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I. Personal Information

First Name: Haruto
Last Name: Sora
Alias(es): The Exploding Alchemist
Gender: Male
Age: 450
Birthday: January 1st
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 12th
Seat: Vice-Captain

III. Appearance

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 196
Hair: Red
Eyes: Yellow
Tattoo/scars: None
General Appearance: Haruto seems to be a little wild looking when you first look at him. It is not because he has seemed to lost his citizen like composure. The fact that his hair is always everywhere and messy has a tendency of making people think that he does not sleep enough or if he does he sleeps outside all the time. It does not help that his hair reaches down to his thigh and some strands even go so far to reach the ground. The hair has a tendency of looking unnatural like it was created, which would be true. Due to the fact that Haruto has a tendency of blowing himself up. His eye is yellow like a hawk and looks like his eye will pierce into your soul. As if he is studying anyone at any time. His smile is also very animal like, for he does not have normal teeth in his thin lips. His teeth are all sharpen and all of them look like fangs that line up with each other. His facial features and thin and show off all the lines in his face. His chin being very pointy compared to most. He is very thin as if he was not eating right. Even though he does eat on a regular basis. His thin body does nothing weird of the sorts for him. He is not weaker for it, or stronger he is just thin. This makes the normal shinigami attire look a little loose on him, like it was made a size to big. His armband is also not on arm but often hanging off his neck like a necklace.

IV. Personality

Personality: Science is the progression of living creatures and science is the world moving forward. Haruto lives by these words, as if it is what makes his world move forward. Haruto thinks this as a noble endeavor and this is often seen in his work. When he is doing his work he is often seen regal and motivated. Quickly moving around and being active more than usual. Even though this is him when Science is involved he changes when science is not involved at all. He more laid back and has a very carefree attitude. Often seen goofing around and having a good time with everyone in the office. He is also creepy factor as he will sometimes sneak up on people and just do weird things. Like place his chin on their head, or even lick their ear. He goes from a very straight back and every movement making a difference to a slumped back and being bored looking. In battle it is a mixture of the two, even though Haruto really hates fighting and everything to do with it. The destruction of everything means that he does not get to use them in later experiments. He really only gets into a fight when he needs to.
Likes: Haruto loves science and everything about it. Haruto has a tendency of breathing science, eating science, living science. So it is only natural for him to join the science division and cause some mayhem in their ranks. Haruto also loves sweets from the human world, especially the little candy known as skittles. He is often seen munching on some sort of candy and even making weird food that he just tosses candy in. He often is caught doing something with candy, which he call sweet science. Both of these have a tendencyt of making him grin a lot for he enjoys them both to no end.
Dislikes: Haruto really does not dislike anything in the world, but if he was asked he would often just reply with he hates people. He is not talking about the human race, or about just the shinigami. He would be talking about people in general. Every sentient being in the galaxy. Because of them the world has a lot more issues than they can handle. Also they are often very whiny about their issues. Another things Haruto can't stand is when people use the words like I can't or it is impossible. To him, nothing is possible and just a pain in the butt.
Motivations: What motivates Haruto is his love of science and the finding of new things. Haruto will spend countless nights awake and trying to figure something out. It is the only thing that makes him motivated to do things in this life. Haruto will not only spends every waking moment trying to figure something out he will change personality wise and walking wise. A secret motivation is his love to improve everything, due to his belief that anything can be overcome. He does not believe in perfection, but he does strive to the closest thing to it. He plans to do this with the help of science.
Fears: Haruto has two fears, even though both of them are very irrational for him. He does not talk about them to often cause he knows that they both cannot be reached. His first fear is the fear of becoming perfect. He does not want to have perfection, mainly due to the fact he cannot continue to move on upward if he is the perfect specimen. His other fear is the fear of having no more science to conduct. He is always busy with his work and he dreads the fact that maybe one day that he would be done with his work. Even if he is told to join a different division he would continue his work on his free time.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Renkinjutsu
Zanpakutō Last Name: Fainaru
Zanpakutō Element: N/A
Zanpakutō Type: Kido
Zanpakutō Personality: Ren-chan is a weird person. Mainly due to the fact that she is not actually one who is willing to put up with Haruto's laziness and forces him to work extra hard in the world that he lives in. She is often seen as a mother figure to Haruto bugging him to get work done and forcing him to do things he does not want to do. She is the reason that Haruto made it to the position that he is in now. Even though she is hard on him she can be childish at the same time. She has two forms, her adult form which is the mother and the child form which likes to play with Haruto.
Zanpakutō Appearance: Ren-chan Young
Ren-Chan Older

VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance: In the scientists mind it is odd why it chooses a high school science room, but he believes that it is making sure never to forget his basics. The chairs are much more comfortable than they look and behind the desk at the front is a oversized comfy computer chair that Ren-chan is often sitting in.

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance:
For some reason Haruto’s blade choose to be white, even though most of the time it is mistaken as black due to him forgetting to wipe off blast residue.

