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on Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:46 am

Revolution Pern
This is a world of terror and violence, a world where dragons once protected their lands, where riders were revered, the weyrs and holds in balance. But those days are long, long gone. Thread had not fallen for over two centuries, and as people began to relax and forget, a few, enterprising riders began a push to take over, to rule their territories and the holds within them with the might of their dragons behind them. Holds became beholden to the weyrs and their Queens as lords, looking to them for protection from outside forces and from other weyrs, but they were forced to give up their food, their coin, even their children for that protection. The food went to fuel the mighty beasts, the coin into swelling their already large coffers, and their children to either become riders, or to serve those riders already in place.

It is a historical truth that power corrupts, and eventually Pern is darkened by the shadows of slavery and hate... Nearly one hundred more Turns pass, but eventually Holders begin to rise up, using the bred-to-be larger and more aggressive whers to take out dragons, refusing to allow their children to be taken as candidates, and even training assassins to take out the Clutching females... Weyr by weyr, area by area, and territory by territory the dragonriders fail and fall... Mighty Lyris Weyr separates itself, closing itself off in the west, but others fight and fall or win by the strength of numbers and training.... It is into this world of devastation, hatred and fear that the worst possible thing happens...

Thread returns...

Decimating the world, both weyr and hold, Thread brings a reign of terror back, but even that cannot stop the fighting, and the world runs with blood and ichor and rings with the sound of violence... Lyris Weyr has recently lost their senior Queen as well as a third of her just-laid clutch, leaving the position of senior weyrwoman to a young woman and her even younger, untried gold, as well as seven eggs without a mother... War is rising on the horizon, Threadfall threatens everyday, a clutch lays with few candidates, and tensions are roaring, and it is up to you to decide what the outcome will be.

What we have to offer
::All new dragon colors, weyr ranks, and crafts (Including slavery, assassins, guards, crafters, battle-masters, etc)
::Multiple wher impression
::Interactive and fast-paced Battles and Threadfalls
::Experienced , fun, and friendly Admin staff
::Several new varieties of pets, including River and Mountainlizards
::Advanced and minor plots for dragonriders, wherhandlers, candidates, weyrlings, etc.

Current Plots
::The former gold queen of Lyris has been slaughtered on her own sands, and thirteen of her twenty eggs smashed to pieces... Though her assassin's bones currently hang over the hatching sands entrance, it leaves untried Gold Krimhilderth senior weyrqueen. Further assassination attempts on all clutching females are sure to come!
::Candidate thefts from nearby holds are increasing, but the higher rankers are demanding more slaves to increase their numbers, causing some dissatisfaction in the weyr.
::Gold Krimhilderth's clutch has hatched, revealing quite a few... surprises!
::A stolen rider returns! Long believed to be lost, a greenrider has returned to the weyr clutching a precious bundle of eggs, wher eggs! However, not all is what it seems, and it looks like a new species has come to Lris!

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