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on Wed Oct 16, 2013 3:18 am

I. Personal Information

First Name: Rinshi
Last Name: Namigana
Alias(es): Rin, Nami, The Divine
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: July 2
Sexuality: Straight
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. La Horda

Number: 7

III. Appearance

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 163 lbs
Hair: Jet Black, Styled
Eyes: Green
Tattoo/scars: None
General Appearance:Rinshi is thin with well toned muscles. On a regular he wears a white silk dress shirt that is never buttoned up to show off his torso, black straight leg jeans hemmed at the knee to make them look more like skinny leg jeans, and Black/White and Dark Powder Blue OG 9s with the stitching RN left/right side of the midsole. Rinshi's face gives off an eccentric yet somewhat twisted first impression on people, without saying a single word.  Rinshi has purple eyes, jet black hair that flys loosely through the wind.  A fairly sharp chin and jawline, a thin nose almost that of a female's and medium sized lips.

IV. Personality

Personality:Rinshi isn’t the most cheery person alone, and the weirdest things amuse him and grab his attention.  Facing a tough situation with a calm head makes the task easier, but if he’s angry he definitely will handle the problem in the most brutal and gruesome way.  Rin isn’t the type to show mercy upon those who are cowardice, in his mind only the strong survive and the weak perish by him.  If he believes you lack the confidence to face him in a one on one battle, he will slaughter right on the spot.  Rin believes no one in the Spiritual World can match his true power.  While that may be the case he has no problem, with no holding back every inch a spiritual power he has in him.  Rin is a bit antisocial towards others and finds it a great challenge to trust anyone he encounters; Still a child he couldn’t even find a reason to trust his own parents.  Rin is known as a very tasteful dresser, he prefers to look good but not take it overboard.  Dutiful would be one of many words to describe Rin, responsibility is what drives him and no matter what he can always be found in the middle of trouble, and trouble has no problem finding him.  Violence is always the answer in his mind, he either has two options he gives himself: Option 1, Kill Them All and Option 2, Kill Them All.  Rin has a few quirks that are a bit unusual to others, he can be seen sleeping in the most unusual places such as under the bed, in his closest, and even on the roof of his small villa.  Rinshi finds those who can amuse him, useful because though he gets a kick out of bringing death to anyone who crosses his path, he enjoys a good joke every now and then.
Likes: Rin isn't the type to enjoy a lot of things, nor is he the happiest guy in Hueco Mundo.  Though there are a few things that he likes, that others do not expect from someone like him.  To start out he loves Japanese Pop and Rock it in someway soothes him and nobody knows this but, his favorite band is Stereopony and his favorite song by them is Hitohira no Hanabira.  Rin during his secluded training likes to jam out to the band High and Mighty Color's song  Ichirin no Hana.  Rin likes really sweet fruits such as, coconut, green apple, strawberries, and watermelon.  Rin's favorite of those are strawberries with melted chocolate to coat them in, that he believes are delicious.  Rinshi finds it delightful when his enemies squirm away before finishing them off in one final blow.  Killing sprees  and fighting are his favorite pastime and often does these with his underlings, that he believes are weak and need to become stronger, or they all shall perish by his sword.  As the newest Espada to earn his seat amongst the other 9, he has taking a liking to his new position and his new palace.  Rins' Zanpakuto is the true bringer of chaotic evil and destruction upon those who dare draw their swords and engage him in combat.
Dislikes: Rin has quite a lot of things that he does not like it may take sometime to get into every nook and cranny, but here are the few things that piss him off and will end up with his sword piercing through your forehead.  People who disturb him while he is eating his dinner or his sleep, usually this is done by his underlings and he ends up beheading them on the spot; Rin loses a lot of Ferricions that way.  Cowards he absolutely despises them they always beg for mercy and bribe for their lives to be spared, the first “PLEASE” that his victim cries he chops them up into diced meat, then claims their spiritual energy as his own.  Quincies he discriminates against these spritual beings and hate them with a passion, and one day will kill a Quincy and sap all of his spirit energy before maliciously killing them in the most grotesque way,  Other forms of life that piss him off are the Gillian, idiotic beings with immense amounts of spirit energy, he hates that he used to be in the same classification as those imbeciles that are worth calling spiritual beings.  Just to name a few things Rin dislikes about the world  he belongs to and what he used to belong to.
Motivations: Motivation hasn't been something Rinshi has relied upon since he became an Espada; though as a hollow he did find have one true motive in his struggle.  That one motive of his was the everlasting struggle to survive.  When Rinshi became a hollow the world was forever grim and dark to him, every hollow that stood in his way was annihilated, whether they crossed his path or just didn't like their disgusting forms.  Rinshi has since been a cold-hearted monster, and in his eyes he still believes he is one, but never will become a disgusting low-life Numerous ever again.  Which is why he takes his training extremely important and does not show any mercy to his enemy and will claim victory even if it means using up all of his spirit energy, and to not be a cast out Espada never to join the ranks again of the Espada again.  Killing other Numerous for their spirit energy is a sport and may even appoint those with relatively high spiritual pressure as his personal servant, other than that each hollow is hunted and killed like a wild animal.  The spirit energy that he does not need is sometimes given to his newest Ferricion; not many Ferricion last long, for they never learn how not to piss off their master.
Fears: Fear is something Rinshi does not believe in and does not believe he is capable of the emotion, of fear.  The very thought of fear makes him nauseas, to believe that it is a true emotion amuses him.  Deep down Rin is afraid of the most terrifying dream, he ever dared to dream.  The existence of a being other than a higher seated Espada, that has a spirit energy greater than his own.  This being could very well one day wipe him out completely and he would be disgraced by this very action, and have no one to blame for this act but his own weakness.  Rins' believes the only being that can kill him is his own Zanpakuto, though that may not be the case he never dgares to think about it.  The sinister being that humans call fear Rinshi refuses to believe in, even if he keeps his fears a secret, he knows that a mans fear can become his ally and weapon.  So Rin uses the emotion known as fear as good luck in combat, and uses it with immense skill.  Knowing his enemies every move for they fear death, and Rinshi is the very bringer of death.

V. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:

Blade Length: 7 ft Blade Width: 4 cm Radius  (From top of Hilt to End of Blade) Hilt: 7 in
VI. History

Family Secrets

Rinshi grew up in a very sad silken family, though they were wealthy beyond it all and were well renowned around the globe, they weren’t the loving close-knit family they appeared to me.  Everyone in his family was filled with greed and jealousy, love and respect was something nobody understood, therefore no one showed those emotions towards each other the family was a ticking time bomb and all it took would be the fuse to set it off; that would come with the birst of the last boy and the last p of the Namigana family this is Rinshi Namigana’s story.

The Birth of the Divine Child

When Rinshi was born, the Namigana family stood atop of the world in fashion, social media, and even sports.  They were at the pinnacle of success and Rinshi’s birth took it to a brand new level.  Rinshi’s parents, Reima and Nolan were the head of the world’s most popular fashion corporation in the world.  Rinshi before the age of 6 was a well-known celebrity, and starred in numerous movies at such a young age, but never found the lime-light so intriguing.  Rin’s aunts and uncles despised him rather, because he took away their shine.  Rins’ Uncle Yamari was so obsessed with the success that Rin had by the age of 7 that he began asking Rin for loans and how to invest.  Yamari was not the only one who performed these pitiful acts and he would not be the last.  Rin’s true passion was the art of fencing, the act of quick thinking, strategy, and fast reaction always gave him goose bumps; he later found that his great grandfather was an 9-time gold medalist fencer and competed in the Olympics at the age of 10, representing Australia, rather than his homeland of Japan.  When Rinshi turned 8 he began training for the Olympics that would come that following year, of course the paparazzi found a way to make this viral, which they did.  Rinshi received endorsement letters from companies like GM, Nike, Kellogg’s, and even his family’s company.   After finding a remote location and going missing for a whole year, which drew much more attention to Rinshi, he was seen at the preliminary round to represent Japan’s fencing team but when he was the obvious choice that Japan wanted to make, the United States sent him a check for 3 million dollars to represent them in the Olympics.

The Divine Olympian

The first event would be the of course fencing; Rin found himself critically nauseas and could not get the rest he needed to perform at peak position.  Rin’s opponent would be 27 year old Teila Barbosa who was representing France where the art of fencing originated and this would be quite the challenge he believed, but none the less he competed.  Each match would be the Best of 7 which Rin thought was exhausting.  Rin eventually came out on top 5-1 and the world was amazed, though Rin believed in his mind he lost.  Rinshi’s next event would be in 2 days which gave him time to practice until he encountered his next opponent earlier than expected the 17 year old representing Germany, Daveid Hintzlet.  Rin strongly disliked the boy and found him painfully disgusting looking.  Rin took his time to focus and studied all film on the boy because he wanted to humiliate him, in front of the entire world.  Rinshi did just that the day of their match, he won 4-0 and Germany was at a standstill.  Though the fame and winning was great, Rin would soon lose the two things most important to him.