VIII. History

History: Born in the year 1500 Haruto lived in japan with the rest of his family. He was born to a poor farm family that did not have much to do with the world outside of the their farm. They were effienct enough to be left alone by the government and other outside sources. Life was waking up taking care of the animals and eventually eating the one meal a day that he looked so forward too. It was a simple life for Haruto, but it did not bother him or his family that much. Haruto enjoyed the company of his two brothers and three sisters. Since they were the only family or friends that he had. Eventually their was a man wandering the street, his skin was pale like a ghost, but it did not stop his family from taking the man in and help take care of him. The man was shipwrecked on the island and had been wandering around Japan trying to find a way home. Eventually he had lost hope due to the fact that every sailor told him no, cause he was the white devil. Haruto's family did not think of this man this way and offered him to stay with them. In return the man decided to teach those who wanted to learn in the way of science. A new thing that was going on in Europe. Haruto fell in love with science and he continued his farm work during the day and at night he would learn about this new found love. Science was so new, and the fact that the white man could explain things that he was used to calling magic baffled Haruto. Haruto and the man continued to do research on everything they could in japan. Making Haruto a very happy man, and eventually him and the man began to travel. To see the Japanese world in a new light. They kept their teachings a secret due to the fact that the empire was becoming on shaky grounds. He was not sure what to think what was going on, but people were starting to amass armies to hold their grounds. Eventually a woman fell in love with the science that they taught and eventually married Haruto. They decided to settle down and continue their work in secret after finding a safe passage for the white man back to his home. They continued to live a normal life, having two children that would eventually join Oda Nobunaga's army and do great things. Haruto died a old man in his bed in the year 1563.

When Haruto awoke he was in the spirit world. His looks had change into what he found to be better and he was oddly satisfied that he had died in such a peaceful manner. The fact that this disproved a few things in his time of life did not bother him too much. The fact he was living in the poor part of town was not a bother either. Due to the fact that he was already used to this life style from his childhood. He did his best to create things to help ease the pain of the locals. He also helped people with taking care of the younger children by making new toys. Unfortunately sometimes the toy he would be working on would explode. Also during this time Haruto learned about a new form of science from an older man called Alchemy. Haruto loved the idea of this new science and continued to put research into it. Eventually a few men in robes told him about the Shinigami Academy where he could continue his work with better equipment. Eventually even help the people down here. Only 50 years had pass since his death and he felt the age effect not affect him any more so he figured why not and signed up.

Haruto was quickly accepted into the Academy and was placed into the normal classes. Even though he was very friendly at the time he would often get to involved into his work and forget about his new found friends. He would often blow them off to get something done. Some of his true friends decided to stick around and help out where they could and they made a bound that could not be shaken at any cost. Haruto found it easier to chant things than to swing a sword. So for his own training he continued to to learn the higher incantations. With this he was eventually allowed to pass the academy exams at the early years of 250 time. After graduating he quickly joined the 12th squad and continued to work on his own projects. While helping out the locals he grew up with in a short period of time. He was often found going back their and causing a ruckus with explosions and such. Giving him the nickname he still wears proudly to this day.

Eventually he proved to be more useful than most in the academy and got the rank of Lieutenant. The fact that he was so in depth in his work made others jealous of him since he got so much attention from the work he did. He often forgets about relationships due to his love of work. He also got challenged by the old Lieutenant and defeated him with ease. Proving that sometime between his work he was training and becoming stronger. Even though he may be weaker than some in swordplay, not taking a stance and often wielding his sword wrong he made up with it in spells.

IX. Other

RP sample: Haruto sat in a stance to meditate getting ready to get ratted on by his weapon. It was troublesome for him sure, but he kept the weapon happy they seemed to work better together. Eventually spacing out he awoke in the science lab that he was familiar with. He noticed the chair was turned around and he walked up to it and turned it around. To find the chair empty was exactly what he expected. Then he felt the smack on the back on his head. Sighing he knew what was coming, the rant that would seem to last forever.

"You have been slacking Haruto-chan! You need to practice more! Have you even tried to get Bankai in a while? Are you just slacking off to piss me off? Well you did good! Cause I am pissed off! You are now required not only to make dinner here! Yet another 1000 push-ups, sit-ups equal to that amount! Hey! Hey! Don't...I can't be mad when you do that..."

Haruto slowly walked up to the young adult that was ranting him into the ground and just hugged her. It was all that he needed right now. He had so much on his plate lately that he was just stressed from everything and he just needed something constant and she was the one thing in every formula that would stay the same. He just hugged her for a while and eventually fell asleep. He did not even remember the last time he slept. Maybe it was a week, nah had to be almost a month now. He was surprised that his body was even able to handle it. Even though he took a hour nap here and there. It was just how he expected things to be right now as he fell into a blissful slumber.

"Well I guess it can't be helped, everyone needs a place to hide for a bit"

She smiled as he sat down and let the very tired Shinigami rest on her lap.

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