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on Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:59 pm

The year is C.E. 71 and the war between the PLANTs and the Earth Alliance has been raging on for almost a year. With both sides seemingly deadlocked, the Earth Alliances superior numbers countered by the ZAFT Coordinators with the superior mobile suits, it has very much become a race to see who can pull ahead in the battle. To this end the Earth Alliance has enlisted the aid of Orb allied company Morgenroete to help them manufacture their own line of mobile suits, code-named the G Project.

As the Earth Alliance is preparing to roll out its new warship and the five new mobile suits ZAFT gets word of the plan. ZAFT forces are making their way to Heliopolis to interrupt the Archangel’s maiden voyage and hopefully acquire some of these weapons for themselves.

This is where we take over. How will things unfold? It’s up to you.

We are a fairly new forum based role playing game focused around the world of Gundam Seed. Our story is set in an alternate universe to the Anime and thus we are all forced to play original characters. The forum is focused primarily on character development with a healthy mix of conflicts occurring all over the board, so regardless of how you like to role play you will fit in fine here.

Currently we are looking for people to fill roles as Faction Leaders as well as Staff to assist the current team of Administrators with the day to day running of the site. If you feel this interests you or you would just like to inquire further we urge you to join up and talk to a staff member.

There are tons of reasons to join but we’ll just list a few here!

  • The site is run by experienced staff who have been role playing for almost a decade and running their own websites for just about as long.
  • The community is currently small but friendly and helpful. If you have any concerns or questions there are always people willing to help.
  • The site offers detailed guides on varying topics, from creating your character to writing a quality role playing post so it’s easier than ever to get started.
  • There will always be a major arc occurring on our site so you will always have something to do. And all Story Arcs are well recorded so it’s easy to figure out where we're at and jump right in!
  • Currently there are very few limitations on mobile weapon technology and abilities, allowing you to create whatever you want, however you want.
  • There is no stat system so every aspect of your in character experience is governed by you, further reducing the limitations placed on your character and increasing your ability to choose how you play!

If you are feeling interested by what we’ve just told you about our site then we urge you to come on over and join our community!

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