Death and Conspiracy

After his 4 gold medal victory in the Olympic’s the Namigana family got even worse, starting with the death of his great-grandfather.  Rinshi wished to visit the old man after the Olympic medal streak, the visit was short-lived.  Rinshi stayed with his great-grandfather little less than two weeks until he found the man in his bed one morning pillow over his face.  Rin’s great-grandfather had been murdered, and no one had any leads on whom.  Rinshi returned home in shock and was never the same again around his family, and it wasn’t until 3 years later that his life would change forever after the brutal assassination of his parents, by his own family ….. Uncle Yamari.  Rinshi became furious that after the man was found not guilty and he wished end his Uncle’s life forever but as the law says he could not commit murder.  Rin decided he would hire someone to do it for him and who better than someone close to him…his wife.  Rinshi told the Yamaris’ wife that if she killed him that night he would, give her 40 billion dollars and she could disappear or he would personally slaughter her, Yamari, there 3 children and her parents.

Divine Satisfaction and Comfort

The day of his 21st birthday, Rinshi had already acclaimed extreme wealth and was the #1 richest man on earth, he earned 12 gold medals in the Olympics, bought out Nike and Mercedes, and was now the world’s most eligible bachelor.  Soon old memories would come back to haunt him, somehow the media found out about his deal he made with Yamari’s wife.  Apparently, she had informed the authorities after he refused to give her more money.  Rinshi took matters into his own hands and decided he need to do what needed to be done.  The next night, Rinshi went on a massacre, murdering Yamari’s wife, her children, her parents and her relatives.  Rinshi laughed and left a note for the police with a nice reward, 300 million dollars in a suitcase.  Rinshi days later would kill himself soon, and he was unable to find rest in the afterlife and eventually became a hollow.

VII. Other

RP sample:It was a bright and seemingly peaceful day as the inhabitants of the leaf village were going about their natural everyday routines.  Rinshi as usual was wondering through the streets careless as ever searching for a task to complete for the day for a little extra money.  Rinshi wore a zebra print dress shirt completely unbuttoned, displaying his toned abdominals and pectorals; for one so slim his body was chiseled.  Along with the shirt he wore black straight leg jeans that were hemmed at the knee so they could appear slightly fitted.  As for footwear that he strutted carefully, a brand new pair of White/Black and Dark Powder Blue OG 9’s that he bought earlier that week for a steal.  They were a bit simpler than other Jordan brand shoes that he owned.  The shoes had a white leather upper with blue midsole, an interesting feature was the stitching on the upper, which although was not a contrast stitching, still stands out a lot, as it seems to follow a patter. The bottom of shoe, ironically, is the most detailed and nicest part of shoe. Featuring a load of details, including the year 1994, but what set it apart from post pair of Jordan Sneakers was the stitching on the right/left side of the shoe, the initials, RH.

Rinshi made his way around the village stopping in on a few friends to say hello and what not, but he was stricken with the dreaded terror of boredom.  Rinshi needed some action to get him repumped or it would have been a long day of boring shit.  Rinshi stopped by Ichiraku’s for a To-Go order of Miso Beef and Chicken Flavored Ramen.  Rinshi appreciated the man who always looked after him and made sure he was always satisfied with Ramen.  Rinshi always helped the man with whatever errand he needed him to run, whether it be bring him an ingredient from another region or take his daughter out for a date.  Okay maybe not take out his daughter on a date, but he sure wished that he would ask him that sometime.  ”Here’s your Ramen Rin.”  The middle age man said with an eager smile,  Rinshi reached for the Styrofoam cup as he said to him, ”Geez Pops, don’t call me Rin you make me sound like a girl, but thanks for the Ramen Pops.”  Rinshi rolled his eyes at being called Rin the name was girly and his name was Manly, but people still insisted of say Rin for short.  Rinshi didn’t really mind it was just something he didn’t prefer to be called.

Rinshi lay relaxed as he waited for the sun to set.  Soon he would begin locating the two possible traitors of the leaf village and bring them to justice.  The suspects were two Chunnin, one a 16 year old girl known as Shizuka and Kaito who was no stranger to Rinshi, for the two could never get along as children, mainly because Kaito used to make fun of Rinshi’s hair.  Rinshi saw this as an opportunity to settle the score between them, if he could prove him guilty.

Rinshi stood up as night fell and the stars began shining through the sky a crisp cool breeze blew, through his hair as he raised his hand to his head to hold it in place.  Rinshi stood with a straight posture so as he could see this as an opportunity to train his new unique Byakugan power,  he called it cliché as it was, The Divine Eyes of Rinshi.  Rinshi closed his eyes as he built up the necessary chakra to perform his technique.  Rinshi eyes shot open as his eyes went solid white the Byakugan was activated, but with his twist, the Byakugan were the normal pupil turned into a silver cross hair of a fighter jet or the letter V with 1 horizontal line on each end.

