off, away from the spirit left from the old man's body. "Wait!" The spirit called out to the Arrancar. "I never got your name!" Without even stopping or even turning back the Arrancar yelled back to the elder. "The name's Mercutio, Mercutio Arana."

VII. Other

RP sample: "Well shit, you can see me. For a second I thought you were talking to the T.V." Mercutio said to the small spirit that had appeared next to him while he was standing in front of an electronics store that had a television displayed in the front window. "Why would I talk to the T.V.? You're silly mister!" The child told him. The arrancar shrugged, "Yea, I suppose I am." He trailed off for a second. "So what are you doing here kid, don't you have anywhere else to be? Like a grave or something" Mercutio motioned to the chain hanging from the child's chest. "I don't know where I'm supposed to go, no one can see me but you." The kid pouted. Mercutio let out a deep sigh and shook his head. "Well kid, you can always sit here and watch this movie with me. It's about bees, and up next is 'Slampires: Revenge of the Luchdor'" Mercutio grinned. "It sounds ridiculous, but it looks like it'll be funny." The kid pouted again "But what about after that, where will I go then? No one at home can see me!" The arrancar scratched at his goatee. "How about we fire off a flare gun, you know like when you're in trouble. Someone will be able to see that and then they'll help you out." As he finished explaining his plan to the kid he pointed to the sky and fired off a Cero blast, causing the people around him to freak out; even though they couldn't see it the cero was enough for most of them to at least feel it. The child stared at Mercutio wide eyed. "That wasn't a flare..." the child said quietly. "Of course it was!" The Espada explained. "Now let's just relax and enjoy the show while we wait for someone to come get you."

Face claim: Godot from the ace attorney series

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Please do note I am not sure about the History style of it. If I get over written please this is my heads up.

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