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on Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:26 pm
Hello, I'm Aoi and no I doubt I know any of you from another site. I have a PS3 if anyone else has one. I'll provide my tag later. Let's see, I am a Graphic Designer more or less and I plan on going to school for it eventually.i do have a skype. I don't always seem soooo mechanical either, but yeha it's just one of those days. Umm, I'm 6'4" I listen to a variety of Music, mostly Rap. I like the Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls. One of my Favorite defensive players from the Bears is Major Wright, while one of my favorite offensive players is Martellus Bennet. I played football in highschool, which i just graduated from. C/O 13 !!! :P also is anyone is ever curious as to what i look like I'm gonna make a thread for every to show how they look if they so choose.

Skype: Tyki HDS
PSN: Soldia1122

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