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on Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:51 pm

  • Play as a arrancar, quincy, shinigami, or bountou
  • Balanced, hard-stat system with plenty of PvP incentives
  • Staff make you techniques specifically designed to match your character’s personality and fighting style
  • Join official site factions and compete against other factions for power and influence

Bleach Nightlands RP is a literary roleplaying site based on an alternative interpretation of Bleach. We are currently open for character applications and RP, but the system is in beta, so many of our rules are subject to change.


What makes us different?
There are two things that are drastically different here compared to the rest of the Bleach forums out there, and they both come from a single thought:

Bleach sucks.

In the eyes of us, the staff, Bleach was a great manga who turned down many a wrong path, only to occasionally glance back to it's own greatness in a fit of nostalgia. What is a greater problem, though, is the RP-setting.

When most people RP Bleach, they naturally want to do it at a manga-realistic level. This level is roughly Lieutenant/Vice-captain and upwards, if you're looking at character strength. Most Bleach RP's have a great deal of focus on the Captains and the Espada. There is a problem with this. They are simply way too strong. When you freeform RP, that is, type out your actions without system restrictions, it's impossible to balance a fight where both contestants can move at such speeds, and have such insanely strong techniques. Both will accuse the other of Godmodding, when they are simply acting well within their characters' (overpowered) capabilities.

This is a problem, because obviously the way Bleach is made, with intruiging powers in terms of Shikai and the like should make for an interesting RP environment. As such, there one obvious option: Nerf everyone considerably, and bring down the powerlevels.

Of course, we hate single options, so we ignored that option and changed the entire setting instead. Therefore, there are two very important differences we have from the rest of the Bleach Sites:

1. We have a hard-stat system. Because we think that it's too hard to balance a speed-of-light fight, we let the numbers speak instead. Of course, people are welcome to freeform as well, though the important site-wide events will contain at the very least one stat-fight for most involved.

2. We have a completely different RP setting from canon Bleach. Because people grow too obsessed with the Espada and Captain positions, we have removed them. On Nightlands, there is no Soul Society nor Hueco Mundo. Instead, everything takes place in the real world, with various political and ideological Factions fighting for power in the supernatural underbelly of the world, known as the Nightlands.

RP Setting

In the Nightlands, there is no Soul Society, no Hueco Mundo. No Gotei 13, and no Las Noches. There is only a single world, one we will hardly need to describe to you: our own. All RP here takes place in our own time, in varying places across the globe. So, how is this a Bleach RP, then, you ask? Quite simple. Our own world, here referred to as the Day World, has a nasty backside to it (In our RP, not for real. Stupid). Beneath the surface, precisely like the Bleach Manga, there are all kinds of souls and dead men working for their own agenda. This supernatural underbelly of the world, this place in the shadow of the living, is what we call...

The Nightlands

In the Nightlands, a term known and shared by all who inhabit it, people retain many an agenda since death. Many of the inhabitants continue living their lives, then in a fake body, until their non-aging become too apparent. Some people are very much alive, but have entered the Nightlands by being born with a high spiritual power. Naturally, souls and spirits of all kinds are invisible to the general populace. The Nightlands is a general term for the world divided by the metaphorical veil that hides spiritual beings from the Day World. A hollow can walk down the street without being seen, and most of the Day World can't even touch inhabitants of the Nightlands.

At the core of this all stands the Factions. Each Faction is an organization, varying greatly in numbers and power, made up from all who share their common goal. While there are natural mental differences to consider, few judge a man on his race compared to what Faction he boasts membership of; most Factions care little about things like race. Instead, all who share their philosophy, who see things their way, or who may simply be useful for the moment are invited to join their ranks.

Some Factions has only a handful members, while others have numbers in hundreds. While not all care about such matters, most dispute over land control and borders. Regardless of what some might say, it is very important for them to gain power and influence in the Day World. Even while dead, people need food, equipment, shelter and travel. With the Garganta and Senkaimon being a very tightly guarded secret by the topmost members of a few Factions, logistics are a large problem for many.

Of course, there are still people going solo, or in smaller groups than the larger organizations like Factions. To each, his own agenda and his own actions. Everyone wants to tip the balance in their own favour. And that's where you come in.

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