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on Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:43 pm
The time has come for a new wave of action.

A new group of warriors and martial artists are rising to fill the mantle, a new generation of legendary beings of great power. They will make friendships and alliances. Factions will struggle against one another, and hearts will be broken. Lives will be both lost and found, and above all, the righteous will be victorious. Utilize ki and masterful movements. Will your loyalties lie with nobility and kinship, or manipulation and abuse? The choice is yours.

Work hard, for when the time comes, you'll need to be ready.

- Based around the Dragon Ball myths
- Relaxed role play
- Player driven plot
- Friendly staff and members
- The first saga has finished, and a five year peace will soon be broken. What role will you play in the intergalactic war between three factions, the World Trade Organization, the Saiyan Solar Empire and the Earth's Government Special Forces?

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