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I. Personal Information

First Name: Kizoku Aiko
Last Name: Kyoraku
Alias(es): Takaomi Kawashima, Sena
Gender: Female
Age: 319
Birthday: September 16
Sexuality: Bisexual 
Reiryoku Colour: blue

II. Gotei XIII Information

Division: 11th
Seat: N/A

III. Appearance

Height: 5'4
Weight: 125
Hair: Reddish brown
Eyes: Blue
General Appearance:

IV. Personality

Personality: She is highly mischievous, and tends to get bored rather easily. She also enjoys taunting her opponents, is rather flirtatious, and seems to possess a slight sadistic streak (or a more aggressive side to her flirtatious nature). She also cares for the well-being of her fellow shinigami. She is rather superficial in appearances and has a passion for perfumes.
She also appears to be infatuated with Renji, often calling him "darling". Additionally, she has an interest in fashion, Sena opts for the "cuter" and surprisingly more modest style of clothing. Sena has a love for drinking, having being seen drinking a large barrel of sake. Sena is shown to have a somewhat perverted side; when she, out of curiosity, 'spies' on Renji and Byakuya in the men's bath. She blushes once the said shinigami appear nude when walking into the men's bath.
Sena is also very childish; She can be seen playing "Kick the Can" and "Hide & Go Seek" with Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi. Along with her love for drinking, Sena has a huge appetite. 
Likes: Sena loves and likes many things, her number one love is food, mainly sweets. She often vists the Research and Developement team to get and extange candy with Rin Tsubokura. Sena loves to eat and cook she oftentimes orders exotic foods from both rukonagi and the human world, sending less experienced shinigami to retrieve them in trivial missions. Her second love is shopping. If there's anything she finds cute she'll buy it in a second, even if its above her price range at the moment. Often she ends up having to return what she buys if her squad's budget won't cover it.
Dislikes: Sena strongly dislikes the smell sweat and musk, although she does mind the work that leads to. Which is why she makes sure to take a hot shower after each workout. This also has caused a bit of a dislike towards her squad because they usually smell of sweat. Another thing that really pisses her off is, being told what to do. Being surrounded by mostly men they feel they're dominate over her, which she won't have. They also feel that because they're older they can boss her around, even though she puts them in their places every time they try. She also can stand being unorganized.
Motivations: The fact that her father is and her uncle was a Captain, pushes her to become one as well. The respect, authority and the way people look up to captains is another motivation. Along with the fact that captains and lieutenants sometimes get to travel to the World of the Living. Which she would love to do because if the food and clothes. Sena self-motivates by excessive training because she see other people achieving her biggest goal.
She also uses the moral of her squad to push herself. She feels that if she can become a Captain or even a Lieutenant that she's proved herself to them.
Fears: Sena's biggest fear is spiders. She can deal with any other insect but siders, they creep her out. Another fear of hers is not being able to live up to her father's,  uncle's, and her own expectations. Even though they would be pleased with her simply becoming a seated member of her squad.
She also fears dying before reaching her full potential. Sena has no actual fear of dying, she knows it'll happen one way or another, she just doesn't want it to happen before she's done everything she set out to do. Although dying after becoming a Captain or Lieutenant would devastate her because all her hard work would've been for nothing.

V. Zanpakutō Spirit Information

Zanpakutō First Name: Nemuriyami
Zanpakutō Last Name: N/A
Zanpakutō Element: Unclassified
Zanpakutō Type: Meele
Zanpakutō Personality: He is portrayed as calm and silent, only speaking when it is something of importance. His composure is great enough to even put up with the juvenile antics of his fellow Zanpakutō spirits, even when he is caught in the middle of it.
Zanpakutō Appearance:

VI. Inner world 

Inner World Appearance:

VII. Zanpakutō Sealed form 

Zanpakutō Appearance:

VIII. History

History: Like many shinigami Sena was born in the soul society. Unlike many shinigami, she was born into a noble family, the Kyorakus. Even though her mother was just a regular shinigami, her paternal grandmother wanted her to be raised as a Kyoraku. Sena learned how to file paperwork and how to be a proper lady, she was extremely bored by it. Wanting to go outside and play like a regular child; by the age of 10 she had run away at least 1,000 times.
The night of her coming of age ceremony (13th birthday) she ran away, going into the worst districts filled with gambling and everything her grandmother warned her about. When she ran away she took her mother's last name and the first name her father had wished to name a son. While in the gambling districts of Rukonagi, she worked dealing cards and showcasing scams and counterfeit items to be sold to gullible people. She even made a name for herself after working there for about 12 years, cheating people out of their hard earned money and learning just what it meant to be a trickster and rogue. It was everything she had dreamed of.
One day however, she met 4th Division Captain Retsu Unohana who saw potential in her. Sena knew she had high spiritual energy, in fact everyone knew it from her huge appetite and above average strength. With the Captain's blessing she applied to the shinigami academy. She wasn't the best student, but she did her best. Sena didn't have any special qualities about her that made her stand out. 
During her first two years in the academy she trained and trained, attempting to connect with her zanpakuto. Also during this time Sena grew close to Renji Abarai, developing feeligns for him even though he's too dense to notice. Sena became the first of her classmates to communicate with her zanpakuto, even though he didn't say much.  When it came to taking the test that would decide if she would become a soulr reaper. She passed on her first try.
Joining the eleventh squad, she was treated like a kid because of age. She found it annoying but she was determine to prove them wrong. In her eyes it was the greatest challenge she would ever face. During the next 30 years she would work to climb the ranks, She still remains unseated which she is fine for now. However, like many people she wonders just what her limit is. If she is able to reach her limit before becoming Capitan or lieutenant she won't be content with not being able to achieve her goal.
Sena is the only child of 8th Division captian Shunsui Kyōraku because of this she and her father are very close. She's also very close with the captain of the 13th Division Jūshirō Ukitake, who is like an uncle to her. Being an only child she gets lonely, Sena is extremely excited to meet Katen Kyōkotsu and Sōgyo no Kotowari during the Beast Swords arc. Although the older Katen Kyōkotsu treats her like a child and the younger Katen Kyōkotsu ignores her, Sena loves to play with Sōgyo no Kotowari and considers them her little brothers.

IX. Other

RP sample:
After eating his lunch Gojo caught a cab back to Ridgewell and noticed the pool on the way. (Maybe i'll go check it out) He thought to his self. When he arrived at the apartments he couldn't help but notice a car parked in the parking spot that was reserved for him. (No way!) he thought and ran over to the car after paying the cabbie, sure enough it was his. "Yes!" He cheered. "No more cabs for me", he then headed up stairs and changed into his swimming trunks and put his clothes on top of them. He grabbed his car keys and left for the pool.
Gojo got out of his car and put on his shades and walked over to the pool. (It's nice although I would prefer the beach) He thought to his self then sat down on a lawn chair near by the pool.
Gojo looked out across the pool to see if he could see Yuri but he couldn't really tell who was who from where he was sitting. He did notice a girl sitting directly across from him on the other side of the pool though, Gojo didn't want to just sit around so he decided to go test the water. He got and took off his shirt, shades, pants, and shoes and walked over to the edge of the pool putting his feet in the water.

Face claim: Nadie | El cazador de la bruja[/b][/b]


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