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10th Division Captain

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on Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:11 am
Across the dense expanse of sandalwood trees would be completely flooded with an unbearable thick aura. As the outer lands were usually cloaked in darkness, the jungle terrain the location provided allowed the beasts within to stay unseen. As it was not a place for your average soul, two silhouettes would lurk amongst the jungle and would provide the area with it's dire need of adventuring. The Fugai forests were truly an untouched landmark and it was in Soul Society's best interest to learn, and who better than the tactician's captain himself, and of course accompanied by his lieutenant. Usually those who would step into Fugai would try to keep their presence suppressed as attracting the unknown could lead to a certain death, but these two had the confidence to be, well, stupid. Their bodies would surge reiatsu through their bodies, allowing the visual effect of an array of blue fire to consume their presence, as the reiatsu alone would flood the forest allowing strong winds to sweep across the vine infested expanse. The howls of unknown beasts would terrorize the forest and squeals of the local animals would flee as they grew scarce.

"Tsumi, we've got four fauna to our right, and six to our left. We're completely outnumbered and judging by their roars their size might be remarkable to say the least...... Try not make too much of a mess, we need to take their bodies back to Ashland and he'll truly be a pain in the ass."

The Tenth division captains words would only stimulate their goals as their bodies would soon come to a halt. His right hand would fall back to his hip allowing his fingers to glide against the cold steel handle of his katana. His crimson eyes would flicker back and forth allowing his peripherals to catch a 270 degree angle affront him whilst hoping Tsumi would watch his back. His lips would widen as the surrounding environment began to peak his interest, Fugai was truly a place to hunt for these savage beasts and they had no idea they were about to be slaughtered. It was finally time to get started.


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on Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:34 am
In the pitch black of night these to were at their most deadly. Very little can stand up to the power and speed of these two expert assassins, working in a pair to bring down even the biggest, scariest of beasts. Tsumi and Zehl had trained for years perfecting their duo slashing and dashing techniques. The arsenal consists of anything from loud and terrifying to silent and quick as well as bloody and painful. At times like these in the dark of the night they would choose to change it up, throwing multiple techniques together, to suprise and terrify their enemies. While back to back scanning the perimeter for movement and surprise attacks, Tsumi lent back a whispered the following:

"Don't make to much of a mess, hmm I guess we will be doing this quickly and quietly then. That's to bad I really wanted to unleash this time...... Lets make this interesting then, first round of sake bought by the shinigami to kill the least amount of fauna, so you better have your money ready there Zehl. I might leave you one or two so your don't feel to bad."

Tsumi and Zehl would both glance across to each other. They both knew that the bloodshed was about to commence. Tsumi slowly raises his hand above his head, gently grasping the hilt of his Zanpakutō. They stare down all of their soon to be victims, Tsumi slowly draws his Zanpakutō from its scabbard, savouring every millisecond of the sound of a drawn sword. As he does storm clouds surround the area and the rumbling of thunder echos for miles. The clouds begin to become louder and louder startling all the beasts.

"Now the bloodshed begins"

They all begin to gaze at the sky, when a bolt of elegant but powerful lightning comes crashing down upon the two gentlemen. At the point of impact the two seem to vanish into thin air. Leaving behind a smoldering circle of dead grass with small ball of fire situated in the center of the circle.


10th Division Captain

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on Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:24 am
A smile would widen across the 10th division captains face as Tsumi would make the last remark before the two would begin their assault. As a lone bolt of lightning would erupt from the heavens and crash down on the earth below, the two would instantly disappear with the 'flash.' Zehl's silhouette would merge toward the six beasts to his left, whilst he would hope Tsumi would take the four to his right. Crimson hued lenses would pan affront him, deciphering the view before him in hope of seeing the beasts more clearer. It would only take a total of three seconds for his visual prowess to kick in, allowing the shady silhouettes of the beasts to come to view thus displaying their menacing teeth and hairy bodies.

With his right hand already grasping his blade, with a single motion the blade would be unsheathed and affront him within a split second, and with his already intense momentum his body would thrust through the first beast, severing it's body in two before juking to his right dodging random claw swings from each beast before leaping backward allowing a ten meter gap to separate himself from the threat. Whilst his crimson gaze was fixated on the horde of beasts before him, he couldn't help but notice a pain at his chest, with a swift look downward, Zehl would notice part's of his upper torso being torn by the beasts long claws, whilst blood would slowly trickle down from the thin lacerations.

