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I. Personal Information

First Name: Mako
Last Name: Nakagawa
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 187
Birthday: April 3rd
Sexuality: Bisexual
Reiryoku Colour: default blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 12th
Seat: Third

III. Appearance

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 160
Hair: Long blue
Eyes: blue
Tattoo/scars: Like many members of the 12th squad Mako has given himself a form of body modification in the form of white horns, which curve backwards and point back to where the horns originally protrude from, above his temples.

General Appearance: Mako has long ocean blue hair draped down to his mid back and short bangs in the front, which sit right above his eyes. His clothes, a slightly modified version of the traditional Shinigami garb, are almost always wrinkled and slightly unkempt. He wears the collar of the black kimono, which almost seems to be separate from the kimono, up and keeps it buttoned with a clasp in the front, completely covering his neck. The kimono its self is left open on the chest showing a grey vest and white cravat underneath, both of these being as unkempt the rest of his cloths. Under his kimono on his arms show french cut tuxedo sleeves with a pair of cuff links that resemble a red "X". Although he loves to laze about this does not show in his physique, quite the opposite. Mako is quite thin and somewhat atletic; he often claims that he gets exercise by napping and burns more calories using his brain than most do by running a triathlon.

IV. Personality

Personality: Mako is generally a very lazy person, procrastination seems to be a general motif with him. His apathetic nature is known to be very difficult to deal with, generally causing more trouble than most other things he's done. He often takes extensive measures to keep him from his responsibilities even though doing so is counter to his goal of sloth. Although difficult to motivate, once persuaded, he tends to lock into a serious mode and is almost impossible to convince or stop; Mako has never been persuaded away from a project related to his 12th division work and plans for this to never happen. Although he prefers to nap instead of having any type of human interaction Mako does not lack in the social skill set. Although he tends to space out more around people he trusts, compared to those he does not trust: Mako usually keeps his senses about him around people he doesn't really know, but he sometimes lets his sloth get the better of himself. His ingenuity is one of his more unique qualities, using that in conjunction with his academic prowess Mako often creates things that are either completely useless or very situational, and often will they come out as quite strange.

Likes: While many others would consider Mako lazy he would say that napping is his number two hobby; contending closely with his number one hobby, science. On top of his sometimes lackluster passion for academia Mako also has a very large appetite for just about anything, which is often used as a form of bribery to motivate him. "Cooking is science for hungry people." is an opinion of Mako's; considering his aptitude for science one would assume, by how own logic, he would be a great chef as well, this is not true. His lack of cooking skill does not deter him from trying.

Dislikes: Mako does not consider himself to be a fighter, and joined the Gotei 13 mostly for his continued education and application of his scientific knowledge. He does not like to fight, and will sometimes go through great lengths to avoid doing so. Mako hates to waste anything and will often keep leftovers of both food, which often gets leftover or tends to go bad, and his experiments. His personal area is often quite clean, in a quite strange contradiction in his dislike for waste, and he prefers his area to be in a "livable state, as apposed a pig's sty."

Motivations: Although lazy, once motivated Mako tend to stay on track to the bitter end. He may be slow to motivate, but once there he has rarely been known to deter. Although promises of a free meal have been known to work as a catalyst, Mako is mostly interested in progress. Either in his work or himself, personal progress and evolution are tantamount to him. Out of the two, his advancement in his academia, whether personal or for his work for his division, comes first. Though he can be difficult to converse with, due to his constant napping, anyone Mako knows, or mosre importantly trusts, has an easier time convincing him than other.

Fears: Being a member of the 12 division, his most powerful tool is his mind; losing that is a fate worse than death. This is Mako's biggest fear, even a lost limb can be replaced either by a cloned limb or a cybernetic enhancement, but the mind is the core of a person and if that is lost, there is nothing left. From a young age Mako has loved to learn and improve upon his knowledge, any corruption or loss of this is something that he loathes to contemplate and would do almost anything to keep it from happening to himself.

V. Zanpakuto Spirit Information

Zanpakuto First Name: Ijona (Aberrant)
Zanpakuto Last Name: Hoshi (Star)
Zanpakuto Element: none
Zanpakuto Type: Physical (sound/vibrations)
Zanpakuto Personality: Ijona's personality closely mirrors that of Mako's; being a lazy zanpakuto that's difficult to motivate. Given that Ijona has no discernible anatomy he can not eat anything, even though he tends to cook often. Being a burnt mannequin, Ijona does not move, but instead changes places and positions when people aren't paying attention.

Zanpakuto Appearance: Ijona's appearance resembles that of a now featureless mannequin that has been heavily burnt at the extremities. Due to the burns the hands and feet of the mannequin have been reduced to somewhat sharpened stubs. Taking into account the lack of features at the face and limbs Ijona closely resembles an alien grey.

VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance: Inner World Appearance: Mako's inner world suits Ijona more so than himself. Three asteroids sit in a triangular formation floating in what appears to be an endless expanse of space, each one being different that the others. The first one, the smallest of the three, always has some form of sitting arrangement: a kotatsu, leather armchairs, lawn chairs, and couches have all been seen here before. The second of the three asteroids contains an expanse of lush green grass, a single tree and a completely empty two story cottage. The last, and largest of the three, asteroid seems to be contextual, changing it's self to suit the matter at hand.    

VII. Zanpakuto Sealed form

Zanpakuto Appearance: Ijona's sealed appearance is somewhat similar to that of the average zanpakuto, with three small exceptions. The first is the tsuba, which resembles that of a circular saw blade. The second difference is that right before the tsuba, on the grip, hangs a charm which resembles a rubber tube with the chain attached directly to the middle. Lastly, at the end of the blade is a hook at the end coming right off the tip; the hook at the end extends out as long as the tsuba does.

VIII. History

History: Mako grew up in the Rukongai under the tutelage of a woman know as Ayumi. Ayumi was the owner of a small boarding school for children, and watched over most of the kids there by herself; raising each one to suit their needs and strengths. It was here that Mako grew to love to learn, and to procrastinate. Many of the children there were kind to each other, teasing only occurred as a form of comradery. All was fine, 'till the day that Ayumi fell ill: an unknown sickness had struck the district of the Rukongai the Boarding school was. No other district had met with this strange illness and only four people total had been hit by the sickness. After Ayumi had fallen ill she was unable to take care of the school and school children by herself, it was at that time that a small old woman arrived offering to assist in the care taking in the stead of Ayumi. The older woman, whom was named Masuyo, was considered to be a very strange person; Masuyo would constantly talk to herself and was very rough on the children in the school. Often trying to punish them harshly for the slightest offence, claiming she was teaching them of "Self discipline" or that she was "Training them for their future". Throughout the time that Ayumi was ill Mako took it upon himself to take care of her, he would often cook for her, even though his cooking was considered to be the worst in the entire school: Mako would even try to find out what was wrong with her, every time he found something new he would keep himself glued to his research for days on end. Although Masuyo kept the children in line, educated, fed and safe she was considered to be belligerent and disliked by many due to her rough attitude. While she was in control several of the children had disappeared: rumor had spread that the missing children and Ayumi's illness were connected, possibly through a hollow. For months people of the surrounding area planned on how to prove to the Seireitei that a hollow had infiltrated the area and was in control of a school full of children, but no answer came. It was at this point that the locals had decided to convene onto the school and attempt to take out the hollow themselves, but Mako had other plans; as the local people approached Mako stopped them and revealed to them just how the sickness and the missing children were connected. Mako had discovered that Masuyo was actually a Shinigami, sent there to find the source of the disease and that the missing children had all joined the Seireitei to become Shinigami. The sickness it's self was actually a poison that Mako had used in order to keep the real hollow under control 'till a Shinigami could come to take care of the problem. The hollow it's self was in a position that no one would expect, a position of trust in the community; The hollow, Mako revealed, was Ayumi. She had been in charge of the boarding school to feed off of the Reiryoku of the children there, and the kids that had grown up and left the school had all been found dead completely drained. Mako had explained what he knew to Masuyo the night before, and she had dispatched of it that night. Ayumi was dead and it was never known if she had been a hollow the whole time, or if the real Ayumi was killed and replaced before hand. Either way, after that incident the school was shut down and all the children were taken to the Seireitei; all of the children from the school had become Shinigami once they grew up, since Ayumi had only taken kids that had a higher level of Reiryoku than the average person. Soon after he graduated from the academy Mako joined the twelfth division, raising in rank 'till he ended up in the third seat.

IX. Other

RP sample: "Thrid seat Nakagawa, third seat Nakagawa!" A voice cried out, echoing across the open grass field, calling to the shinigami whom was resting on the ground under a cherry blossom tree. Mako let out a deep sigh, he had just laid down for a short nap only six hours ago to recover from the hard work he had completed beforehand; a three hour nap, eating a full course meal and a small experiment on Reiryoku had left him drained of energy and he was quite tired. Mako rolled over, away from the source of the voice, in a futile attempt to ignore the Shinigami trying to gain his attention. "I'm pretty tired, you see." Mako stated, with his eyes still closed. "I was up all night napping last night, so I'd like to catch up on my sleep that I missed." Mako paused, he could still sense the Shinigami who had tried to get his attention was still there. But he had decided that whatever it was that this guy had wanted was not as impending as he made it seem; Mako decided to just flat out ignore him.

Face claim: Asmodeus from Star ocean

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