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on Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:39 pm
I. Personal Information

First Name:Tsumi
Last Name: Kai
Alias(es): Shock Blades, Black Thunder
Gender: Male
Age: 563
Birthday: June 8th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Reiryoku Colour: Blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: Tenth (十番隊 ~ Jūbantai)
Seat: Lieutenant (副隊長 ~ fukutaichō; "Assistant Captain"; "vice-unit commander",  Vice Captain, 2nd seated officer)

III. Appearance

Height: 5ft7
Weight: 59kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Tattoo/scars: None
General Appearance: Tsumi's physique is that similar of a petite 17 year old male. With a standing height of a little over five foot seven inches and a weight of a miserable 59 kilograms, Tsumi has a rather petite build for a young looking male shinigami. Although Tsumi is only very small in comparison to other males around his age, he has put many hours into working hard on building strength and muscle definition. But alas someone with his body frame can only do so much to gain weight and size, instead he focuses more on speed and agility over brute force and power. Tsumi has only a light tan covering his body due to two main reasons, the first being he rarely removes his attire and the second being that he prefers stormy and dark days over sunlit beaches.

Tsumi's hair is a pitch black colour as dark as an unlit, moonless night. His hair extends down to past his eyes, just past the bottom of his lower eyelid, with the side burns extending past his ears and around almost to both the edges of his mouth. The style he regularily chooses to use is a messy, 'bed hair' look. Tsumi Kai's hair parts three into three sections which cover his face. The three sections being: the two side burns which cover both ears around to his mouth and a middle section of hair going between his eyes stopping at the bump on his noses. Tsumi has black thin pen tip eyebrows and the big black 'lose yourself in them, eyes. Although he tends to squint often hiding his large round eyes. Tsumi Kai has a rather small nose and mouth combination both matching his rather slim physique. His mouth is almost just a slit with both lips being similar to his eyebrows and thin pen tip lines. His nose is thin and finishes almost exactly half way between his eyes and mouth.

The attire that Tsumi Kai chooses to wear differs from normal shinigami. The first major difference is his shoulder to ankle length trench coat. The Coat is predominantly black with some white trimming running from the neck down to the shoulder and around the edges. Tsumi is fascinated with the living world apparel. Because of this Tsumi occasionally wears a black collarless t-shirt, black slacks and black enclosed boots. When wearing this particular outfit he wears a silver buckled belt. Tsumi wears a baldric over his right shoulder which connects via a silver three pronged clip on his chest. The scabbard he uses is also black. he will also wear his shihakushō from time to time or during special occasions.

IV. Personality

Personality: Tsumi Kai is a quiet, conservative and cautious shinigami. Tsumi has a hard time trusting others but when he does trust someone he is the most loyal shinigami you will ever meet. He changed his name after a particular accident in his life. The meaning of his name is, Tsumi meaning guilt and Kai meaning restoration or recovery. Because of the name change reasons Tsumi likes to keep to himself and has a hard time putting his faith in others and his own abilities. No one really knows Tsumi's power level as he trains in private and does not like to "show off". Most would say that Tsumi is the exact opposite of his captain, Zehl Kuraiya. Tsumi is considered a very rude, obnoxious shinigami but that is only because he does not wish to involve himself with the other shinigami. Because Tsumi trains alone and keeps his distance from the other shinigami, not very many people know much about him and his past.

Tsumi Kai is a very strong willed shinigami and a man of his word, he prides himself on his honesty (no matter how brutal) and hard work. Those who know Tsumi well believe that although he is strong, has good morals and beliefs, he could better himself by allowing others to help him. His skill and power are very strong but most believe that if he is ever killed it will be due to his stubbornness and isolation. Alas Tsumi believes that solidarity is the life for him and that he will gain the most out of being alone rather than surrounded by friends and allies. Tsumi believes in Yin and Yang and keeping the world in balance. He will do everything in his power to make a perfect world of peace and harmony.

Likes: Tsumi likes hard work and dedicating himself to his training. He likes solitude and isolation. Tsumi prefers to be by himself meditating or training rather than being out with the rest of the shinigami. Tsumi loves to sit alone under a blooming cherry blossom tree whilst munching on a home made bento. Tsumi enjoys meditating in quiet secluded areas. Although his favourite place, more than anything in the world, is on a stormy night right underneath the thunder and lightning. Tsumi seems to become one with himself on a night like this, nights like these he feels like he can truly reach his full potential. He lives to wait for these nights. He likes the entire cycle of these nights from the destructive raw power of the storm to the calm that comes afterwards.