It had seemed Zehl was in quite the predicament, he truly had no information on the beasts before him and he was 100% sure he had dodged their initial physical attacks. He needed time to stall, and he'd hope that Tsumi wasn't having too much trouble with the four beasts he had to deal with. But just as the beasts began to make their way toward Zehl, a loud roar would erupt widespread across the jungle, the beasts would stop in their tracks, completely paralyzed by pure shock. The remaining beasts would abruptly dash away from the battle as the earth would beat to a greater threats footsteps. A raw reiatsu release would bombard through the Fugai forests, corroding the environment that surrounded the 'entity.' It would only take a few seconds for the beast to arrive affront Zehl, with his golden orbs looking down on Zehl the beast was ready to decimate his foes.

"Er, Tsumi, you might wanna come and take a look at this one."


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on Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:30 pm
With a wild grin on his face and a hunger for a fight Tsumi called forth the heavens and with that a lightning bolt touches down to the ground, Tsumi would flash towards the monstrous beasts on his right. Emerging from the shadows he locks onto his targets like the highly efficient machine that he is. Four big dark figures would come into view, although still vague he could make out their shape a little more clearly. Tsumi quickly surveyed his surroundings trying to get a clear view of what he was about to face. The four emerge into view with 8 bloodshot, dark red eyes glaring at him. They were all quite large in size with quite defined muscle and skeletal structures. The beasts appeared to be covered in fur with large stained teeth. Quickly planning his strategy he chooses his first victim.

Tsumi charges at his first victim with unparalleled speed and with great force he swings his elegant and bloodthirsty sword toward the beast. While charging Tsumi unsheathes his sword in one quick and swift motions bringing it down towards his right side. Striking in a forward and upwards motion, he slashes the beasts left legs clean off, as he turns to come back for his second strike, he begins to smirk. With another fell swoop he amputates the right legs of the beast. Tsumi Kai leaps in the air and at the peak begins to descend down upon the helpless creatures wide open neck. Upon he downward path he begins to laugh at the poor creatures lack of strength and speed and with a violent and precisely placed blade he decapitates the creatures head. The beast did not have a chance to even blink let alone even move to match his speed. With great delight he happily ignored his prepared strategy and began to turn on the other three, sword dripping in a velvet red blood.

Licking his lips he begins his hack and slash approach. Tsumi ,with a battle cry, charged at the remaining three planning to take them all on at once for a challenge. Dodging left, then right while swinging his sword with a wild intent to cause agonizing pain. He carves and severs many limps from these beasts, blood is squirting all around him. At the end of his onslaught Tsumi notices that he had taken some damage from these beast which he could not feel during the attack. Whether that be from having to much while slaughtering these beast or was there something else at play here, this made Tsumi feel uneasy. Unable to tell exactly where he was cut, due to being covered in the monsters blood, he could still feel pain all over his body, similar to light cuts across his body. The pain began to become more intense with the amount of adrenaline in his body declining. After a tremendous roar that echoed throughout the jungle and an increasing large raw reiastu that seemed as if it was heading their way. Tsumi found himself felling more pain and began to gaze over at his captain, Zehl, he noticed that he was being confronted by a giant beast with large golden eyes watching his every move, while the other beasts retreated into the dark and gloomy jungle. As well that Zehl had been injured in his fight also, this was much unlike his captain to be caught out by such slow and weak monsters.

"Well, this just got a little more interesting. Hold on Zehl, just let me catch my breathe and I'll be over sooo....... We've got another problem over here, and this one looks angry."

Caught out mid sentence, Tsumi was confronted by another large beast almost exactly the same as the other only this one was missing part of its ear, a scar across its left eye and some old pre-existing scars on its arms and chest. Tsumi pondered at what this beast was exactly, were they just fighting its young or was this some other explanation which would explain the difference in power that these beasts have. Not knowing what to do Tsumi began to edge closer to his captain for assistance, while trying to figure out a plan of attack or even if necessary retreat.


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on Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:01 am
Tsumi gazes over at his captain, he notices his captain still had his usual battle grin on his face. Zehl nearly always had this look on his face during a fight as he loved the smell of battle. But this time something was different, it seemed as if his captain was a little worried. Tsumi kept switching his gaze between his target and his captain. Looking for answers from his captain while studying his opponent. Tsumi had one strategy of which he hoped his captain would be thinking along the same lines as he. He noticed that the beast would not take its view off of him, Tsumi took a step forward and the beast quickly moved into a battle stance, lowering itself down further and strengthening its hind legs.