Rinshi leaped from the roof above his home, and descended upon a rooftop a little farther down from his home, as he continued his sprint for the village gates.  Rinshi jumped for the ledge of the village wall but barely rasped it as he grabbed the ledge.  Rinshi hanging on for his life with his left hand hanging and the wind blowing through his hair, blowing his open button shirt to the direction that the wind flowed.  A thought zipped through his mind and as he gathered his chakra and focused it to his finger tips and feet, he let go of the ledge.  Sliding down the wall his feet and fingers stuck to the wall, as if something was holding him in place.  Rinshi began to scale up the wall to the top and as he reached the top, he peered over the edge where he could see 4 figures similar in stature to his own having a conversation.  

Rinshi could hear bits and pieces of the conversation but decided it’d be best if he got closer.  Rinshi could see another man approaching who appeared to be a part of the groups “get together”.  Rinshi quickly took action before the others noticed his presence.  Rinshi began crawling down the wall almost like a spider and after he climbed down to a safe jump height, he leaped onto the man who coincidentally broke his fall.  The man began to groan from pain as Rinshi gave him a hard kick to his side and the man lay unconscious.  Rinshi held up a hand sign as he stood before the man analyzing his bodily and facial features, and as he took a deep breath he said, “Transform.”
The transformation was a success Rinshi was exactly identical to the man that he’d clobbered on moments ago.  

Rinshi began approaching the group casually as he stood waiting for them to address him.  The girl known as Shizuka was the first to recognize him as Tojiro which apparently was the man they thought Rinshi was.  Rinshi looked at Shizuka analyzing her appearance and soon their apparent meeting began.  The men Kaito and Shizuka were holding 4 large sacks, 2 for each man, they threw them on the ground and one after another gold coins fell out of the bag.  Kaito became ecstatic at the sight and quickly pulled out 4 documents and handed them over to the 2 men.  As Kaito began playing around in the coins,  Shizuka explained to the men what the documents were about.  ”These are the hidden entrances outside the village that lead to the Hokage’s chamber.  Those other documents are the number of guards in each sector of the village each night and the last one is how long you have to start the invasion 4 days from now. ”

Rinshi’s eyes grew wide at the sound of invasion, nonetheless he knew it was time he take action Rinshi performed the shadow clone technique producing 8 clones to surround the group.  Kaito and Shizuka both exclaimed, TOJIRO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!”  Rinshi deactivated the transformation technique as the 9 Rinshi’s spoke in unison.  ”You four are under arrest, you are going to come with me for questioning!  If any of you have a problem with this...We can settle it right now.” 8 of the Rinshi’s all grabbed the suspects arms and escorted them through the village gates.  The original grabbed the man Tojiro, who by luck was still unconscious, and dragged him inside.

Rinshi knew he would have to keep an eye on the 4 suspects till morning so he decided to watch them till the morning so they could be taken in for questioning, watching over four criminals sure would be interesting for Rinshi.  Rinshi tied the criminals hands behind their backs as well as their and placed them against a wall as he saw the two men in hoods conversing.  One of Rinshi’s clones kicked them in the chests not hard to break a rib or make their lungs collapse, but just enough to knock the wind out of them and make them groan in agony.  Rinshi took a look at his shoes which had become extremely dirty which caused him to grow frustrated.  Brand new Jordan Bel-Airs he just waited 3 weeks to receive them yesterday and NOW they were ruined because some IDIOTS thought it would be fun to plan an invasion on the village.

Rinshi stood up frowning with his eyes closed looked down at Kaito as he layed on his side.  Rinshi brought his foot back about 22 degrees and kicked him right in his jaw.  Immediately the man began bleeding and laughed at Rinshi as he spit a glob of blood onto his shoes.  ”OH HELL TO THE FUCKING NO!!!”  Rinshi began to pound on the man with his fists, as he pulled himself together and looked to his other clones, nodded and they all hit their captives with one hard hit to the head rendering them unconscious.

Face claim: Tensa Zangetsu ~ BLEACH!

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The appearance you've picked is already being used by Artemis the 2nd Division Captain.


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COMPLETION BUMP (Sorry Its Not An RP Sample For My EXE Character My PC is Broken and i havent found the time to type one up its a mission i did on saga.)

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First, Please select a specific number. Second I find it unclear exactly what your proposing your special power is.


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Alright. Now while I am uncomfortable with the rp sample from another site it is very detailed.

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