Dislikes: Tsumi is a strong believer in honesty and trustworthiness. Therefore his strongest dislikes are lairs and cheats. Tsumi feels it is his duty to protect and serves others with all ounces of his being which means that he hates all those who use their power to oppress and bully.  Tsumi dislikes people like this because he believes that they have no respect for themselves and those around them. Tsumi hates those who try to imbalance the world via deceit or through their power and will stop at nothing to bring these people down. Because Tsumi treats his body like a temple he rarely eats fatty foods. Although he loves the taste of these he hates the temptation and backwards steps it causes him. Tsumi's main a biggest hatred is for the Hollow.

Motivations: Tsumi is motivated in many different ways some which come from his past, others from those around him and finally his Zanpakutō. Tsumi's main reason for motivation is from his past, he made mistakes via trusting certain people and not being able to protect others. Because of this Tsumi Kai endlessly trains to become the best he can be. He believes he need to rectify his past by becoming stronger to protect those that require him now. As well as his past, people from his present time also drive him on, such as his current captain, Zehl Kuraiya, who is also a lightning base shinigami. To Tsumi being the best is a main part of his beliefs and one day hopes to be the best and strongest shinigami who wields a lightning based Zanpakutō. He also doesn't want to let those around him down like he has before. Tsumi's Zanpakutō, Kaminari Gisei, also drives him to become stronger for a variety of reasons. First because his Zanpakutō wants him to become stronger and just pushes him harder to trains and secondly because he believes that if he fails hes not just failing those around him but also his Zanpakutō.

Fears: Tsumi doesnt have many fears, well his fears are not normal fears. He is not terrified of them, it is more of mistakes he does not want to make again. Tsumi Kai fears failing the people who need and believe in him. His past history haunts him still to this day, he was unable to save important people in his life and blames himself for their deaths. He also fears being betrayed which is why he feels the need to distance himself from others. Once again in his past in the same situation he put his faith and trust in the wrong person, he also believes that this is fault for being to trusting. For these reasons he trains hard and finds it difficult to trust and believe in others. Tsumi Kai also fears that when the time comes he will not be strong enough to save those who need it and defeat those who need to be defeated.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Kaminari (雷~Thunder)
Zanpakutō Last Name: Gisei (犠牲~Sacrifice)
Zanpakutō Element: Thunder and Lightning
Zanpakutō Type: Physical
Zanpakutō Personality: Tsumi's Zanpakutō is actually two seperate Zanpakutō in the one sword. Although there personalities are different but both portray aspects of Tsumi's Personalities. Kaminari, the right hand, has a very aggresive personality. You could say she has Tsumi's drive and determination. She seems like a Zampakutō who does not care for Tsumi or Gisei but in fact acts the way she does to push them to become better. Gisei, the left hand, has a very solitude personality which can be perceived as being shy. But really, much alike Tsumi, she just is not a very trusting Zampakutō and comes across as being uninterested in Tsumi and Kaminari. She is a very kind and caring person and loves Tsumi for how he is. Both love Tsumi but decide to show it in other ways, Kaminari shows it via pushing Tsumi to become stronger and better, to reach his true potential and desires. Whereas Gisei shows it via love and care for Tsumi, she comforts him when he needs it and uses positive reinforcement.

Zanpakutō Appearance: Tsumi Kai's Zampakutō is two girls who portray women from his history. The one to his right, Kaminari, wears almost a full white outfit with red trimming around the edges. She wears a tight fitting dress, long whit coat with no shoulders but still extend to her wrists and long white boots which go all the way up to the bottom of her dress. On her shoulders features so gold pattern and there are also red small crosses throughout the apparel. She has long orange hair and large, round and yellow/brown eyes. Kaminari is an almost identical match to Tsumi's fiancie in his past life. The one to his left, Gisei, wears a green skirt with a white shirt and a leather brown waistcoat. She has a red bow ties around her neck. She wears white boots which come to her knees. She has blonde pony tail with plats on either side. Gisei has very large and round bright green eyes. Gisei is an almost identical match to Tsumi's sister in his past life.


VI. Inner world

Inner World Appearance: The inner world of Tsumi is a vast landscape of grassland encircled by fifty foot trees. It is a very isolated, empty and peaceful place where Tsumi feels safe and one with his Zanpakutō. In the centre of this vast area stands the Zanpakutō. The area inside all the trees is uneven with small inclines and declines in the landscape, there are also small, more normal sized trees throughout the world.