"Just as I thought, they are focused on each of us, nothing else seems to matter to them. We can use this to an advantage. Just watch me and try to keep up."
Tsumi grasps his weapon in both hands, he slowly raises it above his head with the blade pointing toward the sky. He states his shikai release command.

"Denki o nagasu, Kaminari Gisei."
With this follows a crack of thunder and for his blade to be consumed in lighting. Tsumi calming holding the sword if nothing had changed. He moves his arms in an outward motion across his chest separating his hands and the pure energy, with lighting pulsating rapidly between each hand. The lightning pulses begin to slow and the blades materialize. In each hand, as the lightning begins to turn to a shiny metal, Tsumi wields his shikai weapons. Two swords with two blades each was how the shinigami would describe his weapon. He lowered the two weapons to his sides to separate them, this was to cut the circuit completely. The weapons now form two separate circuits within themselves, arcing lightning between the blades. Tsumi began to start brushing the blades against each other, it appeared as though he was sharpening his blades. "shiiiing, shiiiing, shiiiing, shiiiing, shiiiing." The beast was watching his every move, it would move its head to follow each arm movement of Tsumi's. "shiiiing, shiiiing, shiiiing, shiiiing, shiiiing." Tsumi slowly started walking towards the beast and began swinging his swords in a circular motion while at his side, he would rotate two times for each step he took. He could see that the beast was on edge and was eager to attack, Tsumi had traveled 10 steps towards the beast, it could barely contain itself and seemed as if it was about to unleash on Tsumi multiple times as he tried to bait it. (30 charges)

"Come on you filthy, bad smelling, ugly piece of crap attack me already."
Tsumi would take five more steps and suddenly the beast took off to the right, Tsumi quickly jumped into action and raised his swords. It was trying to circle him and could move inward on him at anytime, he had to be ready. Tsumi turned his head to follow this giant beast with every step it took.  The beast turned its head straight toward Tsumi and its body followed with amazing agility, it charged straight at Tsumi head on. A grin appeared on Tsumi's face as he opened his mouth. (40 charges)

"Well its about time, Shōgekiha."
Tsumi charged all his power into one of his blades, the sword was surging with lightning which was arcing off in all directions. Tsumi turned the blade down towards the ground and thrust it with such force that it created a shock-wave, the beast raised his claws and slashed downwards towards Tsumi but couldn't pull up in time and ran straight into Shōgekiha shock-wave. It sent the beast flying 10 meters in the air and 20 meters across the forest. Tsumi almost began to laugh, that was until he noticed the cuts across his chest. Tsumi began to worry, the beast was no where near him and still he was cut. The beast shook the knock-back off like it was nothing, and charged straight at Tsumi again. The one thing Tsumi noticed was that these beasts weren't all that smart as it came crashing into Shōgekiha's lightning force field and went flying across the forest again. This time, when the beast came back it came slowly and stopped in front of the force field. But Tsumi had suspected that eventually it would stop mindlessly running into Shōgekiha. As it stopped and stared into Tsumi's eyes, Tsumi came charging out to meet the beast with his blade. He brought his blade down to his right at a 90 degree angle and moved to the left, this left the beast to his right and wide open for a powerful slash. Grasping the blade in both hands he swung his sword at the beasts right leg. Tsumi had made a clean cut into the beasts right leg paralyzing the entire leg. The beast attempted back off while Tsumi went back to pull his other sword from the ground. (45 charges)

"Alright enough games, I've had my fun. Dāku inazuma."
Tsumi points both swords directly at the beast and says Dāku inazuma, this releases a powerful lightning bolt toward the beast, Tsumi could aim this bolt easily at the beasts heart as the beast was stuck in place. With a direct hit Tsumi continued to unleash the lightning upon the beast to be sure that it would die as he did not know the true strength of this beast. After 10 seconds of pure agony the beast collapsed. Tsumi went over and checked that the beast was dead. He then turned to where his captain was fighting the other of the two beasts.

"Incoming Zehl, Torimaku."
Tsumi had fired a Bakudō at the beast and caught it in a cage of pure electricity. He then walked over to greet his captain and to discuss what they would do now.

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