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2nd Division Captain

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on Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:44 pm
Shikai Release Command: Kurayami o shōhi (暗闇を消費 ~ Consume the darkness)
Shikai Appearance: This weapon looks almost like a normal sword, except for one obvious thing. The blade of the sword is covered in an almost fog-like miasma of shadow. Or at least, it is whilst there is pre-existing shadows around the area that are able to be used for his techniques. If there is not, the shikai lays dormant until such a time as there is another shadow for it to use for it's techniques.

Shikai Powers: This shikai gets sharper the more shadows there are surrounding it. As such, he gains a +1 to weaponry at any time there's shadows nearby. This ability does not manifest in areas in the dark as there's no light to cast the jutsu.
Shikai Abilities:

Name: Yoru no manto (Cloak of Night ~ 夜のマント)
Type: Defense
Rank: Master
Range: Self
Duration: 8 posts (Or until broken)
Cooldown: 1.5 x duration
Description: By concentrating his own shadow around him, he stretches it out like a cloak, covering himself from head to toe. This cloak blocks all techniques below Advanced. It takes 2 advanced level attacks or 1 master level attack to break this technique.

Name: Yakan-mai (Night Sheet ~ 夜間枚)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Intermediate
Range: Self
Duration: 6 posts
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: Allowing his spiritual energy to consume his body, he blends into the shadows perfectly. Whilst this technique is active, he is unable to be seen as long as he doesn't use an offensive technique over Intermediate level. Furthermore, people are unable to detect him unless they have a perception of Adept or higher.

Name: Koi ha kōshō (Dark Blade Arsenal ~ 濃い刃工廠)
Type: Offense
Rank: Intermediate
Range: 30 meters
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Shattering an object's shadow, he turns the shadow palpable and fires them forwards his opponents at high speed (25 m/s). The shadows stab people the same way a sword with Weaponry intermediate would, able to pierce through a person's body if they're unprepared. However, due to the required size of the blades, they are made of a meter of shadow each (for example, at high noon Art's shadow is 2 meters long, so he can make two blades).
Bankai Release Command: Yoruaruku (Walk the night ~ 夜歩く)
Bankai Appearance: This bankai technically does not have an appearance. Rather, both Artemis and Yamino disappear when she goes into her bankai form. At least, that's the way it looks. As it turns out, he's turned into a shadow instead. He is able to move across flat surfaces undetected, seen only as a shadow.
Bankai Powers: There are two integral powers of this bankai. The first is that people are unable to harm him unless they have the skill they wish to use against him the same rank or higher as his bond with Yamino (e.g. if he's got master bond, then the opponent could only hurt him with master of higher techniques / weapons). Furthermore, he is able to replicate someone's body with their shadow. If he stabs their shadow, he stabs them. This is thus the perfect stealth technique.
Name: Kanmandageki (Tidal Flow Hit ~ 干満打撃)
Type: Offensive|Zanjutsu
Rank: Amateur
Range: The user's Blade
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: Kanmandageki is a basic technique used by practitioners of Zanjutsu. Kanmandageki is a powerful sword swing with the blunt side of the blade, designed to daze and confuse individual the Practitioner wishes not to inflict serious harm upon.

Name: Bakudō #21: Sekienton (Red Smoke Escape ~ 赤煙遁)  
Type: Supplementary|Bakudō
Rank: Apprentice
Range: 10 metres
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: Sekienton is a basic Bakudō technique, designed to hide the movements of the user, either to augment an attack or to aid in escape. The Shinigami performs this technique but pointing their palms downwards towards their feet and speaking the name aloud. Their hands will produce a burst of light red smoke, which will rapidly expand and cover an area of roughly ten metres. This smoke shall last for two posts.
Name: Fuuton Hokousha (Wind Pedestrian ~ 風遁 歩行者)
Type: Supplementary|Hohō
Rank: Novice
Range: The base of the user's feet.
Duration: Unlimited
Cooldown: None
Description: Fuuton Hokousha is the art of walking on the air. It allows the Shinigami to walk on the air by creating and sustaining tiny platforms of Reiryoku at their feet. By doing this, the Shinigami can walk through the air as though it were solid. The Shinigami can also use this to regain his footing after being knocked flying.

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on Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:50 am
First, your shikai's power is supposed to be what it can innately do, like a passive ability or the like(I suggest looking at other people's to get an idea). It isn't a summary of what it's power covers.

Second, your technique: pick one technique level. You can't have a single one scale, either in it's own rank, or based on your skill's ranks. And 1 defense technique can block 1 attack technique of equal rank, not two. Also if it blocks equal to it's own rank, that is what it does, it does not also get to hide you.

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on Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:59 am

2nd Division Captain

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on Wed Oct 16, 2013 3:42 am

12th Division Captain

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on Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:33 am
Skills guide:

First Your Shikai passive of the +1 to Weaponry is allowed. However looking over some of your techniques there are a few things I would like to see changed as per the scale posted above.

Yoru no manto (Cloak of Night) need to be adjusted to follow the scale.

Yakan-mai (Night Sheet ~ 夜間枚) No. If you use a technique or attack you reveal yourself. Even if just a little. Also follow the tier guidlines for detection levels from the link provided at the top.

Koi ha kōshō (Dark Blade Arsenal ~ 濃い刃工廠) Needs to have a max limit to the amount of blades created. For instance if you shattered the shadow of a building. reasonable limits need to be set.

Your Bankai~ Negatory captain. While turning into a shadow is fine you will still follow the tier rules. If they can detect you. They can damage you. This whole business with having to match your bond is a no go. It will remain technique versus technique as in the link above. Please edit this. On another note stabbing the shadow is fine.

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