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form

Zanpakutō Appearance: Tsumi's Zampakutō is a midnight black blade from end to end. The blade has white markings from the guard to the point. The hilt is is a mix of black and white metals. The hilt is also moulded for Tsumi's hands. Separating the hilt from the blade is a black tear drop shaped guard. The pattern on the blade is two line in a zigzag pattern that extends to about an seventh of the blade. At the very edge where the guard meets the blade there is a yin and yang symbol. The scabbard that Tsumi wields is a pure black simple scabbard. While in sealed form Tsumi's Zanpakutō appears as one individual sword, but when released it is two completely different and seperate swords.

VIII. History


Life Before Death: Tsumi lived in during the Muromachi period. During this time the influence of the Ashikaga shoguns and the government in Kyoto declined to practically nothing. The political newcomers of the Muromachi period were members of land owning, military families (ji-samurai). By first cooperating and then surpassing provincial constables, a few of them achieved influence over whole provinces. Those new feudal lords were to be called daimyo. They exerted the actual control over the different parts of Japan, and continuously fought against each other for several decades during the complicated age of civil wars (Sengoku jidai). Some of the most powerful lords were the Takeda, Uesugi and Hojo in the East, and Ouchi, Mori, and Hosokawa in the West. Portuguese traders and Jesuit missionaries arrived in Kyushu, and introduced firearms and Christianity to Japan. The Jesuit Francis Xavier undertook a mission to Kyoto in 1549-50. Despite Buddhist opposition, most of the Western warlords welcomed Christianity because they were keen in trade with overseas nations mainly for military reasons. Tsumi Kai was only a young man when he passed on to soul society. Whilst he was alive his real name was Kenji Takeshita. Tsumi grew up with his family which consisted of four people Tsumi himself, his mother - Mika Takeshita, his father - Noboru Takeshita, and his sister - Yumi Takeshita. Tsumi was also arranged to marry a young girl by the name of Kumi Lida. The were deeply in love. One day Tsumi was out walking when he came across a band of men. When they noticed he was there they scrambled to grab him and not let him escape, but he managed to slip away unharmed, or so he though. Little did he know but they had followed him all the way to his village. When nightfall came they charge into the village killing everyone in sight. Tsumi luckily escaped once again. But as for his mother, sister and love, their fates were not the same. They were all killed. Tsumis sister Yumi was only the very young age of 13. This event tore Tsumi apart. Tsumi was never the same without either of them. He vowed he would get his revenge and trained hard to become a samurai. Tsumi and his father were both samurai and during their fights in the civil wars Tsumi was killed along with his father during the fighting.

Life After Death: As they waited to be taken over the 'other side' many hollows were draw to the high spiritual levels. There were hollows everywhere, no way to turn, no way to run. They started closing in on the pair. One of the hollows killed his father, this sent Tsumi into a fiery rage, he started to charge at the hollows but was no match for them. This should have spelled the end for Tsumi as the hollows turned on him, but at the last second a shinigami appeared and cut down the hollows saving Tsumi's life. Tsumi vowed a dept to this shinigami as well as making a promise that he would destroy all the Quincy and hollows alike to avenge his father. When he asked for the shinigami's name what he received was a massive grin on the mans face with a whisper of Kuraiya, Zehl Kuraiya. The shinigami than performed the ritual and took Tsumi over the other side in the soul society. At this point Tsumi wanted nothing more than to become just like Zehl, he would follow in his footsteps and become a shinigami and train hard to become as strong as he was. Upon entering the soul society Kenji decieded that it would be best to change his name so that the memories of his past would not haunt him. He could not find a suitable name for himself but then he decided to create a name of meaning to him and changed it to Tsumi Kai, (Guilt Recovery). When in soul society Tsumi was in one of the poorer districts but that did not matter much to him as he was used to living in poverty and he knew that he would quickly leave the district and join the shinigami academy. He trained hard everyday on his swordsmanship and meditated everyday to attain focus and inner peace. Attaining inner peace was very hard for Tsumi because he blamed himself for all that happened to his family and to his father. It didn't take long for Tsumi to be noticed and before long he was on his way to the academy.

Academy: During his time at the academy Tsumi was top of his class in Zanjustu, Hakadu, the bond between him and his Zanpakutō, Hobo and Chikaku. Although at first he was very poor at kido he did practice hard and by the end of the academy was able to use kido to an effective level. It would only take Tsumi 20 years to complete his traing and pass through the academy. No other came even close to matching Tsumi's abilities he studied hard as well as trained hard for the hope that he would be seated highly in the tenth squad. Upon leaving the academy he requested to be assigned to Zehl's Squad, the Tenth squad. He was granted this one request, at the mere sound of hearing this he could barely contain himself.

Tenth Squad: Although he was not seated as high as he thought he would be when first entering tenth squad he still accepted this and was still very honoured that Zehl would even consider him. But one day whilst meditaiting Tsumi would sense that the skly would go black like the night and a loud rumbling noise could be heard. Than began the thunder a lightning followed but two quiet, barely understandable voices. Tsumi then travelled through his mind into his inner world and large green grassland surrounded but 50 foot trees in every direction. Then he would notice to familiar faces standing in the exact centre of this grassland. It would be his sister and the love of his life. He ran to them calling their names, but they did not respond. He asked if he was dreaming and they replied no, they would then explain everything to him, where he was, who they were, what they were and why they were so familiar to him. They explained that he would have to beat them in a fight. He refused saying that he could not possibly hurt those who he loved, not now, not ever. The one on the right then screamed at him calling him weak and saying he was not strong enough to protect anyone anyway so what was the point. The one to the left told Tsumi to ignore her and that he must do this if he really wants the power to save others. She told him that it would not hurt them but that he must do it. Tsumi reluctantly agreed to this. He attacked them head on with all he had learnt to this day. With one very powerful and lightning fast attack he was able to strike them. As he did they let loose their name "Kaminari Gisei".

IX. Other

RP sample: Tsumi Kai was seated under the shade of a blooming cherry blossom tree at the apex of the large hill, with a tasty bento box on his lap, Zanpakutō at his side and a slight grin on his hair covered face. He always did this everyday that he would train. When he was finished his meal he would lay down head against the tree, placing his Zanpakutō upon his chest, gazing up at the sky hoping that the bright blue calm sky would change dramatically into a crushing thunder storm. He would lay here for hours if he did not need to train, the peace and quiet soothed him, while he enjoyed the isolation from the others in tenth squad.

He could really connect with Kaminari Gisei in these conditions. The sights he could see would amaze Tsumi, birds flying, rabbits chasing and most of all the barracks of tenth squad. Where he would see the others in his division doing there daily chores. Tsumi would escape these, what he thought of a meaningless chores, by running off to his favourite spot. His captain didn't mind much because he knew that Tsumi always trained hard and that he would stop at nothing to succeed him.
"Alright enough of these lazying about, I'm never going to get better just laying here, what shall we improve next?" Tsumi questioned.

Tsumi received no reply, Kaminari Gisei would often not reply just to annoy and infuriate Tsumi. This didn't really matter anyway because both knew what would happen next. Tsumi always had the same routine, which to most would begin to bore, but not for Tsumi he loved his structure and efficiency. Tsumi would now sit up and rest his Zanpakutō across his lap. He would begin his meditation. At his level it would take Tsumi about an hour of solid meditation to enter his inner world, but with his determination and concentration this was not large feat.

Tsumi Kai would now open his eyes and be in an open grassland surrounded by 50 foot trees in every direction. He had done it, he had moved himself to his spirit world, in record time. Now the real training begins he thought to himself, out of nowhere a sword came slashing down upon the back of his neck, luckily he was able to sense this coming and remove his sword from his scabbard just enough to stop the blow.
"I'm getting closer." Kaminari whispered.
"Wow, Kaminari you could have really hurt him, are you okay Tsumi?" Gisei shouted
"Ha ha, I'm fine, she's not that fast, I let her have a chance to make her feel better." Tsumi Kai responded
This comment annoy Kaminari very much and she began a full on assault. Although not using her full strength she was still hitting Tsumi harder than normal, but Tsumi could handle this as he rarely fought at his full potential as well. The fighting continued for a long period of time, stop for breaks and for Gisei to have a turn also. Tsumi would train hard long into the night, when the thunder storms started. This was his utmost favourite time, more than anything in the world. He felt like he could unleash himself and nobody would notice over the thunder and lighting already present.
"This is when the real training begins."

Face claim: Kirigaya Kazuto, 'aka Kirito'~Sword Art Online

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Alright this looks good except for only two small things.
~First~ I need these images to be a tad bit smaller. like half size for the big ones.
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